America Weaker in the Eyes of the World

Obama-US-Syria_Horo1-e1378883233657-635x357I commend Russia’s PR firm, Ketchum for its brilliant New York Times op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, entitled “A Plea for Caution from Russia.” As an American, but also as CEO of 5WPR, I wonder about the implications of allowing a foreign government to use our own media to influence our citizens – and our elected leaders – on sensitive political issues.

An American President who is currently in the White House largely because of his great ability to talk, who talked a big game when he boldly stated that the United States drew its “red-line” on the use of chemical weapons and then stumbled all over himself, then lied to cover up his poor judgment, has been out charmed (and out smarted) by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Putin used Obama’s usually loyal media allies to oppose Obama’s threat of military force.

It is not unusual for uber-liberals in the media to oppose use of the military, but to help a foreign leader – whom the liberal media tend to dislike —  outmaneuver Obama like Putin just did was a bit surprising.

Our being embarrassed by Russia began a few months ago when the Putin government used the Edward Snowden affair as a way to achieve world power and attention. As a Russian political analyst then said, “What happens now doesn’t matter because public opinion in Russia has already been shaped – America is lying, dishonest and has double standard.” Unfortunately, this image has been further propagated as Obama failed yet again in showing America’s valor.  Putin used Obama to make our country look foolish.

Putin’s op-ed, coming after President Obama’s prime-time televised speech in which he called for a diplomatic pause, allowed Putin to make the case that it is essential for the United States to not bypass the United Nations Security Council.

Amateur hour in the White House. Putin can protect Assad while simultaneously taking advantage of America’s freedom of the press to slam Obama.  Didn’t Obama just believe he “punished” Putin by refusing to meet with him? Don’t know whether to cry or to laugh. It’s a bad joke.

While John Boehner, the top Republican in the US House of Representatives, rejected a request to meet a Russian delegation to discuss Syria, the media and White House fawn all over themselves to claim Obama is some brilliant strategist. Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted Thursday: “Three days ago there seemed no diplomatic way to hold Assad accountable. Threat of U.S. action finally brought Russia to the table.” If anyone believes that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. It’s a foolish, absurd claim. “Accountable”?  Hardly.  Assad gets a pass and he and Putin sit and laugh at America’s insignificance. America is not respected or feared.

In reality, Obama’s vote was destined to fail. Putin’s proposal gave political cover, allowing him to back away from making a decision he was unable to make. Much as Putin showed Obama up and protected Snowden, here too Putin capitalized upon Obama’s failure. In Putin’s opinion piece, he positioned America as the aggressor.  He then described an “alarming” pattern of intervening in the internal conflicts of foreign countries. Absurd.

Putin won a huge diplomatic victory, and it is a terrible loss and embarrassment on the world stage for Brand America. Putin has proven himself to be a brilliant public relations tactician – at the expense of our president and his friends in the media who routinely push this president’s agenda regardless of the impact on the country. It is open season on America as Putin disrespects America because he views Obama as weak.

Sen. James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, said “Putin was lecturing to the United States, and I could hear [Ronald] Reagan turning over in his grave as this was going on.” Proud Americans should be sick at what Obama’s regime is doing to this once-great nation. Has there been a time ever before when America has been less well-respected worldwide – from the man who said he was going to make us shine among nations?

Shame on President Obama for making this great republic appear weaker than ever before.

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  • BOF


  • Henry12

    Obama is a disaster. The man isnt just the worst American President perhaps he is the worlds worst leader.

  • ReyR

    Absolutely. Obama has nothing to do with your shame, it’s Putin who is to blame.
    Right, Edward Snowden defects, this means, America is “embarrassed by Russia”.
    Right, America is truthful, honest and highly ethical, but alas, denigrated and vilified by criminal masterminds of the Russian PR industry. Time to outlaw us evil Russians, because we make blameless and highly moral Americans suffer.
    Looks like America is running out of Vietnams, you need a tension breaker, people. How about bombing some Chinese embassy again?

  • Jeff Ludwig

    How about a few more meetings to resolve Middle East WMD proliferation? We lose thousands of men in Afghan. and Iraq. Now Syria is in confusion. Libya, why did we bomb it? Huh Huh? Who are our friends? Enemies? In between? Huh? Huh?

  • EarlyBird

    What Obama’s diplomatic blundering on Syria has done is not made us weaker per se; it’s just made it obvious that we had No Options Worth Taking in Syria, to begin with. Gee, you mean bombs can’t solve every American problem, and we some times have to let things happen which we don’t like? Who knew? I thought it was our American birthright to control everything everywhere.

    I’m thrilled that Putin saved Obama from himself and perhaps derailed another American quagmire. Let the Russians take the lead, and the responsibility, for that wretched, bloody mess.

  • me

    All President Owebunhole id was his usual thing of telling the world what they wanted to hear. Once again the world wasn’t fooled. this country plays the fool because of the phoney fool.

  • me

    what we need is a isolationalist policy for this country instead of the meddling one.

  • USARetired

    He has always been a confused wimp with no respect in the World community!