Muslims Behead Another Christian Pastor

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute.

A Christian pastor was recently slaughtered in the Muslim-majority African nation of Tanzania.  While butchering Christian minorities is becoming increasingly common in that part of the Muslim world, the context for this latest slaughter is somewhat different than the usual forms of Christian persecution under Islam—such as allegations of “blaspheming” the name of Muslim prophet Muhammad.  And yet, as in most forms of modern-day Muslim attacks on Christians, it too fits patterns and precedents.

On February 11, Pastor Mathayo Kachili of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church was beheaded by Muslims.  According to the report, a spokesperson from the local police department

said conflicts had been boiling for quite a while now in the area where a section of what are believed to be Muslim leaders had demanded immediate closure of butcheries owned by Christians.  He said that a group of youths believed to be Muslims assaulted several Christians using sticks and machetes and attacked a butchery owner at Buseresere town. During the confrontations pastor Kachili was beheaded.

According to Religious Liberty Monitoring this latest slaying “has its source in a debate presently raging in Tanzania. Apparently it is a ‘long-standing tradition’ in Tanzania that Muslims have a monopoly on the meat industry.  Recently however, Christians in Geita district, Mwanza region—on the southern shores of Lake Victoria—have entered the butchery trade, causing outrage amongst Muslims.”

Tensions got to the point that the Minister of State in the President’s Office responsible for social relations “categorically directed that the task of slaughtering animals for public consumption should be executed only by Muslims. He said that people of other faiths may slaughter animals if the meat is solely for family/private consumption—but certainly not for sale to, or consumption by, the general public.”

But if they still insist on working in the trade, then they must, according to Karl Lyimo of the Citizen, be “ready, willing, able and glad to follow the Islamic rituals to the letter”—which is tantamount to saying Christians need to convert to Islam if they want to remain in the business.

Does this conflict simply revolve around Muslim fears of mistakenly eating non-halal meat, or, as has been known to happen, are Muslims attacking and killing non-Muslims for being business competitors, while articulating their hostility in the garb of Islamic piety?

For instance, in March 2010 in Pakistan—a nation which shares neither race, language nor culture with Tanzania, which shares only Islam—Rasheed Masih, described as a “devoted Christian,”  was butchered by Muslim men “with multiple axe blows for refusing to convert to Islam.” Earlier, the “six men had threatened to kill 36-year-old Rasheed Masih unless he converted to Islam when they grew resentful of his potato business succeeding beyond their own.”  According to a pastor who knew Rasheed, “As the Christian family [of Rasheed] strengthened in business and earned more, the Muslim men began to harbor business resentment, as Muslims are not used to seeing Christians more respected and richer than them [emphasis added].”  Eventually he was lured to one of their farm houses, where he was slaughtered by repeated axe blows.  The autopsy revealed he had 24 wounds.

Where comes this idea that non-Muslim minorities must not be allowed to compete with Muslims—certainly not surpass them?  From Islamic teachings and doctrines, which reverberate through the centuries.  For example, in the famous Conditions of Omar (also known as the Pact of Omar), along with any number of debilitations and humiliations, subjugated Christians also had to agree to “not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims,” as that might imply a higher status.  In the Medieval era, Islamic heavy weights like Ibn Taymiyya—still revered among many Muslims, especially Salafis—issued fatwa after fatwa decreeing that non-Muslims, Christians chief among them, be dismissed from their positions.  Centuries earlier, Caliph Harun al-Rashid—otherwise portrayed in the West as a “fun-loving” caliph—also fired Christians from their positions of employment to impoverish them, not to mention destroyed numerous churches.

According to the Islamic worldview, subdued “dhimmi”  Christians cannot be better than Muslims.  And if they are—despite all the obstacles and debilitations set forth by Islamic law to see that they are not—then, as we are increasingly seeing, Muslims may return the status quo by taking things into their own hands.

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  • AdinaK

    Beheading, easy peasy. The eating part, not too shabby…tasty delights –

    As such, this is life under Sharia Law and this is the G-d's honest truth, all the "Islamophobes" aside.

    Adina kutnicki Israel

  • kafir4life

    It would seem that islam is a gutter cult practiced world wide by sub human "muslims". It appears that these "muslims" worship a made up moon god (allah the fake) that was invented by a pig faced dog that appreciated coitus and meals of his favorite pigs, his father among them. Nobody can argue that the koran wasn't expelled from the anal orfice of this pig faced dog called mohamat by the gutter cultist muslim followers of islam.

    And tell me you don't giggle-snort when you hear of muz on muz. It's a hoot!!

    allahu snackbar!

    • ziontruth

      "And tell me you don't giggle-snort when you hear of muz on muz. It's a hoot!!"

      I'm reminded of the cartoon series by the Cuban expat Prohias, Spy vs. Spy. It could be a real hit to do a Muz vs. Muz series, with the white-clad Sunni against the black-garbed Shi-ite. (There was also a gray lady Spy from time to time, so you could add a gray burka-wrapped female jihadi on occasion.)

      The cartoonist would have to keep strict anonymity, though. Doing funnies on the humor-impaired can have unfunny consequences, as Lars Hedegard can tell.

      • jakespoon

        Seems all this crap about these …I would say animals,but animals only kill out of instinct, Let's say one celled organisms,amoebas, is out of MAD MAGAZINE,except Alfred E. Newman would be worrying.

  • Tony

    Two Catholic Priests have been shot so far this year in Zanzibar. One survived the last one died. Three bullets to the head by those who hate to see any other faith other than theirs. What can one say? What do we do about the evil Islam is heaping on the world followed by the loud silence from those in the West who refuse to see, hear or say anything against this monster. But I do believe that this cannot go on forever as people will be forced to take a stand in Africa and elsewhere and there shall be no more peace.

  • nolacs22

    I still say round them all up and deport them.How are they living off of all these countries welfare systems and still getting away with this crap like they are one of their own citizens?

  • Rebecca

    Everytime I read something about Islam I become over awed at how childish and petty this "religion" is. Non Muslims can't have a house that is taller than a Muslim. Please.

  • JacksonPearson

    This evil behavior is becoming to common, and acceptable. IMO, it will eventually become un-numbing, inoculate, and separate people even more, from right, and wrong. Meanwhile, the Progressive MSM remains silent.

    When the evil doers that perform the be-headings have to cover their faces and hide, than I know, that they know, that they're doing wrong!

  • Charles

    I assume that by "islamophobes" you mean those who fear islamists. You will find very few in this country.

  • Marc

    Ok so I am naive but how can killing a non Muslim make the muslims better? If I do better than a muslim in the potato business and the muslim kills me, will that make him a better businessman?

  • pinnie

    Nothing is offered by this low life Ideology …they make me sick!..If i were to pratttle on…and I will…. id say"mentally challenged" walking upright.

  • Michael

    Muslims are not generally supposed to kill one another, or other 'people of the book' (Jews, Christians). The exception to this is "in the course of justice" (Qur'an 17:33) so it is sad that today, as in history, so many people – Muslim, Christian, Jew, and secular people – take it upon themselves to be judge and executioner for some perceived injustice. When can that kind of anarchic cycle of violence end? It is said of Mohammed (saw) that he prayed for all people, even the pagans, even his enemies. And Muslims today are ever exhorted to follow the example of the Prophet. There have been MANY fatwa (religious edicts) issued by Islamic clergy against terrorism, against suicide bombing, against murder of civilians and priests. Alas, not all can transcend the need for "justice" perpetuated by the Nafs (ego)… the Christians could not emulate their Christ during the Crusades, and today many Muslims have lost sight of the teachings of the Prophet as well.

    I am an American, and I love Islam. I do not love the actions perpetrated by many Muslims, but neither will I pronounce takfir against them nor hate them nor hate Islam on their misguided account.

    • Angela

      Well said, Michael. If George Bush does something wrong, do I blame ALL Americans?? No. So the same goes for situations like this. It is against Islam to kill people. These types of sick and so called “Muslims” get us other Muslims a bad rap. I hope they are exposed and face true justice. God is Great!

      • RAYMOND


        • Michael

          If you can find a verse in Qur'an that says eating the flesh of human beings is halal, I'll convert to Christianity tomorrow. What is sad is the amount of misunderstanding and fear that has been propagated through various media about Islam. It spreads like wildfire on the internet where the ignorant preach to the ignorant.

      • Mary Sue

        actually, no, it's NOT against Islam to kill people. What do you think JIHAD is about? Tea and crumpets?

        • Michael

          What I personally think Jihad is about matters very little. The only difference between how Holy War and violent conquest has been carried out in the name of God between Christians and Muslims is that Christians to it IN SPITE of their law, whereas Muslims look to interpret their scripture to support it. Of course, this, while keeping in mind that not all Christians are soldiers, not all Muslims are Jihadis, not every person of faith is bound to violent conquest in the name of their belief.

          Though one of the 10 commandments of Mosaic Law is "Thou shalt not murder" how many Jews and Christians do so anyway? Qur'an says "…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom." (6:151) but that obviously doesn't stop the fighting in Syria. Like I said, it is the path of the individual to take "justice" upon himself and kill in the name of the ego in direct violation of each of these scriptures that leads to so much bloodshed.

      • Charles

        Muslims just can't get over the Bush boys kicking Saddam's butt. Just remember, they were guests of the Saudis when they were doing it..

      • FPF

        Heard a story of a Western tourist who went to Mideast, the guide was a well educated Arab, and he was very professional and courteous during the whole tour, at the end the tourist asked the guide if he (the guide) was called to kill infidels, will he do it. The guide answered, yes, sir. So your both love Islam, but which part? Is it beating wives, killing offspring for "honor" (of what), raping non-believers (male and female alike), bombing fellow Muslims because they belong to a different denomination, killing people because of apostasy, etc. etc. You people are living not in fantasy but total darkness. SAD.

      • Royce

        Why is it all but a couple of the wars around are muslims against every other faith and those without faith?

        It's a gang, organized crime…

    • Mary Sue

      The problem, michael, is that Muslims can find ANY excuse to call ANYONE non-Muslim and then find it acceptable to kill them. They'll agree not to kill 'people of the book' ONLY if said people are paying the Jizzya (tax). If they're not paying, they're fair game.

      BTW, it's not just that. Under Sharia, it is permissible to kill any family member for ANY reason.

    • Drakken

      Your not an American, you belong to the umma now, if you love islam so much leave the west and live in the islamic paradise of your choice, we in the west are getting fed up to the backteeth with that false abomination of a false religion of pure unadultered evil, and take that sick, pedophile mohamed and get bent with him. You mention the Crusades? Well another one is coming and you muslims have invited it.

  • Jaladhi

    These butchers of Islam never miss a beat. They are always ready to please Mo/allah by sacricing non-Muslims on his alter. When are we going to get rid of these butchers from this planet?

    • Drakken

      The day is comming to fuitation, we are but one incident from all hell breaking loose.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Wait, I thought Islam is a "religion of peace"? Isn't that what former President Bush repeatedly assured the American people during his time in office? Isn't that what CAIR tells us?

    Such lies!

  • Mary Sue

    Behead those who would insult non-muslims.

  • Mary Sue

    btw, saying something like that, unless you're being satirical, is NOT helping. AT ALL.

  • jaeger

    Islam is a satanically inspired ideology, hiding under thinly veiled religiosity and does not deserve the status of a religion and is bent on world domination via the sword. Even Mohammad once asked his child wife Aisha who was still playing with her dolls, if he was demon possessed, to which she replied, being afraid of him : " Oh no prophet, you are so devout ". It seems to take one, to know one.There are three forms of Jihad. No.1 Stealth Jihad we are now in, so when they are in the minority, they lay low until the had time to breed und smile in your face, but hate you in their heart, per: Koran. No.2 Defensive Jihad. The whining begins, and even before that. They want,want and want some more rights ect. and play the race card( Islam is not a race). No.3 Now they come out of the woodworks and the killing begins. As for the Moderates, they all read from the same Koran, hadith, reliance of the traveller, ect. ect. ect. Me wonders where they were at 9/11. Suggestion: Buy a cheap Koran not mentally challenging and no need to watch gory videos or movies, this will suffice. If only it would be a cheap gory movie, if only. It's a reality and coming our way.

  • FPF

    Is it because dumb Allah and Mohamed lead to dumber Muslims, or is that the people who actually insulted Islam are Muslims with their atrocities which are obviously against a supposedly "peaceful" religion according to CAIR?
    If non-Muslims can do good, why can't Muslims prove they can be better by working harder and treating people nicer, but instead they are killing non-Muslims to prove they are better and making excuses that Allah and Mohamed demanded them to do bad things. If they really believe in Koran teaching, they should all beheading themselves.

  • jim

    all moslems need to be killed

    • defcon 4

      Why bother? Why not just exile them to live in any one of the islamofascist states that constitute the OIC? After all, living in any islamofascist state is punishment enough. The great thing about this solution is that the leftarded imbeciles can't complain about it being a punishment because then they would have to admit that there's something inherently wrong with islam.

    • David

      God says, in the Bible – "Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord, i will repay"

      Jim's statement is no more Christian than any pagan.

      By the way, I live in Tanzania, and work here. Tanzania is not a majority-Muslim country as the news article states. It is approximately 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 Christian, and 1/3 African Traditional Religion. Also, both Islam and Christianity are heavily syncretistic with AfricanTraditional Religion. Many of both religions – Islam or Christianity are nominal at best.

  • subdeacon hbs

    …and, then, there was the Ottoman policy that Churches could not be taller than Mosques…

  • Michael

    I can see I have posted in a particularly dark and dangerous neighborhood. It is difficult, would you not agree, to spread the message of peace, tolerance, forbearance, and understanding amongst those would have not only you, but your families, friends, sons and daughters, entire cities and countries killed outright simply for their beliefs? So difficult, in fact, that many turn from the path of peace and fight back against those who would kill them. Such is the nature of people not to want to be trodden down. Ask any non-catholic during the Spanish Inquisition, or any native american during the conquest and colonization of the new world.

    And for as much as you all think you are talking about Islam, what you are really discussing is politics, the failings of all-too-human people, leadership, clash of civilizations, etc. My Islam is not the true Islam. Your Islam is not the true Islam. Nor is that deen claimed by any other believer in God, true Islam. Each of us all has an understanding which falls short of that of God.

    My singular message to those who have this bigoted, prejudiced, ignorant, and dangerous view is this: "The best revenge is not to be like your enemy" — Marcus Aurelius. Folks like Jim here sound just like the Jihadi nutjobs they claim to hate, willing to commit genocide to make the world a better place. There's a historical precedent for that outside of Islam as well, Germany 1938-45.

    We can all do better than this.

    • Drakken

      Take your islam and lies of the devil himself and get bent, everybloodyday islam demonstrates itself to us infidels by the body count, soon turnabout will be fair play, another Spanish Inquisition as you will. We infidels are not biogoted or racist nor dangerous, we are very aware of the lies and the pure evil that islam is and what it is doing in the world today. Islam is going to invite a Crusades on steroids and no matter how peaceful you profess to be, no one is going to care. So leave the West while you can, live amongst your own.

  • Barakus abomidas

    Michael is right, cower when faced with islam!

    • Michael

      If fewer (of every belief) were less concerned with being right, and more concerned with being good, the world would be a better place for all.

  • Michael

    Apologies, meant to say: If fewer (of every belief) were concerned with being right, and more concerned with being good, the world would be a better place for all.

    What a difference a word makes. Seriously, hatred and intolerance just manufactures more of the same. The need to be right is highly over-rated.

  • Kyle

    test to see if my comment posts on here

  • Kyle

    Dont be ugly towards others. Dont judge others. thats bad.

  • David

    The News Article states that Tanzania is a Muslim-majority state. This is incorrect, although the Muslims would like you to believe that. Tanzania is approximately 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 Christian, and 1/3 African Traditional Religion. Both Islam and Christianity are heavily syncretized by African Traditional Religion. Also, many in both religions, Islam and Christianity, are nominal at best. I've lived and worked here for almost 5 years.

    One of the problems is holding to the Biblical standard of "no revenge". That's God's job. However, if Muslims keep pushing the envelope, as over butcheries, there may be a backlash. The interesting thing is that the pagans (African Traditional Religionists) are supporting the Christians in their drive to have their own butcheries. The reason for the debate is that Muslims butcher according to Halal rules – which means offering the animal to Allah before killing it, or while killing it. Which Christians see as no different from offering the animal to an idol. Most if not allof the "Christian" organizations here, churches, NGO's, etc. have banded together not to buy meat from Muslim butcheries – to attempt to force the government to change the law. By the way, we have a Muslim president.