Obama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader?

malik-obamaSpeaking recently on Bitna al-Kibir, a live TV show, Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt, said the time was nearing when all the conspiracies against Egypt would be exposed—conspiracies explaining why the Obama administration is so vehemently supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose terrorism has, among other atrocities, caused the destruction of some 80 Christian churches in less than one week.

Al-Gebali referred to “documents and proofs” which Egypt’s intelligence agencies possess and how “the time for them to come out into the open has come.” In the course of her discussion on how these documents record massive financial exchanges between international bodies and the Muslim Brotherhood, she said: “Obama’s brother is one of the architects of investment for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Here the confused host stopped her, asking her to repeat what she just said, which she did, with complete confidence, adding “If the matter requires it, then we must inform our people”—apparently a reference to Obama’s support for the Brotherhood against the state of Egypt, which is causing the latter to call all bets off, that is, causing Egyptian officials to spill the beans as to the true nature of the relationship between the U.S., the Brotherhood, and Egypt.

She did not mention which of the U.S president’s brother’s she was referring to, but earlier it was revealed that Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, was running an African nonprofit closely linked to the Brotherhood as well as the genocidal terrorist of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir.

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  • ziggy zoggy

    Was Obama’s “father” a member of the brotherhood?

    • RogerDane

      When he wasn’t drunk… unless one considers Marshall Davis as the ‘real’ daddy.
      However this article is indeed amazing if even a small association is valid. If Egypt does produce such documentation or evidence then we’ll have another “phony scandal!” I think we have a “phony President.”

      • NJK

        He’s looking more and more like Frank Marshall Davis everyday. The same marionette lines by his mouth, and the age spots on his face. I think he was born in Kenya, but has no blood relation to Barack Obama Sr.

    • OM Mariam

      i think he was Muslim but what MB are doing is not part of our religion any way it a terrier organization

  • nancyb0305

    You are making a claim so shallow in this article. Prove this claim with facts and if this is so this is major news story. So why just few sentences that only suggests and does not prove anything?

    • Masmani

      First of all FRONTPAGE is not claiming anything. They are covering the claim of Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt. Here is the link to the video in case you missed it in the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tXobwywmXE. Additionally there is nothing shallow about this story. The gravity is mind boggling. I’m sure the main stream media will ignore it.

  • Lanna

    Islam pulled off the presidency just like 911…another shock and awe by islam…all they have to do is lie about roots, and heritage and promote a black man as president so whites feel guilty and vote for him, stupid brainwashed voters..Wallah hes in the door, then use socialism to collapse the system and give away free stuff to those who don’t work + illegals to stay in office and disenfranchise working legal voters….All planned right down to the letter, just like the hijacking of airliners to crash them into buildings.

    • NJK

      You’re right, and the idiots in Washington, D.C. either don’t see it, or don’t want to see it. Maybe some of them are part of it. It’s Jihad, but not with the usual weapons.

      • Lanna

        Glad to see that a lot of us are not in the dark about whats going on…where is Washington’s head, and yes they are part of it.

      • Lanna

        May I add, they are doing it through government policies, Obamacare, the economy, and division of races. People don’t see open violent Jihad and don’t catch on as fast.

        • Sue Nakh

          Obama’s Brother an Islamic Terrorist | The Conservative Papersconservativepapers.com – 562 × 486 – More sizes

          • Lanna

            Yes, Extensive muslim Radical connections both of the brothers. Khalid al-Monsour, Mazden Asbahi, Tony Rezko, the list goes on.

    • Sue Nakh
    • Ahmed Adel

      Plz … only one thing you must know .. I’m Muslim Egyptian and i was 1 of the millions refusing Muslim Brotherhood member to be a president of Egypt … they’re terrorists … There’s a big difference between those terrorists and other peaceful Muslims and they’re the most of

      • Lanna

        Thankyou Ahmed, You are one who has some common sense. Most people of all relgions and nationalities just want to live in peace and raise their families. The Brotherhood was promoted by President Obama, but the Brotherhood does not represent anything that is Democratic, only forced cohercion! I read Walid Shoebat;s book, Why I left Jihad, what an awakening and truthful confession from Mr Shoebat. Everyone should read it.

  • joeCT1983

    One need only to look at the “Obama Foreign Policy” (to the extent we, as intelligent and highly informed Patriots, can decipher through the looking glass, if you will) to see that there is SOMTHING driving his not-so-covert love for and open SUPPORT towards the Muslim Brotherhood (and yes, al-Qaeda, now called “the rebels” by this Administration wherever they are operating/killing Christians, Jews, other Muslims, random people who just happen to be women, gay, mentally handicapped, etc.) –> it is clear as day to see that this man has presided over a world fallen into turmoil like it has not seen since the early half of the 20th Century and earlier – the Muslim SUPERSTATE is being allowed to take shape as they work towards the destruction of Israel and the West and bring about a second Holocaust, in fact, it is being HELPED ALONG by the United States tax payer through “aid money” (pshh). Yes, the Muslims, the Islamists to be more precise, have been operating in the same way since the 7th Century. But suddenly, a man with deep ties to the violent radical Islamic movement; a man who was mentored by an America-hating vile anti-Semite, Rashid Khalidi (among others), gets swept into office after the international cabal of Globalists, the Bilderberg Group (a group that ALSO needs the United States to be weakened so severely so that they can then sweep us into the Global System for which they have already built the infrastructure to begin their Global Rule), met in Washington DC in the fall of 2008 (and again in 2012..shocking, huh? nothing is shocking anymore), the Middle East suddenly begins to take out their tolerant, peace keeping Leaders (“tolerance” as is relative to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Radical Islamist movement, not “Tolerant” as are we in the United States) and install HARDLINE Islamists ALL AROUND the Middle East and N Africa WITH THE SUPPORT OF THIS Radical Usurper playing “American President.” And when the Iranian people, lead by students, marched against the sham election that REELECTED Ahmadinejad and were OPENLY CALLING FOR AMERICAN HELP (as would be expected and would be PROVIDED if we did not have a person playing Commander in Chief who sympathises with the OPRESSOR and NOT with the talented and informed, literate, educated, hungry for Liberty STUDENT MOEVEMENT and let them sit there like sitting ducks to be put down in Tehran…AND now Egypt is using its military to RIGHTFULLY restore order and CIVILITY back to their beloved country after the PRESIDENT OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD became PRESIDENT OF EGYPT (thanks to Barack Hussein’s help with the removal of Mubarack for…well, no reason other than to INSTALL the Muslim Brotherhood) and granted himself Dictatorial Powers and began imposing strict Shariah Law on the peoples of Egypt, Obama SECRETLY CUTS OFF MILITARY FUNDING!!! He continued the funding to Egypt even AFTER the IslamoFascist became Genocidal Dictator, and now has cut it OFF when the Egyptian Military could use it MORE NOW THAN EVER to put the MUZZIE BROS DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL AS THEY KILL RAPE MAME WOMEN AND CHRISTIANS (not Jews, because they’ve already “cleansed” the country of Jews) — Obama wants Assad GONE from Syria and allow “THE REBELS” (formerly called al-Qaeda) to take over the country and so the question needs to be asked, did BARCK HUSSEIN’s Administration have something to do with this recent Chemical Weapons attack in Syria that suspiciously took place WHILE UN INSPECTORS ARE IN THE COUNTRY TO INSPECT CHEMICAL WEAPONRY and if found out that Assad DID use such weapons on his own people then surely the world would unite against his continuing to Preside over that Country – fits perfectly into Obama’s FOREIGN POLICY –> Make the “Moderate” Muslim Leaders look like GENOCIDAL MANIACAL DICTATORS and then REMOVE THEM and lay down the red carpet for the “rebels” (al-Qaeda) to CAPTURE YET ANOTHER COUNTRY as they steadily march towards the Muslim Superstate…. This all happens at once; this all happens during the SHORT PERIOD that the United States has elected its first Muslim President; this all happens when a man with a HATE for Jews, Israel, Anglo-Americanism and Individual Liberty and AMERICA itself is playing American President….the man, Barack Hussein, has been groomed for this since his mother brought him to Indonesia for Muslim “Education” and to the Soviet Union to Learn and Love FASCISM / COMMUNISM / Top-down Iron-fisted RULE…for a person who claims he “knows the feeling of being poor and black in America” he had an awful lot of EXPENSIVE travel, EXPENSIVE “education” (schools = expensive, not so much “education”) and we cannot even read his Thesis nor anything he wrote during his time as the Head of the “Harvard Law Review”…. Not to mention the many trips HE HIMSELF talks about in the books which Bill Ayers, another america-hating anti-Semite and ADMITTED MURDER AND DOMESTIC TERRORIST, wrote for him, you know – those MANY TRIPS TO PAKISTAN AS A YOUNG ADULT??? What about those? Who paid for those? WHat was he doing there? Who had he been communicating with? Can we see HIS phone logs and mail and other correspondences he had during that time? Of course not…if I were to even ask that I would be told that I was a “crazy person” or a “fringe thinker” or whatever they would do to try and discredit any ideas that would get the passive Americans to begin THINKING about things… Let me end with this – for those who say that America is an “Imperial Nation” imposing and occupying lands; do we CONQUER? Are there AMERICAN FLAGS ATOP OTHER NATIONS CAPITOLS AFTER OUR TROOPS CONQUER THEIR GOVERNMENT? NO! We LIBERATE. WE HELP THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED. And if its not America – a tolerant, loving, faithful, diverse, charitable, free-thinking people – as the World’s Superpower, then who would YOU prfer??? China? Putin’s Russa? The ISLAMO SUPERSTATE? NO! America is the greatest experiment Mankind ever tried – and succeeded. We are not a NATION, we are a Federation of 50 UNITED (Sovereign) STATES. We are a country that is and was Founded on a PHILOSOPHICAL IDEA and a PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH. We are not a country that is based on Ethnicity or Nationality (example: you cannot “BECOME Chinese”, you cannot “BECOME French”, you cannot “BECOME Mexican” and on and on – but America, we are a country of people from ALL COERNERS OF THE WORLD AND WE ALL “BECOME AMERICANS” or have “BECAME AMERICAN” at some point in our family’s history… Walk down the street and see the faces of AMerica – then walk down the Street in a small town in France, or a village in Indonesia, or in Beijing – those “faces” dont look like the AMERICAN Face… get it? God I hope…

  • Christopher Riddle

    Why doesn’t this SURPRISE ME??????????????????????

    • Sue Nakh

      Because you felt his unexplained support to MBH proved by his actions, so u kind of knew it in your heart already

  • bologna

    broheem, broheim, brougham, broham…….abongo….

  • A_Perspective

    So the real point here is not whether the Sun came up or not, but just if one is cognizant enough to articulate it

  • NJK

    Did you see this?

    “We are going to have to kill a lot of WHITES” – DHS employee preparing for a race war; also buys guns for ICE
    Posted by The Right Scoop on August 22nd, 2013


    • Dave

      Are you going to kill me ?

  • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

    I would like to see the Egyptian proof of what is being inferred. Anyone cans see that Obama has a sweet spot for Muslims. It is not reasonable to expect the Obama who cared so much for “The Dreams of My Father,” a Muslim, would not in some favor Muslims. No one could reasonably expect that Obama has anything but brotherly love for his brother, a Muslim. What the President of the United States does because of those family ties are critical and may be nationally important acts.
    suspicions prepare one for the truth, the Truth ends suspicions and establishes purpose. I hope the Egyptians will display enough facts to end suspicions and establish the purpose.
    Marvin Fox

    • Sue Nakh

      Malik Obama maintained close relationship with Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi for decades

      Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/17/malik-obama-maintained-close-relationship-with-libyan-dictator-muammar-gadhafi-for-decades/#ixzz2cqyisjLw

    • Ahmad

      There’s a big difference between having a sweet spot for muslims and having one for muslim brotherhood. The majority in Egypt are practising muslims who have moderate views and are against muslim brotherhood.

      • robert

        Then why did the majority of Egypt vote for the brotherhood???

        • yassmin

          we were just getting out of a revolution after 30 years of corruption and aggression there were no political symbols or well organized people rather than the MB and they were close to the people in poor areas beside they told the illiterate vote for us so you can go to heaven because we want islam and justice and some people why not lets try them , and after we tried them we still in the ER .

        • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

          Why indeed! Do you know the majority voted for the MB, Or was that one of the usual phony democracy claims.

          • Eman Mahmoud

            I Agree! I believe it was a deal made between Moshir Tantawy and MB. Presidency for Mubarak’s freedom, which ultimately happened.

        • Egypt Lover

          I can tell you few reasons Robert that made such terrorist jumped into our presidency chair, first was the ignorant followers who have been bribed in 2 method, first was the free food and money and second was the same old slogan that morsi is the one who will defend Islam accordingly they should all back him up in his alleged “war against Islam”

          another part of the voters were just being stubborn to vote for him just to oppose his opponent as they didn’t like the other one just because he worked through past government as ministry of civil aviation

          and then others who voided their votes as they didn’t like both of them.

          now you need to know this, those terrorists MB’s had threatened they will burn Egypt if their candidate didn’t win the elections accordingly and at that time while the police were licking their wounds and the army being cursed on streets , there were no way to declare he’s lost as country will be in real chaos.

          well, now since our security forces regained their strength, and over 20 millions marched in streets backing up the army and the police then we did it the hard way and if you didn’t see what those MB did on streets well they burned churches, killed civilians, snipped soldiers , massacred few police stations ….etc but now they are exposed specially when you see their demonstration on streets with only thousands then you will realize they were only falsifying the truth about their numbers and the ones who really can vote for them,

          oh and btw the votes were 51-49 and those 51 had like more than 70% which represents the ones I just mentioned above

          hope that answered your question dear Robert

      • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

        You are right Ahmad,there is a difference between a Muslim sweet spot, and having one for the MB. The difference is which does Obama have. Not very many people trust Obama anymore. He has, it seems, MB advisers, and the MB Published their plan to take over North America decades ago. Obama must know that plan and what is in it. That isn’t the total list of the Obama idiosyncrasies with Muslims The American people have no idea where he will turn. The only sure thing is he will not turn to the American economy which he is trashing. He will not turn to the
        American Constitution, which he feels is strong restriction against his methods of operation. I believe Obama will do whatever he thinks others will look on him as a great man for doing. That will be wrong for America

  • Peyton Reeca

    Firstly, it would be Obama’s HALF BROTHER; secondly Ray Ibrahim, the author, is a radical right winger know for his attacks, both verbal and written, against Islam, which he is continuing with his position at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. It would be wonderful if people would check their sources before commenting.

    • poest

      The reporting is factual. The Egyptian TV show did indeed feature Gebali accusing Obama’s half brother. The fact that the IRS OK’d the half brothers’s tax exempt status in one day of course doesn’t enter into the discussion given all the hold ups for conservative groups. Nothing to see here.

  • William Norman

    That pic with obama dressed up as an african muslim does not define him as a muslim. It’s just like any American or tourists who visit the outside world then try on traditional clothing to blend in but does not mean Obama converted to a muslim. Go ahead spreading propaganda to justify the criminal acts of the Egyptian military.

    • NJK

      His name is Hussein. This is from his book written by Bill Ayers, Dreams of My Father.
      In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.”

    • Johnny

      Wow you must not have a job to be able to post so much. Obama is a Muslim, he is a piece of excrement and you are a drone if you follow his BS. Probably a CNN watcher as well. He is covering up Benghazi and when this all comes out, he will be fishbait, just like you. Now, go jump off a bridge.

  • William Norman

    Wow! Obama half brother is a luo and has no ties to any Islamic Organisations.

    • mjazzguitar

      works as the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization
      (IDO). The US State Department considers the government of Sudan to be a terrorist organization and the IDO was created by that same Sudanese government.
      In 2010, the IDO held a conference led by Omar Al-Bashir, the President of Sudan.
      He is wanted on seven counts of crimes against humanity by the
      International Criminal Court and the US State Department has also listed Bashir as the head of the state sponsored terrorism of Sudan.
      Malik Obama attended and spoke at the IDO conference. His boss is Suar Al Dahab, Chairman of the IDO. Dahab is close with Bashir and has been seen with Yusuf Al- Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who has said that Hitler did not finish the job in exterminating the Jews, and Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister of the terror organization of Hamas.

  • William Norman

    He was just showing the pic to prove his blood relation with Obama but these putschist have changed the whole concept of that picture to suit their rumors.

  • William Norman

    remember Bill clinton dressed up like a muslim too? How come he was not rumored to have been a muslim in discreet? Was is it because Clinton is white?

    • aka rock

      i agree with you ppl just love open them mouth and full it with bullshit

  • William Norman

    Another thing is Obama’s brother ran for office in Kenya but was not handed any finances for his campaign at any circumstance. Hence his brother lost the campaign.

  • William Norman

    Suddenly the leader of Muslim brotherhood is not the Egyptian they have arrested but a kenyan muslim who is Obama’s brother. It keeps getting better with their conspiracy theories just to justify their coup and paint Obama as a terrorist. CIA would have known that before they put him into office.

    • yassmin

      it is not a coup , its a revolution made by 30 million people you can see yourself on youtube the protests on that day

    • ahmed

      30 million people and u said coup…………r u stuiped????

      ok ok
      why….. obama support brotherhood???!!!

    • Egypt Lover

      well William, away from those theories and bla bla, assume you are watching the CNN as well as not staying in Egypt so your resources are being soaked by your very own media , well I won’t repeat what my other fellow Egyptians just told you about the numbers and all but will tell you this, if the majority of American citizens along with your army, police, law institutes, all artists, constitutional court, declared they are against Obama what he will do

      in fact I don’t give damn about anyone’s opinion if its a coup or not as we Egyptians saw it with our very own eyes and went all over Egypt to stand for our right of freedom so with all due respect if you or anyone else called it a coup as we simply happy with it and i believe that this is Egypt concerns as it will always be and no1 have the rights to tell Egyptians what to do and I hope you won;t react like your president and threaten with the AID as in fact we are the ones now who condemn such AID and if given the chance Egypt will be self dependent in few years if we just “left-alone”

      as for the weapons and deals that involved in AID, well guess who will oppose the cut of such AID ?! your very own arm dealers and industry as they are the ones who will be broken so you really have to know that the AID flag that many are waving with is a win win situation as its not just some money you give to Egypt for free as nothing for free nowadays my friend and I bet you are aware of this

      hope I did cleared this point and if you think CIA didn’t knew they were terrorists or fanatics , then I strongly suggest to read about the CIA again as my dear friend the world of politics have no such thing called justice or reason when it comes to politics and we all seen numerous incidents of the CIA reports and others similar to the CIA and let me refresh your memory with the Iraq war .. did anyone found those so called chemical weapons that were the main reason for starting such war and losing good men and women for it ?!! till his very moment there is NADA !!

      that sure tells you about the reports

      we do like you guys in fact we have no issues whatsoever against Americans or any other nationalities but we sure don’t like the way Obama administration handling things and judging it

      P.S. I won’t start posting videos and evident for the kind of violence those MB initiated nor the millions marched on streets to oust that dictator morsi and his gangs but I will leave that to others and your kind-self to see from different sources other than the good old CNN and I may only copy http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/08/18/judge-jeanine-why-are-we-still-giving-egypt-money as I totally agree with Jeanine about the money as you guys should enjoy your own money and not giving it to any other country and let us worry about our own country

      • Egypt Lover

        oh and personally I don;t believe this bull about Obama brother its not his brother that made Obama pays money to MB’s its just future plans dear sir and one of them plans was the reinstating the Palestinians in a piece of north Sinai so the Israelis can enjoy peace and get rid of those pain in the neck and that sir the major thing that we stood against it , its exactly like Egypt paying money for your government so the Mexicans can have S. Diego for them so think about this and tell me if that is ok with you

    • Egyptian

      Oh really? Did your CIA know about 911? Boston bombings?

      Just shut up and mind your own business.

  • M.H

    just a lie , the egyptian media is full of lies

  • ioutbidu

    bunch of rodeo clowns!

  • OM Mariam

    this is the Muslim ,the christian and all the political parts in Egypt in 30-6 Tahrir square this is real Egypt this is real Islam
    MB is a terrorist
    look up this YouTube


    we are care for the American people not the government
    Egypt is free country

    • Egypt Lover

      Om Mariam, dear stop wasting your valuable time in posting pictures and videos of the ones who marched in millions on 30th of June as we should;t really defend what we did as I stopped doing that long time ago so if anyone agree then its fine and if not then let them eat their heart out as we still have some of those mislead-ed MB followers still think its a coup so let them live their own dream of Islamic Khilafa and let them stay in their cocoon as future will have no space for them if they still keep that up

      in fact they will call your picture a Photoshop :) so save your time dear and lets think and do something for the future of this country and if they wanna be part of it its fine they are more than welcome but if not then leave em to stand in that dark corner all alone

  • eyas

    just shut it up … it’s very clear that burning churches is committed
    from the army and police themselves .. the same thing happened 3 years
    before and it appeared that alhabib aladly (mubarak’s man) was behind
    it .. and for now …. there is no clue that the muslim brotherhood has
    done that ! this is not their line and they have no advantage for doing
    that ! and father makaryous who is the bishop is charge in menya where
    many churches were burned , stated that the police and army (who should
    be in the churches from the beginning) were absent and even refused to
    come and help !!note that many churches were burned in many places and
    they didn’t stop !
    in egypt , muslims protect christians and christians protect muslims … so stop it please …

    • Egypt Lover

      another ignorant mouth in here , a pure symbol of such illiterate and if not ignorant then another defender of the cause aka war against Islam,

      the incident you are loudly referring to is only 1 and the churches who have been burned were over 50 in addition to the Christians shops and houses and the threats given to Christians to leave their house and go somewhere else to live !!!!

      yeah the army was the one who burned churches !! can you advise that brand of crack you are smoking pls as it seems to be real good chit

      but let me tell you what the security forces didn’t come to the rescue of the Church that have been burned at that time when Father Makaryous called for help, as they simply can;t deal with those ignorant violent idiots with sticks as if it happened then there will be many dead bodies laying and then your buddies will take it as another propaganda for being martyrs

      now you tell me after the curfew what happened since the army and police were deployed in major spots !! nothing as now they captured and still doing the leaders who provoked such ignorant to start that assaults over Christians.

      I guess if I told you that your cute buddies intimidated the Christians at election time not to vote or maybe you will call me a liar , but you can check out in Assyout and Menya what they did if you really wanna find the truth as you claim, then do it and check it out and you will see the truth (only if you want)

      again, I hope you pass me some of those good stuff you’re smoking as I bet it will make my day :)

    • Egypt Lover

      and btw, before you jump to smart conclusions as others of similar type like yourself did before, I’m a Muslim and very proud to be one and I also not working for the army as some smart idiot accused me once before :) even though its an honor to serve in our great army as I will sure be proud if it

  • Anamah

    Each time it looks more obvious… All of them are a bunch of ambitious gangsters.

  • Apocalypso

    American people voted for a muslim, pro-islam, communist, protestor, agitator, non-american, black panther supporter, naation of islaam fan. A man who doesn’t like America, with false ID documents, who fakely converted to christianity through an antisemitic black pastor. Seriously, did they expect him to promote judeo-christian civilization or muslim brotherhood? Plus, they continue to worship him as a great peace&love maker… I didn’t think they were so much dumber than the frenchs… When i re-think of Clinton’s simple jerkoff and all the mess they did from it, i think those people are crazy.

    • guest

      He makes the PERFECT Democrat, doesn’t he?

  • Stephen Sons

    it really makes me sick to only be able to sit here and watch as this country.. just gets drove into the ground.. every thing that i have been doing and my fathers before me.. working our fingers to the bone for a better life for our family’s.. will be gone… first i cant believe this Islamic man.. ever one the first election.. whats really going on here .. is everybody sleeping.. or just looking the other way.. acting like nothings wrong.. people we are in bad shape if we don’t..ban together with our constitution in hand.. and like is says.. when your government gets out of control.. [ and it will } it is up to the people to take it back… God bless you all .. and people dont laugh at the TV show.. prepers.. watch it.. it will come to that one day if we don’t stop it now …

  • Gary Graefen

    Its really hard to believe something from a blog written by someone who has poor grammer and no real evidence.