Mideast Nuclear Holocaust

lliAfter constant exposure to critically important news, it begins to lose all meaning and sense of urgency.  Hearing the same warnings over and over again—especially when the status quo seems static—can cause a certain desensitization, a resigned apathy that ignores the warnings in the wishful hope that they won’t materialize.  This hope becomes more optimistic (and passive) with each passing day that the warnings do not materialize.

One of the most evident examples of this phenomenon is the threat of a nuclear Iran.  For years, the international community has been hearing about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons; for years, the world has been hearing Iran make bold, genocidal threats—most notoriously, that it will wipe the state of Israel off the map. But so far, Iran reportedly still has no nukes, and no large attack has been launched on Israel. Thus, many have become desensitized to the situation—including those charged with ensuring that a nuclear Iran never becomes a reality.

But that reality has never been closer, as we are warned in Noah Beck’s recent novel, The Last Israelis. It is our current proximity to apocalyptic war that makes Beck’s doomsday warning about a nuclear Iran so compelling. If the worst comes to pass, this chilling attempt to rouse the West from its torpor could turn out to be that final, horribly prophetic alert that went unheeded.

Much of the public is conditioned by the mainstream media and government to focus on the short-term—U.S. presidents tend to concentrate only on matters pressing during their tenure—and rarely ever on longer-term issues or threats. Thus, a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East seems unrealistic. Add to this the fact that virtually all nations with nukes have never used them, and one can see why a certain apathy prevails when it comes to the idea of a nuclear Iran.

But Iran is different.  Its Shiites leaders believe that at the end of times, a 9th-century prophet, the 12th Imam, will reappear to kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world. Reza Kahlili, a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, reported last year on the apocalyptic statements from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who dictates Iran’s nuclear policy. Khamenei’s statements, which were carried by Iranian state media, proclaimed that “The issue of Imam Mahdi is of utmost importance, and his reappearance has been clearly stated in our holy religion of Islam. We must study and remind ourselves of the end of times and Imam Mahdi’s era… We must prepare the environment for the coming so that the great leader will come.” Kahlili also translated Iranian news reports from last June suggesting that Iran’s newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani (the so-called “moderate”), shares Khamenei’s views. The reports quote Rouhani thanking the Islamic messiah for his June 15th electoral victory.

Indeed, the Islamic theocracy ruling Iran believes: that apocalyptic scenarios are necessary before Islam’s savior, the Mahdi, or “Hidden Imam,” returns (including a prophecy that Muslims must slay all Jews before he returns); that death in the jihad results in instant paradise for the “martyr”; in the oft-recited Islamist sentiment that “Muslims love death as Westerners love life”—a sentiment that has manifested itself in reality all too often by young Muslim men and women sacrificing their lives to become suicide bombs that kill Americans, Israelis, and many others.

In short, Iran has a worldview that is markedly different than the one that guides Western decision-making.  Unlike nuclear-armed Western secular democracies, a nuclear Islamic supremacist regime in Iran is much more prone to use the devastating weapons.  Thus, the situation is serious, is urgent, and, as the United Nations refuses to act decisively, could trigger a holocaust that sees millions of innocent people—Israelis and Iranians alike—wiped out overnight.

What would such a nightmare scenario be like?

As a powerful, well-researched novel, The Last Israelis provides a gripping answer, and helps to neutralize the desensitization and/or apathy to a nuclear Iran by depicting an all-too real scenario of what a nuclear Iran could ultimately mean for the region and the world.

The narrative follows the lives of an Israeli submarine crew.  After news that Iran has achieved nuclear status vis-à-vis an impotent or indifferent West, they are yanked from loved ones during an interrupted and all-too brief shore leave, and sent on a mission possibly to retaliate with submarine-launched nuclear ballistic missiles, if a nuclear strike is launched against Israel.  Halfway through their mission, the submariners lose contact with base command and the ambiguity surrounding those circumstances—and what they could imply—creates palpable tension and conflict among the crewmembers.

What follows among the crew is a very philosophical—though all too human—debate over what they should do, as it is now up to them to decide the fate of millions:

If the final communication from headquarters states that Israel was “attacked on all fronts,” and that naval command was hit and “in crisis management mode,” what did that mean for the rest of the country that had been “attacked on all fronts?”  What did it mean for [the submariners’] loved ones?…And what did it mean to decide to do something that would kill millions of human beings in just a few hours?  Each submariner struggled with these weighty questions, trying to decide for himself what was the most appropriate course of action under the circumstances.

The nuanced debates are particularly interesting because Beck’s crew is as heterogeneous and complex as the Israeli society that they defend, including a Vietnamese-Israeli, an Arab-Israeli Druze, an Ethiopian-Israeli, and a Christian Israeli.  Based on their individual backgrounds, upbringings, and most importantly, experiences, this motley crew offers dramatically different perspectives—from the hawkish to the dovish—that reflect the diverse views that one finds in a debate-driven democracy like Israel.

Besides issuing an urgent warning, The Last Israelis is so grounded in history and current events—including real people, places, and events—that it provides an entertaining way to become educated about the Middle East in general, and the conflict between Israel and Iran in particular.

And in one crucial respect, this book is no fiction: a nuclear armed Iran is very bad news, not just for Israel, as many think, but for the whole region and stability of the world.  Therefore, the world is obligated to act now to ensure that the horrific scenario recounted in The Last Israelis never comes to pass.

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    One day Israel will have to do an underground nuclear bomb test – to show the world that it has the ability to decimate its enemies in the Islamofascist ummah..

    Next Muslims will have to decide whether they hate Israel more than they love Mecca.

    Additionally, would nuclear India trust nuclear Islamist Pakistan? They already were on the verge of a nuclear war due to a dispute over Kashmir.

    If Mutual Assured Destruction can’t bring Muslims to consider the repercussion of their actions, then hopefully a Mecca Assured Destruction will.

    • dad

      But muslims want to die. Don’t mistake them for rational beings. They are more like the walking dead.


        They don’t mind dieing, but they want Mecca to survive.

        MECCA is the pressure point.

      • iluvisrael

        Yes and no – there are a lot of wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth rank and file islamonobodies willing to be cannon fodder for their ’cause’ but those in leadership positions or ‘imams’ – they’re not so keen on dying. That’s for the little people.

        • defcon 4

          What about OBL? He wasn’t little people. He never had to work a day in his life, he never had a job.

          • garyhope

            Sounds like another “leader” I’ve heard of only his intials are BHO.

    • Dyer’s Eve

      Forget about an underground nuclear test, Israel should do an above-ground demonstration of power. They should wield the nuclear sword over Mecca.

      • Howard West

        I am not Muslim!! but these are some of the writings that their young people believe

        of Mecca, prophecy

        Al-Ghabab, Safar Alhwaly).

        “The final battle will be waged by Muslim faithful coming on the backs of horses … carrying black banners. They will stand on the east side of the Jordan River and will wage war that the earth has never seen before. The true Messiah who is the Islamic Mahdi … will defeat Europe … will lead this army of Seljuks, He will preside over the world from Jerusalem because Mecca would have been destroyed …”

        from Mohammed….

        “The Prophet said: The flourishing
        state of Jerusalem will be when Yathrib (Medina)
        is in ruins, the ruined state of Yathrib will be when the great war
        comes, the outbreak of the great war will be at the conquest… This is as true as you are here or as you are sitting”; means Mu’adh ibn Jabal . the narrator of: Sunan Abu Dawud book 37 number 4281]

    • steve b


    • lessthantolerant

      An exchange in the Middle east would be the best thing that ever happened. Millions of dead and dying Islamic nut jobs is a plus.

      • defcon 4

        If Israel wasn’t in the middle of the islamic cesspool that is the Mid-East and N. Africa I’d agree with you.

    • JacksonPearson

      The threat of turning Mecca into a 2000 year green glowing, radio active parking lot, is Israel’s main ace in the hole.

  • William James Ward

    Military crews may have differing personal views about world events
    and personal responsibility as to their mission but they take orders
    and obey orders. No one on the Israeli submarine would act irrationally
    given the circumstances of homeland annihilation due to hesitation
    to carry out orders, the arguments may take place in a coffee café but
    not in a submarine. Iran by it’s actions leave no doubt that they are
    preparing to use nuclear weapons against Israel and the ability to do
    so seems to be at the door. If anyone is interested in a real scenario
    just pick up the prophecies in the Bible and have at it and you will
    see what reads like a newspaper, the events are coming to pass.
    The uprisings throughout the Middle East seem to be a grand
    diversion from the sinister doings of Iran……………….William

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      William: Do you think that these scenarios will play out exactly as in the Book of Genesis? (I believe that’s where the apocalypse/end time prophecies are located) Perhaps in a general way, but exactly? I doubt it.
      For example, Sir Issac Newton’s date for the end of days is 2060–47 years in the future. Newton was very accurate on the date of Israel’s beginning–he said Israel would begin national existence in 1944–and remember he was making his predictions in the mid to late 17th Century. Iran may be instigating the grand uprisings in the Middle East; but they also are part and parcel of what Sunnis and Shiites have done to each other for more than a millennia–butcher each other.

      • William James Ward

        I think the Bible is more exact and the date predicted
        in prophecy is 1947. If you look to the Prophecy of
        the book of Ezekiel, also Daniel and Revelation you
        can get the understanding of who will attack Israel
        and what the results will be. At this time Ezekiel is
        key. I think it Is in Isaiah where Damascus is said to
        be destroyed, one of the oldest cities in the world and
        Syria is now about to be completely flattened. The
        Gospel of Matthew, 24th Chapter gives a good
        summary. Unfortunately in Ezekiel it is predicted
        that one third of the people of Earth will die and
        this may be around the corner and also why Islam
        is not in the last days prophecies……………William

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The technology exists to deflect an asteroid from orbit and crash it into Mecca to make it appear to be an act of God. Nuking Mecca would stir up a hornet’s nest.


      But if Israel gets hit by a nuke, Mecca gets wiped out – inretaliation, for starters.

      No more kabba ring around the rosie.

      No more hajj ever again.

      • IslamIsFascism

        It should be ALL islam0nazi states in the Mid-East and N. Africa that nailed — let them all die for their death cult.

    • Jakareh

      That’s an intriguing if hilarious idea. The thing is, as filled with paranoid conspiracy theories as the Middle East is, even if an asteroid struck Mecca totally by accident (or any Muslim city, for that matter), the West would still get the blame, so simulating an asteroid strike wouldn’t really be any different than just nuking the place. In fact, nuking it would be better because it would speak to them in the only language they understand. Of course, I would only advocate that in case of a mass-casualty attack against the West.

  • rogerinflorida

    It is clear that this pot is coming to the boil. Iranian leaders have made threats of annihilation against Israel, whether they “mean” them or not, no responsible Israeli leader is going to ignore the threats. Depending on the US for protection is tantamount to accepting death, but Israel lacks the conventional military capability to deliver a knockout blow, which is required because an attack, even if it succeeds in delaying the Iranian nuclear program, will make certain what is now speculative, that is a general Iran/Israel war, a war that Israel is likely to lose.
    IMO Israel’s only realistic military option (if they are going it alone) is a nuclear first strike.
    As for the story; it is an interesting question; would the hyper rational Jews obey orders and counterstrike, or would they decide to spare millions by refusing to pursue an already lost cause?

    • Headed4TheHills

      Don’t matter whether the hyper rational Jews would hesitate. Israel has a plan in place for that contingency. Lil thing hinted at by the code name Samson (yep, that there fella what brought the roof down). It’s one o’ them there MAD throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink kinda deals. Even if there’s nobody left to pull the trigger, that system is pre-targeted an’ primed. Quite a few targets may be celebratin’ the “death o’ hated Israel” when their skylines start meltin’, one of ‘em bein’ Tehran.

      • rogerinflorida

        Then the Israelis themselves have doubts about their determination to use nuclear weapons, that is interesting.

        • Headed4TheHills

          Nope, jus’ that they admit that not everyone is willing to pull the trigger. Same as it was in the US during the Cold War. We had our targets locked and Cheyenne Mt. was buzzin’ with launch codes ready in case it happened an’ ol’ Joe Schmoe soldier felt he jus’ couldn’t turn the key.


      The Islamist world is target rich.

      Mecca, Medina, Cairo, Damasus, Tehran, Qom, Aswan dam…

      Plus Hindu India would take out Pakistan.

      Muhammed loses.

  • ready4rapture

    With Western Powers getting ready to strike Syria, and Syria threatening to retaliate against Israel it appears that Isaiah 17:1 may soon become a reality. If Syria attacks Israel with chemical weapons it is almost certain that Israel will respond with a nuclear strike on Damascus.

    • lessthantolerant

      This idiotic move by Obama will simply strengthen the Islamic nut jobs in the region.
      Liberals are stupid delusional fools.

      • defcon 4

        While some lieberals might be delusional fools, the ones who wield power are corrupt and rotten to the core and anything but delusional about the nature of islam0nazism.

      • Liberal knot

        The scary part is that apart from getting re-elected, Obama has had zero success in anything he has been involved in (yes I am aware Obamacare was passed, but its passage is a national failure)…so, having him lead any endeavor of this importance is something to fear…

        • lessthantolerant

          Failure is one thing Obama is good at. the boy simply has no clue of reality and does whatever academia tells him.

  • Bert

    The object is to avoid the problem described in the article. That may take more innovation and more backbone than the corrupt Netanyahu government can muster.
    I wish Netanyahu would publicly give Obama seven days to announce a credible ultimatum to Iran to freeze nuclear enrichment. Israel also announces that if Obama fails to comply then Israel will act on its own without informing Obama or asking permission. This will cause great concern in the White House and Obama will be on the spot.
    If Obama fails to comply then Israel detonates a powerful nuclear weapon high above the Middle East as a warning to all that Israel means business. Israel then announces its own ultimatum to Iran to cease all nuclear enrichment or face the consequences.
    Israel also announces it is ready and willing to punish all enemies and any bloodshed with be on the head of Obama because he deliberately allowed Iran to go nuclear. Israel also announces that a nuclear threat to Israel also means Israel has nothing more to lose and may as well smash its enemies and destroy the oil wells which then collapses the west which betrayed Israel for the last time. Tough talk? Yes, but this situation was allowed to develop because of western treachery. Obama and the west would then have one last chance to stop Iran or else they will all face the consequences.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

    Israel will be another Chernobyl if Syria is attacked. A thousand
    missiles from Iran, Egypt, and Syria will hit the Damona nuclear facility turning Israel into a radioactive wasteland.

    • herb benty

      Israel bombed Syria and Lebanon the other day.You don’t think the Israelis could launch in time,ha,ha.Cairo,Mecca,Damascus,Bagdad and Teheran will all be nice lakes. Israel is the winner in the end, not the bloodthirsty muslims. A pagan Islam would be worrisome if we only had swords on horseback, but technology has enabled the West to be unbeatable, that includes Israel.


      Melvin Bolloxnick,

      Mecca will be another Chernobyl.

      Let the US take over the oil fields of Arabia and the Islamist Regime of Iran and lower the price of a barrel of oil back to $10.

  • Mister007

    When someone blows them self up collect the body parts and bury them in a pig skin and see how long they keep it up. I have a hunch it won’t go on for long.


      Right On!

      An Islamist knowing that their remains would be mixed with hog parts that will prevent them from Islamist Paradise and 72 virgins, that’ will take the wind out of their jihad.

  • Erudite Mavin

    22 Sept. 2012 the U.S. Senate voted 90 to 1 to pass a non binding resolution that would prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
    Iran’s usual apologist who did not see any problem with Iran having Nuclear weapons was Rand Paul.
    Just like his father Ron, who said, Iran is not a threat and has a right to have nuclear weapons. Appeasers will not be exempt from Iran’s weapons.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?

  • glennd1

    What makes Zionists ever believe they could erect a majority state in Palestine, a goal that required the expulsion of 800,000 Arab Muslims from their homes, and live in peace? The Zionist experiment was always in collision with Arab and Muslim domination in the region.

    I suggest that any Jew who wants to live safely should emigrate to the U.S. Political Zionism can be seen in many ways a defensive reaction to real anti-semitism, whether the Dreyfus Affair or the Nazis, but what gets lost in the shuffle is that there is no safety possible in Palestine either. Israel will always be poised on a knife’s edge of conflict, a hair trigger away from total war and possible annihilation. And I can guarantee that at some point in the next 100 years, some Muslim country will acquire the ability to do so, and will. In other words, Israel is a suicide mission for Jews.

    Worse yet, the militant Zionists have weakened Jewish moral authority by their own actions in Palestine. Cleansing Palestine of enough Muslims to form a majority Jewish state had a huge moral price. The continued occupation and “settlement” of territories it has no legal claim to denigrates its claim to be the victim rather than the aggressor. The perhaps necessary but unarguably brutal tactics required to fight a terroristic insurgency have cost it great moral standing on the world stage. When a state regularly takes political prisoners, doesn’t offer them due process and tortures them (Israel made such torture legal), well that nation cannot expect to be greeted as a moral arbiter of much of anything.

    Just sayin’…

    • glennd1

      Funny, people just vote down my comment as though this is a popularity contest instead of a discussion. Anyone care to actually disagree with my reasoning? Anyone really think that the hundred of millions of Arabs and Muslims that surround Israel will always be so messed up and divisible that they won’t unite and overwhelm Israel at some point? It seems inevitable to me.



        The shiites and sunni have been fighting each other for 1,000+ years, plus islamists hate and war with Hindus, Bahais, Christians, Buddhists.

        The “problem” isn’t Israel, it’s Islamism and regressive socialism which as in 1939, with the socialist hitler and soviet socialist stalin non-aggression pact, sides with the enemies of civilization.

        The best leverage Israel has is the destruction of Mecca, in retaliation to a nuke attack, for starters.

        Don’t forget that India has no love for the Islamist Regime of Pakistan either.

        Eurabia which has a long history of hating and killing Jews now has tens of millions of Muslims who have no desire to assimilate, but to impose Islamist/Sharia law on the infidels of Eurabia.

        Bye, Bye Euraiba!

        • glennd1

          And what does any of that have to do with what I’ve said here? You do realize you didn’t respond to a single point I made in my comment, yes? Are you rabid or just stupid?

          • defcon 4

            Take a good, long look in a mirror someday.

          • glennd1

            Nothing I’ve said here is rabid or stupid. You are incapable of rational discussion on this topic. Let’s slow it down to the original point. Do you think Israel can ever be secure in Palestine? Or do you think as I do that eventually they will be overrun by the Arabs and Muslims? I made my case as for why – sheer math. I also lay out the consequences of creating a Jewish majority state in such a hostile territory. That you can’t simply discuss these things without being a vile cur seems to escape you. Wake up, you are absurd.

      • defcon 4

        They say a hundred billion flies can’t be wrong, so you should be eating excrement.

        • glennd1

          Brilliant response, lol. It actually only reveals what a lowlife animal you are. Keep it coming, the world should be forewarned about cretins like you so they can keep a safe distance.

    • Jakareh

      What makes Arabs think they’re entitled to five million square miles of the world? No place other than Arabia rightfully belongs to the Arabs. The West has the power to roll them all the way back to Mecca. If they attack Israel or any other Western country, that power should be exercised.

      • glennd1

        Uhh, cuz they lived their in a majority for over a thousand years? You do realize that up until Herzl starts political Zionism in about 1880, the Jewish population Palestine was 3-5 percent. There were 2-3 times as many Christians living there. For you to claim they have no legitimate claim to Palestine is laughable. You claim right of return after 1900 years, but won’t grant Palestinians right of return to their homes after 60 years. Do you see the hypocrisy?

        But that is really a distraction. What you don’t get is that they will not give up. Israel will be wiped off the map someday, it’s just a matter of time. They are so outnumbered and only get away with it because of U.S. support, which is waning. As well, the Arabs and Muslims will get their acts together at some point and overwhelm the tiny Jewish nation.

        The only place Jews are safe is in the U.S. If you care about safety for Jews, that’s the solution. But if having a Jewish majority nation is really what matters (as it did to the Revisionist Zionists), it will all end in tears. It’s just a matter of time.

        Tell me, do you think the Arabs and Muslims have weakened their opposition to Israel one bit? Do you think the Israeli policy of running out the clock is working? Short term, maybe, but longer term? Not a chance. Already Iran and Al Qaeda are cooperating, and Hezbollah and others are readying for another battle with Israel. They will never give up – and while the Israelis are impressive militarily, the odds are so stacked against it.

        Me? I’m happy to offer asylum to all Jews in the U.S. But defending their ancient land claims and majority Jewish state? I couldn’t care less.


          glennd1, If you really are against brutal occupations, then pack up your crap and LEAVE North America – and that applies to all “progressive” Euros, Africans, Asians.

          North America is for Native Americans – which you are not.

          NO DOUBLE STANDARDS comrade.

          • glennd1

            Well, more than 90% of the native Americans who lived here died of disease through no intention of ours. Without that, we never would have been able to “settle” in North America – and that bell can’t be unrung. As well, these actions pre-dated the emergence of international norms about such things while the Zionist ethnic cleansing occurred in in ’48 under the aegis of the supposedly post-colonial U.N.

            I actually think that we should honor our treaties with Native Americans and recognize the real sovereignty of their nations.

            What you can never get through you thick skull is that I don’t say we should side with or support the Islamists – what I say is that Israel’s hands are soaked in blood and injustice too. Let them fight it out in the desert and do what they will. Just don’t tell me that our foreign policy should favor Israel’s security.

            Can you understand that? Is that too complex an idea for your feral mind to process?

        • Jakareh

          Strange, you think time confers legitimacy but only in the case of the Arabs. The Jewish people have been intrinsically connected to the Land of Israel for over 3,000 years, but that’s somehow discarded in favor of Arabs creating yet another of their jihad-infested cesspool. On the topic of cesspools, the Arabs don’t seem to be “getting their act together” as you so confidently predict. In fact, they seem to be sinking deeper into the mire.

          Unlike you, I don’t pretend to be neutral. I oppose Islam because I believe it is the worst ideology that has ever been devised. It stands against everything that is good, beautiful, and worthwhile in the world, and I won’t it give it a pass just because it mixes a bloodthirsty deity with its violence and supremacy. Accordingly, those who follow it get no sympathy from me. I consider the expulsion of Arabs from Israel to be a fortuitous event, as was their earlier expulsion from places like Iberia and Sicily. I hope that in the future more Muslims are expelled from their conquered lands, until they have none left and Islam dies.

          • glennd1

            “Intrinsically connected” – what does that even mean? Yes, strangely, I believe that living in the vast majority for over a thousand years confers some rights to people living in Palestine. As the U.S. did in 1949 when it signed on to the first Right of Return resolution. You can’t even see your own hypocrisy.

            And then you go on to reveal that you simply don’t care about the rights of the Arabs. You seem to consider them less than human – hmmm, maybe when Albert Einstein and other prominent Jews compared the radical Zionists to Nazis in their open letter to the New York Times in ’48 weren’t so wrong after all? Because what you just said is the exact moral equivalent of what the Nazis said about Jews and Gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals…Word for word. Do you even get that? You are a Jewish supremacist.

          • Jakareh

            ‘”Intrinsically connected” – what does that even mean?’To pretend that there isn’t an intrinsic–and very profound–connection between the Jews and Judea, the Israelites and Israel, is exceptionally dishonest. But then again, you resorted to a fake Einstein quote, so at least you’re consistent.

            Islam is an ideology and being a Muslim is the choice of adhering to that ideology. I don’t consider Muslims “less than human”, but I do consider them inimical to other humans, which is the only reasonable way to regard them, given the past and the present of Islam. You were craven enough to compare me to a Nazi, which is par for the course for Islamophiles of your ilk. The reality, however, is that Islam itself greatly resembles Nazism, not least in maintaining that the extermination of the Jewish people is necessary to bring about an ideal world in which the adherents of the ideology (whether Islam or Nazism) will live in peace and contentment.

            As I am not Jewish, I would make a very poor Jewish supremacist if I attempted to be one. I despise the real supremacism, the one attempting to claim Israel, Europe, and America, and I intend to do whatever I can to oppose it.

        • defcon 4

          Safe in the US? Tell that to the three Jews mysteriously slaughtered in Boston shortly before the Boston Marathon bombing. Tell that to Meyer Kahane.

          • glennd1

            Oh please, you can’t be as stupid as your comment indicates, can you? Jews live largely free from any kind of persecution in the U.S. Are you going to argue even that basic fact here? How delusional are you?

          • defcon 4

            I seem to remember another rampage against Jews in NYC, that was allowed to continue by the authorities for far too long to be considered coincidence.

      • glennd1

        Also, you just state without any basis that the West should defend Israel and push the Arabs back to Mecca. You do realize that except for the U.S. the rest of the west sides with many of the Palestinian’s complaints, yes? They would never come to the aid of Israel. You also realize that there is treaty between the U.S. and Israel – we have never voted on securing Israel in congress. I think you’ll find that more and more Americans want no part of backing the Israeli regime. I certainly would not. You live in a fantasyworld.


          Israel does find defending itself.

          The people who need American soldiers to defend them are Iraqi, Afghanis.

          And the $4 per gallon gasoline that goes to insatiably greedy OPEC doesn’t endear Arabs to Americans

          As did the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, 9/11, Fort Hood.

          • glennd1

            I say let Israel defend itself, no problem. But of course that is not the position of Netanyahu…

        • Jakareh

          You’re the fantasist. There are certainly many more Americans who support Israel than there are who sympathize with Arab Muslims, treaty or no.

          • defcon 4

            That will be changing — as more muslimes infiltrate and subvert the USA.


      “Worse yet, the militant Zionists have weakened Jewish moral authority by their own actions in Paleswine”


      Muslim moral authority has been destroyed by all the terrorism they commit all over the world.

      AND “progressive” moral authority has been demolished by their siding with the most regressive force in the world today. Islamofascism.

      How does a “progressive” explain siding with people who treat women like cattle, execute homosexuals, deny the Holocaust, follow a religion which teaches hatred of all people, even the wrong kind of Muslim.

      glennd1, Thanks for showing us that “progressives” are impervious to logic, reason and morals.

      • glennd1

        But of course, I’m not a Progressive. Nothing about being conservative demands I don’t see the reality of Israel. Yet you just presume I’m Progressive as a way of discounting me. In a real debated, you’d be laughed off the stage for taking this line. But I’ve seen you here before, you are an ignorant animal so yeah, just move along.


          socialist glennd1,

          You are a fool thinking that your easily disproved talking points can’t be blown out of the water.

          And we are coming up on the 9/11 anniversary. Every viewing of the planes crashing into the WTC generate hatred of Islamofascism and Socialism.

          Go peddle your conspiracy theories to the toothless masses in the socialist, islamofascist, progressive world.

          • glennd1

            And 9/11 has what to do with Israel, exactly?

    • defcon 4

      Aw gee, you cry for the Arabs, but I notice you don’t have much to say about the nearly one million Jews expelled from the rest of the islamofascist Mid-East and N. Africa… Call it a people swap pig.

      • glennd1

        Where in my comment did I cry for Arabs?

        • defcon 4

          Are you stupid?

          “Cleansing Palestine of enough Muslims to form a majority Jewish state had a huge moral price.”


          • glennd1

            Do you not realize that the Zionists expelled 800,000 Arab Muslims living in Palestine from 500 villages, towns and cities? Do you not realize that Revisionist Zionist leaders like Jabotinski expressly discussed doing this for decades before doing so? And that the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate for Palestine and the U.N. partition resolution all forbade the Zionists from doing this? I mean, you do know all this, yes? You won’t argue it, will you? Or are you going to claim they just happened to expel enough Arab Muslims to create a majority Jewish state by accident? You aren’t that gullible, right? Most Israelis don’t believe that lie anymore…

  • Lanna

    We’re going to have to do more than lob a few missiles into Syria to get out of this one. The goals of all of this by this administration is what…total destabilization, costly gas prices, and food prices, world wide wars? Is this summoning the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah?

  • Tooba mansoor

    Israel has very conveniently opted for ambiguous nuclear policy while threatening rest of the states of the region. Nuclear Iran would rather bring stability in the region. Since the nuclear era began no state with nuclear weapon wet for war. Nuclear weapons provide the state with deterrence capability and to avoid the situation of War. same would be happen in the Middle East region. If USA and Russia played the opposite role in the same scenario then the fact was they were not regionally aligned to each other. Iran and Israel are states lying in the same state and will be dependent upon each other. It is the USA which is creating the fuss in the region.

    • g..man

      Israel threatens nobody. Iran is waiting for their Madhi……You are a lunatic.

      • defcon 4

        He’s either a lunatic or a true to form muslime.


      The criminal islamofascist regime of iran is a threat to the entire world.

      The ayatollahs should be put in prison. Those with blood on their hands should be executed and buried in such a way that they will be prohibited from Islamic Paradise.

    • defcon 4

      Who exactly is threatening whom loon?


      Tooba Man-Sewer,

      Happy Nakba!

  • li chin pin

    I think writer has not proper knowledge
    about Middle Eastern politics. He has portrayed Israel as most innocent and
    Iran as an aggressor and terrorist state. His assumptions have been made on
    fake information. Iran has right to peruse for nuclear power for peaceful
    purposes and there is no need to criticize Iran for this. If Israel can acquire
    nuclear power then why not Iran? Since 1950s Israel has been working on a
    comprehensive nuclear plan and kept policy of ambiguity about its nukes. Beside
    that Israel did not allow IAEA inspectors to check its nuclear power plants. And
    ironically Israel is world’s 5th largest arms producer and no one state points
    finger towards Israel. So Israel is real threat for global peace and should be
    dis armed.


      Enough with the nuclear ambiguity.

      Israel needs to do an underground nuke test.

      Let mohammed know that messing with Israel results with utter destruction of Mecca – in retaliation.

      Let Muslims do what they do best. Kill each other over “important” things like who is the proper successor to the prophet, family honor, proper dress for women.

      • defcon 4

        You seem to have left out one of the other things muslimes do best: kill the najjis kaffir in great numbers (some 270 million and counting).

  • Lanna

    Israel has weapons that cannot even be imagined. A tiny country surrounded by enemies appears to be finished, but not so, they are the apple of God’s eye. There will be strife, wars, and chaos, but Jerusalem will be the only remnant left of the earth. Revelation 21 describes a new heaven and a new earth because the first earth had passed away. This means by fire or probably nuclear weapons. The new Jerusalem is where God will live with his people. Evil does not win, it only has power for a short time!

  • 1Indioviejo1

    I haven’t read the novel, but it seems unrealistic to me that if Iran had a nuclear weapon they would not use it on Israel. So where is the attack coming on “all” fronts? With a nuclear Iran the armies of the other Muslims in the vecinity are superfluous and Israel IMO would need to nuclear bomb every major Islamic City in the planet. I would do it.

  • JaiGuru

    Now do a book on the theocratic war mongers who believe a 2000 year old jewish zombie is coming back.