Muslim Cleric: ‘I Hate Christians and Am Disgusted by Them’

Dr. Abdullah Badr—an Egyptian Muslim scholar, Al Azhar graduate, and professor of Islamic exegesis, who spent ten years in prison under Mubarak, but, along with any number of Islamic terrorists and agitators, was released under Morsi—recently gave an excellent summation of the second half of the highly divisive Muslim doctrine of wala’ wa bara’ (or, “Love and Hate”)—namely, that the true Muslim should love and help fellow Muslims, while hating and being disgusted by non-Muslims.

During a conference last week (see video below, with English subtitles) he explained how he is so “disgusted” by Christians, to the point that, if a Christian were to touch his cup, he would not drink from it:

[It’s] not a matter of piety, but disgust. I get grossed out.  Get that?  Disgust, I get grossed out man, I cannot stand their smell or … I don’t like them, it’s my choice.  And they gross me out; their smell, their look, everything.  I feel disgusted, disgusted.  I get disgusted not only by that, but by many things.

He kept stressing that, while Sharia law does not ban Muslims from eating food prepared by Christians, he personally is sickened by them.  Badr explained how he once entered a store in Egypt to buy food, but when he saw the crosses and Christian icons on the wall, and understood that the owner was Christian, he immediately gave the food away on the street.

Even so, the pious Badr went on to warn that any Muslim who goes out of his way to make a show of his disgust for Christians is a hypocrite.  His logic was perversely similar to Jesus’s teaching that those who show off their piety—Christ was talking about fasting, not hating—are hypocrites.

Instead, according to Badr, the disgust, and as he later explained in the video, the hate for Christians and other infidels, must come from the heart—as it does with him—and not be a mere matter of showing off around other Muslims.

Such is the Islamic doctrine of Love and Hate—a doctrine the West would do well to become acquainted with, a doctrine that sheds light on the alarming extent of Islamist deceit and treachery.  (See Ayman Zawahiri’s nearly 60 page treatise, “Loyalty and Enmity,” to use another translation of wala’ wa bara’, in The Al Qaeda Readerp. 63-115, for a comprehensive review of this doctrine.)

Portions of Badr’s video follow, with English subtitles. If they do not appear, you may need to click on “cc” (closed caption) on YouTube.

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  • AdinaK

    The cleric is actually stating what Islamists believe, and this is why there is a clash between civilizations. No one should dare posit that he is an "extremist". Not at all. He is mainstream –

    Islamic vitriol is not for nothing, it is coming straight from their sources/culture/nurture, as revealed in the embedded policy paper.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • rue

      no. you have it all wrong. i am an islamic muslim and i am only 14 years old, but i am old enough to know that islam DOES NOT encourage this kind of unacceptable behavior shown by this man. Saying that you hate christians is not a part of our faith. our quran teaches us to be RESPECTFUL towards others' religions and faiths. Almost all of my friends are christians and i am intrigued by their beliefs and religion. people like this man are only muslim by name because when a muslim acts like this, they are not considered muslim anymore. They may call themselves muslim, but their actions prove that their morality is not of what a muslim should have.

  • Mary Sue

    Clearly this cleric is Christophobic.

    • infideltaskforce


      • defcon 4

        How about kafirodium? They don't fear kafirs so much as hate them.

        • Mary Sue

          I guess that works too.

    • Nanis

      Is in it funny he gets scared of crosses.
      Hmmmm I've heard that story somewhere and I only know someone that hates crosses.

  • Nicky999

    This guy certainly is Christophobic but he's only read the 61% of the Koran that is openly hostile to Kafirs. Had he only ignored that small section of this wonderful book then we wouldn't have such hatred. Just ask any enlightened liberal about this and you will get the same response. It's how it's interpreted. I'd like to quote Sam Harris "Anybody who reads the Koran and cannot see a connection between its contents and violence committed by Muslims against non-Muslims should consult a neurologist"

    • BigIrish

      and dont forget Nicky…not ALL muzzies are terrorist murders, but almost ALL terrorist murderers are muzzies.

      • Lan Astaslem

        you can say that again, and all of the quislings who are in fear of calling a spade a spade do so at our and their peril

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Raymond Ibrahim your phrase, "Islamic exegesis" is an excellent and accurate term as it applies to the Qur'an. It gave me pause. I am accustomed to finding this vitally important concept in regard to Biblical doctrine, and Christian hermeneutics.

    The world "ISLAM" is Arabic for "surrender" or "submission" to the will of Allah [God]. In the language of their Holy Qur'an, Islam means the readiness of a person to take orders from "God" and to follow them through.

    While much of the world fixates on its usual obsession… setting up Jews for a second Holocaust, Islam is also hard at work laying waste to major portions of the world and preparing to impose Islamic rule over everybody and extinguishing their respective non-Islamic civilizations.

    It is not derived from the word, "peace," as Muslims would have us believe! -That is, rather, eisegesis, or, reading into it one's own ideas.

    Eisegesis, breeds heresy and false doctrine within ANY religion.

    Distinguishing the difference between Exegesis, & Eisegesis, is critical.

  • M. Demetrius

    Those who continue to believe that Islam is a gentle, peaceful religion that has been hijacked by a few extremists will be overcome and conquered by it. They will learn too late what the truth is.

    Those of us who do not believe it is in any way gentle or peaceful will be overcome and conquered by Islamists and liberals. We already know what the truth of that matter is.

    Faith in Jesus Christ's sacrifice, leading to salvation is the only answer for the individual. There will be no unrepentant Islamofascists in His heaven. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father except by [faith in[ Him.

    • D-Boy

      doing a little re-writing are we? Sorry but if He ain't doing it, it ain't being done.

    • Sam Boulisw

      AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN, Christ is the son of GOD. and he will come again to judge the living and the dead.

    • rue

      i am a muslim and i am 14 years old. alot of people do not realize that we are not all crazy and want to bomb america. i was born in california and i love my country. islam is a peaceful religion. terrorists and liberals are not truly muslim. they call themselves muslims and say that they are bombing us in the name of islam, but the quran strongly forbids acts of terrorism. Those who do unthinkable crimes have clearly misunderstood everything about islam.

  • Chanameel

    Islam is Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

    Their thoughts and minds are possessed with evil.

    These creatures of G-d have foolishly bound themselves to Satan's service.

    By penitence and forgiveness these creatures of G-d can restore themselves to the true Lord,

    spurning Satan's yoke, hoping in the Divine mercy for defence against assaults.

    Pray for our Creator to shine "Light" on these tormented souls and take control over the soul of Islam.

  • Charles Martel

    Someone who is more of a techie than I am should copy his speech verbatim but substitute the word Muslim for Christian, post it on YouTube and also send it to the MSM and the UN. Since most apologists for Islam wouldn't bother to check the origins of the speech, it would be fun to watch them getting all wound up accusing the speaker of racism and Islamophobia.

    • john

      Bulls Eye !

  • logdon

    One of the arguments Muslims in the West muster when faced with an idea not encompassed within the Koran is 'it's not Islamic'.

    This, as we see from CAIR's attitude towards states which are instituting legislation against the creep of shariah, soon morphs into an 'attack on Islam'.

    Our multiculturalist dhimmis pile in and what is basically defense of the realm turns magically into, as Obama himself would put it, slandering the prophet of Islam.

    Meanwhile in lands far away, untouched by the hand of 'interfaith outreach' they share none of these scruples and thus we see this.

    We also see wholesale slaughter of Christians but apart from the valiant efforts of Raymond Ibrahim and a few others, our media remains silent.

  • pierce

    This is not ha ha funny, but over the last 4 or 5 years I have come to hate Muslim and Islamic people in general. Before that I did not understand or know much about them. With the exposure to their cult and culture
    I am beginning realize how evil and sinister they are.. It seems they would just as soon shoot you as look at you. They don't frighten me, but they do. Are they for real?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Muslims are most deadly for real. "Kuffar" and "infidels" are vermin fit only for extermination in their evil hooded eyes.

    • defcon 4

      I didn't use to hate muslimes either. As if the violence, persecution, subjugation, xenophobia, misogyny, homoodium and Jew hatred aren't bad enough they lie about all of it in the most infantile and transparent way.

  • defcon 4

    Thank you Mr. Ibrahim for exposing the truth of what muslims say to each other, rather than the lies and propaganda our enemedia and government spew.

  • tagalog

    I'm gratified to see that our feelings for them are reciprocated.

    It's always good to be clear on where we stand vis-a-vis each other.

  • john

    Send Abdullah Badr back to jail that's where he belongs. People like him should be beheaded. This is what islam is doing to people, it's nothing but hating other people. Islam is and never was a religion, islam means war and hate. Muslims should be denied to come here, they are starting an islam war.

  • Lauren

    Looks like muslims are starting to become honest about how they feel about non-muslims. "Religion of peace" my a**

  • Mary Sue

    I heard something interesting yesterday on the Source with Jerry Yagar (subbing in for Ezra Levant). He had Pakistani-born Tarek Fatah, a truly "moderate" muslim and probably one of the most reasonable people you'll ever see. He explained that in the greater Toronto Area, about 90% of muslims DO NOT go to Mosque, precisely because of clerics like the one described in this article and the hate they preach.

    Jerry: So what are they doing?
    Tarek: They're sitting home watching television!

    • defcon 4

      "moderate" muslime has as much meaning as "moderate" nazi. Has he renounced the vile antisemitic vomit found throughout the koran? Has he renounced the genocidal antisemitism found in the hadith? Has he repudiated the actions of muhammad, the most holey man in islam in slaughtering, enslaving and expelling the entire Jewish populous of Soddy Barbaria? Has he renounced the anti-Christian verses in the holy koran? What about the verses that call for the killing of idolators? Or the persecution of unbelievers?

  • Winston

    It doesn't surprise me since Islam is a device of Satan in the world. Islam is a counterfeit of Judeo-Christianity and functions as if it were the uncontrolled bastard child with uncontrollable emotions – the eternal victim who hates everyone but themselves and their irresponsible actions.

  • Drakken

    The bloody liberals would tell all of us that we have just misunderstood what the muslim said and that we took it out of context and deny he ever said it. I say let muzzys like his spew their venom everyday and ifthe libs refuse to see what is clearly in front of them, they deserve what they get.

  • Sam Boulis

    Abdullah Badr is a product of hate, I understood enough of his propagandist speach about the hate that is imbedded in his evil soul towards Christians and the non-Muslims in general, I must admit, his intellect is near zero, he was not funny by any means, he should have stayed in prison for the duration of evil and miserable life.


    Wow he just described why we hate muslims. They disgust and creep me out too. I won’t eat food or drink served by them. I won’t shop at their businesses. I won’t let their children in my art school. I will never let them assimilate into my life….EVER. Trust me, he speaks for all of them and it’s probably useless to reply on how it’s not true because of the previous statement. Dang I need a bumper sticker with Mohammed hanging from a tree. Now that would be awesome.

  • An

    well, i hate muslims. i’m disgusted by them, i never ate any food prepared by them, and probably never will. Peace.

  • Truth

    May he rot in hell, God willing.

  • Tranz4medinChrist

    Jesus still loves you and if you are disguisted by me it means I am doing something right so I hope Abdullah Badr one day experiences being a Christian because it is amaing and no amount of hating or torture or anything would change what I believe in. Jesus is the way, the truth and the Life. I wouldn’t be alive today If I didn’t discover that.

    • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

      try saying praying for Abdullah Badr to experience Sanity and reason

  • Christian

    Sura 5, verse 51 says all

  • Jesus Love you

    Jesus Christ is the only way,accept him to be your Lord and Savior Dr Abdullah Bar. Jesus Love you. All the hatred and bitterness you have for Christians that will not stop the gospel of Jesus Christ. So stop before you die of heart attack.

  • Human

    Is this B***S*** a doctor? – rotten to the core of the worst kind. manhater. Whoever gave him his doctorate obviously had some sense

  • Nadira Manboadh

    Damn it really is interesting how similar yet so far apart Christians are to Muslims and this proves that Islam stands for hatred , arrogance , violence and pain while Christianity is the polar opposite with focuses on love , forgiveness , mercy , respect .
    Honestly I have never been more repulsed by an article before and I pray in the name of the Holiest one , My lord , The Saviour of My Life, Jesus Christ that he softens the heart of this sinner and may he come to realize that Jesus loves him too.

    • Atheist Loki

      “Christianity is the polar opposite with focuses on love , forgiveness , mercy , respect .”

      Whatever lies you have to tell yourself to sleep at night. All religions stand for hatred, arrogance, violence, pain and so on.

      • Vuyo

        That’s what you think and feel because you are full of hatred yourself, you think everybody is like. Shame on you. Christians love people, we believe in peace, love and forgiveness

  • Guest

    to all christians who are taring Muslims with the same brush remember it was muslims who took to the streets to protest against him.

  • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

    To all christians who Blindly hate muslims and judge them by the words of this preacher it was Muslims who brought down the muslim brotherhood and put him off the air

    • paul

      why do Muslims kill Christians then who have done nothing to them but share love of the creator. i do not believe for one moment that muslims are peace loving when they kill themselves in the street killing women and children just to prove a sick and twisted point. how do muslim people sleep at night. Jesus does not teach us to kill ourselves. But mahommed does. he says we should rot ing hell

    • Michael Brown

      3 months later, but I can’t resist. The reason so many people in general (its not just Christians. I am a former Christian and now atheist) hate Muslims is because extremism is NORMAL in Islam. Go to any Muslim country and you will see what Islam really is and how barbaric and backwards it is. They live like it is 500 years ago. I’ve been to numerous countries around the world to include a few Muslim ones and the hate of Islam is justified as far as I see it at this point. I don’t hate Muslims unless they give me reason to, but I hate Islam.

      • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

        no extremism is not normal in Islam at all, moderation is the norm unfortunately crazies have loud voices.

  • Leon

    Seriously… being a Christian who grew up with many Muslim friends in Singapore I am disgusted to see all this hate. Both my Muslim friends and I didn’t hate on each other’s religion, we instead studied each other’s religion, talked about it and stuff. I respected Ramadan and they respected Christmas, we even participated in each other’s cultures, I tried to complete Ramadan, only got through half a month and they went to church with me to celebrate Christmas.

    Stop the hate. Seriously.

    • brenda

      how can you be a Christian and respect their ramadan their is only one way to god and that is through his son Jesus Christ no other way so what are you studing how not to be a christian you are to teach the gospel not respect something that turns their back on Jesus you need to go and study your bible, move on if they do not except Jesus Christ nor if they even want to believe in him. i’m not saying to hate they have the free will to learn and believe or not and if they choose not to believe move on to these who want to learn the gospel and have a relationship with the lord. if you love Jesus and you have a relationship with him you would pick up your cross and walk daily with the lord and praise our Lord Jesus Christ only and in his name. pray to god and ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ.again it’s not about hate it’s abut our Lord and only Our Lrd everything you do and are his because of him and only him

  • Peace

    I’ve forgiven you, Abdullah. May God help you! :)

  • Youaremistaken

    As someone below mentioned, most Moslems do not hate Christians. This person is a rare extremist whom most Moslems would also disagree with. I’m a Christian and I lived in various Middle Eastern countries for a few years and found them to be much more welcoming to me as a Christian than I had found my Western world to be. In the West I used to hide my Christian beliefs because of all the ostracism I had there, even though I never preached at others but was very tolerant. However, I was accepted by almost all the people I met in all the Moslem countries I lived in since they recognized my tolerance towards others much better than Western atheists/agnostics do. Like the person below, my Moslem friends and I had open minded, non-judgmental discussions about our faiths and learned from one another’s religions and cultures. I prayed in mosques and read the Qur’an to learn more about their faith, although I had no interest in converting, since we share the same God. I felt so accepted and at home there I didn’t want to return to the West.
    I’d like to add also that in the Moslem countries there is also a big misconception that all Western people are Christians based on the fact that in Moslem countries most people (unless their ancestors were given historical dispensation to remain Christian during the Islamic conquests) are Moslem, although some are more serious than others (and most of these Moslems regardless of seriousness do believe in God and find it strange for someone not to in the West). Therefore, it is very difficult for them to imagine so-called “Christian” Western countries in which most of the people are not Christian and do not believe in God. When they see some of the very liberal behavior that happens in the West (and with most Westerners who visit the Middle East) they imagine that this is how Christians behave, and that the religion must be quite morally liberal, which gives a bad name to Christianity. What makes it worse is the silly atheist Westerners visiting the Middle East who out of fear of being outnumbered as non-theists pretend while they are there to be Christian, which is ludicrous since there is no need for it.
    No, most Westerners in most Western countries are NOT Christian and are in fact anti-Christian to the point of abusing us who are Christian the minute we say we believe in God, no matter how tolerant we might be of other beliefs including atheism. And also, no, most Moslems do not at all hate Christians or even the liberal Westerners. The more serious Moslems though might think liberal Westerners are on the wrong track, but even they don’t hate them (I know since many of my friends there are serious Moslems; their attitude towards them is similar to the attitudes of fundamentalist Christians towards them). And yes, when they meet “real” Christians, they like them since our beliefs are very similar and we have an affinity with and understanding of them which the atheists don’t (they told me many times that “You are not like a Westerner; you are like one of us”).
    Please stop all the hatred. It hurts and only sparks more misunderstandings on both sides.

  • Goldfinger

    Slowly we are opening our eyes to this evil, but the leftwing socialist believe they have a instant imported voting block with this cult, so the more they allow in to your country the more they win the next election Notice none of them live near the followers of this cult,or indeed have anything to do with them except to feel good about themselves over some expensive meal at the latest upmarket restaurants. They fail to see the end game look anywhere in the world that this so called religion is dominant, war death killing in the name of god. In the countries they migrate to, rapes, drugs drive by shootings marching against the country that allowed them in to start a better life, so what do they do? They want to turn it into a muslim cesspit just like the one they left, it is time to say that is enough,no more & start deporting them back to the poverty,war,death of their respective homelands” square pegs don’t fit in round holes” & enemy imagrants don’t make good citizens.

  • FitGirl

    I hate them too, biggest bunch of hypocrites to walk the face of the earth. I know, I used to be one!

  • brenda

    I live by my bible and Jesus Christ is alive and i will live with him in the kingdom of heaven. there is only one way to god and that is through his son Jesus Christ. who is loving and loves all but not all will be him him only those who except and believes in him. i would die for my lord and Saviour because he died for me. all these Christians who die is with the lord they are alive living with our father in heaven. i read my bible proudly everyday with muslims sittting right beside me saying nothing because the lord is with me. muslims are praying to satan only because our Jesus is not your Jesus so stop claiming that he is the same you will see on judgement day that mohmend is Satan pray to not my loving god but to the devil. you come from a place of evil you want to persucute Christians who do you think you are. may god have mercy on your soul because you will need it. bunch of cowards gong around beheading child and those who believe in Jesus. there is nothing anybody can do to make me to give up my lord nothing