New York Times Encourages Attacks Against Jews

The New York Times has crossed the line this weekend by encouraging Palestinian Arabs to embark upon a “third intifada” against Israel with an article by Ben Ehrenreich titled “If There is a Third Intifada, We Want to be the Ones who Started It.” This article is tantamount to calling upon the Arabs to kill Jews.  Against the backdrop of Thursday’s rock attack where a two-year-old Israeli was severely injured with brain injuries when the car she was in veered off the road as a direct results of Arab youth throwing rocks, one wonders where is the decency of the NYT? Rock attacks have caused deaths and serious injuries on Israel’s roads for decades.

The New York Times Magazine celebrated the people who consider their rock attacks “non-violent,” defining them as “peaceful protestors.” Rock-throwers aren’t “peaceful” – anywhere in the world. To even allow Ehrenreich to write an article, rather than an op-ed shows the inherent bias of this outlet.

A few years ago, Ehrenreich wrote an article for The Los Angeles Times called “Zionism is the Problem” where he attacked “the Zionist tenets on which the state [of Israel] is founded.” He continued, “The problem is functional – Founding a modern state on a single ethnic or religious identity in a territory that is ethnically and religiously diverse leads inexorably either to politics of exclusion or to wholesale ethnic cleansing. Put simply, the problem is Zionism.” He continued, “If two decades ago comparisons to the South African apartheid system felt like hyperbole, they now feel charitable.”

He doesn’t believe in Zionism, considers Israel worse than apartheid South African – yet is writing a cover story for supposedly non-biased media. Israel is portrayed in this spiteful article as the superpower – rather than the underdog surrounded by Arab Muslims. One wonders what would happen if a group of teenagers threw rocks, boulders, and homemade explosive devices at police in the streets of London, Tokyo or New York. Would they not be shot by police, as they should be?

Why is it that in Israel the authorities are painted as the bad guys for enforcing the law against rock-throwers?

As CEO of a PR firm that works with worldwide media, I was outraged at Ehrenreich’s propaganda, which included the following:

“A framed image of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque hung above the television (more out of nationalist pride than piety: Bassem’s outlook was thoroughly secular).”

Jerusalem is the center of Israel, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.  As Ehrenreich proves (yet doesn’t state), these so-called protestors want to destroy Israel “piece by piece.” They don’t want peace.

“Taking up arms wasn’t, for Bassem, a moral error so much as a strategic one. He and everyone else I spoke with in the village insisted they had the right to armed resistance.”

Taking up arms means blowing up buses of innocent Jews – and these people don’t condemn it.  As Israel has repeatedly said, there’s essentially no difference between Hamas and the PLO.  Their desire remains the destruction of the Jewish state.

“[T]hey formed what is known as the ‘popular resistance,’ a loosely coordinated effort that has maintained what has arguably been the only form of active and organized resistance to the Israeli presence in the West Bank since the end of the second intifada in 2005. ‘If there is a third intifada,’ he said, ‘we want to be the ones who started it.'”

Intifadas kill thousands and encourage violence.  As a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said, these protests are “violent and illegal rioting that take place around Judea and Samaria, and where large rocks, Molotov cocktails, improvised grenades and burning tires are used against security forces. Dubbing these simply demonstrations is an understatement[.]” The Times is simply encouraging this violence.

“It was strange, asymmetric combat: a few dozen masked shebab ranging in age from 8 to 38, armed with slings and stones, against 20 or more soldiers in armored vehicles and on foot, dressed in helmets and body armor, toting radios and automatic weapons. The shebab put a great deal of thought into tactics, trying to flank and surprise the soldiers.”

These words seem lifted from a Palestinian action book. Ben Ehrenreich and his socialist, atheist mother Barbara Ehrenreich live on the West Coast in the US – Why don’t they gather some friends and throw rocks at soldiers in the city of their choice out there?

“‘We see our stones as our message,’ Bassem explained. Yet, he ‘didn’t worry over whether stone-throwing counted as violence.’ Bassem said, ‘Our sign is the stone.'”

As the new Israeli Cabinet member Naftali Bennett said, “Rocks kill… Some people take rock throwing lightly, and prevent action against them. Rock throwers are trying to murder and they need to be treated accordingly.” Rock-throwers are indeed terrorists who should be treated as such in Israel – and everywhere else in the world.

Articles like Ehrenreich’s lead to Jews being killed. While the Arabs are masters of Public Relations they stage protests to damage Israel and continue to use violence against Israel.  They are brainwashing people and these words have grave consequences.

The Palestinian Arabs have massacred Jewish men, women and children before there was a state of Israel, and they don’t need the media to encourage them to continue to do so.  After all the pogroms, crusades, and the Holocaust, can’t the Jew just live without media encouraging attacks against them?

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  • AdinaK

    We are all too familiar with the Nazi past of the "paper of record". In fact, those they employ to incite murder against Jews – whether via anti-Jewish Jews or others – are well known for their murderous ideology.

    However, there is no chance they will change course, but that doesn't mean Zionist Jews – and others of clear conscience – have to sit still. Not at all –

    There is more than one way to "react". Enough said.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • jeff makor

      This goes to show clearly that antisemitic propaganda perpetrated by a virulent Jew hating Arabic butt kisser gets premium coverage because the publishers want to sell, sensationalize, and cleave to the Caftan-tails of the 'newly popular and cool to associate with' Arabic loveboat.
      Mochiach will be here imminently and until then, we shall remain vigilant..
      Jeff Makor


    Even the New York Times building has a checkpoint in the lobby of its building.

    Why the Double Standards NYT?

    • deniseandros

      I'll tell you why; because almost all of the American media is corrupt and gutless. Smoldering just beneath their thin veneer of a free and objective press, exists a seething hatred for the G-d of Jacob, and for his children. They have also expanded their venom towards Christians. The New York Times is only fit for use as a piss pad for pooches.

  • Mary Sue

    Either Erenreich has no idea what "Intifada" actually means, or he's a nazi.

    • ziontruth

      EhrenThirdreich might be just that.

  • ziontruth

    "Articles like Ehrenreich's lead to Jews being killed."

    Good point, that's the basis of the Jewish State's legal authority to act against the hostile worldwide media outlets and their staff.

    "After all the pogroms, crusades, and the Holocaust, can't the Jew just live without media encouraging attacks against them?"

    The situation can change, but not by crying about it or asking the media outlets nicely to stop. The Jewish State must send officials to the headquarters of those media outlets who will tell them to cease and desist from carrying water for Arab imperialist aggression or else face the consequences, which include, but are not limited to, revocation of all rights to activity within the Land of Israel (including the Arab-Colonized Jewish Territories), damage to their headquarters and forcible bringing of their staff to Israel to stand trial.

    The legal capacity of Israel as a nation-state permits this; the duty of the nation-state to protect its resident nation enjoins it.

  • SHmuelHalevi

    So far those promoting harm to the Jewish State and people have found few if any jeopardies out of their actions. That may change quite suddenly. Today most Jews in Israel are highly trained and field of war tested soldiers. Including myself. We will not take lightly the harm that those perverted beasts plan against us. NO! Those are not "political" actions. Those are outrights acts of aggression. Make no errors added to the many already made gentlemen at the NYT's. Harm to our families caused by you will not go unpunished. Heed!


      SHmuelHalevi AKBAR!

    • mark

      I wish you peace but i support all that you do to protect your people and country. My hope is that we in America will remember our pledge to stand with you if peace is not meant to be.

      • Defcon 4

        What "peace" has Israel had over the last 70 years? What peace has India had for the past seventy years? None. It's been 70 years of unremitting islamofascist terrorism.

    • Drakken

      You Israeli's had better quit screwing around with the muslim then, because this is only going to get worse, throw Gaza into the sea and call it a day. If anyone thinks the muslim will give you peace? They are clearly bloody deslusional, the only peace the muslim will give you is the peace of the grave, do what must be done and be done with it.

  • Fred

    The media have all been taken over by the radicals and a lot of money is exchanged or there are being threats made. No other explanation for this.

  • Penny Haulman

    @NYTimes didn't #Sandy cone close enough to you? Do you, collectively, not fear Creator at all? For it is HIS Nature Laws that bring his wrath to past. So goes Israel, so goes th rest of those who hate and abuse Her. Are you NYT really wanting suicide as ur path.? NYT is doomed, like Palestine and Iran. Try reading some truth in print, oh, like Isaiah 14 for instance. Get behind the allying Winner, Jehovih. Always and forever The Good Father and that which IsReal!

  • clarespark

    It is not just the New York Times. The Judeo-Christian coalition in support of Israel and of Western values is under attack by fashionable academics. See…. "Nirenberg's mischievous attack Anti-Judaism." Published by Norton it tips its hat to the late Edward Said, and trashes the West as corrupt and at its core antisemitic. Who but a liberal would have written this book, the subject of umpteen prior studies for decades?

  • Metatron

    Vote with your feet. DON'T BUY the NY Times. Encourage others to do the same.

    • defcon 4

      I wouldn't use the NY Slimes as TP.

      • Drakken

        Ouch! And I mean that literally Defon! ;)

  • danny r

    Maybe its time to throw some rocks at the NYT and its columnist..Then lets see if they think its harmless..

    • defcon 4

      That would be an interesting experiment. Let the lying lieberal scumbag find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

  • Former subscriber

    The New York Times has a long history of biased articles demonizing Isreal, but this week's Magazine article by Ben Ehrenreich is over the top. It is utterly appalling and destroys any credibility of the New York Times as a decent newspaper. I am cancelling my full week subscription today, in spite of being a subscriber for over thirty-five years. Shame on the New York Times, its Publisher, CEO, and Editors.

  • Yitzie

    Please tell me where you bought the sh*t you seem to be smoking. It certainly is powerful stuff…

  • Laszlo

    Ben Ehrenreich, is a German Nazi, who is being upfronted for a self hating American Jew…..E Hren !!! remained, while the Reich was destroyed….Shame on all self hating people where ever they are…..maybe he, and his mother should move to Palestine and feel themself at home……

    • Drakken

      That POS isn't a nazi, he is a bloody card carrying leftist progressive of the communist bent who openly supports and defends islamic jihadist, therefore an enemy of us all.

  • Ar'nun

    I'd love to see this punk walking down the street. I would throw a rock at him and then just shrug,.

  • KKKK

    my condolences to the family of this 2-year old Israeli child! i fee lfor her. and "intifadas kill" is right. i still remember the horrid images from the Second Intifada, even though i still was only a child then. God bless and protect Israel.

    • aba

      Thank you
      Jews must stand up for Israel because a quick tour of the region shows the most extreme cases of violence, lack of civil rights and all the behavior that " left wing caring people " are fighting against however there are no articles against Hezbollah, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc and no real action against Syria.
      Attack Israel because of plain antisemitism
      Here we go again

  • defcon 4

    Nazitard right?

  • ami

    You are a complete idiot!

  • judy

    i find it interesting that you call yourself gog magog. You truly are trying to bring gog magog with your comments. You obviously do NOT have a brain if you write such nonsense.

  • Ronald POMPETTI

    Gog Magog, I can see why you use a nom de plume. If I was writing that type of garbage, I wouldn't want my name on it either. I must admit that your account of ancient history was quite well written and could possibly lead some poor fools down the garden path. But you shot yourself in the foot when you got on the subject of the Holocaust. Even you can't be stupid enough to believe the garbage you wrote, let alone the people who read your obvious flat out lies. Did it not enter your mind that it all happened during our parents and grandparents lifetimes. It's too soon yet to try to change history to suit your own agenda. It is quite obvious that your whole essay is a complete fabrication conjured up by an unfettered hatred of the Jews, Gods chosen people. Here's a bit of advice for you. Don't wait too long to get down on your knees and beg God for forgiveness. Lightning could strike at any time.

  • theleastthreat

    Gog, Is this an excerpt from a book you wrote when you were locked up in a German can? Just in case, I'll play it safe and alert Poland.

  • Drakken

    Ohhhh! Look! Another muzzy jihadist loving leftist, How quaint ! If you side with the muslim over the Israelis, that makes you an enemy of western civilization.

  • Drakken

    Israel, this assault from the left will not cease until you take the damn velvet glove off and put on the mailed fist. The muslims are on the march and feel emboldened by the commi/leftist/progressives here in the west. Start by throwing Gaza into the sea and when they react in the west bank, throw them into Jordan proper and let them deal with the savages. The time is nearing for total war.

  • batya dagan

    The NYT has not been a real paper for many years.It is a repulsive rag selling Nazi/commie/ Muslim

    propaganda against Jews .The question is why? Where is this awful hatred coming from?

    What does this shameless and prideless thing get from dead Jews?Calling for a third intifada is actually

    not very good for the Arabs because they will get whats coming to them .

  • Lan Astaslem

    go boff arafat's skeleton

  • GáborFränkl

    Didn't Italian journalist and regular Arutz 7 columnist just a few days ago scolded the NYT as a "crypto-Nazi" paper in an exposéo op-ed []? Yes he did. And how totally right he was, of course. This is also a great piece for the despicable quasi-Nazi NYT.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “‘We see our stones as our message,’ Bassem explained. Yet, he ‘didn’t worry over whether stone-throwing counted as violence.’ Bassem said, ‘Our sign is the stone.’”

    I've got my "message" in reply for you. You won't feel a thing. Don't count on meeting any virgins either.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "In fact, in recent years several authors have shown there to be evidence that the bible did not even occur in the Middle East. Indeed, the biblical tribes dring mare's milk which is something that Arabs and even Jews cannot due to lactose intolerance. The bible took place amongst the tribes known to history as Scythians, a white Aryan race that eventually became the nations of Western Europe. Especially the Celts of Ireland and Scotland, the British Isles being where the bible took place and where Jesus came from."

    Crackpot white supremacist.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "However, I encourage attacks against the Jewish race no matter where they live. Indeed, the US constitution does not grant citizen rights – or any rights for that matter, constitutional or otherwise – to the Jews. It is legal, for example, to commit the crime of manslaughter against the Jews in the US and under the law of the land not be punished. The founding fathers of this country new that the Jew was a parasitic sub-species of man, a danger to the nation and to the planet. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin warned people about the Jew and the danger to humanity which they were as well as prophesied the consequences which are being carried out in the present day."

    You're joking or you're insane. Or both.

  • Anonymous

    Cancelling my NYT subscription. Please do the same, and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

  • owainglyndwr1416

    Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, prohibiting propaganda for war

    Article 20
    1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.
    2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that
    constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence
    shall be prohibited by law.

    Intresting that no-one mentions Article 20 when advocating for War against Iran. It appears to me that the NYT and the Obama administration have violated article 20.. I include Britain France and Israel too