The Threat of Islamic Betrayal

A recent assassination attempt in Turkey offers valuable lessons for the West concerning Islamist hate—and the amount of deceit and betrayal that hate engenders towards non-Muslim “infidels.”

Last January, an assassination plot against a Christian pastor in Turkey was thwarted.  Police arrested 14 suspects.  Two of them had been part of the pastor’s congregation for more than a year, feigning interest in Christianity.   One went so far as to participate in a baptism.  Three of the suspects were women.  “These people had infiltrated our church and collected information about me, my family and the church and were preparing an attack against us,” said the pastor in question, Emre Karaali, a native Turk: “Two of them attended our church for over a year and they were like family.”

And their subversive tactics worked: “The 14 [suspects] had collected personal information, copies of personal documents, created maps of the church and the pastor’s home, and had photos of those who had come to Izmit [church] to preach.”

Consider the great lengths these Islamic supremacists went to in order to murder this Christian pastor: wholesale deception, attending non-Islamic places of worship and rites to the point that “they were like family” to the Christian they sought to betray and kill.  While some may think such acts are indicative of un-Islamic behavior, they are, in fact, doctrinally permissible and historically demonstrative.

Islamic teaching permits deceits, ruses, and dispensations. For an in depth examination, read about the doctrines of taqiyya, tawriya, and taysir.  Then there is Islam’s overarching idea of niyya (or “intention”), best captured by the famous Muslim axiom, “necessity makes permissible the prohibited.” According to this teaching, the intentions behind Muslim actions determine whether said actions are permissible or not.

From here one may understand the many incongruities of Islam: lying is forbidden—unless the intention is to empower Islam; killing women and children is forbidden—but permissible during the jihad; suicide is forbidden—unless the intention is to kill infidels, in which case it becomes a “martyrdom operation.”

Thus, feigning interest in Christianity, attending church for over a year, participating in Christian baptisms, and becoming “like family” to an infidel—all things forbidden according to Islamic Sharia—become permissible in the service of the jihad on Christianity.

History offers several examples of Muslims feigning friendship and loyalty to non-Muslims only to break faith at the opportune moment, beginning with Islam’s founder.  When a non-Muslim poet, Ka‘b ibn Ashraf, offended Muhammad, the prophet exclaimed: “Who will kill this man who has hurt Allah and his prophet?” A young Muslim named Ibn Maslama volunteered on condition that, to get close enough to Ka‘b to assassinate him, he be allowed to deceive the poet. The prophet agreed.  Ibn Maslama went to Ka‘b feigning friendship; the poet trusted his sincerity and took him into his confidence. Soon thereafter, the Muslim youth returned with a friend and, while the trusting poet’s guard was down, they slaughtered him.

Likewise, Muhammad commanded a convert from an adversarial tribe to conceal his new Muslim identity and go back to his tribe—which he cajoled with a perfidious “You are my stock and my family, the dearest of men to me”—only to betray them to Islam.

Such are the lengths some Muslims—past and present—go to in order to win the trust of those infidels they mean to betray.  For example, in October 2012 in Somalia, a nation that has nothing in common with Turkey, neither race, language, nor culture—only Islam—this same story of betrayal recently took place.  When a Muslim sheikh became suspicions that a woman in his village had converted to Christianity, he sent his wife to the apostate, instructing her to pretend to be interested in learning about Christianity.  The trusting Christian woman was only too happy to share the Gospel with the feigning Muslim woman.  After it was verified that the woman was Christian, the sheikh and other Muslims went to her house and shot her dead.

Such betrayals can only be understood in the context of the growing hate felt for infidels, Christians at the top of the list.  In Turkey alone—a relatively “moderate” nation in comparison to other Muslim nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt—recent anecdotes of hate include the slaying of an 85-year-old Christian Armenian woman, who was repeatedly stabbed to death in her apartment.  A crucifix was carved onto her naked corpse.   This is the fifth attack in the past two months against elderly Christian women (one lost an eye), even though Christians make less than 1% of Turkey’s population.

The Turkish pastor targeted for assassination also explained the great enmity felt for Christians: “There is hate and this hate feeling continues from people here.”  Muslim children often curse and throw rocks at his church and its congregation—which consists of only 20 members.

Then of course there was the Malatya massacre.  In April 2007, several terrorists attacked a publishing house in Malatya, Turkey, for distributing Bibles.  They bound, tortured, and stabbed for several hours three of its Christian employees before slitting their throats. Evidence also later emerged that the massacre was part of a much larger operation, including involvement of elements in Turkey’s military.   One unidentified suspect later said: “We didn’t do this for ourselves, but for our religion [Islam]….  Let this be a lesson to enemies of our religion.”

Indeed, the true “lesson” is best captured by the following question: If some Muslims, including women, are willing to go to such lengths to eliminate the already ostracized and downtrodden non-Muslim minorities in their midst—attending churches and becoming like “family members” to those infidels they intend to kill—how much deceit and betrayal must some of the smiling Muslim activists of America, especially those in positions of power and influence, be engaging in to subvert and eliminate the most dangerous of all infidels, the original Great Satan?

And yet, according to the Obama administration, the only Islamic-related threat Americans need to worry about is al-Qaeda—open, bearded terrorists screaming “death to America” while toting their Kalashnikovs—not, of course, that the administration thinks even al-Qaeda has anything to do with “radical Islamism,” let alone Islam proper.

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  • Mary Sue

    And they wonder why people are "Islamophobic"!

    • gee59

      Phobia: A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

      Is it a phobia? Or is it knowledge?

      • Mary Sue

        That's why I put "Islamophobia" in "quotation marks".

        It's not Islamophobia if they really are out to get you.

        • guest

          I would call it "Islamoawareness". To fear Islam is just as "irrational" as to fear a black plague.

  • AdinaK

    Islamism, in all its barbarism, is revealed throughout the Koran (which I have read/studied), and most intrinsically, sanctioned under Sharia Law!

    Islam & its blood contract is inviolate –

    Essentially, its underpinnings are being implanted throughout the west, and most dangerously, throughout the U.S. This is their stage by stage plan:

    We are all in danger – first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people, if not thwarted!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • trisha

      Adina, thanks for all your postings. You are educating me further. Let us just hope more people inform themselves to these dangers facing us.

  • Ridvan

    Being of Turkish origin, I don't recognize my home country anymore… A country more divided than ever between dark skin medieval Islamists from the east and the extremely europeanized "white" population from the west with a vibrant pop culture! That's for instance the Turkey I used to live in before in left in 2005:

    • defcon 4

      Let's not be coy here, Turkish muslimes have been persecuting Christians and Jews for quite some time now. The Daily Call to Prayer is unrestricted in Turkey, but church bells may not be rung nor the shofar sounded. The Istanbul pogrom of the 1950's targeted Christians and Jews. The invasion, annexation and ethnic cleansing of 40% of Cyprus by Turkish muslimes. The laughable Turkish "justice" inflicted on the islamic perps who blew up two synagogues on the same day in Turkey and killed 26 people. Then there's the Armenian Genocide, still denied by Turkey to this day.

    • F.K. Juliano

      Are you saying that in Turkey there is a correlation between skin color and Islamic fanaticism? Erdogan, the duplicitous, suit-wearing leader of the Islamists, is from Istanbul, not from the east, and he looks pretty white to me. And so did his mentor, Erbakan.

      • defcon 4

        Then there is the fact that there are hadith that state plainly that Muhammad was a white man.

  • Taxpayer

    So much for the religion of peace.

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "More than 100,000 Christians killed in 2012,for their Faith,according to Italian Scholar Massimo Introvigne"


    "Ivo Andric(1892-1975),the Greatest Writer in the Serb-Croat Language,wrote about the Muslim Occupation of his Country"

    • Mary Sue

      and they wonder why the Serbs wanted to "ethnically cleanse" (very unfortunate term, that, got the Identity Politics and Politically Correct Crowd's dander up instantly) the Bosnians!

      • Whateverman

        the least you could do is get yourself educated and informed on subjects you want to opine on.
        Bosnia is a territory with Serbs, Croates and Muslims (which there is considered a nationality).
        The Serbs were ethnically cleansing Muslim Bosnians, not Bosnians.
        Secondly, ethnic cleansing is also what Hitler wished to do: too politically correct for you, I guess.


          In WW2 croates and muslims were allies of Socialist hitler.

        • Drakken

          The Serbs have very long memories and haven't forgotten what the turks did to them, they were just returning the favor. Your going to see this played out all over Europe soon, the Balkans was just a opening act.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Secondly, ethnic cleansing is also what Hitler wished to do: too politically correct for you, I guess."

          No, Hitler wanted to exterminate people he considered genetically inferior. "Ethnic cleansing" is a modern term with such a broad definition that we are all guilty of it. Just about every commenter here, you and I included, is guilty of ethnic cleansing every time you make a less-than-flattering comment about race, religion, ethnicity, nationality and so forth.

          I know you don't get it. Others might see the point though.

        • defcon 4

          For a muslime to complain about ethnic cleansing is laughable. All I have to do is look at what happened to the Jews of the Mid-East and N. Africa. The Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistain and Bangladesh, The Christians of Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus, Nigeria, E. Timor all over the course of the last 70 or so years to see that ethnic cleansing is part and parcel of the islamic faith.

  • Rodney

    Read "Psalm 83 The Missing Prophecy Revealed" by Bill Salus and be pleased to know that the Muslims time of killing, lying and looting is fast coming to an end when tiny Israel will teach them a very expensive lesson.

    • beez

      I pray for this day to come.

  • JacksonPearson

    "The fear of speaking out against the rapidly growing religion/ideology that is out to repress all who do not follow its doctrine."

  • watsa46

    Deception/taqiyya is a fundamental tool of betrayal and conquest in Islam. Only idiots and uninterested individuals do not know that.

    • Defcon 4

      Don't forget the paid tools of islamofascism and there are many…

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Muslims have an unbelievable capacity for deceit and treachery. They smile sweetly, at any intelligent person who knows how to think critically. But don't be fooled. Bill Whittle, who's done a few videos on "The Virtual Presidency," got it right on the Islamists. He stated that if he were President, the U.S. military would reduce Iran to several dozen piles of flaming rubble, in a few days. While the U.S. was dealing with Iran, Israel could neutralize Syria, and woe to Turkey if they interfere. This could be done; but Obama won't.

  • Gary

    Are muslims so insecure that they have to kill people that don't follow the muslim religion? The answer is yes. We need to do to them what they do to us. "An eye for an eye". Mr. Obama is not the only person that determines who we should love. Mr Obama has proven in the past and the present that he protects "his" people. We Americans are not his people.

    • Mark

      Your comment is missing one word. That word is "many." Not every Muslim is a blood thirsty killer. Many Muslims are blood thirsty killers but not all. After the first sentence of your comment I can only say you seem to have an appetite for death and destruction yourself. The article is well written and clear. Your comment is not.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Never said every Muslim is a killer. That's your interpretation. In fact, most aren't. But tell me, must I watch every word I say?

      • defcon 4

        Of course not every muslim can be a killer, someone still has to work to financially support their more violent brethren. After all, islamofascist terrorism isn't a for profit business venture is it? Or is it?

        • Choi

          2 WORDS says it all:
          SUHA ARAFAT

      • guest

        And many more have a great potential for turning into a blood thirsty killer thanks to violent and hateful doctrine of Islam. Muslims should be unconverted from Islam the same way they were converted into it .

    • beez

      Well said, Gary. May I add that in a very real sense, he is not my President.

  • Mark

    My previous comment was meant to be a reply to AnOrdinaryMan not Gary's comment.

  • Len_Powder

    The doctrines of Islam are beyond irrational. They are insane and so is anyone who practices them devoutly! I do not need to elaborate. Those who know already understand. Those who do not never will.

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh boy! This is just unbelievable.

  • US Muslim

    I say the following as a Muslim:

    Those 14 idiots who tried to pull this off and were caught are not my brothers and sisters in the faith. This was a total violation of the rules of engagement according to Islam. That pastor was minding his own business and wasn't hurting anyone. He had every right to be left alone and practice his religion freely without fear.

    As for Raymond's drawing of parallels with incidents that took place during Muhammad's time, and his repeated mentions of "taqiyya", it seems like his brain is still somewhat retarded. Nothing new there.

  • john spielman

    This is just another bit of evidence that Islam is DEMONIC! Satan is a liar and murderer and that is just what defines Islam; lying and murder. The bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light and was a murderer and liar from the beginning. Too bad for the world (and especially for muslims) that old Mohammed listened to this deceiver as Moe and all his followers will be consigned to the lake of fire for ever.

  • Whateverman

    read a little. They even had jewish governors and vizir during the Ottoman rule…God you people are stupid!


      Turkey is responsible for the Armenia genocide.

      Boy are you stupid whatevermoron.

      • Whateverman

        And Germans were responsible for the jewish genocide. And the Spaniards were responsible for the Amerindian genocide.
        You're point, jackass?

        • Defcon 4

          The Germans not only owned up to their responsibility for the Holocaust they made reparations. The muslimes meanwhile still deny their genocides in:
          1. Armenia/Turkey
          2. Sudan/Darfur
          3. E. Timor
          4. Bangladesh

          Go stick your head in a bucket of healthy, freshly squeezed camel urine — prophet recommended!

          • Whateverman

            Oh, you believe in reparations when it comes to jews, huh? That is so sweet! Ever read the Holocaust industry? They even made a business out of their suffering.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Oh, you believe in reparations when it comes to jews, huh?"

            Damn you are dim.

          • defcon 4

            Nice job sidling. Of course if you can't lie your way around inconvenient facts about islamofascism I suppose you didn't have much choice.


          And SOCIALISTS are responsible for the Cambodian genocide, the Cultural Revolution genocide of China, the ISLAMOFASCIST GENOCIDE in Syria (70,000 dead), the Rape of China by Imperial Japan, CURRENT DAY SLAVERY in Sudan and Mauritania…

          My point Whateverjackass is that YOU suport GENOCiDE committted by socialists and islamofascist savages.

    • Drakken

      Your defense of islamic nonsense really is unbelievable, nice propaganda there shortbus.

      • Whateverman

        Nice to see you took some time off from goose stepping class to join the discussion with some insightful arguments.
        How is that propaganda? At the end of the day, your people, the Germans, tried to wipe the jews. You don't believe me? Ask your grandfather, he was there.

        • Defcon 4

          I believe one of the largest SS divisions in Nazi Germany was an all muslime division. The Handschar division. A division which not only killed Jews but any convenient Christians they came across. Maybe we should also address the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem's role in the Holocaust as well Ahmed.

          • Whateverman

            In light of israel`s behaviour and the way you people parasites talk, I have come to understand the reason`s for the holocaust.
            When a people has gone around offending everyone, it may be time for some introspection.

          • defcon 4

            So much for the thin veneer of the civilized muslime.



            Too bad for you that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW europe or medina.

            Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • defcon 4

            An Eternal Nakba to go w/their Allah Snakbar!


          Who goosesteps TODAY?

          SOCIALIST north korea.

        • Drakken

          Nice to see you defend your muslim brothers, as for your compliment, thank you very much. Oh, it be the goose stepping that you will have to worry about muzzy, it will be the Sebian method that you should be worried about.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Whatever man.

    • nina

      A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sure there were Jewish governors in the Ottoman empire. The vizirs had Jewish doctors all through the history of Islam's conquest. As well as Jewish advisers.Did you stop studying at this? Read a little history, and you will learn to what horrors the Jews were subjected by Islam.

  • john – —- > Or really get a hold of truth and take an open hearted honest look at Jesus – politics and philosophy without jesus as the test of goodness for all = pointless arguments . You may call yourself whateverman but even you don't believe that .

  • aposematic

    Hmmmm…. Wake up sleepy heads; have your senses become numb to the stink of your heads' hiding places? Islamic betrayal is not a threat; it is their faux religions' mandate!

  • Ariadne Etienne

    Christian, Muslim… kill them all and let God sort it out.