Jihadist Camps in America: A Ticking Time Bomb

0_21_060707_ibergwelcome1The Muslims of the Americas (MOA), a Pakistan-linked Islamist group that runs 22 “villages” across the U.S., is waging a litigation jihad against Martin Mawyer, President of the Christian Action Network. His offense, for which MOA demands $30 million, is exposing the group’s extremism in a new book with the help of inside information from a former MOA leader.

Readers of Twilight in America get an inside look at MOA, a cultish Sufi Islamist group that follows Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani as a representative of Allah. Gilani also leads Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani “Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence,” in the words of the State Department.

Mawyer’s book includes the fascinating story of Ali, a former high-level member of MOA that worked as a secret informant for the NYPD for eight years.

The group’s headquarters is on an approximately 70-acre piece of land notoriously named “Islamberg” near Hancock, New York. MOA has been trying to give its image a makeover, now often operating under the name of the United Muslim-Christian Forum while calling for blasphemy laws. Residents near “Islamville” in South Carolina recently recorded gunfire coming from the “village.”

The need for a re-introduction to America arises from Mawyer’s release of a secret MOA tape filmed in Pakistan. Excerpts were first shown in his Homegrown Jihad documentary. The video clearly shows Gilani stating that the MOA camps around the U.S. are to be used as guerilla training facilities. It then showed MOA members receiving such deadly instruction.

After the film’s release, I provided Mawyer with a second secret MOA tape that was given to me by a confidential source. The video shows women at “Islamberg” receiving the instruction offered in the earlier tape, performed while in military fatigue. It has since been viewed nearly 200,000 times. However, this tape was also aged and of poor quality, allowing the overly-optimistic to suggest that the training has ceased for some reason.

The first-hand testimony of Ali, recounted in a chapter titled “Modern Warrior Slaves,” documents the ongoing paramilitary training taking place at the MOA sites, though the group has become more selective in choosing its recipients.

“He [Ali] said the purpose of the training was to be ready for Jihad when their leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, gave the orders,” Mawyer said in an interview.

“Ali told me, ‘Their ultimate purpose is to be ready when the time is right.’ He said, ‘You have to understand this. These kids, all they’ve been living for their whole lives is they want to fight a holy war.’”

The MOA is considered a domestic organization, even though it is led by a foreigner. Gilani’s other group, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, is not listed by the State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The result is that MOA can operate at will in America. It is careful to not (usually) cross the edge into illegal activity that could jeopardize its existence.

Ali told Mawyer that MOA still engages in criminal activity, but he could not provide details because of his “immunity” agreement with the NYPD to prevent his own prosecution.

“I honestly believe that the primary focus of most members is to engage in criminal activity that brings money into the group—whether through unemployment fraud, selling illegal drugs, running brothels or even committing such small crimes as pick pocketing. Those funds go back to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan,” Mawyer explained.

The most loyal members are privy to incriminating information, while others are kept in the dark. Promising members are given guerilla training, different stages of which occur in America and Pakistan. Ali was sent overseas to set up camps in foreign countries like Venezuela.

MOA and Gilani have responded to Mawyer’s book with legal jihad and deceptive answers that are so wild that they’re laughable.

Mawyer says that on January 6, the MOA told the New York Supreme Court that the organization was “fraudulently” created in 1985. In a January 29 statement, Gilani claimed he “was never president of MOA,” even though he’s on videotape talking about his MOA training camps.

Gilani claims that he was victimized by a “hit team” of the Muslim Brotherhood, including one that is a shape-shifter. Yes, a shape-shifter. And this Muslim Brotherhood shape-shifter took on his appearance in order to hijack MOA.

The story goes like this: A Brotherhood agent named Jamil Abdul Haqq became Gilani’s “Khalifa” and lived at Islamberg. One of his fellow Brothers, Hasib Abdul Haqq, forged Gilani’s signature to incorporate MOA. All crime committed by MOA members occurred at their direction. Gilani claims that Ali, the former NYPD informant, was “patrionized” by Jamil Haqq:

Jamil Haqq took advantage of my absence to start the biggest fraud in history by closing his eyes, taking long breaths, and going through physical changes before speaking to people as if he were Sheikh Gilani. Some believed him and so Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] once again tried to take root.

After learning of their “horrendous deeds” including murder, Gilani says they were kicked out. He claims that he “was able to disband the world’s most dangerous setup of” the Muslim Brotherhood because of help from Allah—who apparently was missing in action for years as the Brotherhood “hit team” hijacked MOA.

It is true that a church named “Ikhwanul Muslimun,” or Muslim Brotherhood, was registered as a church in 1974 on the property that would become Islamberg. In April 2012, I called the listed contact for the “church” and he was still living at Islamberg. He explained that it was now defunct, replaced by the United Muslim Christian Forum.

“The court filing should be understood as nothing more than a brazen attempt to have MOA leaders disassociate themselves from the organization’s criminal past by claiming that all crimes were committed at the direction of this ‘fraud,’ and not Gilani,” Mawyer said.

Gilani’s January 29 statement contains another bit of frightening preaching. He says that the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Nazi Germany’s subsequent defeat were Zionist plots:

We know our enemies are trying to bring about clash of civilizations the way they brought about clash between Americans and Germans by allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor. At the time, Germans were not against Americans, but they were against Zionist. So Zionist sacrificed the lives of millions of Americans to save themselves.

The strangeness of Gilani’s preaching and excuses does not mean that MOA is just a group of gullible and harmless Muslims cut off from society. Mawyer quotes Ali as telling him in 2011:

“MOA is asleep. They are a bomb. Here is the scariest part of MOA. Anything can happen with MOA at any time.”

This article was sponsored by the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    The biggest risk of terrorism comes from right-wing bloodsucking tea party members that want to shrink the government.

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        You can’t get anymore stupid than objectivefantasymatter. This is your typical progressive.

        • Drakken

          In case you missed it and his style, he says things like this with a heavy dose of sarcasm. For petes sake OFM use the bloody sarc tag before folks have a meltdown will ya? ;)

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I kind of like to see who’s paying attention some times. It’s all in good fun.

            OTOH, there are so many unhinged lunatics that say things like that…

          • Drakken

            Glad I didn’t fall off the shortbus today. ;)

        • Ray Burke

          Right on, Ren !!! Another reminder that they walk among us.

        • Drakken

          Ahhhhh OFM is very conservative, his sarcasm and dark humor sometimes goes over the head of folks if your not paying attention.

          • Toa

            Exactly; if I had not read any of his previous posts, I might have taken this one wrong myself :)
            Good one, OFM!

    • usmcmailman

      Blow me boy !

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        either someone’s spoofing objective, or objective forgot his sarcasm tags.

        • Drakken

          He forgot his sarc tags and is clever enough to see who’s paying attention, crazy as a fox that one.

      • Freddy Di Guglielmo

        Are you a DUMBocrat?? See past the trees, for there is a forest there!
        READ IT!!

    • OfficialPro

      dude you forgot your sarcasm tags.

    • herb benty

      You sound exactly like BHO and his Politburo.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Well, to be fair, anything they don’t favor is “morally equivalent” to terrorism. So maybe that’s what they mean.

        For example, Israeli housing growth is “morally equal” to (violent) Islamic jihad. That’s what their chief negotiator said regarding the “cycle of violence,” and he was dead serious.

        Actually offending a jihadi or a leftist is terrorism to them. Words mean exactly what THEY say they mean.

        • mtman2

          The dreamers dream on in their dream world! But WE will not move.

    • brandon

      You are an ignorant fool. How many Old Tea Party folks, who had the cleanest, most civil protests btw, have you seen dressed in fatigues, doing this kind of training? I truly hope all of you Progressive Liberals are the first to die if something happens in this country. If not, we will certainly see what we can do about that problem.

      • mtman2

        Like the cowards they are, 1st they’ll hide behind real men unafraid to die for their friends[JESUS], then when things get done and settle down they’ll again show their true manipulative colors.
        Just like Nancy Pelosi right after 911, “We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with the president!” Then wonk right back to back stabbing, lying, liable, slandering and cheating any way she could. Is why they put her + Reid in charge -no character, no class, no conscience, no shame, no decency, no respect, no consideration, no real humanity, no Christian principles; party line ideology + policy only; dam& the truth + the American tax-payer!

  • usmcmailman

    ALL Islamist’ s Should be deported at once !

    • Drakken

      The only good islamic jihadist, is a dead islamic jihadist.

    • herb benty

      Nicely suscinct! NO endless appeals.

      • Drakken

        Lead poisoning is a heck of lot cheaper on the tax payers than a lifetime in jail on our dime.

        • herb benty

          You got it right, the deception of ‘political correctness’ has to be thrown out. It is time to get serious.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    They need to get their heads out of you know where! They should be deported, along with every Socialist Communist in Govt! Mr. Objective, how is the non shrinking Govt working for you? Its not working for me. When you have more people on Entitlement Programs than are working there is a problem. And now you want to bring some 30 M more into the Country? They are uneducated at best, where do you think they will work? How will they pay for their car insurance to drive? I can barely pay for my own.

    • Drakken

      Deport muslim jihadist? I would much rather prefer a dead jihadist for they can do no more harm, than one alive that can wreak all sorts of havoc.

      • Ray Burke

        You have it exactly right, Drakken. Thanks.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The Christian Action network has a disc documentary entitled HOMEGROWN JIHAD which exposes the reality of the truth about this heinous jihadist entity. Furthermore, the founder of the Christian Action Network has also written a book exposing the Islamic terror group with all its many evils. The book is entitled TWILIGHT IN AMERICA.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    This is no secret. The Gulen organization is also a Muslim supremacist group training and infiltrating America at the highest levels. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have known it for years, yet they would like us to ignore the threat and believe it is all under control. My biggest fear is that most Americans who support the 2nd Amendment will not act on the threat to our national existence.

    • herb benty

      No fear! Americans and Canadians won’t sit and never have when things were getting bad enough. Things are bad enough.

  • Drakken

    Looks like a perfect place among others for a nice airstrike.

    • Ray Burke

      It’s time to begin !!!

  • alihusaini

    You are all a bunch of idiots.All you are doing is preaching to a choir of fellow morons, wholly uneducated and willfully ignorant. In other words, STUPID !!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      More like “preaching” to the assault team before launching counter-measures.

      You’ve been warned.

      “…wholly uneducated and willfully ignorant. In other words, STUPID”

      At least one of us is ignorant about the true facts on Mohamed. I’m guessing it’s you.

      • alihusaini

        I’ve been warned ? Is that a threat? Just know this, in the great state of Ohio, I have a CCW permit.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          If you’re part of the infiltrators that are fighting jihad against us your gun won’t do you any good by the time you push us too far.

          Obey the laws of the land and you won’t have any problems. OTOH, you probably don’t even know the laws that you can’t exploit.

        • mtman2

          WE are not any ‘threat’ to anybody, until like Hitler you awaken the “Sleeping-Giant”, that’s the American public nobody pays attention to. Minding their own business, making a living for and loving their God, family and country!

    • iluvisrael

      wrong little girl – we’re a group of informed and aware men and women of ALL faiths that know all about taqiya, the koran, jihad, what’s halal and what’s haram pal, so put that in your filthy hookah and smoke it!

    • herb benty

      Hey aliinsanei, isn’t there a donkey winking at you somewhere. Be polite enough and bug off to islamobad, we’re all full up here!

  • tokoloshiman

    The head of this snake will appear in the form of OBAMA after he completes his
    second term in office- the most iniquitous , disgraceful, puke- worthy, fascist , MB supporting, anti israel, anti jew anti American presidency in the history of the USA .
    His dark minions are gathering all over the USA ready to impose sharia law on a gunless America.

  • herb benty

    And I suppose if white Christians organized by the millions, trained in bombs and other weapons, and generally prepared to annialate the Islamic threat, that the Obama Admin.would call in the army to neutralize us for having the nerve to defend our lives. I guess that is why he wants our guns so bad.

    • Drakken

      Our armed forces will not go to war against us for the simple reason there would be mutiny if they did.

      • g..man


        • objectivefactsmatter

          At least some certainly would. Nobody knows precisely what would happen, but it would not be an easy thing to pull off for anyone. There would be another civil war.

          • mtman2

            Guy’s in the service from years ago figure it could go 50/50.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Sounds reasonable. I’m thinking more or less 50/50 pro and anti-regime (of those acting 1 way or the other), but a lot of others walking away refusing to fight.

            The regime would not have a lot of support. They’d need to use deception and a quick decisive strike, or they’d be doomed themselves. Everyone knows we fight for the constitution. If you as a commander clearly take yourself out of legitimacy, not many will follow you just for the sake of power or inertia – “following orders.”

            Most soldiers know at least enough about the Nuremberg Trials and know that we expect even more from them in terms of loyalty to our constitution that if the leaders of the day threaten it, they won’t go along with the traitors.

            And Drakken’s point is that even those who would go along with an evil regime know it would not end well. And therefore it is very unlikely.

          • mtman2

            If ever! The carrot + stick would be used! The simple + simply who don’t care would buy it. But a certain ‘specialized’ element would be happy to comply to get even with “the folks”. They’re stocking up on these types now. However fragin[F for F]would become common place. Allegiances would come together on+from all levels + all systems would be at risk. There’s 10 x’s that # outside than R in, that know how everything works. There’s 10 x’s that # civs, accomplished, successful outdoorsmen[Nuge’s] that would make marksmen if tested, with anything. Hitler called the U.S. public “…the sleeping giant.”, – he woke us.
            Yamamoto said it best when WE had only 1/10 what WE have here now. They all know it around the circle of the earth, and most don’t like it, IS why the thief-n-chief dreams of changing it! But it is an American phenomena!

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I don’t see how 0’Bama could possibly pull it off. He might in theory be able to set the stage for a future tyrant with all that he’s done. But anyone who resents all of these ridiculous changes will just end up finding it easier to stay loyal to the constitution rather than to him.

            In other words, there aren’t enough gays and lackeys entrenched yet that would be more loyal to him or any man than to the constitution. It won’t go down like that any time soon.

            These changes do need to be reversed though for more reasons than we’re discussing.

            And it’s not like soldiers today never talk about it. I’m sure at least a few have already sketched out contingency plans just for an informal exercise of course.

            And of course they would also be expecting volunteer militiamen too. This has been discussed in theory many times. If 0’Bama is stupid enough to try something, it could get interesting.

            The most likely move would not be through the Pentagon but through the DOJ and Homeland Security, hoping to keep the military completely out of it. That’s the kind of thing that would possibly lead to an extended civil war. Today’s military leaders are very unlikely to see it as their role to settle the matter, even if they feel like they want to.

            And like a good Muslim 0’Bama will be claiming to be defending justice of some kind.

    • mtman2

      WE already R that, ask Yamamoto if you could.

    • Camille Serre

      That is precisely why Obama and Biden want gun control. If they cannot take our guns away, Obama and Biden can kill us all by getting us involved in a third world war after they spread deadly viruses and chemicals among us to make us weak so we can be more easily annihilated. That has been Obama’s plan all along. Obama has brainwashed the uneducated, which unfortunately in the US are almost 70% of the population. Because of this, nobody can stop Obama and Biden except God.

      • herb benty

        America! Praying would be a good idea now.

  • Freedomgal65

    If you haven’t yet read the thriller (based on fact, says the author) “Summons To Perdition: A Novel of Suspense” by ex-detective John L. Work (from NYS), you missing out on a real nail-biter. I heard the author speak recently, and he’s an expert on Radical Islam.

  • Freedomgal65

    Oh, and don’t expect the Muslim Sympathizer in Chief to do anything about this growing threat….

    • g..man

      They have been here a long time. He is not the only one not to do anything. Big trouble ahead.

  • William Zabel

    Allah is the moon god, also known as the devil. Mohammed was criminal, pedophile, and scam artist.

  • Phyllis

    Find those villages, purchase surrounding land and start PIG farms….

    • m4253y


      a year ago in a small town in southern Italy, the locals objected to the building of a shi*hole otherwise known as a mosque where the garbage that attend prey to a false prophet and pedophile allan, akbar, something like that, but i digress; what did the villagers do when their protests fell on deaf ears?

      Simple…they poured buckets of pig’s blood all over the property. the camel jockeys packed up their camels, and voila, no mosque.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There is a very simple and elegant solution to all of this, but it isn’t politically correct. Indeed, it is what GWB should have done immediately in response to 9/11 had he been a true conservative, instead of using the 9/11 jihad attacks as an excuse to massively expand the federal government like the stealth leftist he really is. You see…we don’t have a terrorism problem; we have a jihad problem, as per the dictates of Islam all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another, which includes the millions that have migrated to the USA and Europe for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest. Hence, the easy and very cost effective solution to all our jihad problems is to ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration along with all of its excess baggage ASAP. No jihadists living in America means no more jihad in America, whether of the violent variety as in the 9/11 jihad attacks or the non-violent variety as in the millions of Muslim immigrants living in America for the stealth purpose of demographic conquest.

    As a matter of fact, the only reason the 9/11 attacks were made possible in the first place, was because of mass Muslim immigration to the USA, which in reality is really stealth jihad for the long term purpose of demographic conquest. As Islam in reality is a very aggressive and destructive totalitarian ideology masquerading as being a so-called “religion of peace” to dupe its intended victims with the sole purpose of subjugating into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels via jihad, which is holy war in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam via the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    His offense, for which MOA demands $30 million, is exposing the group’s extremism in a new book with the help of inside information from a former MOA leader.

    This writer once again demonstrates that he is as incompetent as a loon as the group isn’t extreme in the least. Indeed, the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam is to subjugate into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels via jihad, which is holy war in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam through the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law. Indeed, how can he indict this group for being extreme, when it was only fulfilling its holy obligations to fight jihad in the cause of Allah per the dictates of Islam? Apparently, this moonbat must really believe in the GWB nonsense that Islam is a so-called “religion of peace,” which is as bogus and fantasy based as global warming, multiculturalism, and diversity.

    “Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence,” in the words of the State Department.

    The State Department also acquiesced in Afghanistan and Iraq to enshrining Sharia into each country’s respective constitutions as the supreme law of the land, which wasn’t so bad except for the fact that Sharia is Islamic totalitarian law and the only freedom Sharia makes allowance for is for Muslims to strive to become more devout slaves of Allah. Indeed, like the State Department is credible when it comes to Islam. Give me a fricking break.

    In any event, I hate to have to rain on this loon writer’s parade again, but all Muslim immigrants living in America and Europe abroad are stealth and deceptive jihadists living here for the long term strategic purpose of stealth demographic conquest via the eventual imposition of Sharia, which again is Islamic totalitarian law. And indeed again the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is to subjugate into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels via jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, or Islamic totalitarian law.

  • Roy

    I think we need to keep a watch on the Hindus in America as well.

    As a Christian who lived in India for over a decade, I believe they are an equal threat if not greater when compared to the Islamists.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “As a Christian who lived in India for over a decade, I believe they are an equal threat if not greater when compared to the Islamists.”

      How is that? Your own experiences may have deceived you.

  • William James Ward

    Talk about Muslim Brotherhood shape-shifter, look at Obama, the
    lead enabler of the Muslim Brotherhood in the World, shifts from
    Indonesian to American, shifts from American leadership to
    American destroyer. Americans need to shift into high gear and
    clean house of these and all threats to National Security and
    grave threats to our very lives and fortunes……………William

  • mtman2

    Yamamoto was wise enough to know “where the bears…….”-in their own woods! Imagine finding out too late that ‘they’re’ in the lions den -when the lights come on! OOWWWH!
    “RUH-ROW” the thief says sneaking into another mans home when he hears a 12 gauge pump jack in a live shell while simultaneously hearing two other lever guns doing the same thing as 3 AR’s close their bolts on live rounds in the darkened home, after clicking high capacity mags home. Lots of interesting sounds in the dark, -DEPENDS- would come in handy about now. Not that it would much matter! It’ll get all over anyhow!

  • Camille Serre

    That is precisely why Obama and Biden want gun control. If they cannot
    take our guns away, Obama and Biden can kill us all by getting us
    involved in a third world war after they make us weak so we can be more easily annihilated. That has been Obama’s plan all along. Obama has brainwashed the uneducated, which unfortunately in the US are almost 70% of the
    population. Because of this, nobody can stop Obama and Biden except God.

  • Camille Serre

    That is precisely why Obama and Biden want gun control. If they cannot
    take our guns away, Obama and Biden can kill us all by getting us involved in a third world war after they make us weak in other ways, so we can be more easily annihilated. That has been Obama’s plan all along. Obama has brainwashed the uneducated, which unfortunately in the US are almost 70% of the population. Moreover Obama has world billionaires behind him and because of all this, nobody can stop Obama and Biden except God.