Boston Globe Instigates Robert Spencer Speech Cancelation

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While Christians face escalating persecution from Muslims in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere, the Catholic Church temporizes, ignores the victims, and plays at “dialogue” with Islamic supremacist groups whose announced intent is to “build bridges” with non-Muslims. Such bridges are really just proselytizing mechanisms to convert them to Islam, not an attempt to engage in genuine dialogue: “The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.” — Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, chapter 10.

And so it was that I was scheduled to appear at a Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, until today, when the Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Robert McManus, directed that my appearance be canceled. McManus was under pressure from Islamic supremacist groups who were calling and emailing the diocese demanding that he cancel my appearance. I’ve been informed that they were asked to call the diocese and demand the cancellation by a Boston Globe reporter named Lisa J. Wangsness, who contacted me this morning and appears to have instigated the entire controversy.

This isn’t about me. Robert Spencer will eventually go away, whatever happens. Do Bishop Robert McManus and Lisa J. Wangsness, and the Roman Catholic Church and the mainstream media in general, think that when I go away, their troubles will be over? Do they think that if they make nice with Islamic supremacist groups in the U.S. that Christians will not be persecuted in Muslim countries, and that persecution will not escalate? Do they think that when all the writers and activists who are smeared as “Islamophobes” are finally silenced that a new era of peace and harmony will dawn between the West and the Muslim world?

Such an era will not dawn. When we are silenced, the troubles of the enlightened kuffar who have placed all their hopes in “dialogue” will just be beginning. But when their own turn comes, as it inevitably will, there will be no one left to speak up for them.

Here is my exchange with Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe:

1. Wangsness to Spencer:

Message: Hi Mr. Spencer, I am a reporter for the Boston Globe, and I am working on a story about your upcoming speech at the Diocese of Worcester’s Catholic Men’s Conference. I wanted to ask you about what you plan to talk about and about some of your critics’ assessments of your views, which some characterize as hate speech or anti-Muslim bigotry.

This story is for tomorrow’s paper, so if there is any way you could call me back at your earliest convenience I would very much appreciate it.

Lisa Wangsness 617 543 1272

2. Spencer to Wangsness:

There is nothing hateful or bigoted about what I say. My work is in defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law. Islamic supremacist groups like the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations make spurious charges of hate speech and anti-Muslim bigotry against anyone and everyone who dares to stand up against the human rights abuses and violence that are justified with reference to Islamic law by those who perpetrate them. It is a cynical tactic designed to fool people and intimidate them away from resisting jihad and Islamic supremacism.

If you have any further questions, I can be reached at this email address.


3. Wangsness to Spencer:

Thanks very much.

Several of those I’ve spoken with say you lack the credentials to speak with any authority on Islam — you are not a Muslim, you hold no degrees in Islamic studies and you are not an Arabic speaker. Could you please respond to this?

Thanks again,

4. Spencer to Wangsness:

Everything I have written in twelve books on Islam is documented from Muslim sources. No one needs take my word for anything — they can check it out themselves. What I say about Islam is not unusual or eccentric — numerous scholars who have the credentials that those you have spoken with require, and many ex-Muslims, have made the same observations about Islamic doctrine that I have. Karen Armstrong and I have both written two books about Muhammad. She is not a Muslim, holds no degrees in Islamic studies and is not an Arabic speaker. Yet they have no problem with her books and would probably recommend them. What is the difference? She paints a warmly positive view of Muhammad whereas I quote the material from the Muslim sources showing him acting violently, counseling warfare against non-Muslims, having his foes murdered, etc. This is material that those you have spoken with would rather not be known. The fact that they demand what they claim are validating credentials from me but do not demand the same from Armstrong indicates that their criticism is not with the accuracy of my work, but is motivated by another agenda. And the fact that they make these spurious arguments about credentials shows that they cannot dispute the accuracy of my work, and so have to make ad hominem attacks instead.

5. Wangsness to Spencer:

Thanks very much.

I wanted to also ask whether it is accurate that you are a member of [redacted] and that you live in [redacted]?

And can you say something about the subject you’ll be speaking about in Worcester — that is, what are your basic views on Islam’s view of Christianity?

6. Spencer to Wangsness:

Because of the many death threats I receive from the coreligionists of those with whom you are speaking, I make no public statements about my personal life or place of residence. (Have they spoken out against such violent intimidation?)

I will be elucidating Islam’s view of Christianity based on the statements of the Qur’an and Hadith, particularly the Qur’an verses 2:62-65, 5:17, 5:51, 5:72, 5:112-116, 9:29-31, and 61:6.

Also, Lisa, this discussion has centered solely around “bigotry” and credentials. Have you asked those with whom you are speaking about the innocent victims of jihad attacks around the world today? Have you asked them if there is any critic of jihad whom they DON’T find “bigoted” and “lacking in credentials,” and if so, why they target ALL of us with these same smears? Have you asked them if there is any criticism of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism that they find acceptable? Have you asked them who among them speaks out against the slaughter of non-Muslims by jihadists in Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Thailand? Have you asked them who among them speaks out against Sharia’s institutionalized oppression of women and non-Muslims? Have you asked them who among them speaks out for the apostates from Islam who live under a perpetual death sentence for the crime of exercising their freedom of conscience?

Or is your questioning proceeding solely according to their agenda?

And finally, have you asked the victims of jihad what they think about my work and the work of those with whom you are speaking?

Thanks for your time.

7. Wangsness to Spencer:

Thanks. I think it is fair to say that the ADL and others have quite strenuously condemned violence perpetrated by radical Islamists….

8. Spencer to Wangsness:

The ADL has unwisely ventured into Leftist advocacy politics, spending more time combating friends of Israel on the right rather than enemies of Israel on the left. Its record in this is nothing short of shameful.

Then, almost four hours later:

9. Wangsness to Spencer:

Hi Mr. Spencer, the Diocese tells me they have disinvited you from the conference because of concerns about how your appearance could affect Islamic-Catholic relations locally and nationally. I wanted to see whether you had a response to this development? Thanks very much, Lisa

10. Spencer to Wangsness:

They haven’t had the courtesy to tell me. If it does turn out to be true, it is new evidence of the cowardice of Roman Catholic officials in confronting the reality of Muslim persecution of Christians and their inability to grasp the importance basing genuine dialogue between religions on truth, however unpleasant, rather than on wishful thinking and comforting fictions.

11. Wangsness to Spencer:

Ok, thanks….

After speaking to sources who told me that Wangsness asked people to call the diocese and ask that my appearance be canceled, I wrote her this:

12. Spencer to Wangsness:

I’m hearing you were behind this, getting people to call the diocese. How interesting. How does that square with your supposed commitment to objective journalism?

13. Wangsness to Spencer:

I reached out to people to solicit comment on your appearance, but if people called the diocese, they did so on their own. I did not and would not tell anyone to call anyone.

14. Spencer to Wangsness:

That’s not what I was told.

And another:

Lisa, please be so kind as to answer these questions for the piece I am writing on this:

1. Whom did you contact in order to get information about me?
2. Whom did you direct to call the Bishop’s office?
3. On what basis do you consider their information reliable?
4. At what point do you consider it appropriate for a reporter to cross the line from reporting the news to trying to influence events?
5. Have you ever read the Quran or studied Islam?

Thanks — I look forward to receiving your answers.

15. Wangsness to Spencer:

I am on deadline at the moment and have referred this to my editors.

16. Spencer to Wangsness:

No problem. If you could just send a complete list of those whom you solicited for comment and asked to call the bishop, I’d be obliged.

I will be most interested to see your piece, particularly in how you describe the organizations I expect you contacted.

17. Wangsness to Spencer:

You can contact my editor, Steve Smith, at or 617 929 3100.

18. Spencer to Steve Smith:

Hi Steve. I am doing a piece on recent events surrounding a talk I was scheduled to give in Massachusetts in March, and particularly on media bias and advocacy for causes and groups masquerading as objective journalism.

In connection with that I am asking for your comment on reports I have received that Lisa J. Wangsness directed people to call the Diocese of Worcester and ask them to have my appearance canceled.

Also, I’d much appreciate it if you or she could answer the following questions that I sent to her earlier (the “you” in them is, of course, Lisa J. Wangsness):

1. Whom did you contact in order to get information about me?
2. Whom did you direct to call the Bishop’s office?
3. On what basis do you consider their information reliable?
4. At what point do you consider it appropriate for a reporter to cross the line from reporting the news to trying to influence events?
5. Have you ever read the Quran or studied Islam?

Many thanks and regards
Robert Spencer

No answer from Smith.

Meanwhile, one of the conference organizers sent me a letter that an Islamic supremacist leader in Worcester sent to the Roman Catholic diocese of Worcester:

From: A C DR ASMAL []

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 2:31 PM

To: david michael; riaz khan; nabeel khudairi; sulieman mohammed; naim assil;

Cc: Vito nicastro; ray helmick; Jerome maryon; Yusufi vali; Wangsness, Lisa J; diane kessler


Importance: High

Father David Michael, 1/30/2013
Archdiocese of Boston.

Dear David,

Please see the note from Yusufi Vali who is the current Executive Director of the ISBCC
He has received a note from the Globe that arch-Islamophobe Robert Spencer who masquerades as a Catholic has been invited to talk on Islam at the invitation of the Worcester Archdiocese.

Mr Spencer has a very deep rooted Islamophobia and argues by selective quoting of sacred passages taken totally out of context , and exploits any and every opportunity he gets to link the lunatic act of a Muslim in any part of the world as a direct consequence of Islam.

He is not an academician, nor does he have a modicum of understanding of Islam.

We in the Boston community who have enjoyed such a warm tradition of mutual respect with all our Christian friends both in the Acrhdiocese of Boston and at the Massachusetts Council of Churches are appalled that a person with such reprehensible credentials should be invited to speak to the Catholics in Worcester.

This is an appeal to you through his Eminence Cardinal O’Malley to exercise whatever influence you can to expose Mr Spencer for the hatemonger he is and get his invitation rescinded.

Thank you for your efforts

Abdul Cader Asmal MD
Co-chair of Communications
Islamic Council of New England.

ps I am copying Dr Vito Nicastro, Fr Ray Helmick, and Jerome Maryon Esq all comitted Catholic friends of the Muslim community,as well as Rev Laura Everett at MCC and Rev Dianne Kessler former EX Director of MCC
and Ms Lisa Wangsness at the Boston Globe

I was given no chance to respond to this tissue of libel. The diocese never contacted me. Instead, Raymond Delisle, Spokesman for the Diocese of Worcester, gave this statement to Lisa Wangsness:


Here is a statement from me for your story.

Although the intention of the conference organizers was to have a presenter on Islam from a Catholic’s perspective, we are asking Robert Spencer to not come to the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference given that his presence is being seen as harmful to Catholic–Islamic relations both locally and nationally.

Raymond Delisle, Spokesman for the Diocese of Worcester

The rapidity and one-sidedness of the diocese’s reaction was inexcusable — I was tried, convicted and executed without evidence, without investigation, and without a moment’s thought.

Tell them what you think. Please write to Lisa Wangsness and Steve Smith at the Globe, politely and firmly, deploring her collusion with Islamic supremacist libels and her exhorting people to contact the diocese. Tell them that this is deplorable behavior even by the standards of contemporary journalism, and that Lisa Wangsness should be reprimanded and fired.

And please also contact Raymond Delisle and Bishop McManus, asking that they not capitulate to Islamic supremacist lies, and reinstate my appearance, or at very least give me a fair hearing in a face-to-face meeting (for which I will travel from California or wherever I am when he can meet me to Massachusetts at my own expense to attend).

Lisa Wangsness:
Steve Smith:

Raymond Delisle:
Bishop Robert McManus:
Diocese of Worcester: 508-791-7171

UPDATE: I received this from Steve Smith of the Globe. It contradicts what I was told by informed sources about Wangsness’s activities:

Good evening, Mr. Spencer.

Lisa Wangsness, the Globe’s religion reporter, sought comment on your scheduled appearance from the Diocese of Worcester, local Muslim organizations, and other groups. As you know, she also reached out to you for comment. She was gathering facts and comments for a story on your appearance. She did not direct anyone she interviewed to make calls or send e-mails urging cancellation of your appearance. It is our policy not to discuss work before publication.

Stephen Smith
City editor
Boston Globe

SECOND UPDATE: Jihad Watch reader Charles notes:

Abdul Cader Asmal is a backer of Tarek Mehanna, identified as his “friend and ally” in this article: Other statements of support for Mehanna by Asmal:

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  • popseal

    God will send "strong delusion" and many will be deceived thereby, because they did not receive the love of the truth.

  • stevef

    Frightening….but not surprising. The Church seems to have a Death Wish.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: I was scheduled to appear at a Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, until today, when the Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester,

    Respectfully (I have your books, Mr. Spencer)
    ~ I SO hate the uninformed, Jewish confusion among scholarly Jews (whom I follow) about whom they sloppily tag "Christians".

    REAL CHRISTIANS NEVER PERSECUTED JEWS!!!! (Perspective ALERT: There were MORE REAL Christians slaughtered in the Reformation than were Jews slaughtered under Hitler, – by a FALSE CHRISTIANITY!!!)

    I am a "Christian" saved by FAITH in Christ's (LEGAL) propitiation for my SINS on the Cross.

    In Roman Catholicism, my justification by faith is denied.

    The Gospel for Roman Catholics:

    I am NOT a Roman Catholic. I am not "saved" by a SYSTEM of UNBIBLICAL religious SACRAMENTS!

    ~ According to what GOD says in the Bible
    (which the RC church denied its followers for more than 1000 years!):

    ~ "Those Who Bless Her (Israel) Will Be Blessed, – And Those Who Curse Her Will Be Cursed " (Genesis 12:2-3)


    • @USnavy1967

      I am a Roman Catholic and do not support the Church in its efforts to bridge between Islam and any religion. Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology that preaches murder. I will stand for the rights of all Christians and against the Church for not recognizing the fact that we are being slaughtered by muslims.

      • Demetrius M

        So glad to see another person sees islam as not a violent religion, but a violent ideology. Trying to impose religious significance to it (like our media and politicians do) is like making the Hell's Angels the next great evangelical sect.
        People need to read about the hadith and sira and see that the quran is just smoke and mirrors to enslave a people.

        • @USnavy1967

          Like your response, mind if I use the reference to the Hell"s Angels as the next great Evangelical sect?

        • welldoneson

          The Hells' Angels have the characteristic of actually minding their own business and providing services to businessmen and customers. Islamists, by contrast, think everyone's sex life is their business and will victimize not only non-Moslems but Moslems who aren't "correct".

    • evy

      Hello Kat… amen to your comment, NOT so to your link, which tells me you are under the influence of the calvinist (Calvin himself never seems to have made a break from Catholicism, nor gives evidence of being born again). 'CHOOSE you this day whom you will serve,' 'How often would I have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks, and you WOULD not.' Mordechai tells Esther (book of Esther) her options, and the results that either CHOICE will produce for her. As for Israel, the outcome was (and is)predetermined. Yes, God has plans for Israel, the redeemed, and the world. As individuals, we ALL must choose. No excuse. If you read the "elect" as simply the saved, as many sound Bible teachers have concluded, then all the commandments of God to repent and believe the Gospel, to choose, choose, choose, then it makes sense that God commands us to choose. He is not a God who makes unreasonable demands on us. Read the Book with that perspective and choose life. All religon is Works, and don't WORK. Our Maker alone is our Redeemer. He sent His Son to purchase our pardon. Jesus paid it all. Believe it, rest in Him. (Use KJV Authorized for uncompromised translation.)

    • WildJew

      κατεργάζομαι, let me ask you a hard question in light of your quote from Gen 12:3. I just bought the Kindle edition of Sen. Chuck Hagel's book, "America: Our Next Chapter." Hagel wrote:

      "Early in his administration, President George W. Bush made a dramatic bid to address the Israeli-Palestinian issue as a diplomatic complement to the U.S. strategy in the global “war on terrorism.”

      On November 10, 2001, in a speech before the UN General Assembly, President Bush went further than any of his predecessors when he said: We are working toward a day when two states, Israel and Palestine, live peacefully together within secure and recognized borders…"

      Is George W. Bush a real Christian?

      • WildJew

        Thanks for your response. Former President George W. Bush claimed to be a born again Christian, unlike his father who had a problem gaining trust within the conservative Christian / Evangelical base of the party. In large part, that is why they brought "W" in to help his father gain trust with conservative Christian voters. I voted for Governor Bush in 2000 in part because he claimed to be a Christian. Only days after the 9/11 Muslim-terror atrocities in New York and Washington, Bush unveiled his "vision" for a Muslim-enemy state in Israel's Biblical heartland. Later, I learned Bush cut a deal with Saudi Wahhabi Crown Prince Abdullah late August 2001 to sell-out Israel. I had no problem after that saying Bush was / is a phony Christian. When Bush was leaving office, sometime in January 2009 Bush did an interview with the Washington Post where he said he did not take the Bible literally. Above you wrote: "REAL CHRISTIANS NEVER PERSECUTED JEWS!!!!" In light of that statement, why aren't you prepared, like me, to say Bush is NOT a real or a genuine Christian, but a phony Christian?

        • κατεργάζομαι

          Re: your quote of me with exaggerated caps, "Above you wrote: "REAL CHRISTIANS NEVER PERSECUTED JEWS!!!!"

          Context of this thread: Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester & Catholic Church

          In your desire to narrow my original statement & pin me to the wall, – I think you missed my original point which dealt with a more serious, larger picture. – Tens of millions of Biblical Christians as well as Jews, particularly Sephardic Jews were slaughtered through out history (mainly in the Middle times) for not accepting Rome's non-Biblical sacramental system of salvation that was forced on all non-Roman Catholics.

          See, Foxe's Book of Martyrs & the Martyrs' Mirror first published in 1660. –

          Then on to your quote "In light of that statement, why aren't you prepared, like me, to say Bush is NOT a real or a genuine Christian, but a phony Christian?

          As I said before, GWB professes a Biblical faith. I would NEVER judge his heart. He was WRONG in a thousand ways. I forgive him. I moved on.

          Again, MS Rice, in my opinion is anti-Israel due to her false replacement theology. She heavily influenced President Bush's foreign policy direction. I have written much on the topic.

          The thief on the Cross next to Jesus was saved.
          It serves no purpose to judge President Bush's heart.

          I have waltzed around this Wild Jew, and cautiously reigned in my words to avoid being censored by the mods and rattling the cages of trolls like "Jay" below who are strangers to the truth. :)

        • Howard-Beale

          Hi Wild Jew. When ever I read "Spencer to Wangsness" in this article, my thoughts are catholic persecution of waldenses.

          Google Persecution of the Waldenses in France or, Waldensian Dissent, Wild Jew.

        • Feather Duster

          WildJew, you said this "why aren't you prepared, like me, to say Bush is NOT a real or a genuine Christian, but a phony Christian? "

          I guess we don't understand your expertise in the field of Christian theology. Bush did not persecute Jews.

        • RUTH

          Replying to WildJew's comment, "WHY aren't you prepared, like me, to say Bush is NOT a real or a genuine Christian, but a phony Christian? "

          WildJew's screech, screech..fingernails on the black board.

          Madam WildJew, Please define the Christian Gospel of George Bush's Faith.

          THEN kindly state how a professed Jewess holds ANYONE captive to YOUR perception of THEIR salvation?

      • κατεργάζομαι

        Replying to WildJew

        In a nut shell ….my original comment's main thought was in regard to the church of Rome, and Mr. Spencer's Roman Catholic event:

        "Respectfully (I have your books, Mr. Spencer)
        ~ I SO hate the uninformed, Jewish confusion among scholarly Jews (whom I follow) about whom they sloppily tag "Christians".

        That was my only point. We are not all "Christians."

        GOD knows I profoundly LOVE Jews and Israel (look at my posts)

        None the less, I HATE the lack of Jewish discernment between what they lump into some vacuous cauldron they call "Christian". (bite my tongue….I can not specify what I profess without being deleted and attacked) – If I cite HISTORY, I will be deleted.

        I took arrows for pointing out that Romney belonged to a CULT! That is, the posts that were not banned for citing specific theology with respectful links!

        • Howard-Beale

          "Spencer to Wangsness:" ~ "Wangsness to Spencer:"

          Earth to the learned. Persecution of the Waldenses in France

          I am not into "signs" but I couldn't help chuckling at the articles "Wangsness to Spencer" transition as it relates perfectly to the persecution of the Waldenses in France.

          Those with eyes.

      • Aaron‎

        "Is George W. Bush a real Christian? "

        Ask God.

    • Jay

      That's so cute when people copy and paste Jack Chick pamphlets!

      • κατεργάζομαι

        Nope. You are incorrect, troll.

        The source I clearly cited was CARM. You are confusing Jack Chick with Matt Slick's CARM.

        Why is it necessary to write about Roman Catholicism?

        Can you dispute their accuracy? Please do.

        If you are a Roman Catholic, please understand that this site is not meant to offend you in any way. This site is dedicated to examining the truth, all truth, and comparing it to the Bible.

        Roman Catholicism

        • Jay

          You are precious! I appreciate that 1980 years after the death of Christ, authentic christianity was discovered in your web page and you copy and paste the URL as well as other peoples arguements. Can I dispute their accuracy? Why bother, answers to that silliness is all over the internet. It would be sort of like trying to reinvent the wheel.

          In saying I love when people copy and paste Jack Chick comics, that was merely a comment on how laughable and trillion-times refuted your canned commentary was. I think even Jack Chick knows he's a joke, so I'm assuming grown human beings don't read his comic books. I admire your faith in your website.

          You should of course be aware there are plenty of websites with sections exactly matching CARM's.
          Why is it necessary to write about the historical novelty of Protestantism?
          Protestant Terminology.
          The Gospel for Protestants.
          Luther's re-writing of the bible to suit his Theology.
          Testimonies of ex Protestants.
          Is Sola Scriptura in Scripture (i'll give you the short answer: no)
          Is Sola Fide in scripture? (short answer again, no)
          Why do protestants think it took 1500+ years for the christian church to realize the prior 1500 years were all wrong?
          Why do protestants use man-made reasoning to determine what belongs in scripture (violating scripture alone)?
          Why did Protestanism have to be founded by a pervert obsessed with his bolidy functions?
          Why can't Protestantism make up its mind? (similar to the link "Which of the 10,000 protestant sects, most of whom disagree vehemently with each other, is the true Church?")
          Why can't Protestants get the Galileo controversy right (and why were Protestants similarly tainted)?

          The list goes on but who has time to write them all. If your faith is in your website, it's reasonable to assume that you're of very little faith since a better website could change your mind. But that particular website contains too many of the same canned (and incorrect) ad hominem attacks and incorrect assertions as any Jack Chick cartoon to be taken seriously. Examples:

          4th Lateran is where Roman Catholicism became what it is today (7 sacraments etc)
          Galileo condemned for believing in heliocentric view
          ANywhere it says that church fathers believed in scripture alone (suggested several times)

          Peace, I'm outta here!

          • St. Francis

            Jay, I admire your ability to use 382 words, and 2325 characters (more than most average schmoos on Debate Forum) obfiscating the very issue that you introduced, and completely whimping out, and saying nada. congratz. Wanna cookie?

    • Jay

      Ps Luther your pall was no friend of the Jews


    Who would have thought that the Boston Globe was against the First Amendment?

    "The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances."


    Using Boston Globe logic, any news story about Arabs/Muslims killing Arabs, wrong kind of Muslim, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Zoroastrians, creates Islamophobia.

    If that's the case, then the BG should employ a Soviet Era style editorial board to whitewash Arabs and Muslims.

  • TG Browning

    Folks, I strongly suggest that you answer Robert’s plea and send email to Wangsness, Smith, DElisle and McManus. I also strongly urge to to pick slightly different tactics than what Robert has done. By this I mean, one of the sets of “remarks” was the accusation that quotes from the Koran not only selected (horrors) but completely out of context. A good counter to that is to include all of the sura from each talking point and italicize the actual quote in the body of the sura. Basically, take the fight of reasonableness to them.

    I grant, the chances of actually getting a sincere response from many of them is nil. But if the emails have night, lengthy CCs atached, more pressure will be generated. Further, letters to the op-ed page in the Boston Globe and other newspapers would be helpful. It’s bloody time to start a slow advance against what is essentially, a steady wind of lies.


    • Ar'nun


  • Mary Sue

    I find it very, VERY intriguing that the islamic organizations basically Doth Protest Too Much. But it's absolute foolishness for the Roman Catholic Church to get behind the Islamist party line there.

    Might ruin Catholic-Muslim relations? That's the kind of relations you DON'T want if they're going to be QQing about that!

    • Gabrielle

      This is amazing. Can the Catholic Church not look beyond Boston and see what is happening to Christians in Muslim majority countries? I can accept the idea that the Church overlooks what is happening to Jews, but to their fellow Christians?

      I guess the Church just assumes it has enough money to pay jizya for as long as they are allowed to exist.

    • Nanis

      The thing is that they (muslims) know how to use the resources the catholic church has better than the catholics. If you call the Diocesis and complain about anything they will have to do something about it. They have discharged priest from churches for false accusations just because they don't like them or because they made them mad.

  • Chezwick

    This little vignette is a metaphor for our entire civilizational quandary. The voice of reason, represented by Robert, is silenced by Islamic supremacists, ably aided and abetted by the Left, represented by Ms Wangsness.

    • Indio Viejo

      The Catholic Church itself has been infiltrated by the communist ideology brought in with the "Liberation Theology". It has proven more lasting than what John Paul II and Benedict XVI have achieved in reversing Vatican II, the template for moral and spiritual dissolution which has plagued the Church. We even have Nuns who promote abortion. Pretty inconceivable from a person of faith. It looks like Father McManus is at home among leftist and non-believers.

  • dickymo johnston

    I've made a sincere attempt as a Roman Catholic to support my church. This cowardice is truly sinful. The diocease is violating one of the ten commandments! Does truth matter anymore to the Church? I'm writing to the Catholic Digest about this cowardice. My guess is it will refuse to print the letter. There is a place in hell reserved for those who attempt to prevent others from learning about evil and the motivation for it. I hope those responsible for this outrageous behavior seek forgiveness via the confessional.

    • WildJew

      It is indeed cowardice but its not new, nor is it unique. We saw similar cowardice within the Jewish (especially American Jewish) community during the nineteen thirties and the early forties when mass-extermination of Jews at the hands of Germans / Nazis was well-known. There were examples of extraordinary moral courage by individual Christians and Jews who rescued or tried to rescue Jewish victims but there was also a failure of leadership on the part of the institutional church and synagogue. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and Pope Pius XII come to mind.

  • pierce

    It seems to me that everyone is facing increased persecution by Islamist all over the world, not just in Egypt. All you have to do is look at the situation here in the USA, Christians and all other Sects, beware of the Muslim Supremacists, and pay close attention to what our President says and does.

  • Robin

    Wangess' comments are interesting as they go to the essence of who may speak with authority. It's no longer about knowledge but who has the credentials that deem them to be an expert. And by the way no doublechecking of those degrees actually mean anything. So higher ed gets to decide who has the right dispositions and values to get to call themselves an expert.

    Or you have to be a member of the Group. Part of your identity. Part of the Facing History curriculum has students doing Identity charts for virtually everyone they encounter.

    I followed the Interfaith movement back from New Age groups IN LA to their repeated references to Harvard's Plurality Project. It is highly unlikely that the Globe is not influenced by the positions of this project or its relationships to what is going on in Harvard's ed school via "Education as Transformation" and it includes a focus on spirituality as well. It turns out the First Amendment was only a barrier to Judeo-Christian beliefs.… explains what is meant by this now to be pushed "spiritually engaged pedagogy" in the classroom.

    It has been impossible to read what is being sought for education and not think about how convenient it would be to Islamic aspiration to have education globally trying to create a personality dominated by emotion, feelings, and intuition instead of the ration, fact-filled mind.

    • SFLBIB

      Re: "Wangess' comments are interesting as they go to the essence of who may speak with authority."

      I'm surprised that a member of the media would raise this argument. How much publicity have they given to the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jeanine Garafalo, Rosie O'Donnell, Jane Fonda, et al and held them up as some kind of authority on foreign policy, national defense, or some other issue of importance?

      • zalukas

        “Media” comrades get invited to lavish cocktail parties with the Oprahs of the world.

        Roberts Spencer probably doesn’t hold such events and therefore considered unworthy of privilege to comment on contemporary life and death issues.

  • TexRanger

    Not surprising that the cowardly Catholic church threw up its guts to appease the Muslims. Muhammad, the Muslim's prophet, was a homosexual/pedophile and the Catholic church leadership is filled with homosexual/pedophiles so they are fellow travelers. Not only do they have a joint pedophile history, but both have slaughtered tens of millions of freedom loving men, women and children. It is reported that the Catholic church has murdered, tortured and starved to death 50,000,000 men, women and children who refused to swallow the Catholic ideology. That's even more than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin slaughtered. Not to mention that the Catholic church spread its legs for Adolf Hitler who cooperated with the Muslims against the free world in World War II. These are three groups have slept in the same bed!!!

    • Drakken

      Your sources are very wrong, as a Catholic myself, look at what is happening in the here and now because the muslims wherever they march bring misery and death wherever they go, the scared old men of the Catholic hiearchy think that they can appease evil when they know individually that it cannot coexist with savages without them turning on you,the clergy might pray for redemption, but t will be us with the swords that will make it happen in the end.

    • Jim McCrudden

      You display exactly the evil that this issue is about

  • gfmucci

    Catholics should not tolerate nor financially support Catholic leaders who display such gross ignorance of Islam and that ideology's methods and practice of disinformation and slander. These Catholic leaders are not defending the faith. They act like politicians seeking praise from men – in this case men engaged in promotion of an ideology that will use any means to ultimately impose itself on other faiths. This, oddly, is the method of satan.

  • mlcblog

    This, to me, is really sad. I appreciate Mr. Spencer's documentation.

  • UraFecalLiberal

    My wife is a devoted Catholic and her mother was very devout. The Catholic Church is committing suicide. The Pope makes negative comments on capitalism repeatedly while extolling socialism, as if that is more in consonance with Jesus’ teaching. Now Jesus never said anything about the state forcibly taking from one set of the population and redistributing to another. He said that giving is an individual decision, and personal obligation. The prohibition against the death penalty in all cases, with no exceptions is unacceptable and should not be imposed upon Catholic countries, as it is in South America. The childish statements that the Pope makes in the face of evil and rampant sociopathology is embarrassing, non productive, and offers no solution or hope.

    • Agent99SP

      But he speaks with infallibility! /sarc

  • LindaRivera

    Hero, Robert Spencer, risks his life for telling the truth about Islam. Mr. Spencer has received many DEATH THREATS FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM.

    Does the Boston Globe; reporter Lisa J. Wangsness and Catholic leaders VOLUNTEER to DELIBERATELY DECEIVE and propagandize for totalitarian, supremacist Islam – a ruthless, violent and murderous system that tolerates NO other political ideology or religion, or are they paid by Saudi Arabia?

  • LindaRivera

    The total horror, lifelong suffering and destruction of lives of non-Muslim innocents that results from colonizing non-Muslim countries with Muslims:,

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

  • LindaRivera

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Every Western government, media, organizations and religions have a moral responsibility to WARN their nations that the Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and conquer our nations.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  • LindaRivera

    Geert Wilders in Malmö
    “Brussels where Islamic gangs with Kalashnikovs have chased the police from certain neighborhoods…”

    Muslims are obeying the Quran to wage war. Our treasonous Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us.
    Instead of responding to the Islamic jihad waged daily against non-Muslims inside our countries, and have our military go into every no-go Muslim area and deport the jihadist Muslims, Muslims are ALLOWED to continue their war against us.

    Muslim immigration is continually increased by Western ruling elites to facilitate greater war against non-Muslim innocents. Together, Western ruling elites and devout Muslims wage war against us.

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    – Houari (Mohamed) Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1965 – 1978, in a 1974 speech at the UN

    Winston Churchill: We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    • Mary Sue

      Send in Eric Holder and Sarah Brady!

  • Grendel

    Mr. Spencer quotes denials by Muslims and press, but refers only to informed sources for his accusations. His case would be a lot stronger if he could support it, if not with names of sources, then with some info about how they came by their information.

    • tanstaafl

      so it's the victims fault……..

    • Jim McCrudden

      Spencer sources EVERYTHING. To my knowledge he has never been contradicted on anyhthing he writes in his books.

  • M. Archer

    "Churcianity" et al has swallowed the bitter Leftist position that there are no "Evil" people or "Evil" agenda's. The position of the "denominational" children of the book is to show the love of the Messiah so that they may be used by Him to save some of the "uninformed". This is a fatal flaw of discernment. When the Apostles went out two by two to share the "good news" they were instructed to take their swords. Hmmmm Churchianity seems to be lacking the discernment to know when Leftist ideology is whispering in their ear and when it is the G-d of Israel, Alas as it has been written, so it shall be done. Hmmm

  • Judenlieber

    Catch-666. Telling the truth about Islam IS hate speech, and cannot be anything else. To speak or write about Islam without any mention of the numerous barbaric incitements to violence and hatred contained in the Koran, the Hadith, and other Muslim sources is to lie by omission. Thus it s very hard to discuss Islam in detail without being accused of hate speech. Unless you lie.

  • Ar'nun

    Robert – If you ever plan on coming back to Massachusetts, my Shull often hosts speakers and I am sure the Rabbi would be more than happy to not only allow you to speak, but when some scum bag from the Globe tries this crap, we will gladly tell them to go screw!

  • Tim Routledge

    I bet you weren't expecting the Spanish Inquisition!

  • Gloria Stewart

    Shame on The Catholic Church for permitting itself to be intimidated. The Pope has the bully pulpit and could speak out on the evils of Islam. Instead he attacks capitalism and vague concepts of injustice and inequality. No institution sticks around for 2000 years without learning to do business with the guys who run the store. What do the church fathers see as the role of the Church as Islam spreads over Europe and Africa. Do they think that the crocodile will eat them last?

    Dr. Asmal accuses Mr. Spencer of taking the Koran out of context. How amusing. The Koran does not have a context. It is not written by topic or by chronology. With one or two exceptions, it is written from the longest chapter to the shortest.

    One minor point on Robert Spencer's excellent article. The purpose of interfaith dialogue in the present day is not so much to convert the infidels. Of course that is always in the background since Allah commands his followers to practice jihad until the entire world is Muslim. Working with clergy of other faiths allows Islam to acquire respectability; the honor usually given to clergy rubs off on Islam. The Jewish and Christian clergy who engage in such dialogue allow Islam to present itself as a religion rather than as a totalitarian belief system. These Christian and Jewish clergy will claim that Islam is just like them – one third of an Abrahamic faith, if you will. Also they invariably assert that those Muslims who are terrorists hijacked their faith and are quick to point out that Christians and Jews have a violent past. Thus Islam becomes benign and unassailable. The enemies of Islam have built it a fortress behind which it can hide.

    • Jim McCrudden

      Well said, Gloria. My kind of girl.

  • cathchr

    Mr. Spencer I have read some of your books and read your articles often. I am largely in agreement with your efforts to alert us to the Islamic terror threat. However you are a member of the Greek Melkite Catholic Church, which is in union with Our Holy Father. Your article is needlessly divisive to the unity of Faith which you as a Catholic profess. Please read carefully the assorted comments written in response to your article. Are you not greatly concerned with the venomous hateful anti-Catholic attacks that have been prompted by your column? Why the need to drag The Church through the sewer along with those spewing hatred? Hatred by the way is not the sole possession of the Islamic terrorists you rightly denounce and warn against. As these comments make clear The Church itself as the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth,has enemies on all sides. Pray for our Bishops rather than holding them up to contempt as you have recklessly done. You could have made your points without inviting as you did, an attack upon the very faith which you publicly profess.

    • Capt. Craig

      Cath, you go right ahead and pray your arse off. I and others will call a spade a spade. There are thousands of clerics who should be castigated and loudly so for what they have done to the Church and its members. We have put up with this rot for far too long. Get off your Ostrich knees and grow a little testicular fortitude and stop making excuses for scumbags within.
      BTW I was educated by the Irish Christian Brothers. Nuf said,huh?

      • cathchr

        Good reminder CC as I would encourage all faithful Catholics to pray without ceasing as holy scripture enjoins us to do. My comments were directed to Spencer and faithful Catholics of good will. That may or may not include you I can't tell for sure but I rather doubt it. If the Irish Christian Brothers did you harm I am deeply sorry for what you went through. Christ and His Church are more than the deeply sinful clerics that you referenced. And more than a possible errror in judgment, if it even was that; we can hardly tell from the limited info we have from this article, from one diocese in Mass.

    • Drakken

      All the prayer in the world is not going to help you when the muslim savages are on the march, only those with the swords are going to make the difference for God only helps those that help themselves, forget that little tibit?

  • fanlad

    The right to life for the unborn babies illegal now, the FIRST Amendment, and the Second Amendment next.

  • edshaw

    First words out of their mouth, "You have no degree in Islamic studies."
    Actually, that's a good thing.

  • N. T. Riisgaard

    Robert Spencer,
    It makes me sad to learn that the United States, too, is travelling down the slippery road of PC dissimulation to make Islam part of the modern world. Instead, I had hoped for years that she would take the lead and point out the enemy, and eventually ban and fight the dragon, looming in the cave. I'm grateful of your CDs 'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades', which I listened to in the car for months. These American lessons may have contributed to my expectations that the buck stops in USA. Despite that dissapointment, your writings are immortal, and your reputation is undying. Your intellectual bravery is doing honour to your country. The Boston Globe and the Catholic bishop are just representing the usual cowards. The media and the church, the usual suspects rubbing shoulders withe the political establishment, and forgetting their classic obligations.

    Carry on your good work
    All the best
    N.T.R., DK

  • MTnman

    It is regrettable that those who would guard the faith reject information that may protect their congregants. Bullying and any form of intimidation are not arguments worthy of consideration when it comes to survival. These are the methods of those fearful of the truth and honest debate.

  • Sympathizer

    so you got taste of your own bitter medicine. Good for you, you facist hatemongering moron.

    • Drakken

      Look in the mirror you commi/leftist muslim sympathizer.

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