The BBC’s Christian Persecution Denial

egypt-christians_2023209cWhile it is no secret that the so-called mainstream media habitually fails to report on the international phenomenon of Christian persecution, few are aware that they sometimes actively work to undermine the efforts of those who do expose it.

Consider a new report by the BBC titled “Are there really 100,000 new Christian martyrs every year?” by Ruth Alexander, who asks:

So how widespread is anti-Christian violence?

“Credible research has reached the shocking conclusion that every year an estimate of more than 100,000 Christians are killed because of some relation to their faith,” Vatican spokesman Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi announced in a radio address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May.

On the internet, the statistic has taken on a life of its own, popping up all over the place, sometimes with an additional detail—that these 100,000 lives are taken by Muslims.

The number comes originally from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the US state of Massachusetts, which publishes such a figure each year in its Status of Global Mission (see line 28).

Its researchers started by estimating the number of Christians who died as martyrs between 2000 and 2010—about one million by their reckoning—and divided that number by 10 to get an annual number, 100,000.

But how do they reach that figure of one million?

When you dig down, you see that the majority died in the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo….

If you were to take away the 90,000 deaths in DR Congo from the CSGC’s figure of 100,000, that would leave 10,000 martyrs per year.

Later, after arguing that, “while violence continues in DR Congo, it’s less extreme today than it was at its height,” Alexander quotes approximately 7,000-8,000 Christians worldwide dying for their faith (the CSGC projects 150,000 dead by 2025).

Regarding the statement—“how do they [CSGC] reach that figure of one million?  When you dig down, you see that the majority died in the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo”—it is unclear where Alexander got this information.  She does provide a link to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity’s Status of Global Mission, telling readers to “see line 28,” which indeed confirms the average number of 100,000 Christians martyred per year.  However, nowhere in this CSGC report does the word “Congo” appear, prompting one to wonder where Alexander went to “dig down” for information.

If it is true that the number 100,000 is primarily based on the Congo, and that the annual number of martyred Christians around the world is 7,000-8,000, the total number of Christians killed specifically because of their faith would seem to be reduced by a whopping 93%.

Of course, many human rights activists do assert that Christians are specifically targeted in the Congo.  Moreover, as Alexander indicates, the CSGC counts only 20% of the millions of Christians killed in the Congo as martyrs, meaning some set of standards or qualifications distinguishing those killed for their faith from those killed in general was relied on.  Finally, regarding the all-important question of how many Christians around the world are killed, Alexander herself later quotes another source saying “there is no scientific number at the moment. It has not been researched and all experts in this area are very hesitant to give a figure.”

And this seems to be the real point.  Of all the questions and aspects of Christian persecution that objective researchers and reporters can explore and expose, why did the BBC pick the very one that 1) cannot be answered and 2) is ultimately irrelevant—at best academic, at worst cold and callous?

(The issue is less whether 100,000 Christians around the world are killed annually for their faith, but rather that any Christian, any human—even Alexander’s “paltry” 7,000—is being killed for their faith.)

The BBC naturally picked this “numbers” question because it best serves to minimize the specter of Christian persecution, specifically by prompting the casual reader to conclude, “Oh, well, things are certainly nowhere near as bad as I thought for Christian minorities outside the West—indeed, they’re 93% better!”

More importantly—and here we reach BBC policy—this number-crunching approach serves to exonerate the chief persecutor of Christians, the Islamic world, or, as Alexander is quick to conclude: “[t]his means we can say right away that the internet rumours of Muslims being behind the killing of 100,000 Christian martyrs are nonsense.”  (Meanwhile, there’s this ongoing monthly series to deal with.)

Incidentally, since when do numbers matter to the supposedly “humanitarian-conscious” BBC and other “liberal” media where one life (provided it’s the “right” life) often gets nonstop coverage?  Would the BBC ever write a report dedicated to trying to show that the number of Palestinians killed in the conflict with Israel is actually 93% lower than widely believed?

Of course not.  When it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, far from minimizing anything, the BBC regularly exaggerates to demonize Israel.

And therein lies the main lesson.  The BBC is not in the business of reporting facts but rather creating smokescreens, building and knocking down straw men, and chasing red herrings—all to further its narratives, in this case, that “only” 7,000-8,000 Christians are killed  annually for their faith, and that the Islamic world is largely innocent—so what’s all the fuss about?


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Raymond Ibrahim about how Obama enables Islam’s new war on Christians:

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  • Reader

    This describes the BBC to perfection. They are manipulative to the point of Psychopaths, whilst hiding behind an air of neutrality. It is disgusting. Shame on the BBC and shame on the UK for allowing it to happen.

    • defcon 4

      CNN, the Crescent News Network is no different.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    “Only 7000-8000?” Oh, so that ‘paltry’ figure makes it all better? Kiss it better, BBC? WW2 really knackered Britain in more ways than one. Oh well, what’s ‘7000-8000′ lives anyway? I’ll tell you what it is: people who were murdered for being who they are. I suppose Stalin was right when he said; “One man’s death is a tragedy, but ten thousand deaths is merely a statistic’. Life is precious, but we wear it like cheap perfume.

    • pupsncats

      The left has rallied around Stalin’s “ten thousand deaths is merely a statistic” in regard to the number of human beings murdered through abortion, the new class of human beings with no worth.

  • TRAV1S

    This is a classic case of misdirection. I never heard of any persecution in the Congo. But there was a campaign of genocide against Christians in the Sudan.
    Perhaps the Beeb forgot about this.

    • Gee

      There is also the genocide of Christians going on in Syria, Iran and Pakistan that is not being reported.

      Nor the Muslim Brotherhood’s ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the Copts in Egypt


        And Nigeria, Sudan and Eurabia.

        • defcon 4

          Iraq too. Isn’t it strange how the ethnic cleansing of Christians seems to be going on in the exact same islam0nazi states that ethnically cleansed their Jewish populations over the last 70 years. BUt maybe it’s just a big coincidence.

          • Gee

            Well the Arabs have a saying “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”

  • Anti-MainStreamMedia

    BBC is a filthy hypocrite media with Islamic agenda!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the payroll of the petro-dollars!!

    • ReasonOverStupidity

      Of course they are! The Saudis have turned the BBC into a Wahabi apologist propaganda mouthpiece. British taxpayers should not have to pay for this screed!

  • Mo86

    So you approve of this Muslims slaughter, regardless of who the people are or what exactly their spiritual standing is?

    • BagLady

      Sorry, but I have failed to follow your logical process from A = B = C. I have never written one word of approval of slaughter of any kind. What I thought I had made clear was that the ‘slaughter’ occurring in abundance around the world, has less to to with religion and more to do with the connivance of powerful men.

      • Gee

        Excusing war crimes is approval. And yes you racist witch have done that

        • BagLady

          Point me to the offending sentence unless you just popped in for a quick tirade of nonsense.

          Now let’s see what the Talmud has to say on the subject of slaughtering Goyim, shall we Mo86?

          • defcon 4

            Ever heard of argument by red herring DB?

      • Mo86

        “less to do with religion” – even though the facts show these are Muslims slaughtering non-Christians because this is what Islam teaches.

        What nonsense. Goodbye.


        So the shrieks of “allah akbar” are all about business and not the oxymoron called “the religion of peace”?

        Get back in your bag, make sure it’s made of plastic and air tight.

      • pupsncats

        Exactly how are you the expert on these matters?

        Please provide your credentials.

        • defcon 4

          It’s a muslime, persecuting, slaughtering, enslaving the najjis kaffir are an islamic specialty — especially in the 21st century.

      • Drakken

        If you are too stupid to do simple math, and show you where the bloody savage muslims are slaughtering the Christians throughout the muslim world, that makes you an enemy of us westerners. Good luck with that in the very near future, your just another Quisling that will be lined up against a wall or a lamp post has your name on it.

      • Doger Trader

        i do not agree with “less to do with religion..”. the fact that overwhelmingly ” hot spots” around the world involve muslims violence against non muslims must catch our attention. u r giving islam a discount it doesn’t deserve in my view.

        • BagLady

          It is irrelevant that they’re Muslims. The same algorithm must surely apply irrespective of who ‘x’ is.

          I was musing over the similarities between the rise of these Muslim gangs: Al-Shabaab, Al Queda etc etc. and the Khmer Rouge. Prior to 9/11 the Muslim gangs were unheard of and may well not have existed. The Khmer Rouge began as a small, rag-tag disparate group of disillusioned young blokes. It wasn’t until America went chasing their enemies over the Vietnam border that everyone fled to the cities and young men into the waiting arms of the KR. Their numbers swelled and swelled.

          I dare say the same can be said of lads in Muslim villages in Pakistan and Southern Thailand. No money, nothing to do, no job, no education? Join the local gang which now has the added prestige of being recognized all over the world. Fame and fortune awaits, starting with a big gun and a pair of cheap black pumps. More importantly, regular food in your belly. I imagine this must be a tremendous lure for many an African Muslim. Suddenly he’s riding around in a big open-top 4×4, armed to the hilt and wearing shoes. The ‘rules’ say he can take whatever food he likes from whomsoever he pleases. He can rape all the pretty girls and shoot them if they fail to oblige. After all, he’s on a mission for Allah.

          • defcon 4

            “It’s irrelevant that they’re muslims.” Yeah, just like it’s irrelevant that they’re killing Christians. Stick it where the sun don’t shine Fatima Al-Bag-on-head.

  • Waiting

    Jesus said his followers would be persecuted and killed because he was persecuted and killed. He said, as written both in Matthew 10 and John 15, that since the world had hated him, it would hate his followers (who came to be called Christian {Acts 11:26] by divine providence). This has been happening since He was killed and his followers began preaching about him. He even said some people would think, or imagine, that they were doing God’s will when persecuting and killing (John 16). History proves true Jesus’ prophetic words…over and over again.

    We shouldn’t be at all surprised that the reporting, when there is reporting, is as this article points out, not necessarily true, and with an air of “why care.” Due to the care and careful reporting by Mr. Raymond Ibrahim, we can know of the suffering; but also, it confirms the truth of what Jesus said. He spoke the truth and conquered the world by his endurance and faith (John 16) and Christians speak the truth and can conquer the world by their faith.

  • pupsncats

    “Finally, regarding the all-important question of how many Christians
    around the world are killed, Alexander herself later quotes another
    source saying “there is no scientific number at the moment. It has not
    been researched and all experts in this area are very hesitant to give a

    The most important statement is the one where the death of Christians hasn’t been researched. Because it doesn’t matter to the world community how many Christians are murdered.

  • herb benty

    Same as the gov’t-funded CBC in Canada, boy do they hate PM Stephen Harper- a Conservative. Anti-Israel, Muslims as “Sinbad the Sailor”, criminals as victims, all the usual leftist BS.

  • Arizona

    LIKE ALL NEWS MEDIA,in the MSM,…… now nothing but a pack of LIEING WHORES,just like all the rest,this is going to cost them dear,they don’t see the day coming when the powers ruining the world will no longer need them,THEN IT WILL BE OFF TO THE GUILLOTINE with them too……………..

  • Bob Bartlett

    Hey BBC! How many Christians is it ok to kill? Only seven or eight thousand Christians is not something to be upset about according to your statistics? Does that also make the sacrifice of 911 meaningless too?

  • nick

    The BBC are an absolute disgrace. If the British people were the British people of 60 years ago the BBC wouldn’t get another tax payer penny. The British people of today are pathetic, poor excuses for human beings in comparison to the folk that fought and gave their lives for their freedom. I can’t tell you how sick it makes me feel so see the decay of my country and nobody with any balls to do anything about it. Conservative Party Leader in 1940 – Winston Churchill. Conservative Party Leader today – David Cameron. Need we say anymore?

  • Sharp Shtik

    At least since WWI, the axis of evil has been socialists (including fascists practicing the Third Way brand of socialism by overregulation), communists and Muslims attacking their common enemies – individual freedom (e.g. private property, free enterprise, free religion, speech, association) and Christians (while Jews are also a target of Muslims, strangely enough 75% of American Jews are socialists or communists aligned with Muslims targeting freedom and Christians). Under socialists, communists and Muslims, government is nothing but organized crime. Despite so many other information sources, hundreds of millions of people still fail to comprehend the common threat, including from propagandists like BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, etc. We need to promote infighting so they target each other more than us.

    • eduardo n

      There is no proof that 75% of jews are socialist. This is Hitler’s thinking that all Jews were communists. Jews may vote in what to them see as a ethical or rather kind-generous position, but they are not what that writer implies. They give to charity, which is different. much as Christians do, and none sectarian charity medical research, hospitals etc.

      • Gee

        Then those same people claim that we are capitalist and own all the money at the same time

  • Steve4peace

    Since the same ideological forces that drive the persecution of Christians also drive the persecution of Jews,and hence Israel, if the BBC were to admit the persecution of Christians, they would also have to admit that their pro-Arab/anti-Israel position all these years is a lie. And that they will never do.

    • BagLady

      and yet, as I read your remark, I see the BBC is focusing on Syrian Christians fleeing their persecutors.

      • defcon 4

        And just like the BBC, you make no mention of what religion all these “persecutors” follow Fatima Al Bag-on-head.

      • Steve4peace

        Even if the BBC from this point forward were to report every single incident of Islamic persecution of just about everyone else, it would not change the fact that they have no journalistic integrity whatsoever. The BBC in my humble opinion has applied and continues to apply different reporting standards to different peoples and by definition, that makes them racist. They are incapable of fair reporting and therefore are not a news group but rather a propaganda arm for the most violent regimes in the world today. So please forgive me if I do not jump up and down with glee just because the BBC reported on the persecution of Syrian Christians.

  • propel7

    We always hear how terrible the”Christians” were during the Crusades. So Christians are then blamed for what some corrupt Pope was responsible for, as if he was following the teachings of Christ. The Pope does not represent Christianity or Christ’s teachings, other than in a contrived and subverted origin. The WORD itself needs no ambassador. It is an ambassador unto itself. If not for what these Popes did, Christianity would never be associated with the murders they committed. It would be seen as Christ Himself spoke it to be.

    • LoJoFo

      I disagree with your conclusion. I think there is great impetus to oppose Christianity, as it requires the admission that one is not God and the repudiation of many things one might like to think, be, and do. So, I think that no matter what occurred, there is great incentive to hate Christ and Christians.

  • antioli

    Christians have done their share of killing in the name of God;so have atheists and even animists. But right now it is Christians and others who are suffering.The reason the clergy should speak up is not because it is Christians who are dying but it’s people who are dying.
    Tomorrow it could be Hindus ,Buddhists, and if the Jihadists had their way the Jews and crusaders.

    • defcon 4

      Muslimes are already killing Jews. In France, in the USA (in Boston and at the El Al terminal in Los Angeles, as well as w/Meir Kahane), in Israel, in Argentina (two synagogues were blown up by muslimes, in Turkey (2 synagogues blown up and 26 people killed).

    • Gee

      The Arabs have been targeting Jews for 1,400 years, the Christians have been doing that for almost 2,000 years.

      Why don’t you leave us allow for a change?

      • defcon 4

        I haven’t noticed many acts of Christian terrorism against Jews or synagogues lately, but maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough.

        • Gee

          No – just the churches that support terrorism and ethnic cleansing, like the World Council of Churches, Church of Scotland, Church of Sweden, Episcopal Church,
          Presbyterian Church, Norwegian Church, etc.

          Do you need more examples?

          • defcon 4

            Maybe you’re right. I don’t know any Christians who support islam0fascist terrorism. I don’t know of any Christian terrorist organizations either.

          • Gee

            There are plenty of Christian that support Islamofascist terrorism – Archbishop Tutu supports it so long as it is directed at Jews


            Excellent point.

          • defcon 4

            True enough, but Tutu has also had nothing to say about the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, nor anything about the slaughter and persecution of Christians in the Sudan or Egypt.

      • Richard Ashworth

        You mean Roman Catholicism, ,yes they pesictuted, Jews, but they also persicuted, Christians too. The Council of churches, is ecumenicalism,,,this is just the protestant and many evangelic churches bringing them selfs back under the yoke of Rome, the great whore of Babylon. They are usually replecementists. Meaning, that the church has replaced, Israel. But the fact is the church has been graphted in to Israel’s, salvation plan.many are anti Jew.The world council of churches, is a modern idea, it has not been around for 2.000 years,except the Romen church. This church lost power, during the reformation. But it seems this beast is rising from the dead, through this ecumenical movement, such as the world council of churches.True Christians have never persecuted anyone.Many false Christ’s have gone out into the world, and many christians or Jews will follow them, and the world will see them as Christians, but they are not.But if they are any true to Christ’s word in her, then they should come out of her. Its better to be alone in the wildernes, even a desert place eating stale morsals of bread, then to share in her fornications and adultary.

  • defcon 4

    It seems like all you can do is pray for the people being persecuted, murdered and raped by muslimes all over the world — because no one on this earth seems to be doing anything to prevent it.

  • Doublestandarddetector

    What everyone ignores is the 1 million Muslim deaths that are DIRECTLY attributable to Bush’s illegal war against Iraq…but of course that’s ok because they were evil Arabs…even the estimated 700,000 women and children. F;;;g hypocrite typical.

    • Gee

      Illegal? With UN approval, US Congress and over 40 allies. How was it illegal?

      You are the hypocrite and a racist to boot



      1 million Muslims deaths occurred during the 8 year Iraq/Iran war – Arabs killing Arabs

      100,000 Arabs have died in Syria – Arabs killing Arabs

      Current Day Slavery in Sudan and Maruitania.

      Socialists Support GENOCIDE.

    • defcon 4

      The majority of civilian deaths in the invasion of Iraq were not the result of the actions of coalition forces but the result of muslim terrorism. Ditto for the Iraqi Christians being slaughtered now.

    • TUSCANY1

      you people are nothing but cockroaches and must be treated as such

  • LindaRivera

    Most of the millions of Muslims that UK ruling elites have colonized Britain with are from PAKISTAN.
    Textbooks In Pakistani Government Schools Teaching Hate Against Christians And Hindus, Jihad And Martyrdom To Young Students

    …..Pakistani Journalist Maheen Usmani: “14-Year-Old Students Of
    Pakistan Studies Are Being Taught: ‘One Of The Reasons For The Downfall
    Of The Muslims… Was The Lack Of The Spirit Of jihad’”; “13-Year-Olds Are
    Instructed: ‘In Islam, Jihad Is Very Important’”

  • Charlene

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  • Tony Phillips

    She got those numbers from a website called Loonwatch. Or they got it from her, because it was almost verbatim when they have written on their page. The fact is that when you look at 7 billion people on the planet, you can reach the number of 100,000 fairly quickly. Prescription drugs, taken as prescribed, kills 100,000 every year, that is just in America. Aside from that, the medical industry in the US kills another 1,000,000.

    The BBC is full of crap, and always has been.