Uber-Liberal Politicians Will Set NYC Back Many Years


For Bill de Blasio and other ultra-liberal politicians, I am evil — because I am successful. The Public Advocate of New York, who came from nowhere to win the New York City Democratic primary and is now the frontrunner to be the mayor of the city, ran his campaign focused on vowing to address the issue which he deems “The Tale of Two Cities.” As someone born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, who now lives on the vaunted Upper West Side, I am indeed very familiar with the different neighborhoods, and the DNA of New York.

I was raised in the Bronx in a single-mother household, attended public school and worked in a local pizzeria many hours from the age of 12 until after I graduated college. I remember returning bottles for the 5 cent deposits (well before the days when anyone thought about the need to be “green” friendly) and the constant struggle for my mother to pay the bills so she could do everything in the world possible for my sister and I to get ahead. And indeed, my holy mother never failed, and we got ahead thanks to her love, sweat and tears.

I very clearly remember the dangerous streets filled with three-card monte games, hustlers, pickpockets, drug dealers and slimeballs. I remember the fear of riding the subway and of walking on the streets after dark. And indeed, while de Blasio, the Cambridge, Massachusetts transplant (who was then known as Warren Wilhelm) was getting his B.A. from New York University and then his masters in the Ivy League school of Columbia University, the great city of New York was suffering tremendously.  I am a proud graduate of the New York City public school system – although I remember cutting school often, and doing plenty of other things I don’t want my kids knowing about.

Today, when de Blasio speaks of “The Tale of Two Cities,” I understand the other side. I live in a uber-luxury condominium building in Lincoln Center, and my children attend private school.  Thanks to working very hard, at the age of 39, I own one of the largest PR agencies in the city and employ over 110 people.

De Blasio, the uber-liberal believes I need to be penalized for my success.  He claims  “We don’t have to continue to live the Tale of Two Cities that confronts us today.” And indeed, in the great country of America, we don’t.  People in New York can work hard, take risks and get ahead – and all have opportunity.  Does everyone’s American dream mean they have to be wealthy? Or does it simply mean they have equal opportunity? Shouldn’t the 1st African American President in the White House tell all Americans that indeed anyone can do anything?

Why is it that New Yorkers should be taxed and penalized more because they are successful? De Blasio – like liberals throughout the US – is proposing a tax on the wealthy to fund universal pre-kindergarten and other radical ways to “address the city’s growing income inequality.” De Blasio is an old-school liberal who will harm business interests throughout this city.

Ads that the NY state government is running say, “In New York State, a business can grow as big as anyone can possibly imagine.” Why don’t the ads explain that one will pay more than 50% in taxes if they are successful in New York City? And clearly with extreme liberals in office that number will only go up. New York imposes high taxes on personal income, individual capital gains, corporate income, and corporate capital gains.  Everything here is expensive, and indeed for liberals, when you make it then you are to blame.

Too many liberal politicians fail to remember that the successful (wealthy) create jobs. They aren’t bad. They are good – and it’s the essence of capitalism. Stop demonizing the wealthy via class warfare – encourage kids and people to be successful.

Class warfare is something that turns this boy from the Bronx off – and should turn everyone off.  Demonizing the people who employ people, the people most likely to pay large taxes, the hard-working folks of this city – how does that make New York better? Shame on any politician who engages in class warfare.

P.S.:  Mr. de Blasio – During the campaign you spoke regularly of “$1,000 caviar pizza, and – for the same price –  a ‘Golden Opulence’ sundae for dessert.”  Would love to find out if I can have it delivered for lunch tomorrow to 5WPR. Where from?

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  • tickletik

    This is really a tremendous blessing from Hashem. Now you all have a great reason to leave New York and go to Israel.

    Brothers! Sell your homes and businesses now, while the values are still relatively high. You know that the national economy is going to tank, you know that POS is going to turn New York into the next Detroit, so why wait for it? Sell your stuff now, hop on a plane and start a proper life in your homeland!

    As for non Jewish New Yorkers, I have soemthing similar to say. Invest in Israel! Buy stock in Israeli tech companies, open accounts there, and save yourselves a lot of pain and suffering!

  • Joeyyah

    Rich people should have their assets reallocated 1 time. 5% of their net worth goes 1 time to government and all debt will go away.

    • alericKong

      That presumes:

      The same criminals who theft there way into political power and the nation into a $17 trillion debt will no longer keep stealing their way to power.

      The “Rich people” who are often politicians or their cronies, won’t hide their wealth, flee the country, or corrupt laws to keep their wealth and take their competitions’.

      We know the full extent of the government’s debate, our leaders have been completly honest and fully disclosed their malfeseance, and future unfunded obligations like medicare and social security are fully known.

      The awful behavior of the public which contributes greatly to the national debt will go away once it’s paid.

    • glpage

      Someone has shown that if the government were to confiscate 100% of the assets of the millionaires and billionaires of this country it wouldn’t come close to erasing the debt.

    • UCSPanther

      Yep, and they will leave for places that DON’T punish them for acquiring wealth.

      Driving out industry is like sawing off the branch you are standing on. If you can’t collect taxes, there is no way you can run your little socialist programs, and it will end up being like Detroit, or worse…

    • herb benty

      Ya, OR, government could shut down half a dozen idiotic Departments and there would be many billions to help the people plus the deficit taken care of. Instead of robbing citizens.

    • Aizino Smith

      The above is Joeyyah’s only comment. If he is not one of Cass Sunstein’s truth squad member’s he should reconsider his statement.

      What glpage posted is the truth. Do the math.

  • tacheles

    [for my sister and I]
    This makes me cringe. Does anyone edit this pieces?

    • Jessie12

      Your sister usually edits them if her mouth isn’t full.

  • Major

    Am I sorry for you? No way. You raised and enabled these dogs to grow up to eat you alive. From Lindsay to Dinkins to Ed Koch. You smarmy upper west side, east side, Soho, tribeca, caviar, latte, kool aide drinking libs…spent your time sniffing around at art galleries, the newest bars and “be seen” in clubs.

    You had the last good mayor…Rudy..but you sniffed in a fascist, dictator, narcissist that now demanded that you eat what he wants and drink what he dictates. You lie with the dog that has fleas…and now you complain that you too have fleas…then you’ve voted in another “Ivy League” scum bag.

    Who says you ignorant “sophisticated” snobs and libs need our help or pity. Nope…just GTH New York. Suck it up…or move to Jersey….as long as they can charge you $10 or $20, $30 for a pack of smokes…$20 per cocktail, $100 for a flank steak or $20 to use the tunnels….you can still visit that crap hole east of the Hudson. The line of division from the real America and your commie “state”.