The Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World

Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim, author of the must-read new book, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians recently discussed his Fox News Op-Ed ‘The Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World’ with Fox’s Lauren Green.

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  • truebearing

    Christians are enduring a very tough time. It seems that even in America the beliefs of Christians are considered grounds for censorship. One can’t use the word “hell” without their comment being censored….even on Frontpage!

    I will record this post….just for fun.

  • Chez

    1) The USA should eagerly offer asylum to any Christian from the Muslim world who seeks it

    2) Those who receive asylum should be vetted for their language skills. Christians of Arab and Pakistani descent should be considered valued candidates for Homeland Security translating documents and audio (why leave the jobs to Muslims whose loyalties may be conflicted?)

    3) Domestic Muslim-advocacy groups like CAIR should be called to answer for the dismal treatment of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Islamic realm. The question should be asked over and over: If Islam is so tolerant and peaceful, why is the persecution of Christians and others so widespread and systematic?

    • Franco

      That all makes total sense …which is why it will almost certainly never happen.


    • whatistruth

      And why are Muslims kidnapping young Christian women, raping them, then forcing them to become Muslims. Truly a religion of peace and love. Not.

  • The Dead Critic

    Reminds me of my bible stories I used to her about in Sunday school….

  • kevinstroup

    Based upon results, Christianity is an old, tired, rotted theology. Christians cannot even be bothered to fight back. Islam is horrid, but at least they fight for what they want. Christians do not even care enough to reproduce anymore. Christianity probably will die die out, but I fear what will replace it. Something much worse?

    • whatistruth

      I am a Christian. Your comment is offensive.

      • kevinstroup

        Get over it. That fact you are offended does not save your Christian butt one bit.

    • Wuffus

      Based on facts, America was built by smart Christian men. Maybe you should take your camel jockey ass back to Africa and stay there.

      • kevinstroup

        What happened 200 to 300 hundred years ago will not save you now. Are you retarded? Who says simplistic tripe like that?

  • Wuffus

    That sounds like a threat. I don’t know what you’re referencing 200 to 300 years to. Have you been eating too much water melon again?

  • Wuffus

    I didn’t know they let terrorists, murderers, thugs, rapists and drug dealers out of jail so soon. Do I need to keep up with the times more often?