Chechen Bombers Linked to ‘Russia’s Bin Laden’?

picThe name of Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov may soon become a household name. In The Third Jihad, former CIA intelligence officer Wayne Simmons warned that the 2004 school massacre in Beslan, Russia by Umarov’s Islamist terrorist group is “a perfect example of exactly what will take place in this country.” That prediction was fulfilled with the bombings in Boston.

The Boston bombers were 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar. Three other college-aged individuals were questioned during the manhunt for Dzhokhar. The brothers are originally from Chechnya but left in the early 1990s because of war with Russia. They and their family moved to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Dagestan before moving to the U.S.

Tamerlan was a self-described “very religious” Muslim who didn’t drink or even take his shirt off with females around. A graphic photo of his corpse has leaked online. He has been described as intense and intimidating. A cousin said he “was never happy, never cheering, never smiling. He used to strike his girlfriend. He hurt her a few times. He was not a nice man. I don’t like to speak about him. He caused problems for my family.”

A timeline of his radicalization is emerging that indicates an intelligence failure permitted him to carry out the bombings.

Tamerlan started becoming more religious about five years ago. “I don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them,” Tamerlan said in 2009. He complained that “there are no values anymore” and “people can’t control themselves.” A lack of assimilation and hostility towards Western society is a common feature of the radicalized. In 2004, a former CIA case officer studied a database of Al-Qaeda terrorists and found that 80% “were, in some way, totally excluded from the society they lived in.”

In 2009, he was convicted of domestic abuse towards his girlfriend. He was a legal resident at the time and was not deported. In 2011, the FBI interviewed him about possible extremist ties due to a tip from a foreign country, presumably Russia. Family members claim that they and Tamerlan were interviewed by the FBI over a period of three to five years. The file on him was closed.

He was able to fly out of New York on January 12, 2012 for a six-month trip to Russia. It is speculated that he learned how to create the detonator for the bombs during this time period. He may have been visiting his father, who has been living in Russia since 2009, but a six-month trip seems very odd for someone with a wife and child. He was able to return to the U.S. on July 17, 2012.

Tamerlan created a YouTube channel shortly after he returned on August 17, 2012. He “likes” a video titled “The Emergence of Prophecy: The Black Flags from Khorasan.” It teaches that the enemies of Islam will suffer a decisive defeat during the End Times at Khorasan, a region including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

He also “likes” two  videos by Australian Islamist cleric Sheikh Feiz Mohammad, one of which is about Harry Potter. The cleric was shown in The Third Jihad preaching, “The peak, the pinnacle, the crest, the highest point, the pivot, the summit of Islam is jihad.”

Dzokhar is described in opposite terms, as a likeable and extremely nice person. He was social and frequently smoked marijuana. The aforementioned cousin says he was “never an extremist.”  He was granted asylum by the U.S. in 2002 when he was only eight years old and has lived here ever since. He was given citizenship on the jaw-dropping date of September 11, 2012.

Professor Brian Glyn Williams teaches the only course in the country about the Chechen wars and said Dzokhar emailed him questions in the spring of 2011. Another teacher told Williams that Dzokhar was “in the process of vicariously rediscovering his Chechen origins.” His profile on a Russian social-networking website shows he was posting clips of Islamic fighters in Syria.

Their father and aunt may have set the stage for their radicalization. When the manhunt for Dzokhar began, he called on him to surrender but if he is killed, it’ll be proof that it was a set-up by the U.S. government and “all hell would break loose.” The aunt likewise suggested “this was staged.”

Years of anti-American propaganda from the Russian government may also have played a role. The pro-Russia president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyron, reacted to the identity of the suspects by blaming the bombings on American culture. He seemed to question whether the pair are guilty and intimated that the killing of Tamerlan was inappropriate, saying, “Apparently, the security services needed to calm down the society by any means necessary.”

The question of whether foreign terrorist groups were involved looms. Former Iranian Revolutionary Guardsman and CIA spy “Reza Kahlili” was told by a source in Iranian intelligence that Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards’ elite Al-Quds Force was involved. The source told him the trail would lead to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The brothers’ Chechen origin and Tamerlan’s six-month trip to Russia strongly suggests a connection to Chechen Islamists. The top suspect should be the Islamic Caucus Emirate group that is tied to Al-Qaeda. It is led by Doku Umarov, a terrorist known as “Russia’s Bin Laden” with a $5 million reward on his head from the U.S. State Department.

Umarov’s group is best known for the massacre of nearly 400 people and hostage-taking of 1,000 at a school in Beslan, Russia in 2004. It has carried out many other attacks in Russia, including a November 2009 train bombing that killed 28; suicide bombings in a Moscow subway by female operatives in March 2010 that killed 40; and an airport bombing in January 2011 that killed 36.

The Chechen Islamist rebels may claim their cause is independence from Russia but it is part of a larger goal. When Osama Bin Laden set up a training camp in Chechnya in 1995, he wanted to “establish a worldwide Islamic state capable of directly challenging the U.S., China, Russia, and what it views as Judeo-Christian and Confucian domination.”

Umarov and other Islamic Caucus Emirate terrorists are openly hostile to the U.S. In 2007, he declared a “Caucus Emirate.” The announcement also expressed support for Muslims fighting the West in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Umarov’s group also supports establishing Sharia Law. He was able to unite Chechen jihadists under his command in July 2011 when a Sharia court ordered rival commanders to submit to his leadership and they complied.

The question remains why the Tsarnaev brothers, and possibly the Islamic Caucus Emirate, targeted the U.S.  If their main concern is Chechen independence, then their primary target would be Russia. In February 2012, Umarov forbade the targeting of Russian civilians because the population had protested Putin. However, attacks on Russian government and military sites are still permitted.

The contradictions in the Tsarnaev brothers’ behavior remain puzzling. Tamerlan felt Americans were immoral but he was a fan of Borat and his brother quoted rap lyrics on Twitter. Tamerlan quit smoking and drinking as he became more devout, but Dzhokhar quoted rap lyrics and was known as a drinker and pothead.

They obviously pre-planned the Boston bombings, but they didn’t stock up on cash beforehand and had to kidnap a man to get his money. Dzhokhar actually picked up his car from the mechanic a day after the bombing and was visibly nervous. He took the car even though it still needed repairs. It’s possible that the brothers didn’t want to flee in a damaged, suspicious vehicle, but why didn’t they steal a car shortly before or after the bombings then?

They had no qualms about slaughtering innocents but let the hostage live. Nor did Dzokhar kill the man who found him in the boat. He was armed in his final hours and presumably sought martyrdom like his brother, but didn’t kill himself or force the cops to kill him. Perhaps, Dzokhar passed out from blood loss unexpectedly and that prevented him from making a last stand.

The unexpected capture of Dzokhar will enable authorities to get the full story and to inquire about their accomplices. Should this be only a two-man cell, we mustn’t lose sight of what caused the Boston bombings.

This atrocity wasn’t produced by a crazy older brother leading his impressionable younger sibling. It was produced by an ideology.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    QUESTION: How are the Tsarnaevs' different from Barack Obama's friend & mentor "Bill" Ayers?

    Ayres, a Weeatheerman, the revolutionary c0mmunist sect that split from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1969.

    Their founding document called for a "white fighting f0rce" that would be "akin to the Red Guard in China" to work with the Black Liberation Movement and other "anti-colonial" movements to bring about a communist revolution and destroy "US imperialism."

    Obama's friend, Ayres' Weatherman committed at least 40 b0mbings between 1969 and 1975.

    Targets included the Pentagon, the State Department and the US Capitol, other government buildings, military bases, police offices and corporations. Two of the group's primary leaders were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

    American Thinker: Obama's Foul Weather Friends –

    OBAMA friend, Bill Ayers recently called the bombings "a dramatic form of armed propaganda" and claimed "no one was ever hurt."

  • Klinger

    Questions in the article about the car deserve answers. The escape plan was authored by a third party. First, disable the car and provide an alternate means of transportation acceptable to the bombers. Secondly, abandon the bombers to their fate and transport the rest of the cell. That would explain the brothers desperation when they broke cover. The logistics in this, multiple bombs, in multiple locations, financing, breaching security all suggest a larger conspiracy. When the brothers realized their support had been removed, they tried to take hostages at a University building to bargain their way out of the mess, and failed. The two Police officers, one of whom died, saved us from that spectacle.

  • love4cus

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  • tanstaafl

    It's all about the Islam, skippy. Read the Qur'an and discover that all a Muslim needs is a copy of this book to become "radicalized".

    • AdinaK

      Indeed, Islam is the direct source of all of the jihad, regardless of its point of origin. The ultimate question becomes: what will Americans do about the cancer in its midst, namely the free flow of Muslims into the country, as well as those who are learning Sharia Law jihad at all the mosques & Islamic schools all over the US? As to their handlers, well, of course this was not a lone operation, but one which has its roots from Russia to the Mid East and beyond –

      Forget the minutia, head to the most important conversation, bar none – time to ban Islam as the death cult that it is!

      Adina kutnicki, Israel –

      • Roger

        The surah 9 mandates don't give them a lot of wiggle room.

  • pacific_waters

    Hardly the same. Beslan was a full on military assault. Boston was the tragic outcome of 2 losers who couldn't fit in and bought into radical islam.

    • Atikva

      Please stop the BS about "couldn't fit in". Nowadays, a muslim doesn't want or try to "fit in", he feels superior to the rest of mankind and believes it is the rest of mankind who should fit in with him. I know this from experience.

      Some time ago, I helped place nationals from developing countries into training institutions in Europe and America for short/middle term studies. The only ones that failed were those from muslim countries: their superiority complex clashed with reality once placed in an international environment and they were afraid to compete. Some would go back home within a couple of weeks without bothering to inform their sponsor.

      That was several decades ago. Nowadays, they would be easy preys to recruiting terrorists.

    • Mary Sue

      what kind of proper "Military assault" occurs at a damn SCHOOL?

  • pacific_waters

    Of course you right tanstafl. Doesn't mean ALL muslims will engage in acts like this but the koran gives the green light.

    • D-Boy

      Not today maybe. But someday when the brothers get the upper hand they will all join in the "victory" or get their heads cut off too. It's foolishness to believe that the terror being acted out on the earth won't affect marginal muslims who at some point will be told FIGHT or be killed. They will fight or die it's really going to come down to this. I think a lifetime of brainwashing will produce a lot more fighter than corpses. Hang on to your butts…

    • damir

      the entire islam is radical there are no "moderate" muslims there are only bad muslims (with "bad" i mean "peaceful"). Even those "peaceful" muslims support the "radical" once. The entire islam has to go, every peace of it! It's like cancer, u can't let only "the good part" in the body because there is no "good" part!

  • Arlie

    Tamerlan was here on a green card, beat his girlfriend and was not deported?
    His idol Sheikh Feiz Mohammad was a bodybuilder and a boxer.
    The FBI COULD HAVE DEPORTED HIM. This would never have happened.
    A person who knew Tamerlan said, "He was never happy, never cheering, never smiling and couldn't control himself.
    He was in Russia for 6 months last year.
    The younger brother was a pot head! The mother was a shoplifter; self-deported or was she deported?
    This is they type of people allowed into our once Great Country. WE NOW IMPORT TERRORISTS!

    • Questions

      Hey, guess what? All 19 of the 9/11 hijackers got into this country through a State Department-issued temporary visa. This process has been going on for some time.

  • hikerdude

    The following statement is the reason America is experiencing continuing turmoil .
    "Assimilation refusal is the first seed planted to overthrow a Nation . Any nation accepting assimilation refusal as politically correct will eventually no longer be its own Nation ."

  • Lou

    As the catastrophe in Boston unfolded on the national media, the eyes of America are witnessed the consequence of a dastardly progressive agenda. The dastard progressive agenda has taken control of the nation’s education system and by doing so has implemented the disillusion of the American dream and the disintegration of a civil American society.
    Gun Control? How about Progressive Control? What America sees unfolding on national television and on-line media is effectively a horrific demonstration of the destructive power of the Progressive Agenda in America. The threat posed by anti-American progressives is very real and continues to fester within the educational system of the United States. Tragically, the initial victims of this week’s catastrophe in Boston were the two young immigrants from Chechnya. Victims of a craven progressive agenda acting with impunity within the fabric of American society.

    Just a decade ago, they arrived in the US as young immigrant children with their family and with hopes and aspirations for the American dream. Unfortunately, upon entering public schools, they were subjected to hostile indoctrination as they became the captured audience of impressionable, vulnerable students at the mercy of progressive surrogates.
    The progressive agenda contaminates individuals and hence civil society with hatred of American thought, Judeo/Christian principles, and Free-Market concepts. The social fabric of this nation is woven within the nation’s education system and progressives are in control along with their progressive unions & progressive politicians

    A progressive is akin to a social-path that walks into a school-house and murders innocent children and unsuspecting adults. A school-house slaughter is graphically appalling and demands immediate attention, but the destruction caused by converting the hopes & aspirations of the American dream into an Anti-American philosophy can become graphically appalling and tragic as it has this week.

    Gun Control; is a distraction-issue, meant to divert the public’s attention from the fact that hopes & aspirations for the American dream are being held hostage by Anti-American philosophy being splayed by progressive surrogates in the nation’s schools, town-halls and mainstream media. The catastrophe in Boston has in-capsulated the major issues of concern in America today, mainly terrorism; gun-control; immigration reform, and a failing education system. All issues that are weaved by the progressive agenda for their own purpose and to spur Anti-American sentiment. We must retake the narrative and focus on controlling and/or eliminating the Progressive Agenda.
    Lou R. Chavez, USN Ret
    San Diego, CA

    • Maria Aguilu

      American Dream is today the American Nightmare …
      Why has Congress Allowed NO Congressional Budget; President Obama
      keep spending Americans Taxpayers Money For Muslim Issues? ? ?
      Billions $ .. $…for Egypt Muslims..
      Billion $…$…for Muslimbrotherhood Org.
      Billion$…$….for Mexicans to enter our MILITARY, EDUCATION and other Benefits….
      At Election Period to win Presidential Election

      .Why do Americans Accept the New Movement of the America Muslim Dream the Muslim American Movement

    • NOT Alex Jones

      404 words 2706 characters – 404 words 2706 characters?

      Nice gig.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    While America recedes into the abys remember that crap flows downhill…………William

  • @lounsbury720

    What we should take away from this at this point is that when the case file opened years ago, was closed by the FBI, a number of events happened that seem pretty obvious to all of us should have raised red flags. The problem was that when the case was off the FBI's radar screen because a human being was was no longer monitoring the subject, the entire case went cold. What we should take away from this seems pretty obvious to me…

    If a person is investigated and the case is no longer monitored by a human being, a number of "triggers" that utilize information technology should be put in place like international travel (where, how long, return date, etc).

    It shouldn't be done by stepping around the Constitution, and there's no need to go there. We already have special courts to deal with these matters, and this is something that happened over a number of years not hours or days.

    I'm sure there are other passive or electronic triggers that can be set into motion, but the point is that had an investigator had an indicator to pay attention again to a case, plenty happened afterward that would have probably got the older brother deported at a minimum.

  • JacksonPearson

    "Chechen Bombers Linked to ‘Russia’s Bin Laden’?"
    I disagree with the thread's title. Why?…Because IMO, the common link to ALL terrorism, is Islam.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Chechen Bombers Linked to ‘Russia’s Bin Laden’"

    Throughout his life, Barack Obama has selected his mentors from the ranks of those who despise the United States.

    I HOPE those 72 virgins LOOK & ACT like Michelle Obama!

  • @EternalRiteWing

    Glenn Beck Gives Government Until Monday to Come Clean About Boston Bombing Cover-Up

    • Mary Sue

      notice how Right Wing Watch appeared to have "cut" some of the video…I wonder what they missed out on (deliberately). Even then they failed to make it sound awful.

  • http://None Kohl

    To answer a question in the article, ” Why wasn’t the hostage
    killed?”. The simple answer is while they could detonate two
    bombs to kill and maim many innocents, this was accomplished
    “At a distance”. The two never saw their victims and as in war,
    not seeing or touching your combatant makes killing impersonal
    while having to shoot an unarmed hostage point-blank personal.
    This goes to demonstrate their level of experience.

  • Nak Nak

    I happened upon this site and from reading the articles and comments, I conclude the average IQ of readers and writers must be much lower than 100…the silliness is stunning!


    • Guest

      Nak Nak…. wtf? please help us poor dhimmwits out! Grant us the light of your pious intelligence, please oh please! I'll even give you money!

    • KarshiKhanabad

      kaN kaN, just who the hell are you, anyway? Justify your remarks, please. Otherwise, you're just a homeless intruder p**ing on somebody's carpet.

    • Mary Sue

      your ignorance far outstrips your perceived armchair internet measuring of our collective intelligence.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    The brothers may be "white" but they're Koranimals thru and thru…
    I don't expect much to change in the way the medias covers for Islamists…
    If 9-11 failed to enlighten these dimbulbs about Muslims, nothing will…

  • Ellman

    "In The Third Jihad, former CIA intelligence officer Wayne Simmons warned that the 2004 school massacre in Beslan, Russia by Umarov’s Islamist terrorist group is “a perfect example of exactly what will take place in this country.” Beslan occurred in 2004 and it is now 2013. The Russians have not been able to remove this heinous spawn of Islamist sewage from the world of the living for nine years? Even with Obama's incompetence and Islamophilia I cannot imagine us tolerating Umarov's existence for very long if he ever replicated Breslan in the US.

  • JohhnyBC

    This article is misleading. No such thing as the "russian bin laden" The man is chechen by birth. This neo-conservative hate towards russia is vile on this site. By the way they were labeled freedom fighters by you guys just a few years ago.

    • Roger

      In actions, in attitudes, in loyalties.

      Try reading it again with a different viewpoint.
      And a couple of years ago was before 9/11.

  • Asfr dape"In The Third Jihad, former CIA intelligence officer Wayne Simmons warned that the 2004 school massacre in Beslan, Russia by Umarov’s Islamist terrorist group is “a perfect example of exactly what will take place in this country.” Beslan occurred in 2004 and it is now 2013. The Russians have not been able to remove this heinous spawn of Islamist sewage from the world of the living for nine years? Even with Obama's incompetence and Islamophilia I cannot imagine us tolerating Umarov's existence for very long if he ever replicated Breslan in the US.

    • defcon 4

      9-11 already happened.

  • warpmine

    Currently Islam is similar to the movie "Telethon" where secret agents are so deep undercover, they don't even know themselves until they reach a point in their lives that directs them to fundamental change toward Islam in the form of martyrdom. Only takes going to a mosque where one can listen to a so called "radical" and thus starts the journey toward death.

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