Muslim Brotherhood Groups and Their Jewish Friends

dfAn organizer of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked rally explicitly acknowledged its “friendship” with both the Brotherhood and “the Jewish Voice for Justice and Peace,” apparently referring the Jewish Voice for Peace. The organization is at the forefront of activism against Israel and the “Islamophobes” that stand against American Islamists, earning the affection of the Brotherhood’s allies.

The statement was made at a rally in Washington, D.C. led by Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights. The event was not only linked to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. It was linked directly to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the speakers was Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt. A receptionist at the news conference was even recorded by the Investigative Project on Terrorism saying, “This is a Muslim Brotherhood meeting.”

One of the organizers of this “Muslim Brotherhood meeting” was especially fond of its non-Muslim partners, but only one name came to mind: Jewish Voice for Justice and for Peace.

“[W]e are very proud, very proud of our friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Christian Brotherhood, and the Jewish Voice for Justice and for Peace. There is nothing wrong to have a relationship, a friendly relationship, with other organizations across the world,” said Oussama Jamal, chairman of the Muslim American Society—Public Affairs and Civic Engagement.

The Muslim American Society that Jamal is a senior official of has well-documented Brotherhood links.

In a 2008 court filing, federal prosecutors said MAS “was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” This was confirmed by Abdurrahman Alamoudi, a convicted terrorist who is now known to have been a secret U.S. Muslim Brotherhood operative. He said just last year, “Everyone knows that MAS is the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Investigative Project found that the president of Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights is listed as a high-level member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood in an internal 1992 document. Another organizer, Shaker Elsayed, is the imam of the radical Dar al-Hijrah Mosque. He and his mosque are linked to the Brotherhood, as well. On January 26, he was videotaped preaching armed jihad at a Virginia high school.

No group named “Jewish Voice for Justice and for Peace” exists, but the closest match is Jewish Voice for Peace and its record of activism is something that can be appreciated by Islamist allies.

The Anti-Defamation League published a list of the Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America and the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) made the list, as did the Muslim American Society, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Al-Awda and Students for Justice in Palestine.

Technically, JVP made the list twice. Another ranking member is the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Four JVP chapters are members of the coalition. Its Interfaith Boycott Coalition has JVP as an official component.

In January, JVP helped organize a “No Blank Check for Israel” rally in Washington, D.C. that compared its activism to the civil rights struggle. The organization wants U.S. aid to Israel severed until there is an “end to the Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.”

One of JVP’s Advisory Board members is Noam Chomsky. This summer, JVP sponsored a “We Divest Campaign Student Leadership Team Summer Training Institute.” It was a five-day training program for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists that included “non-violent direct action planning” and “anti-oppression analysis workshops.”

“In solidarity with the Palestinian Boycott National Committee and other Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations, JVP has initiated and sustained the largest divestment campaign mounted in the United States for Palestinian human rights,” the JVP website boasts.

JVP most recently joined the Muslim American Society, Council on American-Islamic Relations and other groups in pressuring the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles into canceling a speaking engagement with Pamela Geller.

“We are witnessing an insidious new wave of demonization of Arabs and Muslims in this country. We are particularly concerned about right-wing Christian and Jewish groups dedicated to denying the fundamental rights of Palestinians, who are deliberately fueling fear of Muslims and Arabs to push their unfair agenda in the Middle East,” the website for JVP’s  Standing Against Islamophobia campaign states.

JVP has allied with Jews Say No! and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice to form the Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition. One of its main objectives is stopping Pamela Geller from speaking for Jewish organizations. It also condemned the NYPD for showing the Clarion Project documentary The Third Jihad to about 1,500 police officers. The film is narrated by anti-Islamist Muslim activist Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and exposes radical Islam around the world, including the Islamist networks in the U.S. that JVP is close to.

Jews Against Islamophobia and American Jews for a Just Peace came together on September 16, 2010 to protest the Simon Wiesenthal Center for its opposition to Park51, more commonly known as the Ground Zero Mosque. The anti-Israel beliefs of the project’s lead imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, made no difference.

Considering this record, it’s not surprising that an Islamist organizer of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked rally would say he is “very proud of our friendship” with JVP. The organization has worked hard to earn that praise.

This article was sponsored by the Institute for Religion and Democracy.

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  • Alan Berskow

    Alas “Jewish” “Voices” for “Peace” is but one of many Jewish anti-Semitic far leftist treasonous organizations. You can learn about Israel’s tenured traitors here:

  • Judahlevi

    In my opinion, Noam Chomsky is not Jewish – nor are any other so-called Jews who don’t believe in anything other than Islamic and Democratic party talking points.

    There is no such thing as a born Jew – Judaism is a choice. Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, etc. are Israel and Jew haters, not Jews. To be an authentic Jew, you must identify with the Torah, the Jewish people, and their homeland Israel. You cannot be born with these feelings, you must learn them. If you don’t have them, you are not a Jew or Jewish.

    All Jews are Jews of choice just as Abraham and Sarah were. These named individuals, and many others, have made their choice not to be Jewish.

    • UCSPanther

      I call the ones who willfully ally with ideologies that are sworn enemies of their race “self-loathers”.


        noam chomsky, norman finklestein, etc. are Uncle Toms.

        Funny that while there is a self righteous group calling itself the Jewish Voice for Peace, there is no sister Muslim Voice for Peace.

        • Raymond_in_DC

          It wouldn’t matter (except to the naive) if there *was* a “Muslim Voice for Peace” because that word carries a different meaning for them.

          Arabic, like Hebrew, is built around words with a three-letter root, variants of which have related meaning. The Arabic for “peace” (SaLaaM) is closely related to that for “submission” (iSLaaM). Thus, peace is established when one’s opponent “submits”. It’s very different in Hebrew where SHaLoM (peace) shares the same root as SHaLem, which means whole, full or perfect.

        • PAthena

          Do not insult Uncle Tom by calling Chomsky and Finkelstein “Uncle Tom.” Uncle Tom is the hero of the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He is a Christ-like figure. The villain is Simon Legree.
          Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are Simon Legrees. Chomsky is not only anti-Israel but anti-American. See the Anti-Chomsky Reader.

      • No RNC

        Sworn Enemies allies suchas AIPA + all other US Jewish orgs. lobbying the US Congress to assist the Al Queda lead Syrian ‘rebels’. Are those groups self loathers?

        • UCSPanther

          Either that, or more likely,fools.

    • QueenEsther18

      They are also known as “self-hating Jews.”

  • jewdog

    After 2,000 years of powerlessness, many Jews had to become appeasers in order to survive. Many of them also grew acclimated to powerlessness and feel uncomfortable or even hostile to having a state. That includes both secular and religious Jews. A good example is Noam Chomsky, the quintessential ghetto Jew.

    My message to them: Get your heads out of the past and be dignified human beings with self-respect and freedom.

    • No RNC

      What 2,000 years of powerlessness Jews? You have forgotten the Bolsheviks that ran the USSR, allied w/ Hitler, genocide-d Ukranians + ~60 million other Russians + Eastern Europeans + POWs, those powerless Jews?

      • Barry Meridian

        Idiot Stalin ran the Soviet Union.
        The last time i checked he was not Jewish.
        The Eastern Europeans helped the Nazis exterminate millions of Jews in WW2.
        It was Stalin, Zhukov and Konev which freed the death camps in WW2 and wiped out the Nazis.

    • Barry Meridian

      JVP personifies the ghetto mentality, always so eager to bow to the wishes of her Muslim masters. Every time Muslims issues an edict, JVP is first in line to push for obedience. JVP’s mindset is, we must do what our Arab masters say, like divide Jerusalem, give away the Jewish Golan, flood Israel with millions of Arabs or there will be a pogrom or economic sanctions – literally or figurative. That is the mindset of JVP

  • Chezwick

    In my many heated exchanges with leftists in the comments section at the Guardian, I discovered one thing very quickly: The other side puts special emphasis on quoting anti-Israeli Jews when making their anti-Israel arguments. They obviously feel that the very Jewishness of the individual in question lends a degree of credibility to the argument in a way that an Arab never could.

  • Lanna

    To be a Jew means you are in God’s family, an heir to all his promises. Yet Paul made it clear that membership in God’s family is based on internal, not external qualities. Those who don’t support their own are doomed, they are not real Jews because of their lack of devotion and obedience of the heart.

  • RJ Katz

    The JVP is to the Muslim Brotherhood as Renfield was to Daracula

  • defcon 4

    I believe Mohammad’s dying words were to curse Jews and Christians, yet muslimes have no problem w/that fact.


      May the “prophet” of satan, mohammed, BURN in H E L L for all time.

  • M.T. Aziz

    You neocon Zionist Jewish psychos should take a hint from these righteous Jews, who know that the existence of “Israel” is biblical heresy. You can either perpetuate the gross injustice of Zionism and the continuing wrath of Muslims everywhere or return the land to the native Palestinians and live among them in peace as dhimmis. The march of Islam cannot be stopped.

    • iluvisrael

      happy eternal nakba you inbred camel banging savage! go back to the islamocesspool you crawled from. LAN ASTASLEM!

    • UCSPanther

      With enough bloodshed, it can be. Just ask the Japanese…

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Which “native Palestinians” would that be? The ones whose grandparents came from Syria, Iraq and Egypt (and only because of the economic opportunities provided by the Jews)? The ones whose great grandparents came from Arabia and northern Africa? Or maybe just the ones whose distant ancestors were Jews living under harsh Arab rule who converted to Islam?

      There’s a reason the UN set the criteria for “refugee” status after what you call the Nakhba to be continuous residence in “Palestine” only since 1946. The fact is many hadn’t been in Palestine very long, but their home lands didn’t want them back.

      As to “living among them in peace as dhimmis”, Jews have almost 1400 years experience living a second-class status under Muslim rule; that’s more than enough. It must kill an Islamist like yourself that any Muslims live under the authority of Jews.

      • defcon 4

        That last sentence is sadly correct. In Al Andalus (islamic Spain) the Vizier (Sultan) who ruled there appointed a Jewish governor to rule over a province. The muslimes in that province went on a murderous rampage and slaughtered thousands of unarmed Jews (unarmed because dhimmis are explicitly prohibited from owning arms).

    • Alan Berskow

      How’s that camel lover of yours doing M.T. Aziz? How’s that head diaper?

    • N. Wasse

      M T Aziz the troll so is it true that them Joos are pigs and monkeys and how did Allah do that? and which hand did he use? Oh let me guess not his left hand right M T Aziz the terrorists lover?

    • defcon 4

      It’s interesting how this islam0nazi defines “righteous Jews”, namely as Jews who don’t support the existence of Israel. Yet despite the fact the Naturei Karta would qualify, one of them received a beat down from muslimes in Europe/Eurabia (it might have been France). There used to be a group calling itself something like Muslims Against Antisemitism, which had a similar caveat in their manifesto (i.e. the only “good” Jews were those who were against homosexuality and Israel).

    • kikorikid

      I’m gonna get my Mongol buddies after you if you keep
      talking like that!. SO, no peace without dhimmitude, is
      that about right? Thought so. I will see your sorry ass
      at the roadblock.