Brown Students Heckle NYC Police Commissioner From the Stage

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Top Stories:

  • New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was forced from the stage at Brown University by students enraged by the NYC police’s “stop-and-frisk” policy.  Kelly was at the University to give an address on “Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City” but dozens of student activists created such an uproar, heckling Kelly with accusations of racism, that he was unable to continue. In defense of their conduct, one Brown student explained that they had earlier petitioned the university to cancel Kelly’s speech, but when administrators refused “we decided to cancel it for them.”  Brown University President Christina Paxson released a statement calling the student’s behavior “indefensible” and “an affront both to civil democratic society and to the university’s core values.”
  • Afro-beat band Shokazoba is alleging that Hampshire College cancelled their planned performance at a campus Halloween party after students posted complaints on Facebook that they were “too white.”  According to the band’s keyboardist “The reason they gave us was that their students felt unsafe. When we asked what made them feel that way, they had no concrete answers and the comments about us from a small group of people were deleted from the Facebook wall.” Ironically, the contract that the band signed actually prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion and other characteristics.
    • Administrators at Washington University in St. Louis issued a harsh denunciation of several students who posted a Halloween photo on Facebook depicting themselves dressed as soldiers with water guns and guarding another student costumed as Osama bin Laden.  The photo was titled “Halloween ’13 Amurrica.”  “The image also is entirely inconsistent with who we are as an institution, our values and the way in which we engage in the world around us,” Wash U. administrators wrote in their statement. A Muslim student on campus, Mahroh Jahangiri, went even further in her condemnation, stating that the photo represents “a broader, more aggressive (and apparently violent) Islamophobia rampant here at WashU and in the United States.”
    • In response to planned protests against conservative speaker Ann Coulter’s upcoming appearance at the University of Southern California (USC), administrators at the school have tasked the College Republicans, who are hosting the event, with funding security for the event and developing a protest reaction plan.  Left-wing students on campus had attempted to persuade administrators to cancel the event, but were unsuccessful. One student commented on the event’s Facebook page that ““I’m gonna be really surprised if this women makes it out of USC alive lol.”

Further News from the Campuses:

The Slow Death of Free Speech at Harvard []

I graduated from Harvard Law School in 1967. Very early in my career, I represented many students in Administrative Board cases growing out of their protests against the Vietnam War. I represented (with Alan Dershowitz) one group of students accused by the Administrative Board of harassment for closely following the Harvard College Dean, Ernest May, 24 hours a day, chanting “murderer, murderer, murderer.” Wherever the dean walked in Cambridge, he was followed.  Dean May was consulting at the time for the Department of Defense. This is why the students followed him and chanted.

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School tells Christian to change out of Jesus costume on Halloween [Daily Caller]

School officials at a public high school in the ritzy North Shore suburbs of Chicago told a student he couldn’t wear a Jesus costume on Halloween.

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Liberal Professors Call on Obama to Seize ‘Unilateral’ Control of Government [The College Fix]

Three Wisconsin professors have come up with what they think is a brilliant fix for the budget crisis in Washington. They want Obama to violate the constitution and seize dictatorial powers to extend the debt limit, and then call for his own impeachment hearings afterward.

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Ray Kelly booed off the stage at Brown University [NY Post]

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was shouted off the stage at Brown University Tuesday by more than 100 protesters angry over the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

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Brown University Students React to Ray Kelly Controversy [Fox News]

Protesters shut down crime-fighting college lecture [Video].

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Doomsday Professor: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE BY 2040 (from Global Warming) [Daily Caller]

In a speech last week at the University of Colorado Boulder Guy McPherson, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, said humans are “about as special as bacteria,” reports The College Fix. He forecasted the demise of human civilization and, in fact, most human beings by 2040.

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Hillary Heckled in Buffalo: ‘Benghazi, Benghazi — You Let Them Die’ []

A speech last night at the University of Buffalo by Hillary Clinton was disrupted by a lone male heckler who chanted: “Benghazi, Benghazi — you let them die!”

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Did Hampshire College Group Ban Afro-Beat Band for Being ‘Too White’? [Fox News]

Was popular Massachusetts-based Afro-beat band Shokazoba’s performance on the Hampshire College campus canceled because they were “too white”?

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Catholic Georgetown Law to Partner with Pro-abortion Groups to Teach Obamacare Class [Campus Reform]

A class at Georgetown Law next semester titled “Regulatory Advocacy: Women and the Affordable Care Act” will force students to work with the pro-abortion rights organization, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), in support of the implementation of Obamacare and advocacy towards abortions.

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ACLU: Seattle College’s Proposed Free-Speech Rule Unconstitutional  [Seattle Times]

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington (ACLU) says portions of a proposed new rule to regulate free speech on Seattle Community College District campuses is unconstitutional.

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Here’s How Obamacare Makes Life Hell for College Profs [Daily Caller]

Universities are cutting back on adjunct professors’ work hours to comply with Obamacare–an unfortunate wake up call for some liberal academics who supported the law.

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What I Learned in Comparative Politics: White People Exploit All Others [The College Fix]

Earlier this year, my Arizona State University government professor told my class that white people are successful because they have exploited all other people, and that Americans are not all born equal because of slavery.

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Parents Slam Pro-Islam Slant in Florida School Textbook [Washington Times]

Hundreds of parents, angry at what they say is a biased student textbook with a decided pro-Islam slant, have launched a campaign demanding equal religious representation and planned a protest at the school board meeting this week.

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Atheist Students Use Federal Law to Pursue Same Rights as Christians for ‘Secular Safe Zones’ [Washington Times]

A 30-year-old federal law created to protect the right of Christian students to gather now is being used to protect the rights of students with opposite beliefs.

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  • Hass

    I bet the majority of these fools weren’t even around when NYC was full of criminal scum.

    • Michael__Durham

      “*was* full” ?!?!

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  • WSmith

    These students can’t be reached. If they are forced to sit down and listen to how a civil society works they will just close their eyes, put hands over ears and go to mouthing loud gibberish. They are completely indoctrinated and practice a self imposed ignorance.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    These are not students.

    They are LIBERALS.

    Liberals are like mad dogs. They run in a pack, are untamed, cannot be reasoned with, act irrationally, and always end up put down.

    • ThatiasJessBalderdash

      Progressives, which is itself a euphemism for what were communists. Most of them are so ignorant that I wonder if they even know what they are really about. Sometimes kids go along with things just to be part of something and rebel.

  • 7818TD

    Could colleges be the hotbed, and where these radical ideas are born? If so, I’d say they are a problem. They lack anything, but, what the Liberals have fed them, obviously, they have no knowledge, no experience, and no sense. If I have Children of College age, you can bet they would be anywhere, but in a College!!!

  • laura r

    so what ever the college kids want the college kids get? the university is spoiling tem. its the fault of the dean.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    The NYPD should create internships for these Brown-shirts; so that they could patrol the mean streets of NYC. Might cause some of them to have a better understanding of why “stop and frisk” is good. And they might think twice about heckling Ray Kelly, one of the few that stands between us and total societal chaos.

  • joshuasweet

    but it is okay for them to be gay, transgendered or lesbian just not religious or politically correct.

  • Veracious_one

    a word to left wing students…

    • hatsylady

      Great video.

  • Crassus

    No wonder Brown is considered the community college of the Ivy League.