Ten Years of Jihad Watch

jwTen years ago, on October 28, 2003, I started Jihad Watch. Since then I’ve been at it every day (except for two or three days out of 3,650, missed due to travel), putting up 34,056 posts (out of a total of 44,415) containing news and commentary about jihad activity, domestic and international, violent and stealthy.

I have done what I set out to do: document and chronicle a certain level of violence and thuggery, as well as supremacist calls for and predictions of conquest and domination, and show how they derive their inspiration and impetus from Islamic texts and teachings. The point of doing this was not (as the relentless cliché has it) to “demonize” Islam or Muslims, but to prove that there is a problem within Islam that needs to be addressed by people of good will, Muslim and non-Muslim — a problem that would not be solved by concession, accommodation, or appeasement. By refusing to address this problem, and instead defaming those who have dared to raise it, Muslim and Leftist organizations in the U.S. and Europe have demonized themselves.

While I was impatient with George W. Bush’s “Islam is a religion of peace” posturing, it seemed so self-evidently absurd to me and so many others at the time that it never occurred to me when I started this site that the broad mainstream of the public discourse would ever consider the Jihad Watch effort, or the three books I had published about Islam before starting the site, to be remotely controversial. The point was blazingly obvious; it just had to be reinforced since it was being so brazenly denied, in the face of so much evidence.

Now, 44,415 Jihad Watch posts later, the evidence has been marshaled with numbing repetition, and yet the point is more elusive than ever — smothered in an avalanche of propaganda from well-heeled Leftist and Islamic supremacist propaganda mills loudly claiming that to discuss this issue, to amass this evidence, to make this blazingly obvious point, is “hatred” and “bigotry.” The timid cower and scuttle away, afraid of being connected with something so “controversial.” The opportunistic mouth the currently acceptable pieties, and climb the ladder of success to the extent that they’re willing to sell their souls.

Much of the last ten years has revolved around controversies regarding “Islamophobia.” Critics of Jihad Watch tar the site with this term and leave it at that. For that reason among others, I’ve devoted considerable attention over the years to exposing the concept of “Islamophobia” for what it really is: a term used by Muslim Brotherhood organizations to intimidate non-Muslims away from criticizing or resisting the jihad and Islamic supremacism. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has billions and uses them to bury us in hot steaming piles of nonsense about how Islam teaches peace and tolerance and “believe us, not your lying eyes.” They use them also to continue to demonize and marginalize everyone who dares speak out in defense of human rights against Sharia.

Their Big Lie is designed to obscure the Islamic motivations behind jihad terror, and to disarm resistance to jihad and Islamic supremacism, by blaring the Big Lie everywhere.  But there is one thing they will not do and could not do even if they wanted to: they will not stop jihad terror attacks committed in the name of Islam. They will not stop people from waving Qur’ans and shouting “Allahu akbar” before cold-bloodedly murdering innocent people, including children.

That is why their campaign, for all the money behind it, is doomed to fail: they will never be able to stop people from seeing that there is something violent, something supremacist, something that needs to be reformed and rejected from within Islam, but that Muslim organizations are dissembling about instead of confronting. Every day the truth comes out, somewhere, in the form of mangled bodies, terrified children, and horrified bystanders suddenly awakening to reality as they make their way on a ground slippery with blood. Every day people die not because of “Islamophobia,” but because of Islamic jihad. And every day, media and government elites cover for that jihad and do everything they can to shift the focus away from the real cause of the violence.

That’s why Jihad Watch remains necessary.

In the face of the moneyed propaganda barrage demonizing truth tellers and pushing the “Islamophobia” myth, the task is sisyphean, and perhaps pointless. At the same time, because of the ubiquity of this propaganda barrage, the task has to be done more than ever. The truth remains as obvious as it always was; it is the minds of human beings that can be so clouded that they cannot see it. And so here’s to another ten years — or as much time as we have — of truth and clarity.

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    Mr. Spencer,
    Thank You for your important work!

  • ApolloSpeaks

    Robert Spenser is the intellectual Charles Martel, and we are his army in the war of ideas. Click http://www.apollospeaks.com for more on JW’s 10th anniversary.

  • Ammianus

    Bravo Mr. Spencer. Bravo.

  • Brand

    Spencer’s books,specially his first one ISLAM UNVEILED(a must read and reread), were the ones that made me see the danger we are in.Thank you.

    There is also this strange case(almost anything is possible)

    “About Saparmurat Niyazov(1940-2006),the Turkmen and Muslim President who wrote a Book that he said was the Equal of the Koran”



    ““Respect the Prophet (Unless You Live in Mecca or Medina)” by Louis Palme”


  • canuckistan666

    God bless you, Mr. Spencer. I started to read JW a few years ago. I also heard you in Toronto recently. We need your work. You are making a difference. I get up every morning and think, “I am right”. It helps deal with the huge amount of fear, lies, ignorance, apathy, propaganda, etc from the Left. True, the onslaught is relentless and it is well financed. But Mr. Spencer, when people like you write with that spark of truth, that is powerful too. It resonates with us like-minded people. I believe that one soul, who is aligned in spirit and mind can defuse the darkness of thousands of others who are not so evolved.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Thank you, Mr Spencer. Thank you for having the clarity of mind, and indeed the balls, to stand up and speak the truth. I’ve read a couple of your books and all I can say is that you present your argument with concision and clarity and in a damn fine writing style. You keep the reader interested. The sign of a good writer.
    Live long and live strong, Mr Spencer. We need you.

    With the likes of Robert Spencer on our side, we may, just may, win.
    “The two Kings of the Arctic Pole will one day become friends. In the East, great fear and trembling” – Michel de Nostradame.

  • Daniel Ruiz

    Thanks Robert.

  • defcon 4

    And how many islam0fascist death threats have been received over the last ten years? Hundreds? Or thousands? All from practitioners of the religion of peace.

  • Kyra

    Mazal Tov & thank you for fighting the good fight

  • Infidel4Ever

    God bless and protect Robert Spencer. Any many thanks to him and all brave warriors in the fight against the barbarism of Islam.

  • Misfit

    Thank you Dr. Spencer for your work. This is a very important “crusade” You and Pamella Geller have cojones! Keep up the good job

  • glennd1

    Thanks for the great work – I have learned quite a bit about Islam and Islamism from your site over the years. I too find it sad that you have been smeared as a hater, but you should consider that you may have brought it on yourself by associating with the hateful bigot Pamela Geller and/or publishing stuff at cesspits of hatred like WorldnetDaily.

    I wrote you an email about this 5 years ago and you dismissed me as a leftist when I’m nothing of the sort. Lie down with dogs and you will get fleas, Mr. Spencer. You only have yourself to blame. Perhaps you are regretting the “Savages” campaign by now??? All Geller, you would never have done that on your own.

    It’s never to late to disavow the dingbats and imbeciles and just continue your careful and passionate work.

    • Omar

      You are the hateful bigot, since you are supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and other radical Islamist terrorist groups who want to destroy Israel and commit a second Holocaust against the Jews. Learn from facts.

      • glennd1

        Giggling. Nothing I said was in support of Hamas or any other Islamic group. In fact, I’m very critical of Islamic cultures and Islamism. Read much? Think much?

        • defcon 4

          “very critical of islamic cultures and islamism.” Islamism, the neologism coined to cover up the fact that there is no “moderate” islam0nazism.

          • glennd1

            It’s funny when dopey people try to act like they are educated and intelligent. Islamism is a term used by people who hold many perspectives on Islam – many critics of Islam use the term all the time.

            And contrary to what you claim, there is a distinct thing called Islamism. It’s the political aspirations of Islam and the advancement of the ‘caliphate’ that characterizes Islamism. Turkey used to be an example of a largely Islamic society in which Islamism was not a strong force. Attaturk was commended for his creation of a largely secular state. However, today, we see a resurgent Islamism within Erdogan’s government – and a large chunk of Turkish civil society has objected to this.

            You see, the Arab and Muslim world is much more complex and large and variegated than you realize. My concern is with the advancement of the caliphate, and the Jihad that accompanies it. I do think we’d be wise to give these folks a wide berth and a warning, but sadly, deluded fools like you have supported an incredibly hostile stance towards the Arab and Muslim world.

            That’s why we are the targets of terrorism – because we invade and occupy their lands. Our intelligence services and military are omnipresent in their lands. We back hateful despots and even worse, now Obama sides with the Muslim Brotherhood or softshoes it with the Iranian mullahs.

            I wonder, have you read a single history book on Islam? When I began to do so after finding what was on offer in the media after 9/11 lacking, I was surprised by what I learned. My conclusion was that Islam is a truly distinct arc through history, just like western Europe/Christianity or Chinese Confucian culture. It’s a civilization level distinction.

            I think Americans and many in the west think Islam is just another religion. It’s not. One little tidbit that I learned which affected how I view them follows. A major reason why Saudi Arabia is the home and stronghold of Islam is that Mohammed was the first to unify the Arab tribes on the peninsula. War and strife were constant, but Mohammed unified them – through conquest. For this, he’s forever intertwined with Arab history. Fyi, the reason the Saudi royals are so revered is that they were able to bring the many Arab tribes together into one nation as well.

            My shock was even more complete after learning the history of Zionism and it’s predations on Arab Muslims, claiming a “right of return” after 2000 years, but not offering the same to Arab Muslims after 60 years.

            My takeaway? Leave them alone unless they bother us. We have done the opposite of that since the end of WWII and it continues to blow up on us. How about we try something else?

          • defcon 4

            I already know what musl0nazis like you would do to me given half the chance for criticising your death cult Farid, a bloody and painful death.

          • glennd1

            Wow, it’s really just unbelievable here – like you folks are caricatures of Zionists and conservatives. I an atheist, libertarian-conservative type who wants a limited govt and a lot of personal liberty for everyone. I’ve voted Republican most of my life and leaned conservative in primaries.

            What you never seem to be able to process about me is how I can be anti-Islamist and anti-Zionist. And here, you haven’t even dealt with what I said about Spencer. I love what he does, but I think his joining in with the loathesome Pamela Geller, and publishing at places like WorldNetDaily made it easier to smear him. I particularly found objectionable the AFOIA “Savages” campaign, and I think that hurt Spencer’s standing.

            Why is it that you can’t even engage in real dialog? I make a point, you disagree, offer some facts or correct my analysis or offer an alternate perspective? Nope, you and so many others here have to dismiss me as a leftist or a Jihadi sympathizer. The only difference between me and you is that I took a fresh look at this and left ideology at the door. You are advocating for Zionism – I advocate for what’s good for the U.S.

        • Drakken

          You do giggle like a little girl don’t you?

          • glennd1

            Ah yes, the real savage has arrived. What’s it like to be such a proud thug and lowlife?

    • Drakken

      Your still a puzzy, and you cry and whine that sub human muslim savages are going to get their poor precious feelings hurt, well too damn bad. War is coming boy, so prepare yourself.

      • glennd1

        What a sad, angry, boor you are. I wonder, at what point did it become okay to just insult entire categories of humanity, and call for war, while making veiled threats? Do you really think that’s behavior suitable of someone who doesn’t consider themselves a savage? In many ways, the civilization you claim to represent rejects your values utterly, you do get that, yes? That using language and reason and compromise and good will to resolve our differences is the very thing that makes us different from the “savages” you go on about all the time. You are, in fact, the savage. Your hatred blinds you to the obvious.

        The warriors I know are reluctant for more war. The one’s I know who came back from Iraq and Afghanistan often speak of the horrible suffering of Muslim peoples in those lands. They don’t call them savages. You think you sound like a tough guy, but really, you come off as a brutish thug. You seem like you are chomping at the bit for war. I can almost feel the spittle coming off you I read your comments.

        • defcon 4

          The horrible suffering of musl0nazis is self-inflicted as the cause is ISLAM itself. I’d cry for you miserable muslime bastages but it would be an insult to the Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Baha’i, Hindus, Zoroastrians and other najjis kaffir you’re busily persecuting, murdering and raping in the here and now.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Thank you. Jihad Watch is needed more than ever with the expansion of
    Radicals such as Muslim Brother Hood, Al-Shabaab, and many more who have expanded over the Middle East and Africa enabled also by Obama.
    Also Radical Islam’s war on Christians in the Middle East and Africa
    with most of the general public not have a clue or just looking the other way.
    Shades of 1930s.

  • M.T. Aziz

    You “watch” Jihad as if you know anything about what you are watching. Only those who embrace the Word of Allah (swt), as related by His Greatest Messenger Muhammad (PBUH), understand why Islam must be spread to every corner of this sick, decaying world. Those who embrace the Truth, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew, will be shown mercy, for Allah Himself is merciful. Those who stand in our way will be swept away. Publish your blasphemy on the internet while you can, because the flag of Islam will soon hang atop your White House and the adhan will resonate throughout your cities. Allahu akbar!

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Aziz, Muslims are stupid. Mohammed (Piss be upon him), made up a totalitarian political ideology and disguised it with Satan. The results are evident for the last 14 Centuries. Although I am glad you come to these pages so that I may give you opinion on the matter.

    • Drakken

      Take your offer of the peace of the grave with your jihad, and I’ll raise you a Crusades on steroids! God Bless the Crusades ! Take your false devils profit and go hump your goat with it.

    • Andy_Lewis

      You write as if you take this site at face value. Believe me, it’s not just the Right that loathes Islam, with varying degrees of intensity it’s all across the spectrum from left to right and everywhere in between. That will intensify as the true nature of Islam becomes more painfully obvious.

      “A hard rain’s gonna fall.” Get ready, punk.

  • doruss03

    They got an other S.O.B. a Muslim from Iran he has been charged carrying explosives material on board of an airplane at a Montreal airport. This will never stop, you would think by now the government would close all Muslim borders. It has come to the point that we have lost our freedom. Anymore , all we have to do is watching our back. The guys name is Houshang Nazemi but he has it changed to Anthony Piazza. We will see what happens tomorrow.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Mr. Spenser, you stick to the truth, it is never pointless. Although it is an uphill battle, I believe that with heroes such as you to lead the way, we will win. You Sir, are one of the great defenders of western civilization. God bless you.

  • Matthew

    well done Mr Spencer

  • Dan Mesa/AZ

    Mr. Spencer, you’ve made a great difference in so many peoples lives. The education you have provided and the opening of eyes is incalculable. You are doing yeoman’s work here on earth, God has blessed you. Thank you, and I’ll continue to spread your word.
    Now, if we can get Pope Francis to channel St. Pope Pius V, we’ll be able to crush these cretins a helluva lot sooner than later.

  • Sunray

    Here in Australia, the wilful ignorance of the Free To Air TV is outrageous, however, well done sir, and keep at it.

  • quousque

    You are giving us the voice we would not have. Thank you Mr Spencer. The threat is there, the threat is real.

  • Bernadette de Wit

    Congratulations Mr. Spencer. Thank you.

  • John Habil

    Every Muslim has two faces, the first face determined by the humanitarian and the second imposed Islamic law
    In America we must be careful most of Europe and Britain a valuable dealing with double-sided together thanks to the writer Robert Spencer, who explained the idea in an interview on Al Hayat with Brother Rasheed
    It is the heart of the subject, Is Britain caused you not to enter their territory, so as not to vascularize British people at risk of Islamic law on his own life??