Laudatory Tributes for Saul Landau


Last Monday, Stalinist-Castroite filmmaker Saul Landau died at his home in Alameda, California. His death inspired major obituaries in our country’s leading mainstream newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and, as expected, the New York Times. If there is one thing you can count on old media for, it is that they will run laudatory tributes whenever a member in good standing of the far Left passes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if during the Academy Awards, when his photo is flashed and his name mentioned in the tribute to those who left the film colony in the past year, there is loud applause and the usual suspects stand in respect. After all, his current project was a film praising the convicted Cuban spies — the so-called Cuban Five — which he was filming with Danny Glover.

It is remarkable how Landau’s politics are described in the obits.

The headline of the NYT obit read: “Saul Landau, Maker of Films with a Leftist Edge, Dies at 77.” I love that term, “leftist edge.” It implies he was an objective observer of the subjects he filmed, but put a slightly leftist tint on them. As writer Douglas Martin put it, Landau “aspired to marshal art and literature to illuminate social and political problems.”

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  • Silver Gonzales

    Another sick twisted American Jew who wished to turn the West into the Soviet Union and Communist Poland. I have no idea where these creatures come from.

    As a Jew myself, I find these creatures repugnant. Best to avoid many in the American Jewish community or look at them with askance. They are another backbone to Al-Obama and the Dems.

    No doubt they will support Hillary and then Chelsea.

  • antioli

    Most Jews in America are descendants of east European Jews who fled the Czars and their antisemitism. Communism seemed like a good idea to end the persecution for ever. Like the end of the world cults etc., the thought never dies.
    It is as if they are dreaming while awake. The same is not true for Jews who fled the middle east and went to Israel. The few I met in America seemed very anticommunist. In Israel the European Jews and the former middle east Jews have strong differences of opinion. The early German Jews were much more conservative although liberal. Gradually they changed.
    I am waiting for the second coming of Samuel Gompers.

  • John Torkildsen

    He all ways wanted to live somewhere warmer-guess he got his wish….

  • Thomas Lehrer

    Wow – you certainly have mastered the art of hatred!

  • ebonystone

    “As writer Douglas Martin put it, Landau ‘aspired to marshal art …'”

    The NYT needs a new editor: surely that should be “martial art(s)”.

    • laura rubin

      maybe he meant “martial law”?