Mubarak’s Prophecy on Brotherhood Comes True

MubarakOriginally published on Gatestone Institute.

In a video of Hosni Mubarak when he was still Egypt’s president, the strategies of which he accuses the Muslim Brotherhood have come to pass.  What follows are Mubarak’s words from a conference in Egypt (date unknown; author’s translation):

So they [Brotherhood and affiliates] took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money,  to one man 100 Egyptian pounds, or about $30 dollars, [saying,] “Here take this bag of glycerin and throw it here,” or do this or that—to create a state of instability in Egypt.  And these groups—don’t ever believe that they want democracy or anything like that.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship. ….  Once a foreigner [likely a Westerner] told me, “Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you let them form parties?”  I told him, “they’d attack each other.”  He said, “So let them attack each other.”  I came to understand that by “attack each other” he thought I meant through dialogue.  For years we’ve been trying to dialogue with them, and still are.   If the dialogue is limited to words, fine.  But when the dialogue goes from words to bullets and bombs…  [Mubarak shakes his head, and then gives anecdotes of Egyptian police and security being killed by Brotherhood and affiliates, including how 104 policemen were killed in 1981, and how one officer was shot by them trying to save a boy’s life.] The point is, we don’t like bloodshed, neither our soldiers nor our officers.  But when I see that you’re firing at me, trying to kill me—well, I have to defend myself!  Then the international news agencies go to these [Islamist] groups for information, and they tell them, “they’re killing us, they’re killing us!”  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!  I swear to you, not one of the police wants to kill them—not one of us.  Then they say, “So Mr. President, you gave orders to the police to open fire indiscriminately?”—I cannot give such an order, at all.  It contradicts the law.  I could at one point be judged [for it].

Whatever one thinks of Hosni Mubarak—and his final assertion concerning himself is especially prophetic—he certainly understood the Brotherhood and their strategies well.  Consider especially the following three points he made about them and how they have all proven true:

  1. Mubarak: “And these groups—don’t ever believe that they want democracy or anything like that.  They are exploiting democracy in order to eliminate democracy.  And if they ever do govern, it will be an ugly dictatorship.”  Quite so.  While paying lip service to democracy, once the Brotherhood came into power under former president Muhammad Morsi, they became openly tyrannical: Morsi gave himself unprecedented powers for an Egyptian president, appointed Brotherhood members to all important governmental posts, “Brotherhoodizing” Egypt (as Egyptians called it), and quickly pushed through a Sharia-heavy constitution.  Under Morsi’s one year of rule, many more Christians were attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for “blasphemy” than under Mubarak’s thirty years.
  2. Mubarak: “Then the international news agencies go to these groups [Brotherhood] for information, and they tell them, ‘they’re killing us, they’re killing us!’  Well, don’t you [news agencies] see them killing the police?!”  Now that the Brotherhood has been ousted and is promoting terrorism in Egypt—especially against its Christian minority—trying to push the nation into an all-out civil war, they are, in fact, feeding the international media the old lie that they are innocent, peaceful victims in order to garner Western sympathy.
  3. Mubarak: “they took advantage of the economic situation by handing out money.”  Funded by rich Wahhabi states, the Islamist organizations bought their way into Egyptian society and power.  Prior to elections, they paid—that is, bribed—Egyptians to vote for them; and after their ousting, they’re paying people (along with beating and forcing them) to stay with them in Ra‘ba al-Adawiya, and provide them with numbers for practical and propagandistic purposes.

Finally, consider Mubarak’s exchange with “a foreigner,” most likely an American or European, who instantly interpreted Mubarak’s “they’d attack each other” in Western political terms of “dialogue.”  This habit of projecting Western approaches onto Islamists—who ironically represent the antithesis of the West—is one of the chief problems causing the West to be blind to reality, which must ever and always be articulated through its own paradigm, one that insists that violence is always a product of political oppression and that Islamists are perpetually misunderstood victims.

In Egypt, however, one soon learns that, when “dialogue” doesn’t go the Islamists’ way, it’s back to terrorism.  This requires a more realistic approach, or, in the words of Mubarak, a man who, like his predecessors, especially Gamal Abdel Nasser, is intimately acquainted with the Brotherhood: “when I see that you’re firing at me, trying to kill me—well, I have to defend myself!”

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  • Disciples Ministries Internati

    Raymond Ibrahim. wonderful job, continue to speak for truth. God bless

  • Obaid Karki

    Mubarak robbed Sinai Bedouin Natives Prime Lands [right & left] and
    doled it bit-by-bit for-free to Black Jesuits and Copts Missionaries to turn it
    to Judaeo-Christian State adjacent to Israel incase MBH took power in Egypt.
    Mubarak probably sold the entire Sinai Peninsula to Zionists. As he delivered Sudan to George Clooney who turned South of Sudan to Mickey Mouse Mayhems Morgue for Presbyterian and Gospel Missionaries. They ain’t any al Qaeda or Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis Terrorist Group in Sinai. They’re indeed McCain Germs alias IDF’s nightmare fighting Egypt’s New Rulers, Copts and IDF to get their land. Mubarak gifted CoptsSinai to annex it to Israel as Copt Motherland. Egyptian military spokesman Ahmad Ali stated in a Facebook post Aug. 11 that Egyptian military working covertly with Israel to pursue terrorists and criminals in Sinai. That’s horsemanure. McCain Germs ain’t terrorists and criminals they vowed to turn thieves’ bones to toothpicks and chopsticks. Copts must leave Egypt to Israel where they belong and adored. I love to see Copts crush each other’s skull every Sabbath in Gush Qatif. Obama was troubled by churches burning. What a fool? One of the most effective secret weapon of Mubarak’s Regime to rein then and Military Rulers now is to get Cairo [Baltagyah] vigilantes and Copts themselves to burn their OWN churches and tagged it to Muslim brotherhood to get Obama’s Boss [John Hagee] sympathy to justify making an autonomous homeland for Thieving Christian Fugitives in Sinai Peninsula.

    • Tut Ankh Amon


      You always write long rants but the fact remains: All terrorists are Muslims

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Nah…not really, as terrorism isn’t holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion of Islam. Now, on the other hand, all Muslims are jihadists, as jihad, which is holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the expansion of Islam, is not only the highest pillar of Islam, it’s also a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another. Therefore, all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are blasphemous apostates that per the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed. Indeed, the holy obligation for all Muslims to wage jihad in the cause of Allah in one form or another is a fard kifaya: a communal obligation on the body of believers, i.e., the ummah.

    • CowboyUp

      You really think John Hagee is Obama’s boss? Now that’s way out there.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        He has NO clue at all. I am 100% confident that 0’Bama HATES Hagee and has no fear of him at all.

        The logic in these idjits always boils down to; it’s the Jews. And Hagee I assume is alleged to work for “the Jews.”

        • CowboyUp

          I think Hagee supports Israel, and opposes jihadis. That’s enough for nuts like him.

    • waynesteapartyworld

      Oh great, another Jew hater that blames ‘the Zionists’ for everything. Why don’t you Sharia Fascist Moooooslims spend less time trying to slaughter ‘infidels’ and more time working and learning how to read and write? You would have much better lives and wouldn’t always be looking for someone else to blame for your troubles.

    • kenaan

      Painful facts ,I think Mr Raymond Ibrahim is not ready to accept .However I include an image of Islamist demonstrators are making human chain to protect Churches against sabotage ,Mr Ibrahim says” they are, in fact, feeding the international media the old lie that they are innocent, peaceful victims in order to garner Western sympathy”.Well ,I doubt how many of the objective readers have been shown such ugly images about the perpetual killing of arm less,peaceful demonstrators in Rabia Aladawiyeh on the night of Aug 14 th,.Undobtedly Mr Ibrahim is a mouth piece of the Coptic church which it’s pope Twadrus used his influence to gather around one million Christians during the 30/6 “Tamarrud” demonstration to topple the elected Egyptian president Dr Mohd. Morsi.
      Concerning the Ugly dictatorship of the brotherhood ,I’d like to remind you that during one year of Morsi’s reign not a single TV station has been closed ,nor any journalist arrested .The people used the ball box freely for 5 times in elections and polls concerning the constitution ,while the military Junta of general A.Sissi closed the 7 TV Islamic stations within 24 hrs,they arrested thousands of brotherhood members ,applied Emergency Case and curfew ,other than fulfilling half a dozen massacres in which thousands of Morsi’s followers have been shot or slaughtered by the “Baltajieh”gangs supported and covered by ministry of interior. ,Asmaa Beltaji is the daughter of a brotherhood leader Mohammed Beltali who has beed killed while protesting against the Sissi military coup..

    • BobSmith101

      Obaid Karki, It is always interesting to see how much Islam can damage a mind. Your ramblings are proof.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      You spew your BS everywhere. You are a lying enemy of Western civilization.

      If only we had a Mubarak to rule every nation in the region. The world could not do better than that short of rectifying all of the lies of Islam.

    • Lokie

      Obaid: Bedouin’s don’t own any land and never did. That is why they are Bedouin. They just camp out on other peoples land.

    • Mike Trivisonno

      All of Egypt belongs to the Copts. Islam, muslims, and especially Arabs have no place in Egypt; they historically recent interlopers and usurpers who have visited endless jihad violence in what was once the center of Western Civilization.

      Muslims, through their centuries-long Jihad, have reduced Egypt to just another Islamic cesspool.

  • cathy

    Report: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to be free
    August 19, 2013

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Let’s make one thing crystal clear, the problems in Egypt don’t stem from the Muslim Brotherhood, AQ, or anyone or anything else, for that matter, they stem from Islam and Islam alone.

    • Mike Trivisonno

      Indeed, Egypt needs less Islam, not more.

      The Egyptian Army desires to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood. I suggest they take it one step further and just outlaw Islam.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I don’t think I ever had any criticism for Mubarak. He saw what MB did to Egypt when they had a chance, including assassinating Sadat.

    0’Bama hosed it so bad in Egypt, It may be his worst foreign policy move of all. Which he started in 2009. What has he learned since then? Should we ask Huma what her thoughts are?

    So who is a bigger moron, Carter or 0’Bama? In results Iran is still worse, but 0’Bama was a lot more active in destroying Egypt than Carter was in Iran.

  • Fred Eaglesmith

    American politicians and the Main-Stream Media need to wake up.

  • Ellman48

    One of the greatest myths in today’s world is that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Even George Bush repeated this pathetic lie. It is neither a ‘religion’ nor is it interested in ‘peace’. It is a totalitarian system, meaning that it dictates every aspect of life on a daily basis at extremely personal levels of detail, particularly in the case of male-female relationships. Although transparent to many of us, it’s totalitarian nature completely eludes many Muslims and westerners. Even obvious atrocities like the brutal murders of Christians, the burning of their churches, the decapitation of opponents, etc., fail to convince Islam’s supporters and defenders that it has more in common with Nazism than Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or any other true religion.

  • Lokie

    imam obama hates Christians and is I truly believe a card carrying member of
    the MB. I think he has been promised a high position in the caliphate he hopes to help create.

  • Vance Decker

    The idiot media will never admit they were wrong, after fawning over their false narrative of a “Muslim Spring” for months it will take time to deprogram their viewers.