How Liberal Jewish Groups Harm America and Israel

9154299550_5e95f151fc_b-e1372361582802The liberal American Jewish establishment continues to manipulate the public, via their allies in the liberal media, by falsely claiming that American Jews support the upcoming Middle East peace talks. Patriotic Americans (including American Jews) may indeed want peace talks in the Middle East – in countries like Egypt and Syria where significant American interests in the region are in danger. Despite the fact that liberal Jewish lemmings issue press releases indicating they haven’t learned from history and ignore political reality on the ground in the Middle East, American Jews do not support endangering Israel at a time when Western interests are so endangered in the region.

Listening to the loud-mouths of the Israel Policy Forum (IPF), one may wrongly believe that the Oslo peace process was a success.  Universally, Oslo is regarded as a colossal failure, where violence continues in part because of this catastrophic disaster.

Surely, American interests in the region aren’t in a better place by Israel, our one secure ally in the Middle East, further sacrificing. Despite countless bus bombings, dead Jews and continued violence, liberal Jews feel the overwhelming need to repeat their mistakes. A mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, the IPF continues with its supposed mission of “ensuring Israel’s future as a strong, secure, Jewish and democratic state which requires achieving a lasting two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

With no regard for negotiating at the negotiating table, the IPF shares its pressure on Israel loudly and foolishly. A cursory review of the IPF website makes no mention of the current events taking place in Iran, Egypt, Syria or the entire region in crisis.  What Egyptian coup? 100,000 dead Syrians? Iranian bomb? All non-factors for these blind liberal American Jews. Even if one were to assume (wrongly) that the Palestinian Arabs want peace, the IPF makes no mention of any dispute that exists between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, nor how to solve these issues.  Nor does the group consider what would happen if, heaven forbid, Islamic interests were to control even more of the precarious Middle East.

The IPF’s most recent anti-Israel action was sending a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu signed by 140 prominent American Jews which states, in part, “We recognize that achieving a two-state solution will require a territorial compromise that provides for a Palestinian state without jeopardizing Israel’s security. That is why we applaud your understanding that one must be ‘willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historic peace.’” Even if they feel this way, why tell Israel to sacrifice before even getting to the table? These press-hungry, self-appointed leaders seek support for previously failed policies, endangering America and Israel. Noteably, the IPF sent no letter to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Iranian leaders, or Muslim Brotherhood leaders calling on them to stop violence.

Similarly, the self-proclaimed “premier global Jewish advocacy organization,” the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has loudly, proudly (and shamefully) condemned Naftali Bennett, a democratically elected Israeli senior cabinet minister who recently spoke out against a Palestinian state.  These liberals care so much about democracy – except in Israel where they cannot accept a right-wing government, instead giving cover to Islamic anti-American forces.

These organizations harm Israel’s interests with their open letters and press releases, which are picked up by the media and used to further pressure Israel. These anti-Israel public relations activities strengthen Israel’s opponents, who can falsely claim American Jews support them and point to a division between American Jews and Israel. What pro-America or pro-Israel interest can this possibly serve?

The reality is that these liberals represent a small percentage of American Jews. Rest assured, the Orthodox aren’t included in these organizations. If one surveyed synagogues in America on any Shabbat, there’d be a considerable gap between the IPF and the AJC positions and Jews who observe Jewish traditions. Neither the IPF nor the AJC have the gumption to support American interests in the region by demanding peace between Arabs and Arabs or Arabs and Iranians before calling on Israel to sacrifice.

America’s best interests can be served by peace in the region, but it will not be accomplished by Israel sacrificing further. Will the peace-loving people in the Arab world all of a sudden start singing kumbaya once a peace treaty is signed with Israel? Or maybe, just maybe, will they then look to further harm America, which supports religious freedoms, women’s rights and a free way of life?  As a proud American Jew, it is time organizations like the IPF and the AJC finally wake up and realize that with Syria, Egypt and the Middle East in chaos the problem in the Middle East isn’t with Israel – it’s with the Arabs. These elitist liberal American Jewish organizations harm American and Israeli interests.

As Benjamin Netanyahu once said, “The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.”

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  • poptoy1949

    The idea that John Kerry is Secretary of State shows just how inept Obama really is. It also shows his Marxist tendencies.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      That Kerry chose Martin Indyk, despite his involvement with the left-wing New Israel Fund, to serve as mediator shows the US is not acting as “honest broker”, and certainly not as an ally that “has Israel’s back”.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Peace through strength or peace through appeasement. Hmm, which would serve our interests better?

  • AmericaFirst

    Liberal jews. Conservative jews. Zionist jews. Anti-Zionist jews. Religious jews. Secular jews. Circumcised jews. Uncircumcised jew. Repackage yourselves as you wish, but your bottom line always remains the same: “Is it good for zhe jews?!”

    • Ron Lewenberg

      Helping terrorists is bad for America. Finding some collaborators to shield this effort is doubly bad for American Jews.
      And your kind will happily let Americans die to hurt Israel.

  • Alex

    Great article by Ronn Torossian. Wished others shared his views on Israeli Politics and whats essential in a long term American/Israel relationship

  • Altalena_1948jabo

    Liberal American Jews should indeed be an oxymoron. Jews have been persecuted and despite it succeed and advance. Strong Jews should be the way of the Jewish people.

  • Yekke12

    one wonders at what point the Orthodox Jews can offset the liberal jews. Undoubedtly the orthodox will vote differently than the reform. Ronn Torossian didnt touch on that point yet it was worthwhile article.

  • Mike Goodman

    I was the worst kind of Liberal Jew … grew up on the FDR myth. Thought that, because of Nixon (I was 14 when he resigned) that Repubs were bad … and many are. I spent my young years wasting my vote. I’ve now founded the “International Brotherhood of Recovering Liberals,” card #1.