Obama Crosses ‘Red Line’ by Supporting Jihadi Terrorism

Rebels_24092012-600x350By now it should be obvious that whenever the U.S. interferes in another nation’s politics in the name of “human rights,” that that is only a pretext. So it is in Syria, as Obama prepares to plunge America in a war with that nation, and, inevitably, its allies. The United States’ stated reason for intervention, as articulated by John Kerry, is that Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons on the rebels, many of whom are jihadis — including terroristsrapists, and cannibals – and thus violated their human rights.

Kerry is certainly consistent. Earlier he worried about the “human rights” of Nigeria’s genocidal Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram, while ignoring their victims — thousands of slaughtered Christians and destroyed churches.

And this is the point: when the human rights of others, such as Christian minorities, are being grossly violated — specifically by the Islamists and jihadis that Obama has enabled and empowered, in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere — then there is no U.S. talk of intervention. Indeed, there’s’ hardly any talk at all, sometimes not even perfunctory condemnation. Other times, the White House makes jokes about Muslim persecution of Christians, for example, concerning the recent spate of church attacks in Egypt.

It is therefore unsurprising that Obama is ignoring the fact that there is strong evidence, including from the victims themselves, that gas attacks in Syria are the work of al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. After all, who used chemical weapons on who is irrelevant to the U.S president. Based on pattern and precedent, what matters is apparently finding an excuse to support the jihadis.

In Egypt, for example, after millions of Egyptians, supported by their military, ousted the Muslim Brotherhood — which was violating the human rights of others, especially Christians – the U.S. government, far from simply leaving Egypt to work out its own internal problems, continues interfering, agitating, and threatening on behalf of the Brotherhood.

Thus while Obama claims that Assad crossed the “red line” by reportedly using chemical weapons, it’s well to remember that, in fact, it is Obama who continues crossing red lines, as the Egyptian military quite literally declared, when it recently sent the Pentagon a message saying that Obama’s consistent support for terrorists is “crossing the red line.”

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  • Anamah

    Are Americans willing to support the terrorists?
    People are worried about and for good reason…
    The so called Arab Spring was a disaster for humanity!
    We are hearing about the USA bad intentions… but hoping the facts are going to probe the contrary…
    As always Americans are the good guys protecting innocents .. killing those who want to harm the USA….
    We must pay attention folks!

  • Alvaro

    What has happened to the US government? During the Cold War it used to be a force of good and of truth (at least compared to the Russians).

    Now Obama allies himself with some of the most vile criminals on the planet, looking for convenient excuses to support them: He makes the Russians look good in comparison, and that is quite an accomplishment.

    • Gee

      You have stated the answer as well as the question. The problem IS the President

      • defcon 4

        I think the problem is the entire federal US government. How many of them are either on the take or otherwise beholden to islam0nazis? I think the corruption of our entire federal government by islam0nazi petrodollars is at levels the mafia could only dream about.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Al-Qaeda is STILL at war with us, and are STILL our declared enemy…even if Hussein wants to aid them. Hussein’s aid for al-Q, whether in Benghazi or (likely) Syria, is providing aid and comfort to the enemy. That, ladies and germs, meets both the constitutional and statutory definitions of treason. That’s not just an impeachable offense, it’s a capital crime and is held up as a death penalty offense.
    How’s that hopenchange crap workin’ out for ya now? An enemy sympathizer in the White House…just what some of us knew we’d be stuck with, but the libs and the white guilt crowd didn’t care. Makes me want to vomit.

    • herb benty

      Save me a spot at the toilet bowl.

  • Lanna

    Several Op Eds have warned of the impending confrontation between the West and Syria, and how it would provide the long awaited opportunity for revenge against Israel and America.

  • D_boy

    Impeach Obama! The Islamist in Syria used chemical weapons first and obummer did nothing. The POTUS is supporting Islamic terrorism against the whole world, because that is their goal. Enslave the whole world. Impeach Him for treason in the war AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Giving aid and comfort to those we are at war with. That is a death penalty crime.

  • JVictor

    For some reason, liberals cannot get over their infatuation with thinking they can stand around a tree with Islamic terrorists and sing KumBaYa and make all the problems in the world go away. Liberals refuse to acknowledge the tremendous evil that holds sway in the jihadists hearts and minds.

    To wit, Obama is not the only democrat president who backed jihadists in the Middle East. James Earl Carter is the buffoon we have to thank for deposing the Shah of Iran and putting the Ayatollah Khoemini into power starting the downward spiral of radical religious zealots seizing power in the Middle East. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton had Usama bin Laden in the crosshairs and let him get away giving UBL time to plan for the 9-11 attacks on America.

    The Obama administration: supported the ouster of Mubarak in favor of more radical jihadists; assisted “indirectly” radical jihadists in their overthrow of Qadafi; turned its back on the masses of people in Iran who wanted to overthrow Ahmadinijad; supports the restoration of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi into the presidency of Egypt; is poised to support “rebels” with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, Iran, and Russia in overthrowing Assad.

    The people are precious. But, Islam (“submission”) is pernicious and it destroys countless lives on a daily basis.

    • defcon 4

      I believe the Shah of Iran was dying of cancer at the time. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think the Shah was in Iran when the Islamic Revolution occurred there.

  • cheechakos

    Obama leaves no doubt where his loyalty and support is.
    It is an embarrassment and tragedy how he completely ignored the slaughter of Christians in Egypt ,Libya and Syria while financially supporting terrorist organizations. Even when Egyptians and Syrians protest they don’t want these groups or the US involved, Obama ignores them.

    It is bizarre that he is backing the same people that were allies of Hitler and the architectures of 9/11.
    At this point it is clear he is anti-Israel,anti- Christian,anti- Shiite and anti- American.

    • Gee

      Not sure about the anti-Shite. He sure has fought against any sanctions on Iran

      • cheechakos

        True but he always picks sunni over shiite
        Maybe he’s going by who pays him more first.

  • USARetired

    Obama has crossed the line to often, so how do we place the illegal president in front of a Federal Grand Jury? Impeachment is entirely the wrong venue for someone who is occupying the office illegally! He is a walking criminal enterprise and must be taken down!

    • D_boy

      impeachment is a political process. we just recall him with a vote of no confidence. let the military try him for treason, after we make him step down. We can protest until the whole economy stops and the senate and house have to bend to our will. What’s Obummer going to do KILL US? I have the right to protest a terrorist supporter as un-qualified to run America. He has helped islamic terror org seeking to destroy our way of life and our constitution. Be Gone with his crap!

  • tokoloshiman

    Obama’s love affair with the MB is plain for all to see.
    His true colors are not the red white and blue of the
    American flag, but the jihadist colors of the MB and their
    cohorts and supporters of sharia law the world over.
    That the world chooses to ignore this obvious fact is largely due the success the left enjoys in controlling the bulk of the media and the sheeple and stifling any resistance or making it out to be totally right wing and radical and therefore worthy of the utmost derision.

  • herb benty

    When Syria’s war started the “rebels”, or , “freedom-fighters”, first order of business was to start killing Christians, raping etc. THAT is what Obama just has to help. I’ll take Assad anyday over these Islamic mental cases.

    • defcon 4

      I never noticed any of the scumbags in D.C. taking notice of the fact Christians are being slaughtered and persecuted all over the islamic world, ditto for the Hindus and Buddhists.

      • herb benty

        Hi Defcon4, The global attacks on Christians by Islamists has been sickening to read/hear about. The Obama Admin. has been silent about these atrocities, he only seems concerned with the state of his Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Rosasolis

    I wish it WOULD be possible to get rid of Obama and Kerry as soon as possible.
    I listened to both of their speeches yesterday evening on the BBC and CNN
    International senders. The war in Syria has been going on for more than 2 years.
    Both these guys knew of earlier gas attacks…and they did nothing.
    I believe that these attacks have been carried out by both groups: the Armed forces of Syria, and the Rebels who have had plenty of support
    from the Jihad from El Qaida and The Brotherhood.
    Both rapports from Kerry and Obama were very one-sided, because we all
    know that there is a civil war going on in Syria, between 2 groups who are
    fighting to take over the entire Middle-east: the Shiites and the Sunnies.
    Everyone knows that Obama is supporting The Brotherhood of Egypt, and
    other Sunni Jihadist terrorist groups. If America suddenly decides to attack
    Syria…after at least 2 years of doing nothing, all hell will break loose in the
    Middle-east and further. Have Obama and Kerry forgotten the Ayatollahs and
    Hezbollah? They will not sit still just because Obama has chosen the side
    of the Rebels. Iran does have NUKES! And other countries in the Middle-east
    also have NUKES!

  • Meow

    Typical Yankees president who supports cannibals in Syria.