The Humiliation of Egypt’s Grand Mufti

Whenever Islamists grow in strength and influence, non-Muslims — and even Muslims not deemed Islamic enough — bear the brunt.  This is the history of Islam.  In weakness, it is tolerant and “inclusive,” in strength, it is aggressive and demanding of conformity — just as its prophet’s career suggests: when he was in Mecca outnumbered, Muhammad preached tolerance; when he went to Medina and became a warlord, he preached war.  Compare the Mecca verses of the Koran to the Medina verses for an idea.

Since the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, empowered Islamists have become less bashful and hesitant about showing their true face.  Even once well-respected and authoritative Muslim scholars are under attack.   Ali Gomaa, the outgoing grand mufti of Egypt — often described as one of the world’s leading authorities on Islam — was the latest to experience this phenomenon.

During a recent sermon he was giving about the importance of jihad in masjid al-rahma (“Mercy Mosque”) in Port Said, at least one listener interrupted him, screaming “You’re a hypocrite ….  You’re a member of the former regime!”  Other disparagements were likely hurled as the recording appears to have been partially censored.

Interestingly, these insults were hurled at the esteemed Gomaa while he was quoting from the following Koran excerpt:

Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors. And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitna is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers (2:191-192).

Even so, in the new Egypt, apparently Ali Gomaa isn’t Islamic enough — even though he was promoting the cause of jihad and even though he earlier labeled all Christians “infidels.”  Of course, Gomaa has long been disliked for other, more “moderate” stances — but by al-Qaeda types hiding in caves or imprisoned, not, as they are now, empowered, and thus unabashed.

A visibly shaken Gomaa fired back (see beginning around 1:27) — saying that prophet Muhammad labeled those who create fitna, or discord in Muslim societies, as “dogs of hell,” who “corrupt the earth,” and take the teachings of Islam out of context, like the Kharajites before them, who must be fought and killed.

If the grand mufti is not Islamic enough — and during a sermon extolling the virtues of jihad no less — who is?  The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis are.  And now that they are empowered, and thus emboldened, they seek total conformity.

At any rate, isn’t it ironic how Islamists un-caged and empowered always turn on those Muslims who, while long nurturing of Islam, are just not “Islamic” enough?  For example,  former Egyptian President Sadat, though much more sympathetic  and tolerant to Islamists than his predecessor — Sadat included Sharia in the Egyptian constitution and released a great many jihadis imprisoned under Nasser – was repaid by being assassinated by those he freed, those he un-caged, under the rationale that he was just not Islamic enough.

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  • AdinaK

    Islam is an ALL encompassing set of political strictures, bound up in "religious" mandates. And within every hierarchy there are always those who are not up to snuff. But make NO mistake, there is NO such thing as Islamic-lite, regardless of this or that Mufti, Imam or whatever –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • kafir4life

    muslim on muslim!! Gotta love it!! Not muslim enough!! Wrong "style" of muslim!!
    I'm tellin' ya…..there are enough muslims not quite muslim enough and muslims of the wrong "style", that if every pious muslim were to honor (in islamic fashion) one muslim per day deemed not muslim enough or the wrong style of muslim, within a month most of the worlds problems would be gone!
    allahu snackbar!!

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      I agree. Let us pray that they turn on each other like rabid dogs gone mad, so that history reads no matter how hard the the foolish and masochistic West tried to save them, in the end the Muslim world ate its own.

      • Steve

        Why don't we just stop giving them money? Why don't we just pull out of every Middle East country (except Israel) and let them do to each other what they do best. Kill each other.

  • raster

    I really don't care about the Muslim world, culture or religion. It is brutal, thuggish and bloodthirsty. That is the end game of Islam. Unworthy of humanity. Islam is to be ignored in the world, shunned as evil and destructive. There is no other truth.

    The Grand Mufti? Give me a break. Muslim 'clerics? Imams? Laughable and piggish.

  • Ayman Esaily

    Who said this Gomaa is the real symbol of Islam? He is the head of a group of (motsawefa) which is considered to hold ideas not related to the true Islam at all,for example they worship dead good people like al Hussein and others,they think they can mediate between them and Allah to get brief they hold many ideas considered to be against true Islam.that is why he was chosen by Mubarak to be in such place.all Muslim scholars know what kind of Creed does this man hold,it was the demand of many ppl to replace him by another true mufti not a puppet in the hands of the regime and that is what happened lately ,as a new mufti was elected freely by other great Muslim scholars not appointed by the regime like this Gomaa

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Well… we could ALL hope that the muslims kill this guy for his apparent lack of islamism.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Oh just tear your hair out at the outrage but is it not fashionable in Islam to denegrate and
    destroy anyone in Islam that does not agree with you. Bad fighting bad which leads to worse,
    how grand……………………………..should we care, they are all soon to be done away with
    by thier own idiotic malevolence, just don't get any on you………………………..William

  • JacksonPearson

    In order for Allah to be God, Islam to be the true religion of God and Muhammad to be a prophet of God receiving divine teachings from God via Angel Gabriel the following must be true:
    1. It is a central tenet of Islam that God wrote every word of the Qur'an. In order to be the divine timeless word of God – every word of the Qur'an must be Moral Perfection. If just one word of the Qur'an is immoral imperfection – just one word of violence, murder, hate, terror, torture, inequality of women, inequality of races, sex with children, rape, slavery etc then not only is the Qur'an not the divine, timeless word of God but Islam is not the true religion of God but a fraudulent, bogus ideology masquerading as a religion.

    2. To be a prophet of God, Muhammad cannot be a criminal.

    3. Sharia Law is the divine constitution of God. To be the divine constitution of God every teaching of Sharia must be Moral Perfection. If only one teaching of Sharia is immoral imperfection then not only is Sharia Law not the divine constitution of God but Islam is totally bogus – a sham and a fraud. (As will be documented in the book, Sharia Law is not only immoral imperfection but immoral depravity.)

    If God committed just one criminal act, killed or ordered the killing of just one human being or any other creature throughout the entire universe then God would no longer be Moral Perfection and therefore no longer God. If Jesus had committed any criminal act He would no longer be the Son of God.

    In the case of Muhammad, we have a criminal child molester, wife abuser, rapist, murderer, torturer, terrorist just a small sample of the criminality of Muhammad. If God picked such a prophet to represent him anywhere in the universe and gave divine sanction and support/encouragement to His prophet’s criminal acts then God would no longer be Moral Perfection and therefore no longer God but just an accomplice to his evil prophet. God would be equally guilty in all the criminal acts perpetrated by Muhammad. God would be just a wanton criminal. Just as Adolph Hitler and Comrade Stalin were not prophets of God so to Muhammad was no prophet of God.

    In order to have received Qur'anic verses transmitted by Angel Gabriel from God then every word of the Qur'an must be Moral Perfection. A cursory read of the Qur'an, show that it is filled with thousands of immoral words/teachings then Muhammad never met Gabriel. Not one word was ever spoken to Muhammad by Angel Gabriel.

    Muhammad was a hands on Fuhrer Prophet. He not only ordered mass murder, torture, raping of sex slaves but he personally beheaded his enemies, raped their women, plundered their property, and sold the women – he and his men did not want as sex slaves and their children into slavery to raise funds to finance his jihadi armies. The prophet owned 40 slaves.