Inside Egypt’s Terrorist Camps: Torture, Rape, Mass Murder

A poster of deposed Egyptian President Mursi is seen on a barrier made by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Musi supporters to protect the sit-in area of Rab'a al- Adawiya Square, where they are campingNow that the Egyptian military has finally begun to neutralize Muslim Brotherhood terrorist bases, the so-called mainstream media are doing what they do best—twist reality to the Islamists’ benefit by casting them as innocent victims merely “holding vigil” only to be slaughtered, while calling for the prosecution of the military for “human rights abuses.”  They essentially follow the pro-Brotherhood Al Jazeera’s lead of portraying these bases in Rab‘a al-Adawiya and elsewhere as peaceful “sit ins.”

What the mainstream media have failed to report is that for over two months in these “sit ins”—or more appropriately, mini-emirates in Egypt—many Egyptians have been tortured, mutilated, raped, and mass murdered in the name of Islam and/or Brotherhood rule.  (Of course, this is unsurprising considering how the media also failed to report on the nonstop and heinous attacks on the nation’s Christian minority and its churches, all validated by Brotherhood leadership.)

The anecdotes are many.  For instance, one man accused of stealing was tortured and had his finger chopped off (in accordance to Sharia).  He appears in this video—his face beaten to a bloody pulp—describing his ordeal.  Like so many in Rab‘a, he was there not as a Brotherhood supporter, but because he worked in the area.  Accused of stealing, he insisted he was innocent.  When his accusers refused to relent, he said, “Fine, if I’m a thief, hand me over to police,” but they said, “No, we will hand you over to Allah.” He was taken to a room and tortured for fourteen hours, including by being sprayed with water and repeatedly electrocuted and stabbed and sliced with a switchblade (in minute 3:47 he exposes his mutilated chest).   Then, his “pious” tormentors supplicated their god by saying, “In the name of Allah,” before hacking his finger off.

Women are also easy prey in the Brotherhood camp.  According to a recent report, women are being abused for refusing to have sex with Brotherhood supporters.  One woman was reportedly tortured to death and another critically injured and hospitalized.  An Egyptian organization concerned with female rights said it “will expose in the coming days the extent of the violations and crimes against humanity which our sisters have been exposed to by the orders of the General Guide [Muhammad Badie] to coerce women to engage in sex-jihad, with torture to death for those who refuse.”

Here is another live interview with an Egyptian reporter who was kidnapped in Rab‘a, beaten, and told she must stay “because we need women for sex.”  The logic behind the sex-jihad (or in Arabic jihad al-nikah) is that women are permitted to copulate with single, male Brotherhood protesters to help alleviate their sexual frustrations so they can focus on empowering Islam—which among the Brotherhood is synonymous with empowering the Brotherhood—without becoming too restless and possibly abandoning the jihad.

Then there are the corpses that are being found.  According to journalist Ahmed Musa on Tahrir TV channel, one of the arrested terrorists confessed that Brotherhood leadership murdered more than 80 people who were either suspected of being police informants or were trying to escape the Brotherhood camps. The Brotherhood then buried the bodies in a mass grave inside Rab‘a.  According to the arrested terrorist, the Brotherhood fears that, “if their camps are broken up, their crimes against humanity will be exposed and that the Ministry of Interior will take pictures of this mass grave and broadcast them to the world.”

Aside from these atrocities and accusations of atrocities, reports of general beatings surface every day.  The majority revolve around people working or living in Rab‘a, who are pressured to join the pro-Morsi protests, only to be beaten savagely if they refuse.

Despite the many serious human rights abuses that took place under Brotherhood auspices, the only Western media ever to allude to any of this was an AP report that, after explaining how bound, dead bodies were found near Rab‘a and how many in Egypt insist it’s the work of the Brotherhood, immediately went into default mode by suggesting these could all be false allegations and, if dead bodies are being found, perhaps it’s the work of the military trying to frame the Brotherhood—exactly what the Brotherhood has been caught doing, killing their own supporters to frame the military.

Brotherhood exploitation of the media to garner sympathy is an old phenomenon.  Years back, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, discussing how Islamists often turn to violence when “dialogue” doesn’t go their way, said:

But when I see that you are firing at me, trying to kill me—well, I have to defend myself.  Then the international news agencies go to these [Islamist] groups for information, and they tell them, “They are killing us, they are killing us!”  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!  I swear to you, not one of the police wants to kill them—not one of us.

And now, as the Egyptian military disperses the Brotherhood’s terrorist camps, right on cue, the Western press is doing what it does best—skewing reality to the benefit of the Brotherhood.

Still, there is one positive side to all this.  Because so many Muslim Brotherhood members and their Islamist allies had congregated in Rab‘a and elsewhere, turning them into mini Islamist states where Brotherhood rule is enforced—torturing, chopping fingers off, sexually abusing women, and murdering dissenters—we have gotten a glimpse of exactly what sort of state they wish to see Egypt become.

But just as it took several months before even Fox News told of the Muslim Brotherhood torture chambers—despite the fact that any number of Egyptian media had for months been disseminating pictures and videos of those tortured—no doubt it will take a while before news of the Brotherhood torture camps is ever disseminated in the West.

Update:  Now that Egypt’s military has cleared out and is investigating Rab’a, buried bodies are indeed being found.  So far, 28 bodies, most bearing marks of severe torture, including charring from electrocution, have been discovered.

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  • Alvaro

    Good riddance.

  • Taimoor Khan

    What a shameless and stupid article devoid of any concrete evidence and based “anecdotes” in order to justify massacre of supporters of a democratically elected government ousted by American funded rouge military.

    What can we expect from the shameless hypocrites, the lowest of the low, Necons, who cry democracy in order to invade countries like Iraq, and support dictators when it suits them without any shame?

    • Homer

      You should be ashamed of having the name “Taimoor”, which I assume is a variant of Timur, the muslim warlord who perpetrated the worst genocide of the middle ages against India’s Hindu population.
      The “rouge military” as you call it, is acting on behalf of 8 million Egyptians who came out to demonstrate against the Brotherhood’s attempt to create an Islamofascist state.

    • Pharmagator

      You are a hypocrite. Islam treats everyone as cattle… especially women and non-believers… and their arrogance deserves nothing less than death..

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      Neo-con or not, look around and you’ll find a large amount of that evidence. So why don’t you comment on the Egyptian situation rather than BLAMING the US and Israel. I’m mean look again at what you wrote and you seriously think anyone reading it will suddenly change their opinion?

      Where is YOUR evidence that Israel and the US are controlling the events?
      Here is what I take from your comment:

      Sounds to me like another stupid comment devoid of concrete evidence and based on self serving “anecdotes” in order to justify massacre of supporters of an Islamo-fascist government by a somewhat moral military.
      But what can we expect from a islamic fascist who adores a child molester like Mohammad and only mention allah as a side note. Your koran is a fraud, your prophet is a fraud, and the entire movement is a political-military movement hellbent on forced conversions.

      And as a side note Taimoor Khan, if I was responsible for the carnage in Egypt, I’d admit it with a smile.

    • annademo

      Ignore this troll and one-trick pony who keeps saying it’s always America’s or the Jews’ fault. He just preaches Islamist propaganda.

      • defcon 4

        I always wonder if islam0nazis believe their own lies.

        • Pete Walk

          What an excellent question.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Evidence, son. Evidence. Y’all got any proof that Israel or the US o’ A backed the coup? Or are you one o’ them anti-Semites I keep seein’ on here what blames Israel for everything that happens anywhere ever?

      My dog got mange. Israel’s to blame.
      My daughter got pregnant, Israel.
      Ahhh!!! A meteor is headed for Earth!!!! Israel pulled it down on us.

    • Gee

      You wouldn’t know democracy if it bit you.

      As for either Israel or the US backing either side – just tells us how truly racist and stupid you are.

    • Biff Henderson

      Video testimonials of “alleged” torture victims of the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t sufficient evidence these blind-faith donkeys of Allah are ruthless savages that believe all is permissible to reclaim the dominance the Ikhwan once held in Egypt and you have the right in this forum to foster that perspective.

      Slaves of the Messenger (pbuh) are deserving of a welcoming hand. I have taken the opportunity to glean from the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the Ulema a warm salutation to all our Muslim brothers.

      Here is a sampling on which I base this joyous extension of ecumenical understanding:

      “The whole body of the Apostle is pure even his human waste.” – Dr Ali Gomaa (Grand Mufti of Egypt)

      For it is said “His snot was better to the Muslims than musk…they covered their faces with it…” – Sahih Al Bukhari Ibn Battal

      “The urine of the Prophet is better than your prayers.” -Asna al-Matalib v.1 p.56

      “Imam Abu Nu’aym narrates the practice of Anas RA, with his chain, who said: ‘The Messenger of Allah used to pray salah at his house and made it long. Once, He SAW urinated in the well, which was situated inside the house. Anas said: ‘there was no well in Madinah which tasted more cool and sweet than it’. He said: ‘when the sahabah come to my house I serve them with the sweet water of that well. In the era of jahiliyyah it was known as al-Barud, ‘the cool well’.” – Dala’il al-Nubuwwah, 2:381, Dar al-Baz, Makkah

      As-salāmu `alaykumu. If it were within my power I would reach out though time and space and offer you a glass brimming with Rasulullah’s superior to salaat urine. I would lay out a spiritual feast of the Messenger’s unifidel-like henna-laden nose hair, kohl-infused dander, ear wax wrung by the Angel Gabriel, fatty flesh smeared with Aisha’s menstrual discharge, scrapes from suicidal ascents, in-law frayed nerves, toe jam that brushed Ya’foor’s and Al-Buraq’s side, knowledge-robbed brain cells, a coward’s sweat feigning death, shirk-skinned knee exudate prostrating before the
      exalted Gharaniq al- Lat, al-Uzza and Manat, parasitic vermin engorged with, purified with zam-zam water, fought-over ablution filth, battle axe dislodged dentine, granulated scabs borne of Jihad, chafe from two suits of armor, oil-soaked detritus riddled with lice, djinn expelling aerosols, ant bite trauma that was answered with fire, blessed emesis and bile, a bowl of poet besting, ruptured pustules, oozing boils and Allah flashing, ulcerated flesh, bewitching froth and hair, cupping clots, vessels bursting with passed wind, pre-cancerous polyps stewing in a Khaibar Jewess’ talking poison, perfumed sweat from his virile loins, leering eye tears, left spit sputum from his bleeding and canker sore infected gums, green, encrusted snot-balls to smear on your unworthy face, three fecal stones, fast invalidating, dental plaque from his intercourse incanting, confused, lying mouth, dirty fingernails that clawed at a rump that knew Khadija’s thighs, and the child bride Aisha’s dribble, come and diarrhea-stained finery to protect you from Hellfire. That no vile cur, ass or menses-plagued woman negates your salaat. May your manly bristle caress the breast of countless Muslimahs as you suckle your way to good works unblemished by scandal. May the flowers of Islam guard their ‘awrah, the defective nature of women remain hidden from sight. Islam is after all a Religion of Peace, one big happy family sanctified by the teachings of the Apostle. ta baraka-llah (May Allah bless you).

      It is my hope that you receive these kind words free of embarrassment for to do otherwise would mock the concrete testimony of the rightly guided and truths contained within the Holy Writ.

    • ebonystone

      “rouge military”?

      You mean the troops are all in drag?

      • Hank Rearden

        I wondered about that too. Is this some new Marxist thing? Red military?

        He meant rogue military.

        All the military in drag sounds like the premise for a musical!

    • patron

      “In the Mouth of Madness” portrays a fictional set of books which when released drives the world into rioting, mass murder, and eventual extinction.

      That reminds me of something.

      Another movie I just saw was the remake of “The Isle of Dr. Monroe” The ending struck a chord as well:

      “After leaving Dr. Monroe’s island, I look at the world around me, and I find I can no longer tell who are the beast people, and who are the humans.”

      • redshadlizard .

        It’s the Island of Dr. Moreau.

    • Tiberius

      I see only name calling and accusations. No examples of rebuttal or anything to prove your point. I have noticed that this is standard operating procedure my leftist, islamists to just accuse anyone that does not agree with your viewpoint. Having read and heard other real independent new sources, I believe that Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters have been doing this to Egyptians that they do not like. One can also look at the Coptic churches that have been burned and Copts that have been attacked and killed. No way I am going to believe your view that this is a US/Israeli disinformation propaganda. Go peddle this drivel to the dhimminis.

    • bj affordable

      Moslems treat their camels better than they treat their women. I think that says it all.

    • defcon 4

      Don’t be coy islam0nazi, we all know that when you blame Israel, you’re really blaming the Jews, just like your prophet for profit did over a thousand years ago.

  • megapotamus

    Not ONE policeman or soldier really wants to kill or enjoys killing MB? Yeah, not likely but whatever. It is good to see that a Muslim country can get enough of Islamism and in fairly short order. Maybe the solution in Saudi Arabia is to help their local Jihadis against the House of Saud. Maybe the solution in Iran is to aid the Sunni against the Shia. When Muslim kills Muslim the national interests of the US and the survival interests of humanity are furthered with relatively low cost. This is Leading from Behind I can support! The good thing is, at this point it cannot be stopped. What is Obama to do? Call for ANOTHER election? The victors could only be slightly less abhorrent Islamists even if everything went swimmingly and the MB would still be at least a strong contender. Yes, the ouster of the MB was a coup. It should be cautiously welcomed, not because it relieves the depravities of Team Morsi. Heck no. Because it spreads the violence around… democratizes things, one might say. THIS war has to have clear winners and losers. Islam must lose, on net. If Israel had pressed its victories decades ago maybe the Muslim world would have learned something. Probably not but what has leniency brought? This.

    • Nancy Albert

      To remove demonstrators who overstay their welcome, stop up the sewers, remove the Port-o-Lets and introduce some bedbugs.

      But this is probably being too nice. Men will always need culling out in polygamous societies, so we must root for culling the extremists.

  • Floyd Howard Jr

    Islam is imploding and great will be the destruction of it. The exposure of the truth by the searchlight of the world press will hasten and guarantee the demise of this archaic, dark age, women’s slavery cult. Like sociopath kidnappers, pedophiles and abductors they try to hide their evil with a veneer of religion. Sunlight causes the roaches to run for the dark!

    • bj affordable

      Let’s hope you’re right.

    • defcon 4

      You’re wrong. Islamofascist subversion, corruption and infiltration of US federal, state and local governments, judiciaries and law enforcement is at levels the mafia could only dream about.

    • Mary

      Floyd…the ‘exposure’ of Islam will not be caused by humans, and especially not these pitiful excuses for humans that are being referred to in this article. The only ‘exposure’ this religion needs lies in the Quran, and that should be your only tool when it comes to uncovering Islam’s true nature if you are indeed sincere in your search for the truth about this religion.

  • aposematic

    Obuma and Kerry demand these MB raping and pillaging barbarians be restored to power. McCain and Gramnesty went to Egypt to demand Morsi be restored to power. Same for Obuma’s new Egypt Ambassador. Remember Obuma and Hillary demanding the want to be a dictator over Honduras be restored to power?

  • prbrown60

    Just goes to show they type of diseased vermin these animals are. They are of their Father Satan Himself. There is no way theses monsters worship the same God that Christians and Jews do. NO WAY!!!

  • Paula Douglas

    Islam is a rationalization for sadism.

  • kenaan

    It seems that Mr Raymond , being a translator from Arabic to English press and vice verse couldn’t notice that this time he is addressing American audience who can’t bear lies .In the 4th paragraph he says “according to a recent report” ,in fact it’s not a report ,it’s not more than a false allegation with a photo of a covered female’s corpse .

    I was astonished how Mr Raymond could leap over thousands of casualties caused by the lethal attack of general Sisi controlled policemen ,and to concentrate on false information about buried corpses of people killed by Muslim brotherhood in Raba’a .Well today is the 15th of August ,policemen have thoroughly controlled the area,imagine yourself being the brother of a buried victim , wouldn’t you rush to excavate the body of your beloved ,wouldn’t the news be a shock to everyone ?Why did nothing of this happen ,simply because you are not telling the truth . I feel very sorry to say this for your readers who were accustomed to follow your articles about the Muslim world.(a photo of burned corpses of peaceful demonstrators ,I say peaceful and I mean it :not a single policeman has been wounded in the attack)

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yes, we all believe you and the peaceful muslim brotherhood. Who could be more honest?

  • Marvin E. Fox

    I keep hearing from the mainstream media that the Egyptian Military coup was a strike against a democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood President. I wonder if Morsi’s destruction of Egypt’s constitution, and his forcing a Sharia law theocratic constitution, no one wanted except the Muslum Brotherhood faction, fits the The American left-wing Democrats standard definition of democracy they would give to their party members, if they had a definition of democracy to give.
    Marvin Fox

  • solo1997

    GB the Army

  • Zaman Khan

    What a network of Satan-worshipping cults
    here, Islam is fastest growing religion in the world specially in Europe and
    America, no body force them to Islam, Islam is the true and great religion,
    people are proud to and desire to die as a Muslim, only Christian and Jews are
    fair of death because they knew their destiny on Judgment Day, there are no
    doubt isreal zionist christian and american are behind the Egypt turmoil only
    an idiot will think otherwise.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Thanks for showing why most of the world holds islam in contempt.

    • EamonnDublin

      No need to respond to you. Your rant is testament to the evil within Islam. Are you insane, or just having a stupid laugh? Now, go off and kill a few Jews and Christians – so that Allah will take you to paradise as soon as he can, as one of his “heroes”. Éamonn, Dublin.

    • lionsingh

      No its Islamists like yourself that cause the misery for innocents

    • Hank Rearden

      “people are proud to and desire to die as a Muslim”

      So, why are you still here? No pride?

    • defcon 4

      And after a long day of jihad, what really slakes the thirst?
      Why, it’s a nice, warm mug of healthy, refreshing camel urine!
      Prophet recommended, Prophet approved.

  • Arf

    the involvement by the U.S. is outrageous. I listened to an interview with Middle East guru Mordechai Kedar (who has advised US congressmen and is an Arabic speaking Israeli who knows more about the Arab and Muslim world than most Muslims and Arabs) that the Obama admin. conspired with the MB to hand over the Sinai to Hamas in Gaza, giving them free reign to smuggle weapons and other contraband. When the Egyptian military found out, they were furious and they instituted the takeover of the government and arrested Morsi. The US has done so much harm in the Middle East, it is difficult to see us as an honest broker in ANYTHING.

  • charles

    The woman journalist in the TV interview looks remarkably untraumatised, and the staged MB video looks far too staged to be genuine, it looks like a collection of secular actors. I think a lot of this is propaganda. Though I don’t doubt there was a lot of wickedness inside the camps.

  • Ali

    Raymond Ibrahim knows clearly what is happening in Egypt. A group of terrorists seized power and tried to force Egyptians to follow their retrograded decree. The Brotherhood allies are deceive the public opinion by lying and deception They are marketing to the public opinion that they are victims, via definite media. Al-Jazeera TV Channel is one of the supporter media of the Brotherhood allies. Yesterday has done a disgraceful fraud when it made a correspondence with two ladies; one claimed that she is the wife and the second claimed that she is the sister of the police officer who was killed with others by the Brotherhood allies in the police station of Kerdasa few days ago (killers insulted their bodies). What the two fake ladies said? They said that their deceased was killed by police because he was of the Brotherhood allies and he refused to perform his chiefs’ orders. But the real
    relatives of the deceased policeman appeared to deny the allegations of