Free Speech Battle in Small-Town Tennessee

gelller-webLast Tuesday, Bill Killian, U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Tennessee, FBI Special Agent Kenneth Moore, and Zak Mohyuddin of the American Muslim Advisory Council hosted an event called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” in the town of Manchester, Tennessee. My American Freedom Defense Initiative colleague Pamela Geller and I called for a protest of what was clearly an event designed to intimidate Americans into being afraid to criticize the elements of Islam that give rise to violence and supremacism – and patriots turned out in numbers far beyond what we expected.

Nearly 2,000 protesters assembled at the Manchester Convention Center to register their disapproval of this latest Obama Administration attempt to silence criticism of jihad and Islamic supremacism, and to stigmatize the critics. When the event started, the room was filled way beyond capacity, with people filling the aisles and standing in the doorways – while many hundreds more continued to rally outside and wait for news of what went on.

The event, predictably, was all about hate crimes, hate speech, and how Tennesseans needed to be more inclusive and welcoming of the increasing numbers of Muslims in their midst. Mohyuddin, Killian and Moore all spoke with extraordinary condescension to the crowd, as if it were taken for granted that their only reason for being suspicious of Muslims was the color of their skin (Killian said exactly that) and cultural differences. The audience, however, was having none of it, and frequently shouted responses to the various (and numerous) disingenuous and manipulative assertions coming from the speakers.

That gave the mainstream media their take on the event. In a peculiar move coming from those who would seem to have a good bit to lose if the freedom of speech were entirely subverted, mainstream media reporting on the event uniformly portrayed the pro-free speech protesters as a gang of racist, bigoted thugs, shouting down the valiant paladins of tolerance.

Nicole Young’s report in the generally hopeless Nashville paper, The Tennessean, was a case in point: “The interruptions,” it claimed, “were so intense at times that attendee Elaine Smith, 55, of Bedford County, said she was afraid of other audience members. ‘I came here because I wanted to learn something … but I couldn’t hear because the audience was so disrespectful,’ she said. ‘I cried when I got here. It makes me really sad especially because these people say they’re Christians. The God I worship doesn’t teach hate.’”

The claim that someone in the crowd was “afraid” of the other audience members, as if these patriots who came out to defend the freedom of speech were some gang of menacing thugs, bent on silencing their foes by force, was utterly preposterous – this was not, after all, a meeting of United Against Fascism or some other genuinely thuggish Leftist group. But this, of course, is how the mainstream media always portray those who oppose jihad and Islamic supremacism, and the facts be damned.

Pamela Geller’s questions are apposite: “The enemedia supporting the suppression and restriction of free speech in America presents an interesting paradox. Are they so clueless or self-important that they think they will be spared? Didn’t the Obama administration spying on the AP and other news organizations teach them anything?” Good questions for Nicole Young to ponder.

The Tennessean report, like Bill Killian, Kenneth Moore, and Zak Mohyuddin at the “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” event, completely ignores the genuine concern that people have about jihad and Islamic supremacist activity, and the fact that Muslim groups (aided and abetted by Barack Obama) use claims of “hate” and “bigotry” to shut down honest discussion of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism.

Killian and Moore expatiated at length about how “inflammatory” speech could violate civil rights laws, and how Arab and Muslim children were being taunted in school, and how Tennesseans should be more welcoming. But no one, of course, was there to defend the taunting of Muslim or Arab schoolchildren. No one was there because he hated foreigners. No one was there to defend sending people violent threats. The protesters turned out in such unexpectedly high numbers because they knew that truthful and accurate exploration of Islam’s violent teachings has been deemed “inflammatory” by both Muslim groups and the Obama regime — and that leaves us unable to examine the motives and goals of jihad terrorists, or to defend ourselves adequately against them. That’s why everyone was so upset with Killian, Moore, and Mohyuddin, but the media were either oblivious to that fact or intent on ignoring it.

One wonders who decided to hold an event like this in small-town Tennessee, rather than some higher-profile area, in the first place. Did the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney’s office think that their new suggestion that civil rights laws could be used to silence criticism of Islam would escape notice if it were held in a place that is usually outside the relentless gaze of the mainstream media? Did they hope to float a trial balloon and see if their anti-free speech initiative would be met with indifference and complacency in Manchester, Tennessee, which might be an indication that it wouldn’t encounter serious resistance in Nashville or Dallas or New York or Washington, either?

Whatever the real reason may be, their efforts failed. The patriots who came to the Manchester event demonstrated to the Obama Administration that their efforts to subvert the First Amendment will not go unchallenged. That evening showed that the children and heirs of those who were responsible for the Boston Tea Party and other manifestations of resistance to tyranny have not all become willfully ignorant and complacent. And resist tyranny we will, once again.

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  • truebearing

    Most likely Obama and Holder sent Killian into Tennessee because it is a well known bastion of Christianity and patriotism. Maybe they think they can beat down the patriots and supplant their religion, or maybe Obama is trying to start a fight. He knows Tennesseans will fight back. At this stage of the game, with all of his scandals and slipping power, Obama may be trying to create an excuse to declare martial law. Odds are astronomical that whatever he is doing is motivated by some form of evil.
    Accusing Obama of treachery, malevolence, or just everyday dishonesty is too easy. For a challenge, just try accusing him of something good and noble.

  • Jakareh

    It should be pointed out that any attempt to conflate the patriotic Americans in Manchester with the Muslim and leftist thugs who routinely shout down opponents is utterly dishonest. When, for instance, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was prevented from speaking at UC Irvine, the intent of the Muslim Student Association–a Muslim Brotherhood front group, by the way–was to prevent him from getting any of his points across. There was no absolutely no interest on their part in what the ambassador had to say or in responding to him in a legitimate way. Even worse, they were determined to prevent others from learning about Michael Oren’s points of view. In Manchester, by contrast, the patriotic audience members were anxious to know what Bill Killian and the others speakers would say and they listened with rapt attention because they knew Killian and company are part of a cabal that is conspiring against the freedom of speech. That being so, they were eager to glean something about how he and his superiors plan to target the First Amendment. They responded negatively to Killian–and rightfully so because his speech was disingenuous and offensive–but that reaction was a genuine response to the content of what Killian said, and not an attempt to silence him. Only a hysterical leftist who thinks Obama and his minions are sacrosanct would make the preposterous claim that she was scared of the patriotic Americans in the audience.

  • Jason P

    They got it backwards. We don’t celebrate violent thugs who commit crimes in the name of our cause as “misguided idealists.” That’s the left. They’ll fete Bill Ayers and Kathy Boudin … and give them jobs a major universities.

  • Smooth Lee

    I think Mr. Spencer is spot on about it being a “trial balloon”. But the brave patriots attending popped it. I heard the burst way over here in Seoul. Will that stop the white house mufti and his doj (dept of jackasses) from pursuing their destruction of our 1st Amendment rights? Stay tuned.

  • tagalog

    “The only reason for being suspicious of Muslims is the color of their skin?”
    What does that say about Mr. Killian’s prejudices, biases, and invidious assumptions?

    What color ARE Muslims, by the way?

    • Trappedincalifornia

      There are 4 races, white, black, Asian and Australian aborigines. Muslims are white, like 70% of Americans.

      • Howard Lee

        Muslims are almost every race. Radical Islam is closer to a cult than religion. It seems to be based on ignorance and stupidity–very similar to leftist Democrats.

        • Boots

          Islam is like liberalism… the only difference being Muslims believe in submission to Allah while liberals believe in submission to government. That’s most likely why liberals tend to ally themselves with Muslims… same mindset. Imams and liberals both think they can run our lives better than we can run our lives. Liberals just don’t understand once the Islamists have their way they’ll turn on the liberals.

          • Seek

            Wrong. Islam is a religion, and it is about absolute certitude in all things in life. Liberalism, by contrast, is about skepticism. The problem is that liberalism has morphed into radicalism. And the true classical liberals — i.e., libertarians — have been left behind.

          • warpmine

            No Islam is a political cult that demands everyone be submissive of the moon god Allah. It demands that it supplant all govt and law with it’s own. That sir is not a religion, it’s a cult.

          • ziggy zoggy

            No, islame is a cult because it exalts Muhammad and everything attributed to him.

          • Seek

            All “cults” are religions. By your own admission, it demands subservience to a god. Now what exactly is a religion if not subservience to a particular god. This whole “Islam is not a religion” meme strikes me as a way in which Christians and Jews can absolve themselves of any wrongdoing. After, only bad (i.e., irreligious) people do bad things.

            The distinction between a “religion” and a “cult” is wholly artificial, without even a rhetorical much less substantive distinction. I detest Islam, too, but the plain fact is this: It’s a religion. It’s just a rotten one.

          • ziggy zoggy

            A cult centers around a human being. A religion does not. You are dead wrong.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Wrong. Islame is an imperialist cult conceived as a means to gain foot soldiers. Classic liberalism was about conviction: The conviction that all its tenets were better than traditional values.

          • Smooth Lee

            Religion, political, cult, it’s all of these in the oppressive extreme. It’s the result of a pathological mutation of the
            DNA, with it’s genesis likely preceding the establishment
            of islam, but as of muhammad having evolved into the
            unalterable disease it’s become today.

          • Seek

            Liberalism began as skepticism, not certitude. I’m not sure what books you’ve been reading. As for Christianity, it has its imperialist side, of worldwide conquest.

          • Kleverabevera

            World conquest? The only way a Christian thinks they will ever take over the world is if Christ himself does it. If that happens you will have to take it up with him. Otherwise, Christians have no ideas on world domination.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Liberalism was certain it was superior to tradition. That is why it was conceived. Christianity is at war with nobody. All the religions on earth are at peace with each other except one, as somebody here noted. You are a troll.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Liberalism began as skepticism, not certitude. ”

            Skepticism about the establishment, and certitude that the Bible is false.

            OTOH, that depends on how you trace what you call liberalism. The Christian humanists and protestants were the true liberals in their day. That was before whacky socialist and communist theories were used to attack the new protestant establishment.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “As for Christianity, it has its imperialist side, of worldwide conquest.”

            Wrong. That’s more or less what public schools imply with their “history” if they cover it at all. Usually it’s just snide erroneous comments though from “teachers” and leftist-indoctrinated students. Next you’ll tell me that Muslims were the victims of the crusades.

            But if you know any history that is accurate, you can only point to the Catholic Church for a period when they did try to dominate Europe politically and convert the world to their beliefs After the Bible was restored to the center of public Christianity, that all fell apart. That was centuries ago.

          • Boots

            Never said Islam isn’t a religion, and to be clear not all Muslims are Islamists, but whether it’s a cult or religion is irrelevant. Muslims’ absolute certitude about Allah is strikingly similar to liberals’ absolute certitude about government. However, with Islamists, religion controls every aspect of life which includes politics and the courts. They use the Koran to justify absolute control of everyone including infidels. True that liberalism has been hijacked… but today’s self identified liberal/progressive places all their faith in the government. Except for the military or anything national security related, I can’t think of any part of the government very many liberals are willing to cut… and they are always actively working to expand the size and scope of government including dependency on the government. Islamists actively work to get everyone to submit to Allah. Terror, quislings, and useful idiot liberals (and some conservatives) are the tools of choice for expanding Islam. I’m merely making an observation that government is to liberals/progressives as Allah is to Muslims and that liberals overwhelmingly support Islam. Why do they support Islam? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’s because they both have a mutual interest in control. That… or it’s Bush’s fault.

          • vladdy1

            In this odd age. it is pretty much irrelevant to bring up classic liberalism. It’s like saying that environmentalists are concerned with overpopulation (these days. when they welcome open borders and all immigration with open arms, you can hardly say that’s true anymore.) Words and definitions change, and unfortunately for us all, “leftism” has replaced “liberalism” in our political lives.

          • MarilynA

            But the liberals haven’t tried to tell us how to wipe our behinds like the Quran does. It says Muslims have to eat with their right hand because they are told to wipe their behinds with their left hands. Guess they didn’t have corn cobs back in Mohammed’s day.

          • Boots

            You need look no further than the Affordable Care Act to get a sense of the control liberals want to exert. Cap and trade is another good example because the effect of that would be to control behavior through carbon taxes. Mayor Bloomberg and Big Gulps? Cigarette taxes? The EPA? The IRS? Liberals use the power of government and taxation to control behavior they don’t like or to get desired behavior. Islamists use brute force and fear.

      • Gee

        Muslims come in all races, just like Christians and Jews. Arabs are considered White – not Muslims

        • ziggy zoggy

          White trash.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Four? Really? Which category do Amerindians belong to? Or Bushmen and Negritos? What about mixed race groups like Polynesians and Malays? And oh, yeah. Abos are white.

      • tagalog

        What does race have to do with color?

        • ziggy zoggy

          More than a little. Skin color is an adaption to climate that stays with populations for thousands of years. That’s why there are no light skinned Negroes or Aborigines.

      • vladdy1

        Gee, I taught a lot of Somalian and Sudanese muslim kids in Seattle who would be pretty shocked to hear they were white.

  • James Boom

    I doubt the Universities give journalism degrees to people who refuse to submit to islam these days.

    Manchester maybe a small victory for freedom however the islamic usurpation continues unabated.

  • anolesboy

    It is what it is……We will take back America. It isn’t going to be easy when you look at the lady who was so full of her self. She hoped she was going to be interviewed by CNN but it didn’t happen…..We have got to hang in there till 2016 and then we will find out what this Country is really made of…and that is something that really scares me…….I just don’t know !!

    • Ronald Orso

      We need only wait until 2014, take back the Senate and start to fix the mess of the last 5 years.

    • warpmine

      Appreciate the sentiment but the people have already prove themselves to be little more than loudmouths without the fortitude to actually march on Washington and do what needs to be done. The politicians, spineless most of them, will not allow themselves to be labelled and will thus dance around until such time as another election comes along. Sorry, it’s a sad time we live in, but nevertheless, it’s true.

  • Howard Lee

    The Obama Marxist Muslim Gestapo/Stasi/Mafia is alive and well in Tennessee. Sieg Heil Obamessiah

  • Ken

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

    • warpmine

      The gov t doesn’t fear the people so what do you have? People have proven to be less than intelligent dealing with election, the fraud and everything else under the sun or in this case crescent moon thus giving the usurper everything he wants and without firing a shot.

      • Ken

        We must keep telling our citizens that FREEDOM is the most we can expect from our government.

  • Gee

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

    I spent 9 years of my life where I surrendered my Civil Rights to defend this country. Now that I have them back – I will never again surrender them.

  • Seek

    Moooslims are preternaturally violent. This is a self-evident truth. Some people, at least, aren’t afraid to say so publicly.

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    What is occurring in Tennessee is highly alarming and could have devastating nuclear consequences for the world. The Muslims speakers announced at this meeting in Manchester that there are now 63,000 Muslims in Tennessee with over 40,000 of those being around the Middle Tennessee region. Surprisingly enough they even announced that Dr. Oz is a Muslim. LOL, do not think I will be watching his show any longer. In addition, that week it was also announced that what was estimated as a small group of only 40 families in the beginning totally only 200 Muslims counting children in Murfreesboro has within a year bulged to 1,000 with 200-300 of those estimated as new students at the university. On May 30, 2013 a judge denied Murfreesboro’s citizens the right to close the new mosque because they had not been allowed enough public notice to vote on it’s approval. The judge ruled that they had adequate notice. In Johnson City the mosque was never even announced it was just built in secret. In addition, the MCNET or Muslim Community of North East Tennessee is on the campus of East Tennessee State University and if federally funded by our tax dollars and by the student activity fees enrollees pay in tuition. It is located off W. Lake St near student lot 4 in the corner of the campus between University Parkway and State of Franklin. Interesting to note that ETSU now has a nuclear program. In addition, there is a mosque at 3010 Antioch Road in Johnson City which was built shortly after their first mosque received damage by vandals after 9/11. A local Methodist Church hosted their Imam to give a speech for area residents to help build understanding. This was ten years ago, I attended that event and left feeling I had a better understanding of Islam and was glad they were part of the community that night and even sorry that some local teens had vandalized their building out of fear. It took years of study for me to realize how many lies I was feed that night. I now understand why Thomas Jefferson stated that you could never trust a Muslim because they are taught from birth to lie and are even taught that a lie to further Islam is a “holy lie”. What is happening in Tennessee is because we have been good neighborly Christians who have wanted to love and understand our neighbors. We have busy lives and no time to read about a foreign religion especially when we already love our Savior in Jesus Christ if we are Christian which I am and some who are liberals allowed it because they are open to all people and respect religions even if they do not participate in them. So, we are at fault in a way or at least most of us are for letting our guard down. In fact, the first mosque in America was only allowed because they lied about what it was. They called it a fraternity of the rose back in the 1930s. Here is the problem after studying their religion and understanding what it calls for, if Muslims are able to infiltrate our society to the point they are able to chill freedom of speech in Tennessee as they are attempting to do; then they would be able to damage nuclear safety. Tennessee is America’s heartland. We are her nuclear hub so to speak and as Tennessee goes so goes the nation when it comes to nuclear security. As Muslims attempt to progress in society in Tennessee, on college campuses as students and professors alike, into the medical fields, and into all professions, over time they will gain access to our nuclear fields of technology and weaponry if we do not outlaw Islam now as a precaution. Given they are video recorded shouting Nuke! Nuke Denmark! and Nuke! Nuke U.S.A.!!! in the streets of France we can expect that they no longer only intend to nuke Israel but plot to use nuclear weapons against every nation they perceive as infidels around the world. Islam truly needs to be outlawed by International Law as well. Humanity has closed the doors of time on cannibalism and throwing human sacrifices into burning volcanos. It is time to close the chapter of Islam on the civilized world and help educate its victims into the modern era. This “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” event occurred in Manchester because the citizens and their city counsel had wisely attempted to outlaw the worship of Sharia Law in Manchester as a precaution to prevent what they had seen happen in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They were told that they could not restrict Sharia Law because it is protected by freedom of religion and civil rights; even though Sharia Law on every humane level breaks our laws? There is nothing Constitutionally sound about Sharia Law. It is the code of pirates from the Barbary Coast. It is the “law” ,if you can it that because truly I question whether it deserves use of title of law but none the less it is the law of the pirates, Thomas Jefferson went to war with from 1804-1815. It is not American and it has no place in America. It is literally the law of our enemy. It was the war on the Barbary Coast that really formed our Marine Corps and it is the verse “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country’s battles in the air, on land, and sea… ” that comprise the heart of the Marine Hymn. It is really unimaginable when you study our history to ever imagine that a mosque would ever be built in America. We let our guard down. It is time we fix this problem before we lose our freedoms.

  • ziggy zoggy

    The reason The Obamaburo held its reeducation rally in Manchester is because islamopithecines have gained a foothold in Tennessee and Tennesseans want to throw them out. This kind of indoctrination isn’t necessary in places like Michigan and New Jersey, which have already submitted to both Obama and islam.

    • jakespoon


  • Jsjk

    I am also curious as to why Manchester, Tennessee would be chosen as the location. What’s behind this? Why do they keep going to the heartland of America? Do they believe that if they can subdue these regions, then taking over the rest of America will be a piece of cake? Or is it their hope to cause some ruckus, then paint the residents as “racists?”

    • jakespoon

      Because all the other places like the northeast and California will go along to get along. The Heartland is where “the bitter clingers” live.

    • OfficialPro

      they want to start loading up the heartland with Muslim Brotherhood Immigrants to outvote the non-Democrats.

      • Preserve Our Nation

        That’s indeed the strategy. ‘Seems to be working.

  • jakespoon

    One muslim I know told me,himself,that he had three wives,23 children,32 grand children,and 14 great grand children…all here,not in Yemen. I believe him. This crap must be stopped.

  • Frank Livingston

    FBI special agent in charge of the Eastern Tennessee District Kenneth Moore needs to do his research before he is duped by the Obama administration and DOJ. He says “Our presence here tonight has generated some controversy,” he said. “People think we want to step on and stifle their First Amendment rights. Nothing could be further from the truth.” He needs to look up UN Resolution 16/18 and then watch a YouTube briefing by a former DOD/JCs Shariah/Islamic expert Stephen Coughlin The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law
    UN Resolution 16/18 places Sharia above our First Amendment.

    • armchair_o_fury

      I really wish someone with media cred would look into this more! When the OIC began pushing this “international blasphemy law” at the UN (after the cartoon riots), the Bush administration refused to negotiate because it was contrary to our 1st Amendment. However, when Obama took over, one of the first things he did (around the time of his “apology tour”) was to send Hillary into closed-door talks with the OIC to help “shape” the discussion (i.e. look for opportunities to cowardly appease evil).
      I can’t help but wonder if the subsequent attacks on free speech (General Dempsey pressuring Terry Jones, Hillary making sure the video maker “responsible for Benghazi” was put in jail, the Hillary/Obama apology video to the Muslim world, Obama saying “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”, etc., and now the DOJ considering defamation of Islam a civil rights violation) aren’t part of some secret appeasement deal brokered by Hillary. I wonder what she got in exchange for our souls.

      • Frank Livingston

        I believe the reason whey everyone came out blaming the YouTube video was to push UN Resolution 16/18. This is the reason DOJ is pushing this.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Never let a crisis go to waste.

          They’re the biggest liars in history since the Nazis and Soviets. And they have American citizenship (most of them anyway).

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Come and Take It!
    Tennessee wil not yield like so many other Dhimmitude states…

  • Sara Rafiqi

    Shame on you all! Muslim Americans are just as much American as anyone else, and probably more so than most people here since we respect people of ALL faiths. We condemn acts of terror, no matter who perpetrates them. No one is calling for the abridgment of free speech but rather a crackdown on incitement to violence and hate. Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer are labeled extremists by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, which are hardly Muslim groups. Stop the hate and learn to accept other cultures.

    • Drakken

      Your fellow co-religionist are going to make every point you make moot and null and void, to call Geller and Spencer racist and bigots by you muslims/leftist to shut down debate is growing rather thin. To quote anything from ADL and SPLC is so absurd and laughable that it holds zero credibility period. All cultures are all not equal, my western culture has given you every modern convenience known to man, and your bloody well welcome.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Stop the stealth jihad taqiyah, you despicably stupid troll.

  • John Holliday

    I came here because I wanted to learn something…

    Yeah. Many in the crowd were there to learn something. They learned that liberals have no respect for the Constitution and anyone’s rights, except their own.


  • StevenDobbs


  • sickofitall

    not all satanists are terrorists, some satanists are moderates and do not want to behead your children. Therefore you cannot speak up against the ideology of satanists lest ye be called racists..

  • HappyDog1

    Constitutional free speech does not lend to Muslims the right to impose their so-called Sharia laws, Jihad, our way or no way mentality upon sincere Christians or even all non-Islamists. There lies the difference. A true Christian would not…should not…let their mind be exposed to the lies and deceit of Islam…even if they’re just “curious”. Light and dark do not mix.

  • twinelm

    Their ultimate aim is to criminalize any criticism of their cult and to also outlaw public sharing of our Christian faith. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, the life, no man comes to the Father, but by me”. Can’t get any plainer than that. I will tell any Muslim, atheist or anyone else what Jesus said as often as I choose it to be appropriate until there is no breath left in my body….which, of course, Islamists would LOVE to speed along for me and plans to as soon as they are able. We need to show up EN MASSE at EVERY TURN when Islamists meet to spew their lies. Because that is what they are peddling. Lies.

  • Karen Lugo

    Maybe the strategy is not so apparent at all. Rather than accomplishing this:
    “That evening showed that the children and heirs of those who were responsible for the Boston Tea Party and other manifestations of resistance to tyranny have not all become willfully ignorant and complacent.”

    — maybe, the predictable “hateful” optics and the reliable media response are part of a plan to convince low information voters of the urgent need for hate speech laws. The knee-jerk response of the average person who sees people shouting down government officials and silver-tongued Muslim leaders is to just “make it stop.” They are not capable of understanding the core issues and are easily manipulated into thinking that new laws will “stop the hate.”

    Also, it is true that a group that conspires to serially interrupt a speaker can be considered to be using speech to unlawfully prevent another’s speech, as in the California “UCI 11″ case. I am not saying that this demonstration met the various legal tests for violating the speaker’s rights but, for now, the public relations question equally important.

    There are more persuasive ways to make our case. Time to think strategically.

  • Santiago Matamoros

    Obama and his minions — in government, media, and academia — are the enemy within.

  • Ted

    Everyone seems to ignore the fact the the holy Islamic book, the Koran, tells them to kill the non-Muslims. Why should we make it easier for them? They are at WAR with us and our govt. ignores that fact. Is this because our President is a Muslim?