Black Professor Reprimanded for Targeting White Males as Racist

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  • Minneapolis Community and Technical College has issued a formal reprimand to African-American professor Shannon Gibney charging that her comments in class “single[d] out white male students” and thereby “created a hostile learning environment” for these pupils. Gibney claims that the students took her lecture on “structural racism” personally and filed a racial discrimination complaint after she challenged them to do so. In a letter appended to Gibney’s file, the College’s Vice President of Academic Affairs held that it is “troubling that the manner in which you led a discussion on the very important topic of structural racism alienated two students who may have been most in need of learning about this subject.” This latest charge is Gibney’s second formal reprimand for racial discrimination against white students. In 2009, MCTC issued an earlier reprimand after Gibney was accused of targeting white male students on the campus newspaper staff for not working hard enough to eliminate racial bias from the paper. Gibney is currently suing MCTC in a class action lawsuit joined by six other faculty members.
  • A pro-life exhibit organized by the Central Michigan University chapter of Students for Life was dismantled and stolen.  The exhibit featured infant clothing hanging on a clothesline. Every fourth item was tagged with a red “X” to indicate the 25% of pregnancies in America that end in abortion. Students for Life was forced to wait for two months for campus administrators to give permission for the display. The installation was up for only two days before it was stolen.
  • Duquesne University, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has forced a conservative student to remove a political poster which she had posted in her campus dorm on the grounds that it is “too upsetting.”  The poster contains an image of human bones accompanied by the headline “Leftist Ideas: Progressing Towards Tyranny.”  It also contains a list of “Murders by ‘Progressive Social Movements’” along with the number of people who perished in these mass genocides. ““I am upset about the censorship,” commented the student, Bridget Seelinger. “I understand if it was racist or included death threats, but something like that is virtually harmless. I don’t understand why anyone had a problem with it, and why skulls are so scary.”

Further News from the Campuses:

College IT Professional Convicted in Child Porn Case Continues to Draw $48K Salary from Public University [Campus Reform]

An IT professional who was placed on administrative leave over federal child pornography charges, continues to receive his full salary at Green River Community College, in Auburn, Washington.

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State Official Slams University of Kansas for Allowing Prof Suspended over NRA Tweet to be Back at Work [Fox News]

A state official from Kansas criticized the University of Kansas’ decision to allow the professor suspended over a tweet that targeted the National Rifle Association after the Navy Yard shooting to be allowed to return the school.

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University Forbids Poster That Takes A Stand Against Communism [The College Fix]

A poster meant to illustrate the number of individuals who have been murdered by collectivist governments was deemed too harsh by officials at Duquesne University, which disallowed the image from hanging on campus.

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Black Female Professor Reprimanded for Pointing Out Existence of Structural Racism to White Male Students []

A faculty member at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Shannon Gibney, received a formal reprimand for her handling of a discussion about structural racism in her Introduction to Mass Communication course.

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University of Kansas Students and Administrators Embarrassed Following Al Jazeera Expose on College Partying and Sexual Assault [University Herald]

Students and administrators at the University of Kansas (KU) are embarrassed and ashamed of the contents of a recent Al Jazeera America investigative piece on the relation between college partying culture and sexual assault.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official [The College Fix]

Did you know that eating or even talking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be considered racist?

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‘Nava-Ho’ Party was Ignorant, Investigation is No Better [Mustang News]

The organizations that held a “Colonial Bros and Nava-hos”-themed party earlier this month need to reevaluate of their judgment and sensitivity. Those who hosted the party need to own up to their mistake to everyone on campus, not just send their public relations director to apologize after being called out at a campus forum.

But Cal Poly also needs a reminder in its duties as part of the state government; free speech cannot fall by the wayside, even when students engage in ideas that are as insensitive as the fraternity party.

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Kan. School Reportedly Prohibits Student from Posting Fliers with Bible Verses []

An Arizona group has filed a federal lawsuit accusing a suburban Kansas City middle school of violating a student’s First Amendment rights by prohibiting the student from handing out fliers promoting a prayer event.

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Indiana University Removes ‘Misguided’ Black Santa Display []

A bulletin board meant to provoke discussions of racial stereotypes has been removed Monday night from an Indiana University residence hall after generating outrage on social media.

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Why Speech Codes Endure []

At Modesto Junior College on September 17, 2013, an ordinary thing happened on what, by all accounts, is an ordinary college campus. A student, Robert Van Tuinen, was told to stop handing out literature on campus in violation of campus rules.

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Student Government at U. of Washington Unanimously Passes Free Speech Resolution  []

On November 26, all 100 members of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), the university’s student government, voted for the passage of a resolution supporting students’ right of free speech.

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Professor: Obama Should Be Allowed to Run for a Third Term [The College Fix]

In The Washington Post, Jonathan Zimmerman, a history professor from NYU, has written an article claiming that all of America’s problems would be soloved–GET THIS–if only we would allow Barack Obama to run for a third term!

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Suppressing Free Speech is Reinharz’s Legacy, Not Fundraising []

A recent Boston Globe article has rightfully ignited a firestorm regarding the compensation of former University President Jehuda Reinharz. It is shocking that Reinharz received over $600,000 in 2011 for helping the University transition to a new president—even though Reinharz was on sabbatical throughout the year.

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  • Jakareh

    The ones who are barely black are always the most vicious. Given the demonization of whites in “Afro-centric” circles and among the Left in general, if you’re half white, you have to be twice as hateful.

    • veeper

      blacks are FULL of hatred…..

      whether half are full ni**a….

      they exist and thrive on HATE…..

      • Demetrius Minneapolis

        Now this is BS. The blacks I served with in the army and work with now are not full of hate. In fact the family of one of them transformed me from a pseudo-Catholic into a better Christian. Walter Williams is not full of hate, nor is Thomas Sowell. That being said, don’t walk down a street in Queens by yourself after midnight.

        Muslims on the other hand are filled with hate. The entire premise of their ideology is hate. Perhaps your problem is black muslims?

        • Justin_Igger

          Oh they hate you, trust me. Navy veteran myself. They hate all human beings, they envy us, for our humanity and evolution. They are furious at us and at everything for getting left behind by evolution.
          The only thing they hate more than humans is their subhuman selves.

    • A Z

      What is the saying?

      “The darker the meat the sweeter the juice.”

      I know I have heard it, but I found this update on the saying “Darker The Berry, Sweeter The Juice”

      I can see how many blacks would say this to build themselves up in the face of racism. I also see how like a potlatch scenario it would turn ugly. At 1st “one drop” would get you membership into the group, but after the group us no longer under attack, one drop becomes the poor lesser relations., How do you prove yourself?

      With a name like Shannon, you know she was teased by other black children as being too white

      • dennis x

        Black People of any complexion were subject to racism, ie couldn’t be buried in a white grave yard , barred from schools , jobs etc. These laws were imposed by whites. The 1/8 rule made you Black. It wasn’t about membership or acceptance it was a force label. There were some Blacks that were so lite they ” passed” for white.

        • A Z

          You know there are blacks in the past and to this day who discriminate against light skin blacks whether they did anything or not.

          A Prince Hall Mason once told me his grandmother tried to divide his family between the lighter skin and the darker skin.

          In the movie ‘Boyz n the Hood’ one of the characters is disparaged just because she is light skin. She is made to look dumb & clumsy. You can learn a lot about black racism just by studying that particular character.

          What was she in the movie for? As a comic foil? As a butt of jokes?

        • Justin_Igger

          No matter how much black DNA, the result is always the same with no exceptions: subhuman.

          • Trapper

            Justin__Igge, now that is a racist statement. Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and other conservative blacks I know of are great people. It is not the race of people that should be condemned but the low-life ghetto, thug culture that animates so many blacks.


            Also Alan West, Dr. Ben Carson, Roy Innes, the GREAT Chris Rock.

            Black people have fools who make themselves “spokesmen” for all Black people.

        • Trapper

          So what! Not true anymore. My Indian ancestors were discriminated against too–so what!

        • Ginger Li

          So, all of that should certainly justify a reverse form of the same sort of ignorance, right? Obsession with race is racism.

        • DelFlyers

          Believe it or not. The year is not 1815 but 2015. All people from both sides are dead. Give it a rest. Today they are responsible for more than 60 per cent of violent crime and occupy half of all prison space in America.

    • Dallas25305

      You forgot to mention Obozo likes to be called the Supreme Ruler and the Messiah as well.

    • SwitchedOnSavage

      You forgot “Dear Leader”

      • Jakareh

        Error corrected.

  • Jason

    I read the comments on the article about the Black female professor. It seems to me that the idiots over there think that the white students are somehow being racist by complaining about her racism. And of course, there’s the usual crap about how white people can’t be the victims about racism. It’s never the principal with leftists, it’s the side. If this had been the opposite, where black students felt singled out in a lecture say, about crime, the howls of racism wouldn’t cease. I have so little hope for humanity when unprincipled racists (That’s what leftists are, racist) can so successfully distort everything in our society.

  • veeper

    another Boo Hoo NI**A that can dish out the racism ….

    but can’t take it when it comes back on them….

    shut up….ni**a…..stick your obama/sharpton race cards up your A$$……

    • Dallas25305

      Correct, attacks on whites by blacks are over twenty times the white attacks on blacks. However the real Racist Sharpton, Jackson and Obama have no problem with that. However if their imaginary son Trayvon is blown away after attacking a White Hispanic now that is a big problem.

  • A Z

    Shannon Gibney could almost pass for being totally white.

    I think she doth protest too much. Is she building up her cred so she doesn’t get beat down?

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    That WP opinion piece about Obama serving a third term is more than likely a trial balloon to see what the reaction will be. There will no doubt be more over the next year.

  • Mark McDonald

    I pulled the numbers for 2012, 2011, and 2010.

    It appears that there is a very small increase for Anti-Catholic, Anti-Multiple Religions, Group, and Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.

    However, I also looked at the numbers for race and found that there is a large increase in anti-white crime in 2012 and I am sure that 2013 will show the same thing. There is a small increase in Anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native hate crimes

  • Realist

    She is just part of the Lib created, Lib fostered and Lib abbeted Army of the Aggrieved. They are the tip of the societal spear the Libfilth use to create division, chaos and mayhem so that they may grandly and piously offer to take absolute power and “solve” our squabbles for us, the very same squabbles they themselves worked so hard to create in the first palce.

    For the followers modern liberalism is a mental disorder, but for the “leaders” it is nothing more that a gang of criminals using politics and sophistry to decieve their marks.

  • Dallas25305

    Fire the black power racist SOB.

  • Dallas25305

    No group of people on the planet are more racist and violent than blacks. That has been proven in every country they have come to live in. It has been studied “Professor Philip Ruston”. Their crime rates dwarf those of any other group. However thanks to liberal socialism they have found you can get away with it if you blame whitey for every one of your self imposed problems. All while gutless, brainless white liberals will nod their heads in fear and unison.

  • Rob

    fire the stinky sheboon

  • Clare Spark

    Black nationalists won out. It was not always the case: see “Carnegie Corporation and “the Negro problem.” Ralph Bunche’s memoranda for Gunnar Myrdal have been ignored. They were leftist, but sensible and analytic and he would have opposed “whiteness studies.”.

  • Jenny Bk234

    someone tell that idiot that she is teaching ‘ENGLISH’.

  • Trapper

    When real racism does not exist, the Leftists then claim the fantasy of “structural racism” or “institutional racism”.

  • antioli

    So they took it personally . Jeepers how could she possibly seen that one coming???

    Some students actually protested anti white racism. The Worm Turns

  • whizzer

    Surely a course on “structural racism” is an elective, which nobody with half a brain would take. There’s no preventing left-wing academic dipsticks from offering such a course, but nobody has to take it.

  • lessthantolerant

    Liberals truly are insane. Let’s all hope they bring America down so we can see the new revolution come to our doors.

  • Dave Hill

    Always remember kiddies – Karl Marx always knows best and only white people are racists. (and watch out for that knockout game that is doesn’t exist). May the great white negro messiah save us! May old communists continue to write his books for him!

  • Guest

    Finally!…someone of color was held accountable for being racist.

  • James Edwards