Algeria: Obama’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

Jeremiah Wright was right after all. The Algeria jihad attack proves it.

Not long after the 9/11 jihad attacks, Barack Obama’s mentor and friend, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preached a sermon in which he uttered the now-notorious words: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Wright meant, of course, that the U.S. had brought the attack upon itself by its own acts of violence against others: “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye… and now we are indignant, because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards.”

In a certain sense Wright was right: the U.S. did bring 9/11 on itself – but not in the way that he thought. The jihadists who destroyed the Twin Towers and damaged the Pentagon had not been brooding about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and no action by the U.S. did or could have justified the mass murder those jihadists perpetrated. If it could be truly said that the U.S. brought 9/11 on itself in any way, it was only by failing to recognize the implications of and to confront the ideology behind the jihad attacks that immediately preceded it.

There was an abundance of indicators of what was coming. In December 1988, an Islamic jihadist murdered 259 people, including 189 Americans, by bringing down Pam Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. In February 1993, Islamic jihadists murdered six people and wounded over a thousand in their first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center towers. In June 1996, Islamic jihadists murdered nineteen people and wounded 515, including 240 Americans, in a bombing at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. In August 1998, Islamic jihadists bombed the American embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, murdering 291, including 12 Americans, in Nairobi, and murdering ten more and wounding 77 in Dar es Salaam. In October 2000, Islamic jihadists bombed the USS Cole in port at Aden, Yemen, murdering seventeen sailors and wounding 39.

In response to all this, the U.S. lobbed a few cruise missiles into Afghanistan and took out a chemical weapons factory (or aspirin factory, depending on one’s source) in Sudan, and did little more. No serious attempt was made to come to grips with the full nature and magnitude of the ideology that inspired those jihad attacks, and to work to neutralize its violent potential. And so it would have been more surprising if the 9/11 attacks hadn’t happened than that they did.

So it is today. Barack Obama has overseen the installation of Sharia regimes in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. While paying lip service to the importance of distinguishing jihadists from genuine democratic forces in Syria and elsewhere, the Obama administration has offered no criteria for doing this. And now al-Qaeda jihadists in Algeria have carried out a brazen assault on BP’s natural gas plant in that country, killing at least eighty-one people and demonstrating anew the falsehood of Barack Obama’s recent claim that in Afghanistan “we achieved our central goal … or have come very close to achieving our central goal, which is to de-capacitate al-Qaeda, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again.”

Al-Qaeda is not “de-capacitated” or dismantled in Afghanistan or Algeria. Barack Obama’s warm support for Islamic supremacist authoritarian regimes has resulted in direct aid for Islamic jihadists, as Libyan jihadists gave weapons they received from the U.S. and its allies to their brethren in Mali, who used them to establish a brutal and bloody Sharia autocracy in the northern part of the country, and have surprised the French with the tenacity and ferocity of their resistance.

Obama has made it abundantly clear that he has no objection, on human rights grounds or any others, to Sharia regimes. Consequently, Islamic supremacists worldwide are considerably emboldened, as they see that the United States will offer no significant counterweight to their advance. One of the hostages taken captive at the Algerian gas plant recounted that the kidnappers had said, “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.” Obama has made it abundantly clear that there is no sense in which he objects to that statement; he maintains, on the contrary, that despite such statements from the jihadists themselves, their actions actually have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. He has made this counter-factual proposition the official position of his administration.

These chickens are going to come home to roost no less unmistakably than did the chickens of America’s indifference to jihad mass murder attacks before 9/11. Unreality can be enforced at the point of a gun or a trip to the camps, as in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but the truth can never be wholly effaced from the human mind. Reality has a tendency to break through even the most skillful and subtle propaganda. Unfortunately, in this case reality is very likely to take the form of another catastrophic, high-casualty jihad mass murder on American soil – one that could have been prevented had Barack Obama not instead been encouraging and embracing those who share the jihadists’ goal of imposing Sharia, differing from them only in methods.

The Algeria jihad attack was just the latest harbinger of the things that are inevitably to come.

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  • Mary Sue

    Rev. Seldom Wright never met a roosting chicken he didn't like!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "In response to all this, the U.S. lobbed a few cruise missiles into Afghanistan and took out a chemical weapons factory (or aspirin factory, depending on one’s source) in Sudan, and did little more. No serious attempt was made to come to grips with the full nature and magnitude of the ideology that inspired those jihad attacks, and to work to neutralize its violent potential. And so it would have been more surprising if the 9/11 attacks hadn’t happened than that they did."

    And if I'm right, Clinton made sure that terrorists like Arafat and others understood that he was compelled to perform a little theater act due purely to the "complex politics" of the moments when he did lift a finger.

    • MaryS, CA

      What everyone doesn't really understand is the fact that "Islam" folks is not a religion it is an ideology that has as it's ultimate goal to take down the world for Islam and Islam only and all others will be destroyed.
      GET IT…Your not absorbing the rational behind this "ideology" they have been figting this war since Muhammed and will continue to fight this war until all who are not Muslim are gone. If the Jihadist doesn't accomplish it, his son will and if his son doesn't accomplish it his grandson will, and on and one and on for over a 1000 years, do you GET IT NOW? What barbaric act do they have to do for you "useful idiots" understand ISLAM… it is not a religion it is a mind controlling ideology. Where is NOW, that beautiful organization that goes to bat for the lives of women in the U.S. Why are they so silent on what the Muslim are doing to women across the islamic countries of the East. We leave Afghanistan do you have any idea what is going to happen to the women and girls there. They are back in schools now, we leave they will be slaughtered. Why are the Americans so duped into believing what the Muslims have to say. If it serves their purpose they can "lie" to your face, it's called Taquiya… all in the name of "allah"…. mary711

      • Thomas H.

        What everyone doesn't really understand is the fact that "Islam" folks is not a religion it is an ideology that has as it's ultimate goal to take down the world for Islam and Islam only and all others will be destroyed.

        Why do you have to insist that Islam is not a religion? Why should it make a difference whether it is or is not. What we do know is that Islam is perfectly evil. A most hideous thing ever conceived by a sick utterly wicked, disgusting man. Some may think Islam is a religion, some don't. We don't have problem with either – only with its followers and enablers.

        • wsk

          It's not a religon, Islam is more like a cult.

  • truebearing

    I don't think that Obama has somehow failed to see the consequences of his constant enabling of radical Islam. Everything he has done is intentional and pre-meditated. Obama's deepest loyalties are to Islam, and nothing will change that, including the destruction of this nation.

    If the chickens are coming home to roost, it is on the naive, self-indulgent, apathetic American people who fell for Obama's blizzard of lies and voted our nation's scourge into the presidency — twice. Not only will his second term mire the United States in a yet deeper malaise, or even civil strife, but his presidency is the bell that tolls for the entire world.

    • Rebecca

      And if that wasn't clear to most people, it should have become crystal clear when Obama said at the U.N. "the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"

  • AdinaK

    Herein are the Islamist-in-Chief's chickens coming home to roost…bread crumbs too –

    A + B…1 + 1….

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

  • Thomas H.

    Another great post from Robert Spencer.
    It could have been an excellent one if, instead of repeated use of the fuzzy "Islamic jihadists" neologism, R. Spencer had used much simpler, clearer and precise "moslem terrorists". Or perhaps "serious moslems".

    • mickeyobe

      How about just "Muslims".

      • Thomas H.

        No objections…

      • wsk

        how about "terrorists"?

  • davarino

    Please, continue to teach us what islam is because a lot of our people do not know. That would be much appreciated. Once there is a national epiphany, then we can finally get on with the business of irradicating this planet of this offal "religion".

  • jacob

    For all those interesting into knowing where do we stand, how about a national campaign to force
    the POTUS to explain what did he mean by having more FLEXIBILITY in his second term as he told
    PUTIN ??????
    Rest assured the Congress parasites won't…!!!!!!!

  • JasonPappas

    I have to take exception to the way Spencer is blaming the West for the attacks it has suffered at the hands of jihadi. There's a subtle but important difference when it comes to blaming the victim for failing to maintain the strength and resolve to fight the perpetrator and blaming the victim for the attack. Spencer slips into the second category.

    American has failed to understand Islam and remains vulnerable. The West has failed to respond to jihadi attacks forcefully but has adopted a policy of appeasement. We have failed to establish a deterrent and refuse to even consider using means that might achieve such a result. All this, however, is constructive criticism that aims to direct us to an effective defense.

    Spencer turns our weakness into a material cause. Islam is the cause. It gets the blame. Period. Now let’s fight it.

    • Thomas H.

      ”I have to take exception to the way Spencer is blaming the West for the attacks it has suffered at the hands of jihadi. There's a subtle but important difference when it comes to blaming the victim for failing to maintain the strength and resolve to fight the perpetrator and blaming the victim for the attack. Spencer slips into the second category.”

      The difference is hardly "subtle" as one clearly puts responsibility for the attack on the shoulder of the victim, while the other, while still pointing out victim’s neglect, holds the attacker responsible for the crime. That should be obvious enough for an averagely intelligent person and certainly for R. Spencer.
      Following your surprising assertion that “Spencer slips into the second category” (or blames the victim), I returned to his post a few times, but failed to find even a slightest indication that he indeed does so. Could you perhaps direct me to the place(s) in his text where he expresses even implicitly the conviction you attribute to him. Thank you.

      • JasonPappas

        Spencer writes: "In a certain sense Wright was right: the U.S. did bring 9/11 on itself … If it could be truly said that the U.S. brought 9/11 on itself in any way, it was only by failing to recognize the implications of and to confront the ideology behind the jihad attacks that immediately preceded it.”

        This is more that a suggestion that we are to blame but he softens it with "if." The rhetorical effect is self-blame. Later he switches to how our failed policies “emboldened” the enemy. In other places he notes that Obama is materially supporting Sharia regimes (just as Bush was in supporting Saudi Arabia and Pakistan). He slips back and forth from insinuating we brought it on ourselves to we failed to defend ourselves.

        • Thomas H.

          I am surprised one can so nonchalantly ignore such a clear proviso as “In a certain sense”, which is always used to strongly indicate the departure from the main line of argumentation and shifting the focus from the essential into dispensable.

          And then in order to somehow salvage your assertion that Spencer blames the US for the 9/11 you decide that a strictly provisional form “if it COULD be said…” in fact means “it MUST be said”. Well that “technique” may give you unlimited freedom to not just meeting ANY argument, but “editing” it before to fit your current need.

          So once again, “failing to recognize the implications of and to confront the ideology behind the jihad attacks..” indicates only the failure of protecting oneself, but certainly not responsibility for the attack it caused and following it profound moral difference between the two. In no way it exculpates the perpetrator of the crime and blames the victim – a conclusion you so quickly and absurdly deduce from Spencer’s post.

          • JasonPappas

            I strongly disagree. Spencer is indeed doing both as I indicated. “If it could be truly said” implies that he accepts this as a strong possibility. Why even acknowledge that this could truly be said, if he wasn’t sympathetic to the possibility. He waffles between “U.S. brought 9/11 on itself” and a mere failure to defend ourselves. One has to be resolute to prevent any insinuation that we brought it on ourselves especially since Wright and many others are eager to blame America. That fact that Spencer acknowledges that Wright was right in any sense is in fact agreeing with the "blame" argument since that's the only sense Wright utters his vicious statement. After that first sentence Spencer surrendered too much.

          • Thomas H.

            “If it could be truly said” implies that he accepts this as a strong possibility.
            Are you joking?

            Would anyone who accepts a "strong possibility" of a thing use this standard subjunctive mode instead of the direct and simple "It can be truly said"? Would you invest a hundred dollars in a transaction recommended by "if it could be truly said it has a chance to be a success then go for it"?
            Would you, really?
            Then I advise you to invest a couple of dollars in a elementary school grammar book and educate yourself on the meaning of the word "if" and the logical implication it raises. But it seems I have made a mistake of taking you seriously…
            Otherwise, good morning to you.

          • JasonPappas

            The very first sentence says it all: "Jeremiah Wright was right after all." There is no sense in which Wright was right while Spencer believes there is some sense. Period.

            You defend Spencer like a lawyer when it is clear from the beginning that Spencer wants to blame Obama in particular like Wright blames American in general … a least in some sense … when there is no overlap. His "disclaimers" with weasel words are for those who want to defend him literally when his writing insinuates the absurd. I was being generous in my 1st post when I said the difference was subtle as I assumed Spencer slipped from one to the other. You were right that these are two opposites and there is no overlap.

          • Western Canadian

            Your inability to understand basic and straightforward english sentences is alarming.

            ““If it could be truly said” implies that he accepts this as a strong possibility.’ No it doesn’t. It is a VERY WEAK possibility being acknowledged, or even a rejection of the possibility….

            He is in NO WAY saying we are to blame, your inability to read clear statements suggests either a severe reading disability, or dishonesty on your part. The differenvce between being unprepered and guilty of, are so extreme that you are living in your own world, with the queen of hearts as an english teacher.

    • Mary Sue

      I think it's more, blaming Western Liberals for not taking the threat seriously. That's a bit different.

  • jacob

    To all those believing the contrary, I would like to pose one question :


    AN ELEPHANT ??????

  • marios

    Thank you Mr. Spencer for another honest, great analytical article on the most important issue in nowadays.
    Obama is MB proxy. When he made his notorious Cairo speech the first rows was occupied my MB members. BHO triggered radicalization of ME: Egypt with new pharaoh Brotherhood leader Morsi in Power, Libya, Tunisian, etc,,, Islamists didn't waste time as their "guy" seized Power in USA. Obama definitely know what he is doing. He said in Cairo speech that USA was the biggest Muslim country and he is working on it. His nomination of pro-Islamists J. Kerry, J. Brendan and C. Hagel is another open sign for Islamic terrorist ( for Iran) that US president and his government on their side

    • scum

      Don't forget: Romney opposed the action against bin Laden.

  • logdon

    I think Robert is answered in the sub-title of the next article

    ‘The nightmares we face won’t be addressed until a critical mass of citizens feels the pain’.

    Amongst a set of liberals, 9/11 has now become the butt of dark humour. It seems that for a certain type of American, orgies of destruction (as long as they don’t directly affect them) are not wake up calls on the reality of Islam but rather more indictments of America itself.

    It usually does along the lines of ‘we provoked them’ and that unthought out conclusion thus becomes the lingua franca reaching through a supine MSM, Washington establishment right up to the so called Commander in Chief.

    It’s the same in Europe and I’m afraid that if this situation is not meaningfully remedied, more atrocities will occur and the people, usually the brunt sector of these attacks will finally say, enough is enough.

    In other words, when that ‘critical mass’ is subjected to the pain of death, injury and grief of yet more jihadi attacks only then will the will to act be triggered.

    • scum

      Actually, it was the Republicans who expended so much effort chastising Clinton that they failed to see the threat. And even after Clinton directly warned Bush, and even after the Mossad directly warned Bush, he was completely caught off guard and showed an appalling inability to deal with the crisis as it unfolded. Wow.

  • john Stone

    The american people will figure it out when it hits them over the head and they say, "Ouch! That hurt."

    • mikwswann2

      John Stone, yea, when it's too late

  • Asher

    We have been under Stealth Jihad for 4 years…the whittling down of a once great country through destructive policies, thats why some haven't recognized the destruction, policies hidden into bills where they shouldn't be, Obama care, an assault on Fracking, demonization of capitalism…lack of jobs, high unemployment, environmental Regulations, bailing out irresponsible companies by the American tax payer…All in all, a miserable 4 years for the American people….Let the politicians live under Universal healthcare, and their own rules, or have they all become Kings like Obama thinks he is.

    • mikwswann2

      ASHER, this is just it. politicians don't hav eto stoop to obamacare. obama has exempted muslims from buying it as they consider insurance agaisnt their religeon. also, someof his pet unions are exempt for a time as I understaqnd bug companies as Alcoa, John Deere, AT&T, etc are exempt for awhile. They complained abut the cost. If the poor cannot afford to buy obamacare, pay him the fine moey, they will still be on welfare wilth a medical card on taxpayers. it's all about power, not the people. democras couldn;t care less who has healthcafre

  • rbla

    The chickens first began to come home when America allowed millions of third worlders including a large contingent of Muslims to immigrate here. This provided a friendly sea for the 911 terrorist fish to swim in. The consequent demographic change also made possible the election and re-election of a leftist non-American to the presidency.

  • carrie

    It's interesting Islamists used the Algerian attack to claim to be trying to get America's attention . BP is a British company and Americans were the minority of workers.France is the aggressor against the extremists .

    Maybe they were just showing off the power they gained from American dollars and weapons furnished by Obama and Hillary .

    • mikwswann2

      CARRIE, I understand Americans own 70% of BP stock. At least this ws the figure when the oil spill happned in the gulf. hillary has the same policies as obama. her thesis in college was how great sal alinsky's rules for radicls was and alinsky taught marxism as obama did.

  • John C. Davidson

    The time is fast approaching where words will no loner be a deterant to a culture based on hate.

    • Mary Sue

      that's why Obummer is trying to drop down the magazine clips!

  • Clara Samuelson

    Yes, John C. Davidson. What will happen when more cities become havens for Islam like Dearborn, Michigan? What will we do, personally, when we (women) are told that we cannot walk down the street in our jeans? Take a look at Europe and their dozens of "No Go Zones"…..neighborhoods that have been taken over and are ruled by Sharia…..where the police and fire fighters do not enter…..neighborhoods that may have only 25% muslims, but this is enough for them to start making demands. What will 'we' do? And by that time, will be still be in possession of our Second Amendment rights? What are we prepared to do?

    • Indioviejo

      Excellent question, Clara Samuelson.

    • Drakken

      There are many people here in the US that will not go quietly into the night.

    • Walt

      I truly believe and expect that in the not so distant future, we will see an example of what we saw from the U.S. Navy personnel in the late 40s/early 50s – so called dungaree liberty! This will be be where the average citizen of a given locality, such as Dearborn, has had enough and puts on his/her old clothes and goes into the 'no go' areas and confronts the problem.

      This was the problem for the military: the bar owners, merchants, criminals, etc. of port areas such as San Diego, San Francisco, et al were taking advantage of the Navy and Marine troops through robbery, muggings, drugged drinks, and the police were turning a blind eye to it saying they were doing 'all we can'. Well, for a few days and nights, certain Commanding Officers of Navy ships and Marine units turned a blind eye to their personnel leaving the base in their working uniforms, a big no-no in those days. The troops went out looking for trouble, and for those persons that had given them and or their buddies grief in the past – not worrying if mistakes were made. if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, shame on you! They were out for blood of a non-terminal, life ending type!

      After this went on for a few days, the Commanding Officers then placed these cities totally 'Off Limits' to demonstrate to the mayor and police chief just how much money was being lost each day without the military money being spent. The problems disappeared overnight!

  • patsjc

    Now that Obama has been elected for the second term I am seriously considering leaving this country. Obama is in the process of ruining the American dollar and in fact America. We can not sustain a national debt of nearly 7 trillion dollars. Moreover, small businesses will go out by the hoards as Obamacare creates a situation where they can not pay their employees health care costs.
    The foreign policy of Obama and Clinton shows the US as a weak impotent country that allows terrorists to take control wherever they want. First Libya then Algeria and what is next?
    Obama and Clinton praise Sharia and how women can vote for these two traitors is way beyond my understanding. Women of America wake up or they will have you wearing a burqa and walking 3 steps behind your man.

    • indioviejo

      Where would you go?

      • Mary Sue

        I'd suggest Canada.

        • mikeswann2

          a friend of mine is thinking of new zealand. I would be afraid of the tsaunamis. i would have to check out the advantages

    • Mary Sue

      Just come to Canada. And promise you'll never, EVER, vote NDP. :)

    • mikeswann2

      PATJC.women would rather concern themselfves with a free packof birth control pills or lying on republicans about hating women, etc. the women's movement has been, for the most part a joke. when sarah palin was rediculed, her childen, etc; they never went to bat for her. when ann romney was rediculed for riding a horse to help with her ms (horseback riding helps ms patients gain balance), worried how much her blouse cost. jackie kennedy was a horse women and no one said a work. at least ann bought her clothes, horse,etc. taxpayers didn't buy it for her

    • Shane

      Please stay and fight. If you are living in a liberal state, consider moving to a more conservative state in the South. BTW, the national debt is now $16.4 trillion! Go here: National Debt Clock –

  • kaz

    our triumphant enemy is not al qaida. our enemy is our own western governments. in spite of being warred on by islam, we continue to elect/tolerate "leaders" whose goal is to cooperate with islam in the genocide of all of us who do not wish to worship a god of pure evil, and venerate an archcriminal prophet. there is no other explanation for the tolerance of muslim immigration into previously free countries. muslim immigration into previously free countries is death to the host population, yet our treasonous "leaders" continue to encourage the invasion that will inevitably lead to slavery and genocide for the fools that elected/tolerated treason in high office. we need not look to alqaida for the source of our defeat. our enemy is our own governments.

  • Indio Viejo

    Islam has been around for 1,400 years expanding aggressively since the totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religious cult came out of the desert. For 14 centuries Western Civilization has been a victim of the satanic cult and incapable of addressing the root of evil. What is so different now? When it comes to Islam the world refuses to name a spade, a spade. This is an ideological war just as much as anti-communism is an ideological struggle, and we continuously fail at combating ideologies. I wonder if we are living the decline of the West…

    • Maria Ari

      I hear you. My husband's family is from Turkey, and our friends over there hold on to this religious cult.

  • watsa46

    The countries dependent on the oil & gas from the ME are footing the bill for the the Islamists war effort against the rest of the world> These countries include: US, some EU countries, India, China, Japan, Korea, Australia etc… .
    This is MADNESS!

  • Sokrates

    This is not about this article. Gates of Vienna has disappeared! Does anyone know what happened and how to contact them?

    • JacksonPearson

      ??? I noticed that too.

    • mikwswann2

      no, but i will try to find out. if so I will post it

  • Adolf Hitler

    Many americans will naturally have to be slaughtered in a horrific way.

    • Mary Sue

      The sad part is it MIGHT come to that. Hopefully not, but it depends on what the percentage of limpwristed pansy hippies vs. real conservative people with actual guns are around at the time.

    • mikwswann2

      wy do you pick such a name? what do u mean by being slaughtered?

  • RCCA

    I was listening to the Inauguration Ceremonies today on NBC and the commentators noted with some annoyance the lack of attention to foreign policy in Obama's speech — as if it's not a major issue. Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, noted that the situation in the Middle East is an escalating catastrophe, and it will definitely be getting worse as more nations are destabilized. I don't believe that the media is going to continue to sweep story that under the rug much longer.

    • kaz

      you badly underestimate how sincerely the media hates america.

    • mikeswann2

      RCCA, the media (except for fox) will keep all dirt on the quiet about obama and his minions. george soros pays the media to keep liberal dirt from being aired. this is whu obama dnd his ilk want to put fox news, shut up talk radio hosts llike limbaugh, hannity, savage. i never gave a thought that we had so many americans who don''t like thieusayet live here. i never realized how many communist (socialist, progressive organizations existed, soros behind many) until this regime. I did my research. hiary, bernie sanders, boxer, waxman, kerry belong to these. howard dean started a commie group. they all have nice names but check them out. many ae in affliation with ACORN, the prez' old employer, Apollo Alliance ditto and who also helped make the first stimulus. I heard harry reid thank them for making the 2009 stimulus bill. go to Sen. tom couburn's website, andyou will be amazed at the stupid waste of the projects, studies on swine odor in iowa, monkies on cocaine, japanese prostitutes on cocaine and alcohol. the president permitted this trasdh to go through while we lost homes, jobs, etc. it failed, we must pay it back.

  • Ghostwriter

    God,I hope not.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Father of lies is undermining the minds of the people of the World and turning all
    Nations into places of degeneration, assault, murder and mayhem, he uses the
    Democrats in America to destroy it's moral base. Democrats are and evil axis of Godless
    Communism, Leftism, Socialism and Islam. The wake up call will be when you are
    having your head cut off to the cheers of and insane and devilish crowd. Now it may
    not happen where I am because my surroundings are alive with Americans who guard
    thier rights and values and are willing to fight to keep them. Darkness is in the ascendency
    but for only a time, people will make thier choices and then and ending and maybe
    a new beginning hopefully for the people of light and life………………..William

  • rightwingcanadian

    ladies pick out your burka you need to stop dressing like whores gentlemen practice your shahada and join the ummah boys and girls abandon your little puppies for they are haraam because caliph Obama will guide this nation into mohamedan darkness.

  • mikeswann2

    leaving america would prove nothing. the world is going broke. we still, despite all the corruption of this administration, have it better than other countries. how long this will lasst remains to be seen. terrorism is all over the world. i lost faith in american people and the elected officials.

    • john Stone

      I am tempted to leave America because I anticipate a period of civil strife when the federal gov runs out of credit. Co-lateral damage is a feature of political change. Often it is the bystanders who get it the worst.

  • mickeyobe

    Robert Spencer has banned me from posting comments on one of his sites because several years ago I suggested that the fate that befell some American presidents such as Lincoln and others might be suitable for Barak Hussein Obama.
    He even threatened to sic the FBI after me, a Canadian. I now do a double take every time I see a man in a raincoat wearing dark glasses.

    More, now than ever, Obama's demise would be a great boon for America and the western world.

    Note that I am not threatening your God like president. I am merely suggesting a possible cure for what ails the non Islamic world.

    I presume this letter will earn me another Spencer ban.

    • john Stone

      Perhaps you should note that when JFK was assassinated it gave Lyndon Johnson free rein to do whatever he wanted and he hugely expanded government for a couple of years. Just about the worst thing that could happen to the conservative movement would be for Hussein to get assassinated. They would paint him as up there with Jesus in terms of holiness. By comparison Martin Luther would become a bit player.

      • mickeyobe

        "They would paint him as up there with Jesus in terms of holiness. By comparison Martin Luther would become a bit player."

        "They" already have along with the Nobel Prize committee and, probably, The Muslim Brotherhood.

        After four years Obama's halo is badly tarnished and seems, despite his current election, to be slipping precariously.

        He is an exceptional speech maker. Hitler entranced Germany and Austria with his exceptional speeches. Mussolini entranced Italy and Castro enhanced Cuba. Brutus' "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" seems to have signaled the beginning of the end of Roman rule over much of the ancient world.

        Being capable of making exceptional speeches seems to often be a prelude to horror and havoc.

        • Thomas H.

          He doesn't write his speeches. He is much too shallow and lazy. But he is a very good rapper once he memorizes the text or can read it on the teleprompter.

  • gus

    I'm tired of dumb-heads like Rev. Wright making stupid statements like "We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki…..without batting an eye."
    What does he think? (Does he think?) That Harry Truman just said to his advisors, "Hey fellas, what do you say we drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima? And let's not have any eye-blinking about it".
    I don't think so but Rev Wright is one of those blacks who like to put whites in the worst possible light.
    I suppose it is too much to ask if Rev Wright knows that the world had been at war since 1931 when the Japanese had invaded China and the "Rape of Nanking" occurred.
    No one really knows how many people died up until that fateful August in 1945 when Truman made the decision to use atomic weapons. The estimates for China were between fifteen and thirty five MILLION and that does not include the slaughtering in the rest of the world.
    So do your homework,Rev Wright. It would save from looking so foolish.

  • Len_Powder

    Obama is a conundrum. That he is anti-American there can be no doubt after his first term. But one is always puzzled by his harmful actions, policies and statements, wondering whether he is simply ignorant, inept and incompetent or whether he is knowingly attempting to demolish this republic. For example, is he truly ignorant of the fact that Muslim Jihadists are being faithful to the prescriptions and commandments in the Koran when they commit act of terrorism and barbarism? Or is he really in league with the terrorists and actually promoting the establishment of Sharia in the US? He never makes his positions on any major issue unambiguous but all of his policies, actions, and statements are completely incongruent with the nation's best interests and even survival. Even with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter it seemed that at least occasionally their agenda intended to promote the general welfare but with Obama there is nothing but an extremist leftist ideology and the promotion of specific groups which support him financially and politically. He talks, acts and sounds like a dictator which Clinton and Carter never did.

    • Walt

      Len, you are right on the money – which begs the question of how did he ever get reelected? I truly believe that with the exception of Tribal Voters and massive voter fraud it would never have happened. But until such time as we get nationwide voter I.D. and Tribal Voters start thinking for them selves instead of who they are told/expected to vote for, we will not see much improvement.

    • john Stone

      The hard thing about Obama is figuring out who he is for. He does not seem to be for anybody but himself and maybe that is all we need to know.

  • johndoba

    Robert, you should be ashamed, don't you realize your Islamophobic narrative alienates Muslim moderates and impels them irresistibly into the arms of extremists? The real enemy is ideologically suspect Western liberals, exclusivist Christians and their partners in infamy, the Zionists. Only when bigotry against Muslims and slanders against the Prophet are outlawed will the world begin to march towards the peace of a renewed sacred and global Caliphate. President Obama is to be commended for aiding the advance worldwide of the great Religion of Peace. Infidels are unclean anyway, if some have to die in the process, oh well whadda ya gonna do; a little terror aids assimilation and was recommended by the Prophet, you know. It's for their own good!

  • scum

    Mr. Spencer nobly spouts human rights, while FPM tries to force the US out of the very institution that wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and while Spencer himself apparently is still a practicing member of the Catholic Church which has destroyed the lives of so many children. Check out the story from LA today. Wow.

  • Shane

    Obama and most of the members of his administration are too gutless to put the words "Islamic" and "terrorist" together. He will not acknowledge that the majority of the terrorists who are at war with us are devout Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad against the USA, or as they call us, the Great Satan. Obama is losing the war against Islamic Jihad.

    • Thomas H.

      Obama is losing the war against Islamic Jihad.

      To lose the war he would need to engage in it. Until now he has only pretended he does.

  • SoCalMike

    You learn and see far more of what is really going on around the world on Websites like this.
    The MSM, Washington ComPost and the NY/LA Slimes have reduced themselves to dispensing state sponsored propaganda much the way Pravda used to for the USSR.
    At this point in time in the strange world we live, Pravda now has more cred than CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the MSM propaganda rags combined.

  • Hammad Aamir

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