Muslim Brotherhood Out, Killing Christians In

coptsOriginally published by the Gatestone Institute.

“In scattered locations across Egypt,” wrote Morning Star News, “mobs of hard-line Muslims enraged over the deposing of the country’s Islamist president [Muhammad Morsi] this week attacked Christian homes, business[es] and church buildings and were suspected in the shooting death of a priest.”

None of this should come as a surprise.  As Gatestone Institute reported right at the beginning of the June 30 revolution, anonymous “letters addressed to the Copts threatened them not to join the protests, otherwise their ‘businesses, cars, homes, schools, and churches’ might ‘catch fire…. This message is being delivered with tact. But when the moment of truth comes, there will be no tact’.”  Several popular and influential Brotherhood leaders and supporters made the same threats, including Sheikh Essam Abdulamek , Dr. Safwat Hegazy , Dr. Wagdi Ghoneim, and Sheikh Abdullah Badr.

True to their word, now that Morsi and the Brotherhood have been ousted, Egypt’s Christians are being heavily targeted by Brotherhood supporters.  On July 3rd, in a village in al-Minya in Upper Egypt, the services building of St. George Church was looted and torched.  Likewise, the evangelical Saleh Church in Delga was attacked and caught fire, while the villagers, the majority of whom are Copts, had their homes and businesses looted and torched. Two Christians were injured from the fires.  According to the pastor of Delga Catholic Church, who was able to escape the fire only through the roof, “supporters of former President Morsi are engaged in continuous and unprecedented harassment of Copts. He said that a number of those people broke into the homes of Christians at gunpoint, terrorizing women, children and seizing gold jewelry and furniture. He contacted security forces, pleading for help. Witnesses said security arrived next morning.”

Another Islamic mob tried to “attack the main Coptic cathedral in Qena, but the military fought them off. The group moved on to attack Christian-owned homes and businesses in the area, sources said. Also on Wednesday (July 3), a mob attacked the Church of the Holy Virgin in the coastal town of Marsa Matrouh with stones, but the military also repelled them.” “It is a miracle no one was killed in the attacks” a woman told Morning Star News.

Unfortunately the miracle did not extend to other Copts attacked by Brotherhood supporters.  On July 6, Coptic Christian priest Mina Cheroubim was shot dead as he left his church in al-Arish, north Sinai—near the same area where al-Qaeda linked Brotherhood affiliates attacked and expelled Christian Copts months ago.  Four more Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Luxor province.  The attack is being positioned as “collective punishment”: some Muslims accused Christians in the village of killing a Muslim, although Christians deny it, saying the Muslim was killed by another Muslim, but the mob decided to scapegoat the Copts.  Dozens of Christian homes and businesses were looted and torched.  Hundreds of Coptic villagers fled.

Elsewhere in Egypt, Christians are being kidnapped and held hostage for ransom money, a phenomenon that has been on the increase, particularly the targeting of Coptic children.

“This is just the beginning,” said one Coptic Christian woman from Upper Egypt who was interviewed. “They won’t be happy until they steal everything we own and kill us all. How can anyone be full of so much hate? If I took my eyes off God, I would shrink and die.”

Another Egyptian woman, incensed at the overthrow of the tyrannical Brotherhood, and like all Brotherhood supporters, scapegoating Egypt’s Christian minority, declared, “I am a religious [Muslim] Egyptian lady. I tell the Christians one word. You live by our side! We will set you on fire! We will set you on fire!”

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  • Kieran

    Some of the rationale behind support for the Egyptian army’s overthrow of Morsi has been bizarre to say the least. For instance, Tony Blair said that Morsi had to go because there were large scale street demonstrations against him. Tony Blair’s record on bowing to this kind of people power isn’t exactly good. Still, the real question is : did the constitution under Morsi protect the rights of non-Muslim minorities. Was it actually enforced? If the answer to both these questions is no, then surely Egypt needed a new constitution.

    • Gee

      What they really need is new people. The Copts are as racist as the Muslims.

      • defcon 4

        When you’re the persecuted minority in an islam0-nazi state you have no choice but to reflect the values of your downpressor. Standing up for Israel or Jews in islam0-nazi states would bring the attention of the always tyrannical islamic authorities.

    • Neurotic Knight

      Actually both the constitution before and after morsi have the same rights to minorities, except before it was word of morsi now it is codified as sharia law

      • defcon 4

        So for the Coptic Christians and atheists (I’d imagine that’s the only other non-muslim group left in islam0-nazi Egypt at this point) it’ll be meet the new islamofascist boss, same as the old islamofascist boss. Thank G-d Egypt’s Jewish populous escaped the islamofascist hellhole that is Egypt.

  • tanstaafl

    When you meet the infidels, slay them.

    • mally el

      In this case it is the barbarians who are the infidels doing these evil deeds.

      • tanstaafl

        I’m just quoting the Qur’an.

        • defcon 4

          Yes, it’s so peaceful!

        • TruIslam

          You don’t know how to interpret true Kuran so go to school first and know how to read Arabic

    • David_Smith
  • Howard Townsend

    You must understand, the Egyptian Moslems nust scapegoat Christians. They are just about out of Jews.

    • defcon 4

      Fortunately they still have Israel to blame for all the problems caused by their own insane, psychopathic, totalitarian, supremacist, Jew hating religion of xenophobia and hate.

  • defcon 4

    The Coptic Christians, like infidels/kufrs everywhere else, are inciting muslime violence by continuing to breathe.

  • John Fisher

    Killing Christian has ALWAYS been in with Islamists everywhere in the world since the Mohammedans first rode out of Arabia in the 7th century continuing to this date.

  • Johng2

    I hope that Egyptian Muslims which are not hard lined should wake up
    If they want Afghanistan in Egypt with extremist views which is not true Islam and which has not even in Kuran. These people will eventually make a mockery of the faith and in the name of their Misunderstanding of Kuran will first burn churches and Christians and then Sunnis against shites killing will never stop till the society itself becomes ruled by al Qaeda and. Egyptian Taliban