A Radical Imam’s Infiltration of Philadelphia

0Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj isn’t who comes to mind when you think of interfaith partnerships, but two of his associates have served at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. The two are colleagues of Wahhaj and they lead their own Islamist groups, one of which even used to go by the name of International Muslim Brotherhood.

Wahhaj’s notable quotes include, “America is the most wicked government on the face of the planet Earth” and “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.” He is also listed as “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Wahhaj is the Amir of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA). Two of its Shura Council members have served on the board of the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. The Interfaith Center boasts that in 2010 it “served nearly 10,000 individuals, partnered with more than 150 local religious congregations and institutions and two dozen civic and service organizations…”

MANA Shura Council member Anwar Muhaimin is on the Interfaith Center’s board of directors and is one of its founders. He is also a member of the Interfaith Center’s Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia, which organized the inaugural prayer services for Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Muhaimin currently leads the Quba Institute, previously called the International Muslim Brotherhood.

Although Muhaimin was educated in Saudi Arabia, he says he is not a Salafist and that his group is not affiliated with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. However, its website has said that it’s been long partnered with the Muslim Students Association, a group that a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo lists as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” More alarmingly, the Quba Institute’s former website said that Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood cleric Hasan al-Turabi was “instrumental in contributing instruction.” Al-Turabi has been called the “The Pope of Terrorism.”

Other supporters of the Quba Institute/International Muslim Brotherhood include Abdul-Hamid Abu Sulayman, former rector of the Islamic University of Malaysia and Medhat Hassanein, former Egyptian Finance Minister. The website used to acknowledge that they and al-Turabi “added their voices and their efforts to replenish and support International Muslim Brotherhood’s educational agenda.”

The former website of Muhaimin’s organization also said it rejects “’jihad al-saif’ (armed warfare) under one condition: unless in the context of self-defense or guarding the sacred, holy lands of Islam.”

MANA Shura Council member Kenny Gamble, now known as Luqman Abdul-Haqq, was one of the Interfaith Center’s founding board of directors. His United Muslim Movement actually merged with Muhaimin’s International Muslim Brotherhood in 1998 for a period of time. Gamble has been accused of trying to create Muslim enclaves.

Gamble’s organization says it is “dedicated to the full implementation of the Qur’an and the Sunnah…” Gamle was originally a member of the Nation of Islam. That is no longer the case, but he still collaborates with Louis Farrakhan’s radical organization.

Joe Kaufman discovered that an organization called the Jawala Scouts was registered to the same address as Gamble’s group and Gamble appeared to be its email contact. Photos show young Muslim boys dressed in military fatigue learning combat skills. The Scouts was started in 2005 by a group called the Sankore Institute of Islamic-African Studies International. As the Clarion Project reported in April, the organization’s website instructs Muslims to engage in “litigation jihad” to bring America into greater compliance with Sharia Law.

The group’s leader is undeniably anti-American and the FBI raided its offices in 2006. In 2010, Sankore’s leader condemned the “the pseudo-religion redefined by the pacifist ‘imams’ who deny the obligation of jihad and who have deluded their followers into the fruitless activity of supporting democratic constitutional government.”

The problem of Islamist interfaith engagement goes beyond Philadelphia.

The Council on-American Islamic Relations honors its interfaith partners at its fundraising banquets which often have radicals as speakers. The Islamic Circle of North America celebrates the friendships of churches as evidence that it’s moderate. The Presbyterian Church (USA) uses Islamist groups in interfaith studies.

These relationships have led to many Christian and Jewish organizations becoming political allies of groups linked to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. They join their campaigns and church leaders endorse their causes. There are church events about “Islamophobia” that attack these groups’ critics as bigots. In another case, an interfaith event was used to teach Christians that U.S. involvement in oppression is to blame for terrorism. On foreign policy, the Islamists’ non-Muslim allies rail against Israel and protest Israel’s alliance with the U.S.

This platform helps increase these groups’ political influence to the point where they are courted by the White House to build support for their policy agenda and offer advice. Other non-Islamist Muslim groups are left out in the cold.

This is what the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood envisioned when it instructed followers to “possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

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  • Chez

    The so-called “Interfaith” groups are reminiscent of communist-front groups during the Cold War….where non-communist leftists were enlisted and then manipulated into doing the bidding for the Soviet Bloc.

  • http://historyscoper.com T.L. Winslow

    Muslim disinfo. artists like Siraj Wahhaj are just the tip of the iceberg. Only the Historyscoper Online World History School has an extensive cram course teaching about all the main Muslim figures in America and their organizations, and how they link with global Islam. Don’t fall behind thousands of others. Visit the Historyscoper web site and find the time to try the Modern Muslimscope, free as a public service, no registration required.

  • The Dead Critic

    Something called “Bro love.”

  • VHG1

    It’s o much “infiltration” as INFESTATION!

  • tokoloshiman

    more hatred from the “religion of peace”
    what i find odd is that these imams can spew this hatred openly yet when a moderate REPEATS the same information to others as an example of hate speech , he is the one condemned for islamophobia or racism?
    how do the authorities condone and rationalize that?

    • Emperor

      The sad thing is that someone who seems to have a level of inteligence like yourself would write without any independent research and, jump on the ‘emotional’ bandwagon. Can you point to ANY speech that Imam Siraj has done in the last twenty years that contains hatred?? You may not believe that Allah is Almighty God, or That Muhammad(PBUH) is The Prophet and that’s your choice ,but why do you need to lie on the Muslims??

  • Smote

    Pay the mob to do ‘their thing’.

  • herb benty

    Even with Obama, America has the MOST righteous government on earth( Canada also). The fact that the Islamic god is SATAN, explains why all these “imams” think America is evil, America is fine, Islam is evil and you know it. Where is the muslim Sisterhood?

    • OfficialPro

      the muslim sisterhood is busy being stockholmed.

    • Emperor

      How do you judge your ‘righteousness’??! The genocide, of tribes of Native Americans, the murder, torture, discrimination, rape, brutalisation, imprisoning of others. This same systematic ‘Hate’ and legalised discrimination of black and brown people from Africa (murder, rape, kidnapping, torture, forced labor, oppresion) which is all documented in American and European school text books, these are ‘FACTS’. What you stated is your own opinion about God, and you have that choice, however why degrade a peoples way of life and thier beliefs, and then act like this is the right way?!?!

      The gov’t of America has done many good things, yet and still has done many wrongs as well. Islam teaches respect for nieghbors, property, and law. Islam teaches compassion for woman, children, and elders. Islam teaches submission to the Will of The Most High God of Abraham(PBUH). Islam teaches that The God of Moses(PBUH) is One and that He is The Creator of All and Everything.

      • herb benty

        Our righteousness is of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and not of ourselves. Christian’s sins are forgiven by the blood of the Lamb of God. Most Whites came to Canada and America to get away from religious persecution in Europe. They defended themselves against Native raiders, but also got along well with other Natives. Secular forces did destroy some Natives, that’s true, however the killers were not Jews or Christians. Islam teaches the slaughter of all humanity that rejects Islam, you fool nobody, I read the Koran buddy.Islam tries to re-write the Judeo-Christian Faith, which won’t work. Moses and Abraham will deny even knowing you, as will Jehovah God and His Son Jesus the Christ, and THEY are ONE.

        • Emperor

          We can go back and forth about our differing beliefs as regards The Most High (Allah), this is futile, as it won’t result in either of us changing our understanding of scripture, however history has been documented, sir! Christopher Columbus is one of the first ‘White People’ to come to the Americas (Carribean) he nor his crew were fleeing ‘religious persecution’. In fact they came in search of gold and plunder! They murdered, raped, kidnapped, tortured, enslaved, mutilated, molested, etc. millions of the natives. Sounds an awful lot like terrorisim, wouldn’t you say?? And, this is documented history, not a difference in our faith. The stories of the slavemaster, and slavetrader are wide spread in the textbooks, but rarely do you read about the stories of the slavemaker. Why? These stories are so morbid and immoral, that they make Freddy Kruger, and the horror movies seem like cartoons, again documented history not religious differences. Do the Jews consider your faith Judeo-Christian??! They don’t aknowledge Christ (PBUH) at all a righteous one. It’s great that you read the Qu’raan but, it seems that you read it with a closed heart, next time ask Allah to open your heart and you will see that Islam is about loving God Almighty, obeying your parents, and serving your neighbor… May Allah open your heart

          • herb benty

            I dont open my heart to CULTS like Islam. Catholicism is not Christian, it is Roman. My Christian ancestors fled RCC persecution and came here to America. America was involved in bringing slaves here, yes, they purchased them from Muslim slavetraders on the beaches of Africa. The blindness of some Jews to Jesus Christ was partly from God, in order for the Gospel to be preached throughout the world. Many Messianic Jews are now seeing HIS Truth and being saved. Israel will be saved in one day- as the Bible says. Ask those schoolchildren in Nigeria how peaceful Islam is. Allah is Satan.

          • Emperor

            Back to the Facts: Slavery under Sharia in Islam can’t even share the same name as ‘your ancestors’ chattle slavery, ask the 20 to 40 million west Africans at the bottom of the ocean. The Mamluk Slave Mahmood Qutuz became the king of Egypt and the first to deafeat the Mongols (Genghis Khan’s armies) decisively, big difference. My point, how can it be Judeo-Chritstian if they(Jews) are just figuring it out 2000 years later?! Man in his lust for power, wealth, and land does evil, that goes for Muslims, Christians, and Jews, That doesn’t make the way of life evil, and I gotta tell you I’m super sure ALL of your Arabic speaking ‘Judeo-Christian’ brothers and sisters are really not liking you spreading the whole they worship Satan crap! Dios= God in Spanish Elohim=God in Hebrew Allah=God in Arabic. Again, closed minded, closed hearted gets you right where you’ve always been…Open up dude

          • herb benty

            Fact: the Bible is true, His Word is Truth. Islam comes along and commands it’s followers to kill Jews and Christians. Goodbye, all I can say to you is for you to do some thinking, and use common sense. I don’t care what you like. You can’t have North America, your umma will just have to make do.

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    I guess that leaves the Knights of Columbus, DeMolay and Scouts out of even local dialogues.

  • Allen

    To stop this particular virus’ growth, rid ourselves of the growth medium: Saudi and other Salafist money.

    • Drakken

      To stop this virus, your going to have to be a lot more expedient of means.

  • Leb

    As an American Muslim I am ashamed by these moronic Salafi followers. They have nothing to do with Islam, and have created their own brand of religion that they call Islam. Shame on them for drinking the water, breathing the air, and living off of this great nation, and then condemning it. If you don’t like this country go live in Saudi Arabia and then you can realize why we are the greatest country in the world. Down with all these so called religious leaders that bread hatred.

  • hottlink

    the only real hatred i see is coming from you right wing wack jobs. These guys are the good Muslims. No kill.