Radical Cleric Swears to ‘Pop America’s Eye’ if Morsi Threatened

825_largeOriginally published by the Investigative Project on Terrorism

American Middle East analysts often claim that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate organization, nothing like the more radical Salafis. If true, what do we make of the fact that the most intolerant, anti-American, hate-filled Salafis and jihadis also happen to be the greatest and staunchest supporters of Morsi? Doesn’t such unequivocal support indicate shared ideologies and goals?

Consider: A few weeks ago, while discussing the ongoing protests against Egypt’s President Muhammad Morsi — himself a leader of the Brotherhood — Sheikh Abdullah Badr, an Al Azhar trained scholar and professor of Islamic exegesis, made the following assertion on live TV:

I swear to Allah, the day those who went out [to protest], and at their head, the [Coptic] Christians — I say this at the top of my voice — the day they think to come near Dr. Morsi, I — we — will pop their eyes out, and the eyes of all those who support them, even America; and America will burn, and all its inhabitants. Be assured, the day Dr. Morsi is touched by any hand whichever, and connected to whomever, by Allah it will be the last day for us. We will neither leave them, nor show them any mercy.

Badr’s “radicalism” is well documented. On various occasions he has openly declared on live TV that he hates and is disgusted by Christians, that he will “cut the tongue” of anyone who offends Islam (adding “Let the whole world burn, but Islam not be mocked”), and that those Egyptians protesting against Morsi are “mischief makers” who should be “hung on trees” (a distinct allusion to Islamic crucifixion as prescribed in Koran 5:33). Interestingly, he was recently arrested again, but not for the aforementioned hate-mongering and incitements to kill those against Morsi, but rather for insulting an Egyptian actress on live TV, calling her, among other things, a “whore.”

At any rate, under Hosni Mubarak, Badr and other intolerant Islamic supremacists were imprisoned. Under Muhammad Morsi, Badr — as well as numerous jihadis who were on death-row for their acts of terror — have been freed.

This alone speaks volumes concerning the behind-the-scenes relationship between the Brotherhood and jihadis.

Then there is radical cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, who was sentenced to five years under Mubarak and banished from Egypt for his anti-infidel hate-mongering — again, only reportedly to return under Morsi. He too is as radical as they come. For example, after cursing the late Coptic pope to hell and damnation during his funeral, he openly threatened Egypt’s Christian minority with genocide. Among other “pledges of loyalty” to Morsi, he has incited Muslims to wage jihad on and even kill anyone protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood president, portraying such Muslims as apostates who want to see Islam wiped out of Egypt.

Salafi sheikhs Badr and Ghoneim are in good company. Months back, any number of radical clerics went out of their way to show their support for Morsi — including by issuing fatwas calling for the deaths of any and all Egyptians who protest against his rule.

Thus Islam’s most radical Salafis and jihadis see themselves as defenders of the Muslim Brotherhood, even as Western analysts and policy makers insist there is a deep divide between the “moderate” Brotherhood on the one hand, and the “radical” Salafis on the other.

Yet the question remains: If Morsi and the Brotherhood are “moderates” — or, as U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper once described them, “largely secular” — why do the most vile “radicals” fully support them? Could it be that the dividing line between them — a line which hopeful or naive Western policymakers are heavily banking on — is not so stark after all, is not so black and white?

In fact, radical Salafi support for “moderate” Morsi is simply a reflection of the fact that the radicals, the Salafis and jihadis — as opposed to many Western leaders and analysts — understand and fully support the Muslim Brotherhood president’s agenda: the establishment of full Sharia law in Egypt.

And, once empowered, Sharia has no black and whites — this they all know.

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    This is BS.

    They threaten and say crap about us, we should say and threaten greater payback.

    SCREW mecca. May mecca be wiped off the map and pages of history.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is MORE radical than the Cosa Nostra, a million times over. And it is the umbrella group for ALL Islamist groups, whatever their name or this or that – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/25/the-muslim-ma

    Learn their plans for America – and the world, once America & Israel are subdued – well! They are not kidding around, even if it takes over a hundred years. But they are so close to victory they can taste it. Smell it too.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/


    • Asher

      Yes, Phase 1 discreet and secret establishment of leadership..60s, 70s and 80s successfully completed.
      Phase 2 muslim brotherhood gradual appearance on the public scene by using public activities to introduce themselves into American life in legitimate ways, infiltrating various sectors of the government, establishing religious institutions, gaining public support and sympathy.
      phase 3 escalation stage which occurs prior to final stages and calls for open confrontation with the leaders and institutions in the US through the media..In process now.
      4. Open public confrontation with government through political pressure. Involves using weapons training both overseas and in the US in anticipation of what the Brotherhood calls Zero Hour. Using Sharia law to help make decisions. 50 court cases used Sharia law.
      phase 5 Islamists seize power, establish their Islamic caliphate in which everyone is subject to Sharia Law.
      We are on a dangerous path unless everyone wakes up and become vigilant.

  • Michael Copeland

    Not so much "payback", what about "paystop"?
    Huge sums of dollars have been sent, and tanks and jets promised, to Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood government – you know, the same Muslim Brotherhood that is dedicated to "destroying Western civiisation from within".
    Shut off the funds.


    The Aswan dam is a prime target.

  • Pontotoc Bill

    Sheikh Abdullah Badr, you want to pop my eye out? I curse Morsi and the criminal enterprise known as Islam.

    Come on, I'll be waiting with my friends – Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, Mr. Ruger, Mr. Remington, and Herrs Hecklder and Koch.

  • Asher

    America, All they need is the slightest excuse to attack us…they are chomping at the bit and feel empowered by Mr. Obama.

  • kafir4life

    muslims are funny!! islam is a bad joke. It's inventor, mohamat, a pedophile.

    See a muslim, watch a muslim. They may not like it, but you'll get over it.

    allahu's snackbar!

  • Arlie

    Radical is too kind of a word for this crude hydra. They are straight from hell. The MB puts on suits and practice stealth jihad and undermines from within, deceiving and infiltrating. Their off-shoots, Hamas, and all the other various gangs of blood thirsty thugs are getting away with murder and plunder outwardly in the name of terror. One way or the other, the head of the Hydra multiplies and devours and destroys every country it enters. They are all in league, evil to the core; the tool of Satan. There is no such thing as "moderate" THAT is the first big LIE.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Obama is pleased. He continues to give them Food and Weapons. Has no concern for Christian human rights.

  • slider 96

    Hey Flowerknife , Egypt gets the same BILLION-A-YEAR itas been getting forv the past decades .The People of Egypt have not changed , these are same people who have been chomping at the bits to attack Israel , the same people who've been persecuting the Coptic Christians for decades , the same people who murdered Sadat for making peace with Israel .
    When you say "Obama is pleased " you speak like an ignorant child . This has been US policy for all US Admins going back to Nixon , when Egypt lost the war and the Soviets were kicked out . Before that the Soviets were arming the Egyptians . All the Egyptian Regimes going back To Nasser and Farouk , oversaw Copts being persecuted . Why ? The Egyptian people themselves. The Regime and Military were powerless to stop it , and STILL are .