Picture 11

Picture 11

  • Peter

    They need to round up all of those satanic dogs and shoot them right thru the groin and in the head !!!!!!!

  • EamonnDublin

    Thank you for reporting this. The Irish media here spends all of its time abusing Christianity and the Catholic church, whilst it insists on giving Islamic atrocities a free pass. I continually ask them why, but I get no response whatsoever. Likewise, the Catholic church in Ireland refrains from even whispering about Islamic atrocities, let alone condemning them. I understand the media – it is packed with Left Wingers, atheists, and "equality merchants". The silence of the Catholic church – and other Christian churches – I totally fail to comprehend. Shame on the lot of them. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • intouchwithgod

    You cant fix stupid! better get all the tang they can on earth
    cuz woman dont go to heaven, there all evil.
    but keep blowing your selves up, duma$$es

  • Godspower

    Muslims…..do u really enjoy all these violence? Follow JESUS ,he is a man of peace and he will show you the way.For mo details contact me