Columbia Prof: WWII-Era Zionists Colluded with Nazis

5631469502_4bb576195b_z“There are some ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them” (George Orwell)

Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad is blind to reality.  His virulent anti-Zionist streak leads him to the most laughable constructs:  In The last of the Semites,” Massad wants us to believe that the Zionist effort to remove the Jews from Europe in the 1930s and 1940s (to save them from imminent extermination) is undistinguishable from Nazi anti-Semitism! (Update: Al-Jazeera just pulled Massad’s article from their website, as announced here on May 19, 2013).

Two parties can be ferociously opposed to each other’s ideologies and yet unite temporarily to pursue a common strategic objective.  If Massad is not aware of this reality, he should revisit WWII and extend his ludicrous parallels between the Zionists and the Nazis to the British-American Allies who pursued the same military objective as the Soviets, while they despised Stalin’s ideology.  Is this too hard for Massad to comprehend?

It is clear that the sole purpose of Massad’s article is to delegitimize Israel.  This tiresome propaganda – driven primarily by envy, and buttressed by bankrupt Marxist dogmas and their unholy alliance with radical Islam – has been peddled over and over again to little or no effect.  Now, Massad tries a new thread, plucked out of ludicrous fantasies, without the slightest corroborating facts and with omissions galore not to disturb his narrative.

And so we read one enormity after another in Massad 4,000-word article:

  • The ancestral connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel was concocted by the Protestant Reformation;
  • Most Jews were opposed to Zionism, up to the 1940s;
  • Lord Balfour was an anti-Semite;
  • The Nazis and the Zionists showed “ideological similitude”;
  • The totalitarianism inherent in Nazism and Communism was mere U.S. propaganda;
  • The (derisively called) “Judeo-Christian civilisation” was the product of European and American white supremacy, now turned against Arabs and Muslims;
  • The current relations between Germany and Israel are a continuation of past Nazi policies;
  • Israel and Zionism were not the victims of Nazis because “[the Nazis] killed the majority of Jewish enemies of Zionism”;
  • The Palestinians are the only remaining “Semites” and the last remaining bastion against anti-Semitism;
  • The Jews “have nothing to do with Palestine”;
  • The Zionist project is aggressive, colonialist, imperialist and tainted by “racial discrimination”;
  • The Jews had their “nations” in Europe before they “forcibly settled the land of another people”;
  • Israel’s claim of being the land of the Jewish people is “the most anti-Semitic claim of all.”

And what is the main voice that Massad quotes to support his narrative? Yasser Arafat, in his speech at the UN in November 1974!  In the wake of multiple plane hijackings, the massacre at the Munich Olympics and the murder of school children in Ma’alot – acts of terror committed by the PLO and its affiliates – Arafat delivered his infamous speech at the UN.  This was the first time a terrorist leader was welcomed and applauded at the General Assembly. He rehashed all the Marxist buzzwords (aggression, imperialism, colonialism, racism, etc.) that he diligently learned from his KGB handlers to attack Israelis and Zionists, which he branded “terrorists [and] war criminals”.  This is the kind of inversion of reality that Massad embraces in his fantasy world of historical revisionism.

Furthermore, in his desperate attempt to deny the Jewish people their national aspirations in their ancestral land, Massad declares that “the Palestinians have always insisted that the homelands of European Jews were their European countries and not Palestine.” Quite an authoritative source! This blatant theft of identity from the Jewish people, which is still condoned with impunity in many quarters, is specifically hailed as an undisputed truth in Article 20 of the PLO National Charter (1968).

It must be hard for anyone to be proven wrong after a lifetime spent in defending a losing cause.  The burning envy generated by Israel’s survival, progress and astonishing accomplishments against all odds in just a few decades must reduce its detractors to resort to claims of victimhood and self-righteousness, no matter how baseless.  Massad does not hesitate to escalate the accusations directed against Zionism to ever more ridiculous levels:  Now, the Zionists are the real Nazis and the Palestinians are the last remaining fighters against anti-Semitism!  Considering the growing anti-Jewish indoctrination of Palestinian school children and the hateful admonitions contained in the Hamas Charter, Massad’s ludicrous claims are nothing but a thinly veiled burst of Freudian projection.

The unusual insistence on race-related notions in Massad’s article (no less than 18 instances) betrays an obsession dear to the anti-Israel crowd.  Launched at the UN General Assembly in 1975 (Resolution 3379), the slanderous accusation equating Zionism – the legitimate national movement of the Jewish people – to racism is a reflection of the speech Arafat delivered at the UN a year earlier, and is now raised again by Massad (“European Jews … became the elements of settler colonialism intimately allied to racial discrimination”), even though this infamous resolution was rescinded in 1991.  But anti-Jewish hatred never seems to go away.  The “Zionism = racism” slander was revived at the Durban Conference in 2001, to give Massad and his fellow travelers a new lease on a life of hatred.

Massad cannot admit that the Jews have returned to their ancestral land and that the reconstitution of the Jewish State was enshrined in international law in 1920.  This incontrovertible truth would blow his narrative to pieces and would deprive him of his raging outbursts against Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people.

I know it’s next to impossible to have a diehard propagandist acknowledge factual evidence, but can one still hope that a professor of Intellectual History at Columbia University is not totally impervious to established historical and legal facts?  In his latest article, Massad offers only a crude sophistry that may be welcomed as profound insight by many among the biased Middle East academics who are, often wilfully, disconnected from factual reality.

Salomon Benzimra is the co-founder of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights.

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  • Common Sense

    Another Islamic Jew hater hired at an Ivy League college in the name of diversity and multiculturalism

    • Choi

      IVY-LEAGUE Columbia is a CESSPOOL FULL of JEW-HATING CRETINS such as Massad, Rashid Khalidi(Obama's buddy)etc

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      And paid for with Saudi money.

  • AdinaK

    Leftist academia knows no bounds, and they are tied at the hip with Arab/Muslim baksheesh, the bribe money paid to Middle East Studies Departments to peddle the Islamic line. They are rightfully called academic whores, and the damage they have wrought is incalculable.

    And Columbia – in tandem with all the Ivies and others in between – is guilty as charged. They are up to their neck in bribe money. Having spent much time attending SPME conferences, as well as being in the thick of Islamic jihadi muck, rest assured, the damage seen is just the tip. In fact, if not for the collusion between academia and Islamic forces, well, Massad and crew (not unlike the late, non-lamented Edward Said) would hardly have a receptive audience at such heretofore prestigious platforms –

    Time for a complete overhaul (read: tear down) of academia!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • AdinaK

    Let there be little doubt: the death of the west will lead back to western academia, and its trail of destruction is massive. And if not for their collusion with Arab/Muslim oil financiers, Mid East Studies Departments would be free of pervasive "orientalism" and anti-semitism –

    The indoctrination of generations of students is incalculable, and this doesn't even take into account humanities departments across the board.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • jacob

      Where I come from there is a proverb stating that if there were no pimps there were no prostitutes
      What happens nowadays in Academia is nobody's fault but WE THE PEOPLE…
      If I would have a child at Columbia, I would demand the removal of this kind of scum as teachers
      or I would remove my child from there….
      Granted: It is vox poluli quite a few learning institutions bend over backwards to "donations" from
      Arab countries but I believe there is a limit to everything…
      Of course, the asinine accursed "Political Correctness" will raise holy hell to any action they deem
      curtailing their academic "freedom" but once again, it is WE THE PEOPLE who MUST take such
      matters into our own hands and put a stop to it …
      Rest assured it will instill the fear of GOD into most of our rotten "academia"…..

  • Chezwick

    If Joseph Massad promulgated that it was ISLAMIC Jew-hatred that was little different from Nazism (a truly valid, salient comparison), he'd be branded a hater and exiled from the halls of academe. As it is, he's welcomed, feted and embedded into the lives and minds of our children. Such is the intellectual and moral degeneration of higher education in America and the Western world.

  • Omar

    Of course, Massad never mentions the role that Hajj-Amin Al-Husseini (the father of the invented people [so-called "Palestinians"] nationalism) and his amicable alliance with Hitler before and during World War II. He also never mentions the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood admired Nazism and Fascism. He falsely states that Judeo-Christian values are "white supremacy" (the comment is absurd). How about this one: Islamism, Communism and Pan-Africanism combined are products of jihad, far left-wing totalitarianism and black supremacy. That Columbia professor is clearly deluded or he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (or both).

  • F.K. Juliano

    Leftists will have to be removed from academia by force, like so many lice.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    If there is any such thing as a hate crime, this article would certainly qualify as evidence. This guy is paid to do what? Who pays him?

    In what enemy nation is he allowed to roam free without a righteous drone strike to take him out?

    • Drakken

      Or a righteous infidel?

  • Smote

    I had to laugh upon reading the open quote from George Orwell. He was spot on! How prescient he was! Just read '1984' and 'Animal Farm'.

    This Massad (mad-as?) has to be joking, surely. Even a nobody like me, who has studied WW2 extensively, knows there was not the slightest Zionist-Nazi collusion, collaboration, whatever some call it.

    Maybe Massad (mad-as?) needs to pay his coke daddy a visit and seek some alternate happy pills. Better still; he should quit the drugs and see a shrink.

  • thomaslinken

    It’s surely no accident that a parody religion produces parody scholarship. Seriously though, can a civilization which allows its institutions of higher learning to be wilfully infected by such spiritual and intellectual deformation survive for long?

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    Being an antisemetic wacko is a requirement to teach at Columbia. Massacre fits with the rest of the scum Columbia hires.

    • Choi

      Columbia ,if truthful,would offer a degree in BOTTOM-CRAWLING .

  • fredalanmedforth

    "Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad is blind to reality. ?"

    Of course not.

    He is a Mohammedan agitprop, what do you expect?

  • metatron2

    Send Massad back to the desert. He doesn't belong in a civilized city with civilized people. He should fraternize with camels. That would be appropriate.

    • Smote

      You're quite right! Camels would, how do you say 'make him feel right at home'. My sympathies lie with the camels.

  • jacob

    I have been always a supporter of political surgery, that is, physical removal and history has
    proven me right….
    If HITLER would have been "suicided" while in prison the way the members of the Baeder-
    Meinhoff gang were, imagine what suffering, death and destruction would the world had been spared…????

    Take CUBA with Castro:
    If, instead of bending to the pleas of senator DIAZ BALART and the Havana Archbishop to exile
    Castro and company to Mexico, would Batista agreed with his Chief on national Police to dump
    all of themconveniently "ballasted" into the deepest Caribbean place, how many tears, blood and
    suffering had the Cuban people been spared …?????
    If BEGIN and SHARON, instead of paying attention to the "orders" of America and USSR to let
    ARA-RAT and his cutthroats ship to Tunisia instead of LIQUIDATING them when they were
    between Israeli armor and the sea at theTripoli beach in Lebanon, would there be nowadays a
    PA, a HAMAS and all the death and destruction this scum brought upon Israel and themselves ?

    Unfortunately, history has too many examples of disgrace brought upon by bleeding hearts….

  • @JudySkolnick209

    I can only surmise that the contradictory factual truth to Mr. Massad's recycled empty rhetoric is too "Offensive" for him and his like to bear.

  • UCSPanther

    The Arabs openly threw their lot in with Nazi Germany during WWII and both tried to help the Nazis out in North Africa and prevent the formation of Israel.

    Now, the Arabs are trying to play the victim, and their alliance with Hitler is a rather inconvenient truth they would much rather hide…

    • pagegl

      You would think that they would try to limit sales of Mein Kampf to help support the illusion.

      • UCSPanther

        As far as propaganda goes, they are pretty lousy at it.

        Just look at all the "Pallywood' victim propaganda that has been tried over the years.

  • Choi

    The only difference between Columbia and a Landfill is Columbia's GARBAGE is teaching courses.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't know if Prof. Massad has a copy of "Mein Kampf" but he made arguments similar to what the Nazis made about the Jews. What a snake this guy is.

  • Hank Rearden

    It is amazing that in institutions with pretensions to "scholarship" the idea of Jews having no connection to the land of Israel can be expounded. The literature of the ancient world is replete with references to a Jewish kingdom in Judea and Samaria. Not least of these is the conquest of Judea – the land of the Jews – by the Roman general Pompey which is well-documented in contemporaneous Roman history.

    Everybody with an ounce of historical knowledge knows that the presence of the Arabs in Palestine is the result of the conquests that erupted from the Hijaz – the original land of Islam – in the century after the death of Mohammed.

    For a professor at an established university not to know these elementary facts, or pretend not to know them, makes him, or should make him, a laughingstock. WHAT can Columbia be thinking to be sponsoring this gibberish?

    It is certainly true that not every Jew was a Zionist before WWII and that remains true today. What of it? That does not mean that the Zionists tried to wipe out the non-Zionist Jews. That is what Muslims do, not Jews and is one reason that Islam has creates devastation wherever it has is in the ascendant.

    Lastly, as is well-known, Zionists from Israel fought with the British Army in the Western Desert against Rommel in WWII and throughout the war the Jewish community supported the Allies in venues around the world.

  • aspacia

    Hopefully, Massad will go the way of the mendacious Ward Churchill