Syria: Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians

Syria-christians-APA video recently appeared of an Islamic Sunni cleric in Syria inciting Muslim schoolboys, most of whom appear  to be between the ages of five-twelve, to hate and kill Christians and others.

According to a report in Arabic (scroll down for video), among other things, the sheikh calls on the children to “slaughter all Christians for being infidels” and that he boasted that “the Christians of Syria are under continuous attack and their churches and monasteries subject to violence.”

In the video, the sheikh first talks of Islam’s egalitarianism—that it does not consider the race, nationality, or language of people, only whether they have submitted to Islam by becoming Muslims or not—adding, “because the entire world is for Allah.”

He then tells the children that “Islam uplifts the Muslims and debases the non-Muslims,” while raising one hand, symbolic of Islam, and lowering the other, symbolic of all non-Islam, to drive the point home to his young audience.

Next the sheikh asked the children, “Now, the crusaders, that is, the Christians, are they Muslims or infidels?” A few boys answer, “infidels.”

He agreed, pointing out that various Koran verses say that whoever says Jesus is the son of God (that is, Allah) or that he is God is an infidel (see Koran 5:73 and 5:17).

To clarify the point to those children unable to understand all this “theological” talk, the cleric made the sign of the cross, saying “Christians are they who do this.”

He then moved on to the Alawites, the Shia sect of President Bashar Assad, and called on the children to slaughter anyone belonging to them—making a knife-slitting motion with his hand across his neck—because they too are infidels.

The sheikh further told the children in attendance that what they are being taught in schools—that Christians and Alawites are their “brothers” and they are all one nation—is false and a lie against Islam. This would be a reference to the highly divisive Islamic doctrine of loyalty and enmity, which commands Muslims to hate all non-Muslims—even if they are married to them.

As for the school text books that the boys are taught from—which he said teach all Syrians to treat each other as “brothers” and as “one nation,” regardless of religion—these he called “poisonous,” since “these teachings contradict the law [Sharia] of Allah.”

Finally, while confirming that some non-Muslims have “rights” under Islam—a reference to third-class dhimmi status—he called on the children never to show any love for Christians or Alawites, even if they are their neighbors.

Such is the unswerving nature of the “rebels” and “opposition” that the U.S. government is supporting.

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  • JVictor

    This is just the latest example of “Vacation Jihadist School” to hit the airwaves. Where are the UN child abuse watchdogs who ought to decry such indoctrination? Their silence speaks loudly to the UN’s tacit and active approval of such tactics to brainwash children. Hate is a learned behavior.

  • Tom Jones

    this is another line of priopaganda by Assad thugs

    • Habbgun

      Maybe but the fact that the Palestinians ethnically cleansed southern Lebanon of Christians, the Muslim Brotherhood attacks Christians in Egypt, Al Qaeda attacks Christians in Africa kind of makes this propaganda effective.

    • Drakken

      Muzaloids just being muzaloids, about time we start arming the Christians to defend themselves.

  • Ron

    It’s all in the works just as it is written.

  • Infidel Task Force

    But UN Proposition 18/16 will put a stop to all this Islamic killings,,,right? I am right no?

  • PrayerWorks

    The best thing to do is pray for these people so that the LORD will soften their hearts and open their minds to Him so they can repent and be saved. Look at what God did with Saul/Paul.

    • MukeNecca

      Praying “for these people” is nice, but the effect is long to come – if at all.

      Breaking their legs and, of course, praying for them would work immediately.

      Some tentatively suggest that breaking their legs unaccompanied by praying would be just as effective. Well, who knows…

    • defcon 4

      You could always go to Syria and pray for them in person.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    On a positive note, there was an article in the New York Post, three days ago, “Christian mobs attack Muslims in Central African Republic.” At last, Christians are fighting back.

  • John Rgood

    This author is a pinnacle of journalism. We need him and more journalists like him in all fields of media.