Islamic Supremacist Nominated as UC Student Regent

regA UC Berkeley senior who is a venomous supporter of the jihad against Israel and member of several Islamic supremacist groups with links to jihad terror has been nominated to become the University of California student regent for the 2014-15 academic year.

The student regent participates in a board that sets policies for the entire University of California system, which consists of ten campuses throughout the state. Sadia Saifuddin is expected to be confirmed as student regent by the full Board of Regents next month.

The hijabbed Saifuddin would be the first Muslim student regent. “My faith,” she explained, “is a big part of my life. What I love the most about Islam is that it preaches tolerance and love, which is the reason that I have close friends and networks outside of the Muslim community as well.”

Yet Saifuddin’s record at UC-Berkeley is hardly one of tolerance and love. She co-sponsored a BDS resolution in the Berkeley student Senate, calling on the entire University of California system to divest companies that do business with Israel, based on the spurious premise that Israel is “occupying” Palestinian territory.

Saifuddin, a member of both Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), also spearheaded “A Resolution Condemning Islamophobic Hate Speech at the University of California,” which the student Senate passed unanimously. Saifuddin herself wrote the resolution, which claimed that “since September 11, 2001, Islamophobia has become the latest ‘hazing’ technique across the United States and has created a chilling effect for Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians in their communities, work-environments, and campuses,” and that “according to a Gallup Study, 60% of of [sic] Muslim Americans say that Muslims face prejudice from Americans.”

In fact, the very concept of “Islamophobia”  is a blunt instrument in the hands of Islamic supremacists, designed to intimidate non-Muslims into thinking that resisting jihad terror is “hateful.” And reality does not back up its existence: the British journalist Brendan O’Neill gave the truth behind such claims in the Telegraph last April, in the wake of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings:

In the years since 9/11, the American public has been admirably tolerant towards Muslim communities. According to federal crime stats collected by the FBI, in 2009 there were 107 anti-Muslim hate crimes; in a country of 300 million people that is a very low number. In 2010, a year of great terrorism panic following the attempt by Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad to detonate a car bomb in Times Square in NYC, there were 160 anti-Muslim hate crimes. In 2011, there were 157. To see how imaginary the Islamophobic mob is, consider a state like Texas, fashionably mocked as a backward Hicksville full of Fox News-watching morons: there are 420,000 Muslims in Texas, yet in 2011 there were only six anti-Muslim hate crimes there. It simply isn’t true that mad racist Yanks are biting at the bit to attack Muslims.

No actual hate crimes are ever justified. In light of her hysterical exaggeration of the supposed “climate of hate” against Muslims in America since 9/11, however, clearly Saifuddin is joining Islamic supremacist advocacy groups such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in using hate crimes to deflect attention from the reality of jihad activity and bully Americans into thinking that it is wrong and bigoted to oppose jihad terror and Islamic supremacism. Hamas-linked CAIR and other Muslims have not hesitated to fabricate “hate crimes.” CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

Saifuddin’s resolution makes clear its objective to stymie counter-terror efforts when it complains that “Muslim students have been targeted for surveillance by the FBI in Orange County, who said that they are paying particular attention to Muslim students at UC Irvine and UCLA,” and that “this surveillance is occurring on the East Coast as well, with the New York Police Department surveillance of Muslim students at Yale, Columbia, Syracuse, Rutgers, New York University, and Brooklyn College.” It asserts that “these racist and selective surveillance procedures are justified by figures in mainstream media, such as David Horowitz, who defines the core mission of the MSA to ‘advance the Islamic Jihad against the Jews and Christians of the Middle East, and ultimately against the United States.’”

Saifuddin offers no evidence to counter Horowitz’s assertion or explain why surveillance of MSA members, who are Muslims of all races, is “racist.” In reality, Horowitz is correct. In an internal Muslim Brotherhood document, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” the MSA is listed as one of the Brotherhood’s allied organizations. And the memorandum explains that the Brotherhood’s agenda in the U.S. is subversive: the Muslim Brothers “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

In line with this, it is no surprise that several MSA members have been implicated in jihad terror activity. Tarek Mehanna, an MSA member at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, is now serving a seventeen-and-a-half year sentence for aiding al-Qaida. Omar Hammani, a former president of the MSA chapter at the University of South Alabama, is now waging jihad in Somalia and has a prominent place on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Hasan Akbar, who was a member of the MSA at UC Davis, joined the U.S. Army only to murder U.S. soldiers in a jihad terror attack in Kuwait; he is now awaiting execution.

Saifuddin’s resolution singled out UC Santa Cruz lecturer Tammi Rossman-Benjamin for particular opprobrium, claiming that she “has been responsible for inciting racist and Islamophobic rhetoric,” and demanding that Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) and UC President Mark Yudof condemn her “racist and bigoted language.”

Saifuddin was enraged by some remarks Benjamin in a June 2012 speech, in which she noted that many MSA and SJP students are “foreign students who come from cultures and countries where antisemitism is how they think about the world.” Benjamin added that

these student groups often have strong ties to international campaigns to demonize and delegitimize Israel, as well as to organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood — in fact the Muslim Brotherhood founded the Muslim Students Association, the MSA 40 years ago — and other terrorist organizations. Al Awda is one of the main sponsors of the Students for Justice in Palestine.  Al Awda is an organization that has ties to both Hamas and Hezbollah. So these are not your ordinary student groups like the College Republicans or the Young Democrats. These are students who come with a serious agenda who have ties to terrorist organizations.

It is noteworthy that in her resolution, Saifuddin quoted some other segments of Benjamin’s talk, but left out her specific observations about the MSA’s and SJP’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizballah, although she did note Benjamin’s assertion that both groups were “tied to terrorist groups.” This is likely because Benjamin’s information was accurate, and Saifuddin did not want to call attention to that.

Ironically, while Saifuddin claimed that Benjamin’s speech created “an uncomfortable and unsafe environment for Muslim students,” it was actually Saifuddin’s resolution and her anti-Israel activities that created an uncomfortable and unsafe environment for Benjamin and pro-Israel students on UC campuses. Benjamin wrote to Yudof in May 2013 that in their attacks on her, the MSA and SJP had “gone well beyond free expression to the point of intolerable and impermissible intimidation, harassment, and defamation.”

Benjamin noted that the UCSC CJP and affiliated SJP groups on other UC campuses, inspired by Saifuddin’s claims, have

waged a virulent and harmful campaign to assassinate my character that includes: posting and promoting a defamatory on-line petition accusing me of racism and censorship and calling on you to condemn me; widely posting defamatory flyers about me on the UCSC campus; launching over a dozen videos about me on YouTube that wrongfully accuse me of being “hateful,” “dangerous,” and “Islamophobic”; instructing SJP students UC-wide to fill out hate/bias reports against me on their respective campuses; passing libelous resolutions condemning me for my “inflammatory, hateful, and racist assumptions” in the UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, and UC Irvine student senates; and, perhaps most egregiously, appearing to collaborate with groups sympathetic to terrorists (e.g. the International Solidarity Movement) and associated on-line publications (e.g. Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss) to more widely circulate these defamatory materials about me.

As a result, Benjamin told Yudof, “the CJP/SJP’s targeted and well-orchestrated campaign of intimidation, harassment, and defamation has caused me to feel real concern for my safety and my ability to carry out my responsibilities as a faculty member at UCSC.” Even worse, “the disturbing message these students are sending with their actions is that anyone who attempts to speak out against campus antisemitism, as I have, will be vilified, harassed, intimidated, and bullied into silence.” That harassment includes the fact that two student senators at Saifuddin’s UC Berkeley campus “who voted against the SJP-sponsored divestment resolution were allegedly subject to ‘death threats and vitriolic accusations.’”

This climate of harassment is in large part the responsibility of Sadia Saifuddin. That the UC Board of Regents would reward her and legitimize her vilification of Israel and all foes of jihad is unconscionable. But given the low state of American academia today, it is not at all surprising.

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  • Paul

    Never thought that college intellect was so superficial that they would actually go from far-left to embracing Islam. Islam has a goal, the Left doesn’t, they just bitch about everything, which is why they will fall victim to Islam. On the surface the two seem as extreme opposites, but at the core the mentalities are not very different from each other.

    • Brigitte

      Um, i’d say on the surface Islam and the Left are not very different from each other as they bitch about everything, but at the core the mentalities are extreme opposites: the Left wants to humanize the west further, Islam wants to criminalise humanity.

      • Boots

        Actually liberalism as practiced in academia (and most other current liberals) and Islam are very similar. Literal translation of Islam is “submission to Allah”. Liberals believe in submission to government. Liberals tend to be sympathetic to Islam, because, in my humble opinion, liberals and Islam have the same goal… just different masters. Just like with Hitler and Stalin, we are saddled with useful idiots on the left who believe they can manage our lives better than we can.

        • Brigitte

          I don’t believe liberals and Islam are the only ones wanting others to follow their views, i think it is intrinsically human. It helps us imagine alternatives but it has also turned us into monsters and so many times.

          I think muslims are selling islam to liberals as some kind of exotic “hippyism”. Deep down their history, ideals and objectives are COMPLETELY antithetical! Submission to one god? Women as sex objects and baby-machines? Homosexual killers? No dissent allowed? One big problem is that the Palestinian propaganda machine confused academia big time, and it is very difficult to fix. Also I think Islam makes its followers very stupid, which makes liberals protective but in the process also protect a terrible ideology.

          Btw, I’m glad you said “liberals” because when I defended the “Left”, I meant the ‘soft left” as I see in Europe, I certainly did not include apologists for Marx and the sociopaths he helped create.

          • EarlyBird

            The problem with the Left is that they don’t consider morality, but power (consider Chomsky’s world view). If they find a group which is down- trodden or less powerful than the West, the majority, the…fill in the blank…either actual or perceived, they will side with the underdog. To them the morality of the underdog is besides the point. If they’re “fighting the power!” or tearing down barriers or rules of any kind, then anything goes. It’s a very destructive point of view.

          • Erniesam

            Well, I hate to disappoint you, Brigitte, but here in Europe we have hardcore progressives too. The EU parliament is full of them, in fact, it is a pet project of them. How do you think Europe has gotten this islamizationprocess? Through the hard work and kumbaya mentality of these progs. This way they can change the cultures of the nations and melt them easier into one socialist hellhole.
            Perhaps the progs in Europe aren’t as bad as the Obama administration, but please, don’t make the mistake of dismissing them. It’s not culture or race, but the ideology that is the defining factor.

          • Boots

            I actually agree about the intrinsic nature of man to want to control whether on the right or the left. It just seems that historically the Marx spawned leftists have been as prone to violence as Islamists are. Peace out and enjoy the weekend.

          • chrislong

            You are sadly naïve, Brigitte as many people are because they have been denied the opportunity to learn about Marxism…the enemy hiding in plain sight. Human nature is to some degree self interest but that is so nebulas that no one knows what self interest is and why it changes according to situation. If you want to understand the world you need to study about Marxism, which is not easy because Marxism is camouflaged with utopian rhetoric.

        • Meryl S. Fortney

          Boots and anyone who agrees with you, you’re smoking some seriously good stuff, or you all think the GOP are liberals.

          • Boots

            I wish I could afford to smoke any stuff let alone the good stuff. After taxes, retirement planning, and saving to put three daughters through college there isn’t enough left for a good buzz. Sometimes I wish I had the liberal mentality of getting high first then spending the rest on porn. I stand by my original analysis by simple elimination. Who seeks to expand the size of government and create more government dependency? Not any conservatives I know. The goal of the left is dependency on the government and they do it through trained dependency. Islamists, on the other hand, use terror and bullying to get submission and are very shrewd at getting the assistance of the useful idiots on the left. You appear to be comfortable having whatever progeny you may produce live under Sharia. Good luck in a society where you as a women have almost equal rights to a cow.

      • chrislong

        The left is composed of those who have been indoctrinated with pseudo humanitarian propaganda and those who are the Marxists actually create the indoctrination. The rank and file left are just useful idiots. The Marxists have the task of creating the changes to bring about a diabolical global government which is far more repressive than the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorism is sponsored by the global Marxist cabal.

    • HappyDog1

      All cults (political, religious, and self-serving humanists) are following their father of lies – Satan.

      • Meryl S. Fortney

        Escape from the hospital again? Damnit, Happy.

      • daisypony

        agreed HappyDog. Vile and evil.

    • chrislong

      You need to understand that Islam is a puppet tool of Marxism. Most people think Marxism is an ideology. It is not. It is a diabolical science to destroy freedom.

  • john spielman

    Ms Saifuddin is a hypocrite! If she was a real muslim she would be in a burka and stay at home unless she was in the accompany of a male relative. None of this university training and public exposure for you!

    • Blake hitler

      we’re not allowed to talk about that its racist!! (even though muslims aren’t a race its somehow racist)

  • kevin metz

    this is sorta like putting someone from the KKK in a position, but the liberals prove time and time again how anti Israel and really hate Jews . they are fake and hate groups are now the normal in the states. why do you think our crime rates are so high . they embrace hate groups like the black panthers and hate speech preachers like farrakhoon and sharptongue

    • Renata Glebocki

      Standing up for human rights is not anti-Jewish

      • workingbrain

        Hypocrisy is anti-Jewish! “Progressives” think that there’s no higher virtue than slamming Israel and demanding that they live up-to a moral code that isn’t demanded of any other country.

        If you can’t see that the moral issue of the proliferation of Jew-hate and the cowardliness of the administrations inaction, you should bring your moral-compass in for repair.

        People, especially Jews like Yudof, who think they have to bend-over-backward to show how liberal and progressive they are to gain others approval, have bent far enough over to give themselves rectal examinations. Maybe that explains why they can’t see the problems or hear logic?

      • Drakken

        Would you look at that, Renata is one those full blown Rachel Corrie types with the PLO rag around her neck and everything this self loathing, self hating litard hates about us westerners, how does it feel sunshine to hate your own western civilization, your own kind and side with muslims who would use you for their own evil ends? I simply call you a future Darwin Award winner, I wish I could conjure some kind of sympathy or empathy for such an empty headed I feel therefore I am libtard such as yourself, but anyone who sides with our enemies, deserves with honors, everything they get..

    • Shane

      Liberals hate Israel, not the Jews. However, Muslims are the great enemy of the Jews, and by allying with Muslims, liberals do hurt the Jews.

  • John Davidson

    For the time being, socialist have joined forces, but it never can be sustainable. Historical fact. (Hitler & Stalin)

  • knowshistory

    this is the result of years of educating people to be ignorant.

  • Bert

    College president Mark Yudof, a Jew, is largely to blame. I protested anti-Semitism on his campus and received a lengthy response denying that there is a problem and his claim that he is making sure that there is no discrimination on his campus. He is not the first nor the only Jewish college president that finds it expedient to pretend there is no problem with Muslims on campus. They know that standing up to Muslim hatred takes more courage than they possess. The path of least resistance is to appease the Muslims and sacrifice the Jews and other victims of Muslim bigotry. Of course the larger Jewish community are mostly cowards with two thirds even voting to re-elect Obama last year. Jewish cowardice is a green light for all enemies of Jews to go after them. This is an old story.

    • tic…tic…BOOM

      To Mr. Yudof and his followers:
      An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
      Sir Winston Churchill
      To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last–but eat you he will.
      Ronald Reagan

  • HappyDog1

    What happened to the once-staunch conservative California. It has gone to hell… literally. The hearts and minds of the people there must surely have given themselves over to Satanic influence in their lives.

  • Anneke9

    IMHO, Leftists and Islamists have one thing in common: social control. They want to control what other people think, speak, do, finance, believe. Some of the most repressive people I know are leftist intellectuals. While they preach tolerance and diversity, it’s only tolerance of that of which they approve. Diversity? Only according to their definition. It’s the Leftist version of Taquiyya: lie to people as a means to your goal.

  • watsa46

    Deception, victimhood and straight lies are the preferred weapons of the Islamists.
    Furthermore they spend billion of $ in antisemitic propaganda. In the meantime they keep their people in poverty, ignorance and dependence. The far left hate for the Jews justifies their collusion with the enemy of the Occident.

  • tokoloshiman

    Ones resume for most office, be it public, or part of university student groups these days has to include anti semitism and must favor the destruction of Israel
    and virulently promote that Israel is an apartheid state( without examples of this claim)
    Look at her big smile , she has a sure winner, the glue of anti semitism never fails
    to unite people in whatever cause they choose, and now in the 21st century
    the glue is a super glue.

    • Anneke9

      No doubt she will be running for the Berkeley City Council or California State Assembly/Senate some day. Who knows she may be the next “Chosen One” for President as Obama once was.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    If not already, victims like Benjamin should sue UC when they have been notified of antisemitism and other wrongful conduct, and fail to act. Lawfare is not only necessary, but justified.

  • Allen

    So, Robert: Other than bemoan what was the inevitable, what can UC alumni and taxpaying citizens of the state of California do to stop her appointment?

    • sickofit5

      Just a guess as an outside observer, but stop sending money.

    • workingbrain

      The focus has to be on forcing the administration to live-up-to their obligations. Tammy has listed and brought to the administrations attention many violations of both state law and the universities codes, yet they refuse to enforce or acknowledge them. Also and perhaps more importantly, Yudof et al should be strongly pressured to partake in a moderated, public session where the links of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and their affiliates are clearly spelled out so that even a a liberal university president can understand. (but good luck trying to teach a moral-supremacist anything!) I (living and involved in the same political absurdities in Canada), find it astounding how little to nothings many people in positions of power know about the MB, the files uncovered re. their agenda and modus operandi and the links to the groups Tammi mentioned in her speech. In that public forum, let them be informed about the MB and then challenged to defend their inaction and support of truly racist groups that call for Israel and only Israel be sanctioned for imaginary fraudulent claims while every there nation in the world gets a free pass, despite many who have institutionalized REAL apartheid, re-education prisons, allow and support girls having their clitorises cut-off, stoning and slow-hanging people to death, and I haven’t even mentioned Syria yet… ask him then who the racist is?

      They should be publicly shamed for not enforcing state laws and their own codes.

      Bert, commented on this issue of the administration taking the path of least resistance, and that’s probably bang-on. What must happen therefore, is to create formidable social pressure on Yudof so that he feels uncomfortable enough to act in a responsible fashion, in accordance with his obligations to the community and the law. I would suggest holding this debate off-campus, perhaps in an auditorium of a legal institution or under their auspices where the environment (hopefully) won’t be tainted by Islamists.

      Good luck!!!!

      • garyfouse

        Forget about Yudof. First of all, he is on his way out and he has been a part of the problem. He has ignored years of complaints about anti-Semitism on campus

        • workingbrain

          I understand Yudof’s been as effective in dealing with campus Jew-hate as Mahmoud Abbas, PhD (of Holocaust denial) has been to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

          Truth and integrity fell victim to the new-lefts moral-equivalency theory. Obama genuflects to a Saudi kind because he believes they are no less worthy of respect than Mother Theresa or Raoul Wallenberg. Trying to fix a broken moral-compass is a waste of time. Fortunately, the laws and codes-of-conduct were written before they drank the cool-aide, so there is a measurement tool and it even comes with consequences.

          To motive any of those cowards into action, whether it be in the Deans or Prosecutors office requires social pressure because they’ve proven they won’t act otherwise. The best way to do that is to raise the exposure level and name & shame. If (or more likely when), that doesn’t work, they’ll have to be pressured to fulfill their obligations with legal action against them.
          Q. in the US, if a state prosecutors office fails to even try enforcing their laws, is their an avenue for federal intervention? (Even the threat of that should get some exposure)

          It’ll be interesting to see when those administrators are autopsied if they’ll find spines?

  • garyfouse

    As a part-time teacher at UC Irvine for the past 15 years, my take is that Muslim students are not the targets of anything on campus. The MSU at UCI as well as the various MSAs and their allies, Students for Justice in Palestine, have created all the tension that exists at various times on UC campuses with their anti-Israel weeks of events that feature radical speakers and attempts to prevent videotaping by others, as well as documented acts of physical and verbal intimidation of Jewish students. For years, the UC system has shoved this under the rug and refused to deal with it. The biggest problem of hate on our campuses is anti-Semitism pure and simple. The attack on Tammi Rossman- Benjamin at UC Santa Cruz (America’s Wackiest Universoity) is just the latest symptom.

    One of the reasons that so many UC campuses are passing Boycott, Divest and Sanction resolutions against companies that do business with Israel and resolutions condemning Rossman-Benjamin is that MSA/SJP members are becoming prevalent in the various student governments; thus, the student governments’ time and energy is consumed with these anti-Israel issues. Don’t they have better issues to worry about?

    Now comes this nomination. What kind of message does that send to the Jewish students in the University of California? It is not that the young lady is a Muslim. It is because she is such an activist in the above issues and her involvement in these controversies that is cause for concern.

  • Anthony Clay

    this is truly a non story, my only hope is the mudlims ethnic cleansing start at Berkely

  • Skraggerman

    This article kinda seems like a stretch — just makes me think that it is an islamophobia inspired smear campaign? People do more harm to themselves when they are paranoid about a perceived threat more often than when a suspected threat is realized. You don’t have to search too hard in our recent history to find examples of this.

  • Renata Glebocki

    This article is awful. The only truth is in the quotes of the student you wish to slander.

    • iluvisrael

      it’s obvious from the islamorag around your neck whose side you’re on. take a walk thru the cesspool of gaza and you just might be forced to cover up that empty head of yours

    • workingbrain

      Spoken like a true “Progressive”. You don’t like the FACT of the the Muslim Brotherhood origins, networks and agendas, so you have to call it lies. Such attitude reminds me of the know-it-all 15 year-olds. You should brush-up on what’s said in the Arab world where they expose their hatred openly and proudly.

    • Drakken

      Well we know where you stand, say if you would put your money where your jihadist loving mouth is, go to Gaza, I am sure Rachel(St. Pancake) Corrie could use some company. Nice jihad rag by the way, I hope they hang you with it.

  • Keith Holland

    Yay California!

  • Trevor Smith

    1) UC Berkeley is a State School receiving public funds and as such cannot discriminate against any race, ethnicity, or religion, 2) in accepting and legitimizing her nomination the University is therefore condoning, supporting and ratifying hate and antisemitic views, 3) many on the “progressive left” are in fact Jewish, so therefore, 4) either remove her from consideration or remove UC Berkeley from any further public funding…….

  • Yuri

    As seen in the comments below, it is incredibly apparent that an incredible few understand Islam and its true ideology. This is not a religion to bash nor is this student a bad person. By the comments I’ve been seeing it is apparent that there is a lot of Islamic hate and misunderstanding.

    I originally agreed with this article — that she was going too far. But now I take it back. You need to educate yourselves more before passing judgement on someone else: religiously-based or not.

    I don’t know what kind of treatment she has gone through that would make her so worked up over this situation. But there must have been something she went through personally and chose to take a stand on it.

    • Drakken

      Your blatant attempt to deflect away from what these muzzys are doing really does show where your true alliance lies and it sure isn’t ours of the west. These savages attempt to shut down the 1st Amendment rights will only make us that more resolute in our stance towards our God given Constitutional Rights, try to take them away at your own peril.

    • workingbrain

      Yuri, “I don’t know what kind of treatment she has gone through”. That’s obvious from your ridiculous perspective; “misunderstanding”?

      Let’s start from the beginning; Professor Tammi Rossman-Benjamin is a very well educated and informed faculty member who feels compelled to take a stand against moral-supremacists who slander and intimidate Jews. Sadia Saifuddin is an activist who a member of the Muslim Student Association (MSA); the MSA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

      If you are aware of and have no problem with the MB, then you are in need of moral-compass, or, you could just be your typical, run-of-the-mill Jew-haters?

    • workingbrain

      Yuri, What Sadia has gone through is a life raised on Jew-hate. Ya wanna learn a bit about it from a Pakistani-born Muslim? read;

      Check out a what’s being taught in Muslim countries about Jews;

      There’s a number of sources that provide translations of Jew-hate in the Muslim world. Welcome to Sadia’s world. Bring your Dramamine, it’ll transport you to places very reminiscent of Nazi Germany. On your return, we look forward to your educated comments.

  • chiefpontiac

    She is a member of the Muslim Students Association, which is tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood. Enough said…..

    Here is an MSA member and David Horowitz at UCSD

  • Kim

    Can you include in your article a way that members of the public can register their disagreement with the UC’s choice?

  • Mash

    Islam is a faith that embraces love and tolerance?!?!

    Wtf is she smoking? She should loosen that head covering to let that small brain of hers to breath a little!

  • muchiboy

    “et Saifuddin’s record at UC-Berkeley is hardly one of tolerance and
    love. She co-sponsored a BDS resolution in the Berkeley student Senate,
    calling on the entire University of California system to divest
    companies that do business with Israel, based on the spurious premise
    that Israel is “occupying” Palestinian territory.”

    IMAGINE! spurious premise…Israel…”occupying” (OMG,don’t forget the exclamation marks) Palestinian territory.What was she thinking?And where did she get such an outrageous idea?

    • Drakken

      No such thing as palistinian territory, it’s called Israel, you know, a western ally.

    • workingbrain

      Guess its sad for you that Jews just don’t want to go away and die? Not to fret, Sadia’s Muslim brotherhood is working on a solution, the final solution.

      “The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The Hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. The Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah! There is a Jews behind me, come and kill him!’ (All the trees will say this except for the Gharqad (box-thorn), for it is one of the trees of the Jews.’” (Reported by Imam Ahmad; it is a Sahih Hadith).”!-There-is-a-Jew-hiding-behind-me

      • Yasar Faster

        Jews have been forced to move out of numerous Muslim countries. Now the Muslim are “occupying” property that Jews formerly owned. workingbrain have you ever wondered why Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, etc haven’t taken in the so called “Palestinians” to live in their countries?

        • workingbrain

          What’s to wonder about? They’re theocratic supremacists who hate Jews and won’t lift a finger for anyone unless it’ll help solidify their own power. Come to think of it, they’re theocratic and clannish supremacists; there’s an incredible amount of in-fighting among them. For centuries they’ve shunned and fought off any efforts to modernize and grow. If it weren’t for some countries oil wealth, they’d all be living like Sudan or Afghanistan, barbaric hell-holes stuck in the 7th century. Least that’s my take on it.

  • Yasar Faster

    “…….Islam teaches love and tolerance.” Tell that to the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Their women are being raped and forcefully converted to Islam. Is that the love and tolerance, this infidel is speaking of? The Koran teaches that lying to achieve control is not a sin.

    The UC system has been bought like a cheap trick in a back alley. The Saudis are the Johns and UC is the prostitute. And Saifuddin is the offspring.

    • Gary Dickson

      “What I love the most about Islam is that it preaches tolerance and love…”

      Tell that to my Christian Armenian grandmother whose siblings had their heads lovingly and tolerantly separated from their shoulders by Turkish Muslim soldiers.

      I support and bless the people of Israel – and Israel itself – 100%.

  • Greg Lauren

    “What I love the most about Islam is that it preaches tolerance and love, ”


    oh man.

    • W Dawes

      Only Muslim to Muslim….oh wait….only shiite to shiite, and sunni to sunni.

  • Shane

    Stealth Jihad! This woman tells lies (taqiyya) about Islam being a peace and love. Just try criticizing Muhammad or Islam in front of Muslims and their response will be not be peaceful and loving. They will try to shut you up by whatever means possible.

  • Zombee

    UC Berkley has no concern with Saifuddin’s Judeophobia and Christianophobia rantings and hate speech. Academia is a cesspool of subversives.

  • sciteach123

    The colleges in this country have been totally taken over by the Communists and Islamists. And now it is leaking down to the high schools and elementary schools.

  • Roberta Hellfort

    Don’t forget, Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims

    • W Dawes

      and many other negative things written within the Hadith, which the Muslims seem to forget to mention. Their religion, they always point too, is from the Koran, which is supposed to be the word of God. BUT they seem to forget the examples in the sunnah, and the sharia, which is based on the Hadiths.

  • Charles Martel

    Do you honestly expect anything different from our universities? What I find more amazing is that we have government officials trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam or make fun of it, and there is no mass outcry from the public at large especially people such as so-called artists who make their living making shock art. It just goes to show you we have very few men left in this country. Most people are simply too afraid to jeopardize their jobs to make a fuss. The heat is slowly coming up and we are being lulled to sleep.

  • Rob

    The problem with college students is that they are highly ignorant to the ways of the world. And in their ignorance, they do stupid things, like allowing this girl to gain power. Seriously, Americans have gotten so DUMB, it’s unbelievable. Fuck PC, Muslims are going to destroy the world. Look at what they’ve done to their own countries. Now they want to do the same to other countries.

  • PostTosties

    Thank the IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1965 that allowed these non-Western foreigners into the U.S. These cultures were NOT here before that!

    Now our creepy politicians are shoving another American killer on us with
    S 744! This next Immigration reform should really do us in as a nation.

  • Yaaser

    Don’t we all generally hate the media?
    So then why is everyone here suddenly accepting what the writer is feeding them? I read this article and I can say it felt like I was reading a middle-schooler’s essay.
    Please don’t just accept what you are being told. I request this not with the intention of offending anyone. Everyone has their views, and I respect that. But please don’t go hating Muslims until you have researched every aspect of them, please?

  • Barry

    I’ve never understood how all these people can comment so much about Muslims being the hateful ones when their own comments are the ones filled with insults and cruelty.

  • Frank Thomas


    • Boots

      Rather than a one word post… please explain how the similarities I cite between the religions of Islam and liberalism, or how women are treated by Islam, are incorrect. I’ve been wrong more than once and you have the opportunity to clear either the name of liberalism or Islam if the similarities aren’t there.

  • bob sampson

    What a horribly researched, one-sided article. Did you spend five minutes looking up your sources? Devote your life to something more reasonable than demonizing an entire religion. See the history of demonization of Judaism and Christianity for how history repeats itself: the misinterpretation of texts for reality (see the Crusades), calling those of another religion in the US “dangerous foreigners” (see the hate speech against Irish Catholics in the US), on and on. Here’s a list of the recent demonization of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim (Spencer, consider how your words promote hate speech and crimes) which you could find if you expanded your world view and beyond vengeful demonization of an entire religion and a young Muslim female student. See below for instances of bombings, murders, and assaults against Muslims in the US and Bush saying how disgusting this is:

    In Los Angeles, fires destroyed the businesses of a Lebanese-American and an Iranian

    Jew.45 In Cincinnati, a store owned by an ArabAmerican was firebombed.46 In New York, ten

    men with a bottle beat a man who looked Arab

    on the subway.47 In Baltimore, four or five men

    yelling “filthy Arab” attacked and broke the car

    window of a Polynesian Jew.48 In San Francisco, vandals smashed the windows of four

    Arab-American businesses.49 In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the house of an Iraqi native was burned

    down.50 Threats against Arab and Muslim

    Americans were so numerous in Detroit that ����Mayor Coleman Young asked Michigan’s Governor to assign National Guard troops to protect

    the city’s Arab and Muslim population.51

    The severe nature and extent of the crimes

    prompted the first efforts by public officials to

    address violence against Arab and Muslim

    Americans. President George H.W. Bush

    strongly called for an end to hate attacks against

    Arab-Americans, insisting on September 24,

    1990 that “death threats, physical attacks, vandalism, religious violence and discrimination

    against Arab-Americans must end.” 52 In California, noting that the current “wave of hate

    crimes is greater than we have seen since the

    brutal heyday of the Klu Klux Klan,” Lieutenant

    Governor Leo McCarthy introduced hate crimes

    legislation that proposed to increase civil and

    criminal penalties for those who commit biasmotivated crime.53 In Los Angeles, the district

    attorney’s office released a public service announcement asking viewers to call the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office if they had

    any knowledge of crimes against Arabs, Muslims or Jews.54 In Chicago, the Human Relations Commission helped Arab and Muslim

    shopkeepers post signs warning against committing hate crimes.5���������

    One of the many killings:

    Waquar Hassan

    Waquar Hassan, a forty-six-year-old Pakistani and father of four, was killed while cooking hamburgers at his grocery store near Dallas,

    Texas on September 15, 2001. Although no

    money was taken from Hassan’s store, police in

    Dallas initially believed that he was killed during a robbery because he had been robbed twice

    that year.96 Hassan’s family, however, believed

    his murder was a hate crime because nothing

    was stolen by the assailant and the murder had

    occurred so soon after September 11.97 His family also pointed out that customers visiting Hassan’s store after September 11 subjected him to

    ethnic and religious slurs.98 The case remained

    unsolved until Mark Stroman admitted to killing

    Hassan to a fellow prison inmate in January

    2002.99 Murder charges against Stroman were

    dropped once he was convicted and sentenced to

    death for Vasudev Patel’s murder.100�����

    Those who feel like they can

    intimidate our fellow citizens to take

    out their anger don’t represent the

    best of America, they represent the

    worst of humankind, and they should

    be ashamed of that kind of behavior.

    — George W. Bush

    I stand for America all the way! I’m

    an American. Go ahead. Arrest me

    and let those terrorists run wild!

    — Frank Roque, after being arrested

    for the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi