Egypt & Russia: Cold War Alliances Revived

636122-01-08U.S. support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the nuclear deal with Iran is propelling the Arab world into the arms of Russia. The Egyptian government, formerly a U.S. ally, will buy $2 billion in arms from Russia, signaling a strategic realignment in the Middle East that leaves Putin in control.

Egypt’s open embrace of Russia started immediately after the Obama Administration suspended some military aid to the Egyptian government in response to the overthrow of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. While American aid continued unabated after the Islamists took over, it was cut after they were overthrown.

Support for America and President Obama in particular collapsed in Egypt in response. Only a single percent of Egyptians have confidence in the U.S. and three percent have confidence in Obama. The U.S. support for the Brotherhood has made it a casualty of the regional backlash against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Saudi Arabia is embarking on a similar course. Saudi officials now openly talk to reporters about how their country will be more independent in reaction to U.S. policy. Reports about the acquisition of Pakistani nuclear weapons are met with non-denials. The Saudis offered Russia a strategic alliance and major oil partnership if Putin abandons the Assad regime.

“We’ve seen several red lines put forward by the president [Obama], which went along and became pinkish as time grew, and eventually ended up completely white,” said Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former director of Saudi intelligence.

The Royal Family of Bahrain, a foe of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, feels the same way. Crown Prince al-Khalifa recently said, “America seems to suffer from schizophrenia when it deals with the Arab world.”

He compared the U.S. unfavorably to Russia; a shocking assessment considering Bahrain’s hostility to Putin.

“The Russians have proved that they are reliable friends,” he explained.

This trend didn’t start after the Arab Spring brought the Muslim Brotherhood to the forefront. It started shortly after President Obama took the oath of office. By June 2010, Egyptian and Jordanian officials were privately fretting about American diplomacy, specifically how the administration was reaching out to Syria.

“Only if you’re tough with America and adopt an anti-U.S. stance will the U.S. have a more flexible attitude and pay you,” an Egyptian official anonymously stated.

Similarly, a Jordanian official said the U.S. “sold out the Christians and Druze in Lebanon, sold out the Kurds in Iraq and abandoned the Hariri probe,” referring to the investigation into the assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are widely thought to be the perpetrators.

It is mostly forgotten that the Iraqi government was confronting the Syrian regime (and therefore, Iran) back in 2009. The Iraqis were threatening retaliation for Syrian support of terrorism, releasing incriminating intelligence proving Syria’s complicity and trying to rally international support for a U.N. tribunal to prosecute terrorism-supporting Syrian officials.

When the Iraqi government asked for U.S. backing, the administration declared it would not get involved and that Iraq and Syria should solve their differences diplomatically. An Iraqi official claimed that the U.S. privately fought Iraq’s plans for a tribunal. Iraq is now in Iran’s orbit and is an ally of Bashar Assad.

This is great news for Vladimir Putin, who said in 2005 that “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

“Today, Russia is returning to a number of regions lost during the 1990s,” Mikhail Margelov, chairman of Russia’s Foreign Affairs Committee, proudly stated when talking about the arms deal with Egypt.

Similar statements are coming from the Egyptian side.

“We want to give a new impetus to our relations and return them to the same high level that used to exist with the Soviet Union,” Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said.

The Middle East is now divided into three alliances.

The first alliance is Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Qatar and Tunisia. The Obama Administration is most favorable to this one, going so far as to use taxpayer money to spread Turkish and Qatari Islamism.

The second alliance is Iran, Hezbollah and Iraq. The administration is trying to build a better relationship with this bloc.

The third alliance is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. The Gulf country of Oman is trying to stay out of the confrontation with Iran. This bloc is the one most favorable to Israel and the one most vocally disappointed with U.S. policy.

The first two alliances are coming together against the third. Turkey and Iran want to achieve a ceasefire in Syria and their senior officials say they want to “join hands” to become the “backbone of regional stability.” Earlier this month, Hamas announced it resumed relations with Iran.

Russia is now in an ideal position where its friendship is craved by both sides in the Middle Eastern power struggle. Putin is the one with the options.  He can pick the Iranian/Turkish side, pick the Saudi/Egyptian side, or play them against each other to his benefit.

It’s an embarrassing moment in history when the Middle East would rather bring back the Soviet Union than rely on today’s United States.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy contributed to this article.

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  • antioli

    By supporting the Muslim Brother Hood against the Democratic Will of the Egyptian people Obama left the door open for Russia to walk right in.

  • john spielman

    I just hope that Russia (or who ever backs Egypt) will protect the Copts and other minorities from the Muslim Brotherhod and other Islamists
    The Obamanation who sits in the Oval ofice of the White House is a disgrace (in my opinion) as far as human rights are concerned.

    • Drakken

      No body is going to do a thing to help the Copts or any Christian in the muslim world, oh they will fret and pray for peace and sing kumbaya and put a COEXIST sticker on their Prius, but nothing will change, if you want to help the Copts? Start sending them arms to protect themselves with. anything ELSE IS AN EXCERSIE IN COMPLETE UTTER FUTILITY.


      BHO didn’t support the Persian opposition in fascist iran.

      BHO BOWS to saudi kings.

      BHO BOWS to the latest castro to dominate the Cuban people.

      You think Obama forgot revtard wright’s savage sermons?.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obama leaves a vacuum by not supporting the Egyptian Gov. vs. the Muslim Brotherhood who Obama enabled in the MB original takeover.
    This is not by accident.
    Obama leaves America out of the equation by not supporting the current Government in Egypt and other areas in the same situation.
    This leaves countries like Russia to jump in.


      You just proved why you are a mavin.

  • Drakken

    I have to hand it to those Russians, they have played that fool Obummer to the hilt, they are playing chess and are ten moves ahead and Obummer and his minions can’t figure out how to put the pieces on the board. The end goal for the Russians is to play the muslims against themselves and so far so good, soon they will be tearing each other to pieces and the Russians will be supplying them the weapons of their own destruction, brilliant really. Meanwhile Obummer is listening to that traitor Val Jarret, thinking they are going to have peace in our time with Iran. It is going to be a wonderful spring in the muslim world, I’ll bring the marshmallows.


      Obama is just incompetent.

      GWB wasn’t a genius, but he had Cheney.

      Who does Obama have? Biden? LOL! Nancy Pelosi? LOL! Harry Reid? LOL! Fascist bill ayers? Yep.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fundamental Change at work. Otherwise known as Communists helping Communists.

  • vladimirval

    Not to say “I told you so” but I saw this happening when the Obama got upset at the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt’s government. Decades of US cooperation with Egypt the strongest nation in the area maintaining somewhat stability. There is no end to the Obama’s deliberate decimation of America’s standing in the world. He must be replaced with an American patriot.

  • edgineer

    This is exactly what Democrats want. They support every goal of Russia and China. Once again the US is being devastated from within.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    Egypt has come to the conclusion that, without the presence of Obama’s Arab Spring, Qatar may have remained a safe distance from its borders, but the proximity of Turkey’s borders, and the destabilizing operations, the proxy war, that the U.S., has been supporting to establish a rebirth of the Ottoman Empire, that takes its orders from the current headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar proper, and going by the name “Egyptian Emirate”, a redundancy, and open challenge as to the sovereign nation, that has been Egypt, the Secular Islamic Republic, that had established itself as a peaceful neighbor to Israel, has become aware of the very dangerous precedent this “Spring” has caused in the region, the ‘Democracy” narrative, was merely a ruse to establish a ‘shariah’ state, whose only interest was the Ikhwani desire to anchor an Islamic Supremacist, block of countries to create a caliphate, in the region to close off access to the canal zone, and in general, the area. There was the initial celebration when Hosni Mubarak , was removed from the office he helg for far too long, however it must be recognized, it was Egypt, who provided the intelligence and logistics, that were needed by the U.S.A, before, and as the war against the Taliban and al’Qaida, took place in Afghanistan, and Iraq, not to mention the buffer zone, it provided to the troops, and the hardware that needed transportation, medical care for our troops, and the knowledge of knowing there was an Ally who we could depend on, should there be the need to find an alternate source to provide safety for our troops,should the need arise, this changed, once the Brotherhood took control of the Egyptian Government, that had by this time, ceased to be Secular, it was the suspension of the Constitution the purge of the military and police, professionals along with the politicians and others in the Ancient Coptic Christian and Hebrew Communities, who were subjected to the Total Jihad, along with the Secular Muslim population, that the Egyptians decided to reverse the limited Democracy Movement which was aimed to establish sharia and Q’ranic Law, while the ‘new Egypt’ sank to the modernism of the Islamism they had never embraced, this and the Genocide that was a reminder of the Ottoman Empire’s Jihad against Armenia and the Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics,Gypsies, and the same Secular Muslim Clerics that were marked for deportation, relocation, and extermination, in Turkey’s First Jihad that lasted from 1914-24, later this was the precursor to the Nazi Holocaust, from 1932-1945, in Germany, a cooperation it tactics and the mass murder, based on the racial, religious purity laws of those Genocidal Holocausts, that every one assumed were a thing of the past, but thanks to Obama and the BrotherHood, have made their way back, with the Medieval Modern Jihad, to destabilize the Islamic Maghreb, and grant victory to al’Qaida in Iraq and Afghanistan, was Obama’s wish from the start, but shariah needing the boost it got, from the Political Correctness, Islamist Supremacy needed to ascend to the level of International Jihad, and the religiously racial purity law rejected by the Secular Muslims before the Nazi Haj Amin al’Husseyni, the anti Allah, the equivalent anti Christ.
    The shame is what my friend from Egypt says the BrotherHood has been hated, since 1928, when it was prohibited not by the Colonial Powers, in the Palestine, and the Maghreb, but by the Muslim Clerics, he later killed to insure Islam’s demise would guarantee that hate would succeed, the Philippines, all of Asia, and Africa have become targets for “Civilization Jihad” im other the “purge” that would embarrass even Stalin whose numbers of the politically correct word for Genocide and Holocaust was “purge” instead.
    Infidels have their heads separated from their necks, but the same is true for Secular Islam, NATO’s complicity with Obama and the BrotherHood after Libya’s 2011 overthrow, was recognized to be the overthrow of Secular Government, and nothing to do with Colonel Kaddafi, but Supremacist Islam.
    Tracking the money trail will show, how billions in stimulus money, were funneled to the Libyan Muslim Brother Hood, when Fiat’s connection to the Condor II Ballistic Missile Program, was proved to be product from a subsidiary of Fiat in Switzerland, surely discovered after the fact, and honestly who cares what source was, as long as it is the truth, and proven so, since then it has become harder to find.
    Implications of overthrow of Sovereign Nations, who committed the ultimate crime, Secular Government in the Palestine and Maghreb, is Haram, the exact opposite of Halal. like everything Brotherhood says it is based on Taqiyya, where everything said is the very opposite of what it is, this is reason enough to indict not only Hillary, who posted a reward of one million dollars to kill, the Colonel, along with Secular Libya and purify Islam.
    There has been no mention of how much Kaddafi owned of Fiat, and other related related controlling stocks, conservative estimates indicate they hover around the 20% range, remember this is only by direct ownership and it has no mention of those that were the result of “insurance” against the possibility that he loose, his Colonel Dictator Tittle, in future times, this would explain why the Obama Caliphate, saw the need to overthrow Kaddafi from his throne.
    Evidently if the population wanted his removal that urgently, it would have happened with the Arab Spring, the movement to “Spring” Brother Hood’s rule was based of the Supremacist Islam, created on a parallel to Naziism, both began their growing pains of organizationally rigid rules to guarantee absolute control, if you doubt this connect the dots, of a certain Nazi, Haj Amin al’Husseyni, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, [1921] Ottoman Empire military of the 47th. Brigade, based in Smyrna Greece, equal opportunity enforcer during the Armenian Genocide, the fight against the British in Iraq, 1941. Then Nazi Haj retreated to Berlin, landing November 1941, when he met with Hitler, Himmler and the rest, it was his suggestion to target “Jews” by name to prevent any confusion since Arabs and Jews were both called Semites, but this Nazi version of Political Correctness changed language like it does today, you see it was Austria-Prussia and Germanic academia that came up with the original, this is Soziolekt [group speech]
    Once these “details” came to light, its obvious to see, why not one NATO nation would agree to prosecute a lawless act a second time, if anybody ever heard of Poland 1939, the implications are too close to ignore this time, with a Jihad [Genocide/Holocaust] against the Christian Orthodox, who predate Islam in their Medieval Mohammedanism of long ago, these Supremacists forget there are still books other than the Q’ran.
    Egypt has been Secular, from Moses through Christ, well once adjustments were made, surely those Biblical Plagues had the effect, to see religion in many ways. The worst aspect is how Obama got a pass to, overthrow stable governments based on religion as war, but Democracy, until Jihad begins, there are only so many bodies that you can hide.
    Egyptian Coptic Christians still speak the language the Pharaohs spoke, just like in Syria they speak Aramaic the Jesus spoke, by ‘coincidence’ these two towns were the first targets, al’Qaida’s was ordered to destroy first, both in Syria and Egypt, for the Brother Hoods, Moses and Christ are their biggest threat.
    Russian influence in this region, has more to do with the destruction that is imminent with Obama’s Islamiism and Supremacist dreams, his Arab Spring has provided bodies enough to back up the mummy business if it still existed.
    Russians can still read without the rewritten history, of the U.S.S.R., luckily even Stalin kept record of the past, something that both Islamiism and Obama tend to do, pretty much along the lines of a religious tyranny.