Petraeus Deserves Our Thanks – Not Hateful Protests

5602111029_159307c5c9_b_copyAs a resident of the very block on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where General David Petraeus was harassed this week as he commenced his academic career at the Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York, I am disgusted at the way my neighborhood disrespectfully welcomed him to our area. “Not in my backyard” will a genuine American hero be harassed with impunity (and blocking streets making it harder for my children to reach our home after school also doesn’t endear the protesters to me.)

Unfortunately, only six protestors were arrested on charges of riot, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental administration.  Their protest, while being among the very rights General Petraeus fought to protect for all of us, is an awful injustice to a man who devoted his life to protecting America. Their disgusting conduct, which can be seen on Youtube, is typical of the liberal left; harassment and ugliness against people whose ideas and beliefs they disagree with.

These people called the general despicable names, such as “Warmonger!” or “a disgusting pig!”  They yelled “You have blood all over you.”  The honorable General Petraeus refused to acknowledge them and held his head high as they insulted him.

Freedoms we have here in the United States come at a cost, and sometimes the cost is having that freedom used by people who cannot appreciate what it is that they actually have.

Petraeus implemented American policy. Sometimes, force is unfortunately necessary, as the enemies of freedom and human rights sometimes offer no other choice. Protecting and fighting for your country is patriotic and heroic. These liberal progressives scream and protest seeking to eliminate an opposing view – of a person who is only guilty of protecting America. General Petraeus is a genuine American hero.

Gen. David Petraeus served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and was a highly decorated four-star general who oversaw all coalition forces in Iraq. The man has a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class. Senator John McCain called him one of “America’s greatest military heroes.” Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential leaders of the year as well as one of its four runners up for Time Person of the Year. In 2005 and in 2010 Time chose him as “one of Time Magazine’s 50 ‘People Who Mattered’.”  U.S. News & World Report identified him as one of America’s top leaders. In 2009, Esquire named him one of the “75 Best People in the World.” Barbara Walters picked the General for the Most Fascinating Person of 2010, calling him “an American hero.”

He has four Defense Distinguished Service Medal awards, three Distinguished Service Medal awards, the Bronze Star Medal for valor, and the State Department Distinguished Service Award.

NBC News said:

Petraeus built an impeccable 38-year career in the military and U.S. intelligence, displaying a keen grasp of strategy and tactics that succeeded even on the murky battlefield of Iraq and carving out a sterling reputation that withstood the spiteful, partisan environment of Washington.

Liberal Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat, expressed regret about the resignation of “one of America’s best and brightest” and said it was an “enormous loss” for the country.  “At CIA, Director Petraeus gave the agency leadership, stature, prestige and credibility both at home and abroad. On a personal level, I found his command of intelligence issues second to none,” she said.

Bleeding heart liberals claim to be tolerant, yet are intolerant towards those whose views they oppose.  Their list of opponents are American heroes who defend our values, American icons who achieved the dream, and many others. These people are a disgrace to the United States of America.

There are many residents of the Lincoln Square neighborhood – including this PR Agency CEO — who would be honored to welcome General Petraeus to our neighborhood, offer the man a hot cup of coffee, a piece of apple pie and a home office on 67th Street to prepare his thoughts free from the vile harassment of protestors. I live a few hundred feet from your office – we would be honored to welcome you and ensure you safe passage to your classroom.

The general knows about honor and commitment and deserves our praise and gratitude. Thank you, Mr. Petraeus. Keep gracing our neighborhood with your presence.  The few morons harassing you don’t represent the residents of this street, New York City – and surely not the United States of America.

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  • 4infidels

    Spare me the hero worship. Petraeus has blood on his hands. Not the blood of America’s enemies that his protesters in NYC were crying over.

    Petraeus has the blood of American soldiers who were killed implementing his “hearts and minds” policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, murdered while delivering goats to villagers and drinking tea with savages; not allowed to defend themselves when under attack because that could get in the way of winning the “hearts and minds” of those who could never be won over by weakness and convincing them how much America admires their religion and culture.

    Patraeus isn’t some hero who sacrificed for others; he sat in safety while sending other people’s children to do an impossible task because it was too hard for him to learn about Islam and the nature of societies filled with its believers. How much money and how many lives have been lost implementing his absurd counter-insurgency tactics which were a bunch of generalized theories with little relevance to the theater where they were being applied?

    Appeasement; submission to Islam; rules of engagement that cost so many American soldiers their limbs or lives do not add up to a hero in my book. He was nothing more than a kiss-ass careerist who never saw battle. Where exactly is the courage in that? Trying to buy off enemies with guns and money and humiliating displays of respect for Islam without understanding that these people have a religious mandate to hate the infidel and would never, except for short periods of temporary expediency when it served their momentary interests, side with infidels over their fellow Muslims.

    Sure the leftists we harassing him for the wrong reasons, but patriotic Americans have no reason to back a man who sent his own troops into harms way, unprepared for what they were facing, sacrificing American lives for the ridiculous hope of winning hearts and minds that could never be won.

    • No RNC

      I don’t condone childish lefty street theater but I AGREE 100% with 4infidels. Petraeus’ Heart & Minds BS program did nothing but manage to get many innocent Iraqis and US Soldiers killed. IT FAILED. Many experts note whatever success the US had in Iraq was due to the Sunni Chiefs that turned against the invader AlQueda & joined the hated other invader the USA. Petraeus was so smarrrttt he was duped in Afghanistan by the “Three cups of Tea” fraud Mortenson about the benevolent Afghan Muslims and then as short timed CIA Dir. he was duped by the big breasted Arab broad (spy), then the Obama NSA/FBI sting while he fiddled around w/ the Benghazi CYA. Diane West was writing to point out the US/Petraeus’ idiot strategy in the Muslim hellholes years ago once again she is way ahead of the trotskyite’s @ Front Page.

      • 4infidels

        Thanks No RNC! I didn’t even get to the “Three Cups of Tea” nonsense or the idea that another fraud, Lawrence of Arabia, was a guide for anything. Diana West has done great work. Also check out Hugh Fitzgerald’s essay’s at Jihad Watch, including “Arabia Petraeus.”

    • Steeloak

      While your criticism of the policy is correct, it emanated from the White House, not General Petraeus. As any good soldier does, he did his best to implement the bad policy he was ordered to follow.

      • WW4

        But Petraeus literally wrote the book on that approach.

        That said, he deserves credit and thanks, whether or not it was an ineffective approach.

        • Rumionemore

          “Just trying” may be satisfying if your kid placed 5th in the spelling bee, but in war when lives and treasury are at stake, I don’t see where that arrogant little media hog should get credit for failures. I know we desperately need heroes in this country, other than the make-believe ones in the movies, but David Petraeus is not among them.

          • WW4

            Because he had quite a few successes in that theater. Basically, he made some lemonade out of a lemon. The failure belongs to Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney, ultimately. It was both noble and naive to think we could get rid of Saddam and bring peace and stability to Iraq.

          • Rumionemore

            Agree with you about Rummy and Cheney, and it would have taken a miracle worker on the military side to have turned those situations around, much less won them. My point about Petraeus: his reputation is mostly crafted and “marketed” first by him, then by media. They slammed him, until the Afghan War became “Obama’s War.” Other than the Iraqi surge, few can recite specifics about Petraeus’s accomplishments. In both the wars he commanded, he used the same techniques he employed in promoting himself. He was gifted at making things appear better than they actually were.

      • Stanley

        Spec Ops operators have tea with the locals. They would do this regardless of anyone coming up with a policy.

        Green Berets did this in Vietnam. What were they going to say. FU we don’t like your lousy food? That would have went over well.

        Talk to a Green Beret. Find out.

        • Steeloak

          I wasn’t referring to the Bush/Petraeus COIN strategy that won the Iraq war, I was referring to the Obama rules of engagement and premature exit that lost the Afghan war.

          • Rumionemore

            We won the Iraq war? How do you figure that? Even the top U.S. military leadership and most neocons won’t go there. The war has never ceased.

        • Drakken

          The difference between Vietnam and Iraq is to vast to compare, the bottom line is that you can rent an arab for a little while, but you can never buy his loyalty, especially if your an infidel.

    • VLParker

      Agreed. Bush screwed up by allowing the Iraqi government to have an Islamic Constitution. He was clueless about the enemy as was Petraeus. Obama, on the other hand, isn’t clueless about the enemy, he is one of them. Don’t agree with the leftist idiots but Petraeus broke the first rule of war, know your enemy.

    • Tea Time

      Tea time with Sunni sheiks and tribal elders is more productive than talks with the astro-turf occupy types.

      A few things were needed to get the Sunnis on our side. They were sick of Al Qaeda’s tactics and trying to take over. Blowing up souks does not endear you to the populace.Think of a souk as an open air mall. In Ramadi, Al Qaeda blew up the souk more than once. There were as many casualties as at Nairobi each time. So the sheiks and the U.S> had common cause. Also we could protect them from Shia machinations and we did under Bush. But for all the authority of the sheiks due to tradition, tradition will only take you so far. their men needed money if they were going to fight Al Qaeda. Honey I am going to leave the farm or store and fight Al Qaeda with no thought to family income does not cut it. Western soldiers will desert if their pay is severely in arrears. So it is with every other people. The last part is the tea. You always hear the spec ops guys having tea & lamb with the locals. You going to tell them that they are stupid. Courtesy is the lubrication of social interaction per Robert Heinlein. It is necessary. Tea time is part diplomacy and part courtesy. It was not just Petraeus who supported having tea. Everyone up and down the ranks did.

      Been there, done that.

      • 4infidels

        Don’t kid yourself, Tea Time, the tribal leaders in Anbar Provence didn’t object to terrorist tactics, per se. Nor did they object to Al Qaeda’s “radical ideology.” They ultimately turned to the infidel for guns and money because they saw their position of power being eroded by the Sunni Al-Qaeda newcomers. That’s it. They wanted to be the one to decide which women to rape, who should have their head cut off, what businesses to intimidate into paying them protection money. The AQ fighters threatened their local monopoly on violence and thus their place at the top of the local food chain. Why this was our concern, I can’t fathom. While the idea of bringing democracy to Iraq was DOA, once Saddam was eliminated, we should have let the Sunnis and Shia fight it out with each side absorbing jihadists and money from the surrounding countries, all of which would not be available for causing violence and building mosques all over the infidel world.

        • Tea Time

          “The AQ fighters threatened … their place at the top of the local food chain”

          That is a defensible argument.

          “They wanted to be the one to decide which women to rape,”
          I am not sure this argument can be born out by the facts. Have Sunni sheiks wantonly raped Sunni women in Anbar? I think that would be a good way to undermine one’s authority.

  • CowboyUp

    He defeated AQ and the Mahdi in Iraq, and made lying fools of the disloyal dp/msm, they can never forgive him for that.

    • Rumionemore

      He didn’t defeat anybody. If you pay attention to what is happening in Iraq, nothing he did held.

      • Steeloak

        Unfortunately, our dear leader Obama was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • CowboyUp

        Because Obama told the Mahdi and aq Iraq was all theirs, and completely abandoned it, despite the Iraqi government begging him not to. Obama owns the failure, it was his policy that caused it.

        • Rumionemore

          al-Maliki wanted the U.S, out of there. I’m not an Obama fan, but he did pledge in 2008 to get us out of that hellhole, and he did. Good for him on that one. Not sure who was begging us to stay. Be more specific. We had pretty much devastated the country, and the warring continues.

          • Son of a Hun

            We pretty much devastated Japan and Germany too.

            Was “We had pretty much devastated the country” supposed to a declarative statement of some sort, which needs no proof because it is prima facie true?

          • Rumionemore

            If you read a newspaper or blog, or you watch credible TV programs (documentaries – not “shout” shows), the evidence is there. Many wealthier people left the country before the war began or in its early stages. Left behind have been hundreds of thousands of orphans, poverty-stricken and disabled people, and rubble that was once their home. Yes, we employed contractors to rebuild. This, and their contributions to elected officials supporting them and the war, have been the real winners. Many of those buildings can’t be occupied, or they have been destroyed.

            You can’t compare Japan and Germany to Iraq. People of those countries had established economies prior to the war and had relatively high educational levels. Also, the U.S. helped them rebuild, and because they did not have a long-running internal war and culture clashes, they have done extraordinarily well.

          • CowboyUp

            The Sunnis and the Kurds. Iraq was rebuilding and growing until Obama came in office and now they’re self destructing and becoming a Mahdi and aq playground again. Obama owns it.

          • Rumionemore

            What can I say? You’re well-informed by Fox News. What more does the well-educated, well-versed, well-balanced, intellectually curious man need in life except to love what he believes? You’re a real patriot. An honest-to-goodness, red-blooded American male. You’re just what we all aspire to be.

  • Rumionemore

    At the end of the day, what difference did the Warrior Scholar’s brilliance and “grasp of strategy” make to the American people? Granted, the wars were not his doing, but the so-called success of the Iraq surge has faded, and he pretty much failed in Afghanistan. According to most accounts, the CIA job was an uneasy fit. It looks like Petraeus’s greatest achievement was self-promotion. That worked for a while until he unwittingly revealed his true character. What kind of general parties in Tampa while young men and women under his command in Iraq and Afghanistan lose their lives? What is heroic or admirable about that?

    • Tzu

      Under whose watch id the success fade under?



      We have a winner (or a loser in vase of BHO), you guessed right!

      The aphorism “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” was invented for a reason. :)

    • Tzu


      I suggest you graduate from the Politico and step up up to Loonwatch.
      Just do it now man, it is where you are headed anyway.

      • Rumionemore

        How’s that? I make my points based on observation and a lot of study of David Petraeus. What are your sources of finding him to be such a hero? Is it Rush or O’Reilly?

  • No RNC

    @ The New English Review, a couple of v good pieces regarding Petraeus, Coin and the the political corruption the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

  • Guest

    Absolute scum, every one of those useless Muslime supporting brainless twats.

    I’m an Aussie and I’m very grateful of this unselfish soldier.

    Thank you Mr Petraeus.

  • Hass

    He was nothing a but a Muslime panderer who tied the coalitions and US soldiers arms behind their back whilst fighting savages.

    Not a hero in my book, just another one of Osama Obama’s arse licker’s.

  • Sgt Maj

    This idiotic attempt at demeaning a dedicated military man is not hero worship. .It’s liberal stupidity based on a professor who read some left wing hype and inspired his teenage students in to a frenzy they know nothing about.
    The more we lean to the left, the more we destroy ourselves.
    That general’s service was the reason the professor had the freedom to preach his garbage!

    • 4infidels

      Really? Why did a General think it was his business to tell the pastor Terry Jones, an American citizen on American soil, what he could or couldn’t do with a book. I’m not a fan of Terry Jones, but clearly Patraeus didn’t believe in defending every American’s right to free speech. He acted like it was about saving the lives of American soldiers in harms way, but Patraeus put those Americans in soldiers in that position with his stupid COIN manual, his hearts and minds campaigns and his rules of engagement. He was willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans to prevent any offense to Muslims. And how many coalition forces need to be murdered by the Afghan soldiers before we decide that protecting our own people is more important that who rules over what pile of rocks in Afghanistan.

  • Sgt Maj

    This idiotic attempt by some leftwing commenters at demeaning a dedicated military man by calling it hero worship is all backwards!

    It is liberal stupidity based on a professor who read some left wing hype and inspired his teenage students in to a frenzy they know nothing about.
    That general’s service was the reason the professor had the freedom to preach his garbage!

    The more we lean to the left, the more we destroy ourselves as a nation.

    All the progress and accomplishments by the US military is being wiped away by a Chicago thug who is withdrawing our Armed Forces for no other reason than to fulfill a political promise. There can be no worse reason to end liberation than politics!
    So long freedom.

    • 4infidels

      You can’t possibly read my comments and think I’m a lefty? Am I allowed to oppose Obama, and also not think to much of Petraeus?

      Or does disliking Obama require me to pretend Petraeus was a heroic warrior, committed patriot and brilliant strategist? He was none of the above. He was all about Patraeus. Great leaders are about the best interests of their nation and their troops.

  • WW4

    So this site lambastes the man when what he does tends to support the administration, but jumps to his defense when some loudmouth street twits decide to lambaste him? Which is it?

    How about he deserves credit for the job he did, whether or not he has personal failings and whether or not his approach was ultimately effective?

  • breaker A

    Simply amazing how these kids who harass a veteran dont have their heads handed to them. Reminds me of what they did to Vietnam vets.

    • Rumionemore

      Don’t compare Petraeus to Vietnam vets who gave their lives and limbs in a wet hellish place, crawling through mud and being in misery every moment they served. The only comparison is that was a war that was not going to be won, either. Petraeus’s hands were always very well-manicured. Better to handle Mrs. Broadwell.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        “During this period, he suffered one of the more dramatic incidents in his career; in 1991 he was accidentally shot in the chest with an M-16 assault rifle during a live-fire exercise when a soldier tripped and his rifle discharged.[43] He was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, where he was operated on by future U.S. Senator Bill Frist. ” – wiki

        Junior officers had a high casualty rate in Vietnam.

        When Petraeus graduated in 1974 things looked bleak for America. if the big one would have kicked off, his life expectancy would not have been very high. the years from 1974 thru 1979 looked very grim with the Russians making gains in Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia. We also lost an ally, Iran. Southeast Asia looked like crap wit Laos,Cambodia & Vietnam being communist. Burma was crap. India was a Soviet client.

        All that did not bode well for America and for U.S. soldiers be they enlisted or officers.

        Now I have my problems with ring knockers, but cut the guy some slack.

  • TienBing

    Leftist goons and loons always muddy the water.

    General Petraeus, who is actually talented and capable, stands in the long line of military officers who decide(d) pleasing politicians and the establishment elite is a more expeditious route to stars and glory than loyalty to his men and the integrity of his position. For whatever reason, he wrote a “how to do” book on the military implementation of a political strategy. Petraeus did his best to revise a doctrine that had already been tried and failed – not because it was inherently wrong, but because US politicians insist on applying it in the wrong way, at the wrong time, with the wrong culture. Petraeus’s approach differed little from the same approach that failed in Vietnam – basically for the same reasons.

    The strategy of “winning hearts and minds” probably has prehistoric antecedents. In its best, most successful versions, it first uses a big stick – hard and liberally. Only after pacification is the carrot shown – and only a little carrot at a time. The Romans (sometimes) and the Muslims for example, used the strategy successfully in their conquests, as did the Mongols.

    What is left out of the contemporary US formula is the stick. The US applies it weakly and inconsistently. We are too eager to show that “we are nice guys”. The only time “winning hearts and minds” works is when you totally defeat the target population – when you have complete control. You must first destroy their capacity and will to resist. Then to win their hearts and minds, you convince them you don’t really hate them and are willing to let bygones be bygones and help them rebuild their world. It worked for the US in the Philippines, West Germany, and Japan. In each case resistance/rebellion was harshly put down. The “leadership” decided that it was more beneficial to cooperate because they got more carrot and less pain. As one of Nixon’s henchmen put it: “If you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

    Whether any such “winning hearts and minds” strategy as the US applies it today would work with any enemy, let alone Islam, is unlikely. We do it backwards, compound that initial error with self destructive ROEs, and then telegraph that we probably wont stick around anyway. We offer the carrot, and sacrifice our soldiers, which not only doesn’t cripple the enemy – it sends a message of weakness. Then we tell them our withdrawal date.

    Regardless of the strategy, first you have to define your enemy. In the “WOT” we refuse to even take that first step. We can kid ourselves about the source of the problem, but we aren’t kidding the source. Islam, the very core belief of most ME populations is hostile to any religion, form of government, or political philosophy that does not embrace Islam as the ultimate truth and the supreme law. As long as we lie to ourselves about the true nature of Islam, and treat Islam as a partner in the quest for peace, we will lose – slow at first, but with a quickening tempo that will build to lightening speed conquest. It has happened before. Islam is the core of the problem, how do you defeat Islamic tactics if you ignore or worse yet deny Islam? Islam has been defeated and neutered at least locally before in history, but never with words or carrots.

  • geral sosbee

    Unjust wars, useless battles for a country (USA) unworthy to defend:

    The Story Of Our Millenium Is Waiting For You to Break

    Mass Murder Caused By fbi/police Who Exploit For Publicity (via *DEW assaults) Macabre Disasters

    High tech assaults contribute to incidents of mass murder, etc.

    See my reports in the links below with evidence that the fbi, media, and others pretend that high tech assaults on Targets don’t exist and that anyone who claims to the contrary is crazy.
    The current public media campaign to label (and thereby fraudulently discredit) the shooter ‘Aaron Alexis’ as one who simply hears voices, one who claims to be assaulted by microwave, etc, is a fraud perpetrated by the fbi.

    The truth is that the fbi regularly uses high tech weaponry against their political Targets for the following purposes, inter alia:
    cause sleep deprivation; drain energy from the Target’s body; induce mood swings; force suicide; murder the Target.

    When the Targets breaks down the police and the fbi claim, “See we told you so”; then the thugs with badges lock up the Target in prison or in a hospital where he is left for dead after brain cells are rearranged. Here are my reports and documentations over the past twenty years regarding a similar and largely unsuccessful campaign against me in efforts to silence me from reporting high crimes by the fbi/police:

    My affidavit:

    *High tech assaults, Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW):

    fbi crimes against me in efforts to silence me:


  • Omar

    I am a CUNY student who attends Hunter College in Manhattan’s East Side. Last Tuesday, I went to the site of the protest to counter-protest the fascistic forces that are bullying Gen. Petraeus. I was there to show my support for Gen. Petraeus and to counter the left’s endless propaganda against an American hero (as well as on this country in general). The anti-Petraeus protest got a little violent when the anti-Petraeus protesters chose to pick a physical fight with the NYPD. The altercation resulted in quite a few arrests, as the anti-Petraeus protesters and their supporters chose to videotape the altercation in order to “prove” to the viewers that the NYPD committed police brutality, which was obviously false. CUNY is a dangerous place to be for an American patriot, as the left there (much like the left in much of academia) can and will use force against dissenters-and then record the incident to paint their victims as aggressors. The left’s anti-democratic agenda must be stopped.

  • Omar

    How about instead of protesting against a real hero like Gen. Petraeus, why don’t those radical leftists protest against Mariela Castro, the so-called “gay rights” activist and daughter of Communist dictator Raul Castro of Cuba? Why don’t those protesters protest against Bill Ayers, an unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist who is now teaching at a Chicago university? In fact, why don’t any of these protesters take out their anger on all of the corrupt leftist militants running the university systems across the country? It is because those leftist protesters support Communist totalitarianism, that’s why. They are upset that CUNY hired a democrat and an anti-totalitarian to teach at their university, and that is a threat to the Communist/Islamist monopoly.

  • DevilsTrumpet

    Sandor John,an untenured Latin History professor,is using his students,who lack life experience and world knowledge,to harass the General.It’s cowardly that John uses others that he has indoctrinated with lies for his dirty-work,certainly he doesn’t have the courage to confront Petraeus himself.Whether you agree with the General’s actions or not,he deserves the respect he’s earned for the years he’s given in service to his country.
    Another example of the left,preach tolerance but never practice it.

  • 8ball

    Petraeus allowed Obama to take credit for ending the war in Iraq when Obama in fact opposed the very strategy – The Surge – that ended the war.

    Petraeus allowed Obama to deceive the nation about what happened in Benghazi.

    “Nice little marriage you have there” Petraeus is a traitor.

    • Rumionemore

      What end to the war? You are remaking history to suit your argument. At least go to Wikipedia and look up “Iraq War” to get some facts. Petraeus was barely back in the states to start his party days on taxpayer dollars with the whores in Tampa before the fighting started again. Don’t rely on what I say. Look it up. Do your homework before you make statements that have no validity.

  • joe

    I have absolutely no doubt that Petraeus is a brilliant man and has all the capability to be an effective general. But the truth is you cannot be a general or an admiral, get into bed with obama, and emerge without a disease. The trail of failed military leaders who have carried the banner for obama is a testament to this. Seems like all of them are required to cast off the moral convictions that gird our Republic in order to pin on that fourth star. I feel badly for Petraeus, but he really brought it on himself. A “good” general would tell obama to stick his “one world order” where the sun doesn’t shine. As a conclusion to his career, Petraeus crawled for obama rather than stand up for our Republic. And banging the help in the CIA is not the best final flourish.

    • Rumionemore

      Having once thought Petraeus would be a dynamic president, I began to really study him. When I realized who is was – and is – I was disappointed but wiser. First and foremost, he is a political animal. In spite of his denials, he was planning to be president with the backing and support of John McCain and others, even some Democrats.

      He was still on that path when he went to the CIA. Obama owed Petraeus. When O. fired the hot dog McChrystal, Petraeus took a demotion from central command commander to take over the Afghan War. When he retired from the Arm, there were already rumblings in D.C. of his affair in Afghanistan with his so-called biographer. If Obama had feared him as competition, as many believed, he had plenty to have him court martialed, but that would have made Obama look bad to ditch his famous general shortly before his presidential election campaign was set to kick off. He kicked Panetta from the CIA to the Sec. of Defense job, which he did not want, and made sure the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed Petraeus for the CIA. He was not properly vetted. He did have enough judgment not to bang the CIA help (as far as we know), but he was still carrying on with his 20-years-younger biographer, who was married and the mother of two small kids. He got caught and many think he did “the honorable thing” to resign. James Clapper told him he needed to. I don’t think Petraeus ever did an honorable thing – not unless there were cameras and microphones on hand. He was gifted at staging “honorable.”

      • joe

        I once believed as you did about Petraeus being a potential presidential candidate a long time ago. I even recall being angered when the Left branded him “Betray Us”. But he cozied up to Obama and I lost confidence in him – doubted his integrity and character. I get the same sense of disappointment with every Republican who cozies up to obama – like Graham, McCain, Boehner and McConnell (and really far too many others). I guess I’m just generally disappointed and disillusioned in my very old age. But I expect more from our 3 & 4 star Generals. Something negatively transformative happens to them when they rub elbows with our career politicians. It’s just a depressing, stinking mess. God bless the preponderance of good folks in the military who go unrecognized yet shoulder the burden of defending the Constitution, the Republic. Thanks so much for your comment.

        • Rumionemore

          I think you hit the nail: I expect more from top military leadership. Petraeus was too focused on building his presidential resume. A real media hog. My dad was a WWII vet and knew the military people running the war were not perfect, but he had deep respect for them. They concentrated on what taxpayers were paying them for – running a war to win it. I agree – it’s the boots-on-the-ground people who matter to me.

  • Rumionemore

    What victory? Look up that word. Even Petraeus cautioned against the word “win” in both Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s the one honorable thing he did.

    • Steeloak

      Al Qaeda crushed, stable government, military rebuilt, country being rebuilt after 30 years of Saddam’s devastation – I’d call that a victory. That is what Bush left to Obama. Obama has thrown all that away and the country is descending again into chaos because we abandoned them to their enemies.

      • Rumionemore

        And the South was victorious over the North in the Civil War.

        • JCS

          Prepare for dhimmitude. It looks good on you and you’ll love it if you don’t convert to Islam anyway.

  • Justsayit

    If only he could keep in sexually appetite in order. Shame on you for being a poor role model in front of your troops. They are the heros.

  • Timber

    Petraeus , one of the few military leaders who did bring in the right strategies and tactics in a war we should not have been in. This was a war of counter insurgency and it was fought poorly , with not enough troops, equipment or money. Petraeus , Gates and others rescued our stalemate ooppps victory in Iraq from leaders whose incorrect strategies almost condemned us to failure as is happening with Afghanistan. This country wins battles due to its brave soldiers but is 0 – 1 – 4 since WWII for wars due to its poor leaders military and political.

  • Eastariel Noneofyo-bizniss


    Mr. Torosian-the-sales-man, may I remind you what PR stands for? PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. And you don’t know anything about it. So get your tick-lets out of the temple, moneychanger!

    Professor Petraeus isn’t for sale, you vulture! Take your empty cup elsewhere. Stay away from him while he’s trying to navigate safely away from back-stabbing vultures looking to $cha-ching$ over the wounded victims of brute’s.

    I’m a life-long pacifist. Professor Petraeus is the most effective peacemaker I’ve ever known of. If you have a problem with him saying NO to every salesman that invades his doorway, take it up with me, The Bodyguard. I’ll be happy to hear your sales pitch so I can make sure your PR agency fires the tick at the top.