Jihad Erupts on Egypt’s Christians, Again

Over the weekend, Muslims launched yet another all-out jihad, replete with cries of “Allahu Akbar,” on Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority—also known as the original, indigenous inhabitants of Egypt, before Muslims invaded in the 7th century.   Different reports are citing different sources as prompting this latest Islamic assault: some say Muslim children drew swastikas on a mosque, which prompted the imam and others to scapegoat and attack Christians; some say the source of the conflict is a feud between a Christian family and a Muslim family (over the latter’s sexual harassment of Christian girls).

Whatever the source or pretense of this latest jihad on Egypt’s Christians, the hate has led to the deaths of several Christians—including one Copt intentionally set on fire—and the wounding of hundreds.  The next day, after the funeral of the slain Christians, Muslims again attacked and opened fire on Christians, this time in the St. Mark Cathedral, one of the most sacred spots for Copts.

Worse, various elements of Egypt’s military, police, and security, have not only failed to protect the beleaguered Christians, but, according to numerous sources, have even joined in the attack on the cathedral.

This should be unsurprising, considering the Egyptian military intentionally slaughtered some 23 Coptic Christians—including by intentionally running them over with armored vehicles—during the Maspero Massacre of October 2010, when Copts dared protest against the constant Islamic attacks on their churches.

Similarly, just as the White House issued a statement during the 2010 Maspero Massacre, saying “Now is a time for restraint on all sides”—as if to imply Egypt’s beleaguered and unarmed Christian minority needed to “restrain” itself against the nation’s military—one expects more whitewashing and relativism from the White House.  For, just as the Obama administration tried to cover up the fact that the Benghazi attack, where American diplomats were killed by the same jihadi forces that Obama helped empower, so too will it naturally try to dissemble the fact that Egypt’s Christians are being terrorized and killed by the same Islamic forces—in this case, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, who routinely incite Muslims against Christians—it helped empower.

Because there is so much startling and disturbing information concerning this latest attack on Egypt’s Christians in the Arabic-language media—much of which will never make it to the English-language media—over the next few days, I will be combing through the many Arabic reports and videos to bring you the facts and details of this latest atrocity.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    "Infidels", Christians & Jews, wherever they reside are in danger, just as long as Islamists (with the Brotherhood Mafia at its tip) are in charge. In fact, they are mandated to wage their bloody jihad and that is that – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/13/islam-blood-a

    Therefore, pushing through an Islamic reformation – by any means possible – should be the west's number one goal, but it isn't – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/12/calling-for-a

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Moheb Zaki

    Please see the complete vidio of the talk show (in Arabic) of Ibrahim Issa given on Sunday April 7, on the TV station: "Al Kahera Wal Nas." You will find it on the FaceBook site of the Station. What is most notable is that it is the first public disclosure—and in the bluntest terms—by a prominent Egyptian Muslim journalist of the pervasive hostility among Muslims of all social classes against the Copts. This, he correctly contends, is the key to understanding the mass violence against Egypt's Christians.

    • Drakken

      Too little, too late, the Copts are in danger from the muslims period, the only thing that is going to stop it, is by arming the Copts.

  • EamonnDublin

    Civilisations are never defeated – they commit suicide. By its apathy in the face of Islamism, the West is currently in the process of committing suicide. The West urgently needs a LEADER – and it is most certainly NOT the puppet Obama. It is time for the sane ordinary citizens to confront our self-serving politicians across the globe, and tell them to act against Islamism. The politicians need to be educated as to what is happening, they need to LISTEN to the Islamists telling us on a daily basis that they are going to take us over. If they don't listen, throw them out and elect somebody who Will listen. Time is very short. Are we REALLY going to allow our granddaughters and their children to live under Shari'a Law? If that comes about from OUR apathy and inaction, then we truly are a disgrace. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • Drakken

      We will be fighting soon and you can take that to the bank, the muslim savages will rue the day they backed us against the wall.

  • Smote

    Nothing new here.

    All I can say that if you fawn to yobbos you will be continually be assaulted by yobbos. The only to stop this is to destroy the source of the blank-faced, feral yobbos. Target their nest. How? Retaliate with nuclear weapons.

    I know my words will be considered harsh, but what is the alternative? I don't want to die, but I'll kill to smash Islam.

  • Drakken

    We can wring our hands and shed tears for the Copts, but unless we as westerners are willing to arm up and train the Copts to defend themselves, slaughter is envitable.

  • meximos teklu

    I hope God will bring it to an end to the islamist leader the children of the assasinator of anwar sedat and assasinator of hussinei mubarack in Ethiopia wasnt he asked for their realise of such criminal. the killing, burnig, sloutering of men and women and children. they can not satisfied from the blood of innocent people by the name of God. but beleivers of the devil. they might take the life of innocent people but their numbers will come to an end . watch the revanges will come soon from the childeren of anwar sedat his tribes and the tribe of hussini mubark. watch only !!!!!!!!!!!

  • meximos teklu

    one day the kingdom of sheba the decedants of god will come, to the power to save the egyptian copts, for now I will cry with them until the write time. you the copts dont forget the problem the kurdish have come to an end, the problem of the isrealite have come to an end yours as well one day it will come

  • watsa46

    Must be the fault of these damn Jews.

  • Keith

    This is a really sad situation that's developing in Egypt. The same thing is basically happening in Syria and has already happened in Iraq. The oldest Christian populations in these areas are now being scattered and driven out as a full out war on Christianity has re-erupted. I say re-erupt because the war was never fully finished.

    The last major offensive of Islam against Europe occurred when the Ottomans were attacking Vienna and the Hapsburg Empire. With the defeat of the Ottoman Turks, Islam began a slow retreat that culminated with the dismantling of the empire after WWI.

    That war is back on and in full swing, but now the Western nations are too wimpy and powerless to muster the force needed to stop this. I've always advocated two Christian enclaves in that region. Lebanon would be one for the Syrian christians and Lebanese Maronites along with the few Assyrians left in the area. The other would be centered around Alexandria and would encompass the Coptic Christians of Egypt. Both fully funded by and supported by the western world. It seems to be the only real way to gain peace in the region, basically creating new "Crusader" states in that world in an attempt to start a foothold of reason in the region.

    The idea is a good one I think, but sadly will never come to pass when we depend on Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations for our oil.

  • defcon 4

    Thank you Mr. Ibrahim for reporting stories that will be seen nowhere in our MSM (either print or broadcast).

  • Jim

    Where are the Christian Ministers? Why are they not speaking out about this inhumanity? Are the cowering behind their pulpits.
    Perhaps some one should inform the parishioners that at a minimum some one should speak out about the rampage being conducted against Christians and others including animists.
    The Christians under the Roman rule were willing to die for their beliefs. Getting slurred as an Islamophob
    is not as bad as being beheaded or boiled in Oil

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  • Marvin Fox

    It is time we American christians learn what is in store for us if the Muslims gain control of our nation, and they have an active plan to gain that control.
    What is happening to Christians in the Muslim nations is a probably a muted example of what will happen to Christians in the United States if we do not protect ourselves from that takeover.
    The problem with getting that information to the American people isn't that the information is not available. The problem is that we have been denied that access by our mainstream Media's refusal to report it. We must rely on less well known outlets like FrontPage Mag for the information.
    Marvin Fox