Freedom Center Brings Campus Anti-Semitism to Light

student_uc_regentThe David Horowitz Freedom Center’s public opposition to an extreme anti-Israel candidate for UC Student Regent has helped to trigger a national conversation about the growing problem of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

UC Berkeley student Sadia Saifuddin was recently appointed student regent-designate for the University of California over protests by the Freedom Center and a few others who opposed her nomination on the grounds that her extreme anti-Israel views and activism with organizations known for their anti-Semitism make her unfit to represent all students in the UC system. The controversy sparked by the Freedom Center’s opposition has become national news.

During her years at Berkeley, Saifuddin was a leader in two Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations, the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine, which regularly invite anti-Semitic speakers to UC campuses and sponsor an annual hate-week known as “Israeli Apartheid Week.” She was also an active participant in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement which calls for the destruction of the Jewish state and led vicious attacks on Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz who has dedicated herself to protecting Jewish students from anti-Semitism on UC campuses.

In an open letter sent to the University of California Board of Regents, the Freedom Center’s chairman, David Horowitz, and director of campus campaigns, Jeffrey Wienir, urged the Board to reconsider their selection: “Appointing Sadia Saifuddin to the Board of Regents would be an offense to the ‘Principles of Community’ for UC Berkeley which are supposed to be core values in the UC system, and which call on UC students to ‘respect the differences as well as the commonalities that bring us together and call for civility and respect in our personal interactions,’’ the letter stated. “How is it respectful for the organizations that Sadia Saifuddin represents to sponsor ‘Israeli Apartheid Weeks’ which support terrorist organizations like Hamas and call for the destruction of the Jewish state?”

Despite the regents’ failure to reconsider their nomination of Saifuddin, the Freedom Center’s protests garnered widespread press coverage of Saifuddin’s questionable ties to anti-Semitic organizations and helped to raise awareness of the often-threatening environment confronting Jewish students on UC campuses.

In covering the story, the Associated Press framed their coverage in light of the Freedom Center’s objections: “The University of California’s governing board confirmed its first Muslim student member Wednesday, despite some Jewish groups’ claims that she marginalized Jewish students and promoted an anti-Israel agenda.” The AP story about Saifuddin’s controversial nomination was picked up by dozens of other newspapers and websites.

Numerous other publications and websites including The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, The San Jose Mercury News,, and The University Herald picked up the story that Saifuddin’s confirmation was controversial because of her anti-Israel leanings and associations, with many directly citing the Freedom Center’s stance.

In an editorial in the Los Angeles Times, the editors offered their congratulations to Saifuddin but noted that the “one glitch” in her resume is her outspoken criticism of Israel which the editors labeled “the third rail of UC politics.” The Times editorial went on to quote David Horowitz’s statement in his open letter that “If [Saifuddin] were confirmed, it would set a dangerous precedent to encourage anti-Semitism on campus, which is already a big problem in the UC system.”

We may have lost the battle against Saifuddin’s confirmation as UC Regent. But by sparking a national conversation about how her anti-Israel activism and leadership in organizations known for their anti-Semitism should disqualify her for such a position, we are a step closer to winning the war.

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  • kate5778b

    In any event where Israel is involved, even dancing, there are vocal protestors ruining the debate – and they seem to be allowed because of ‘freedom of speech’.

    How would reading aloud all the unsavory things about Mohomad from the sunna and quran be taken, after all it would be ‘factual, free speech’.

    • john spielman

      someone on campus shoulkd try it as Mohammed’s own words will condem him! The hadiths of Mohammed are especially sick.

  • David vincent

    It hurts to see what is happening in america and elsewhere.

    The name saifuddin could tell you something about sadia and islam.

    Saif (sword) uddin (of the faith).

    Personally i find it hard to see any reverses of this patten of promoting stone cold islamists up into the western system.

    How can there be decades of promoting the people of an ideology to then turn around later and say ‘actually we have now changed our minds about islam’? Such an eventuality appears to be unlikely because it would take a revolutionary mental switch which as far as i know is unheard of in history. Also, who is going to make that switch, the same people who were indoctrinated as students to hate themselves?

    Realistically the west is facing loosing everything because of its inability to judge correctly in the face of reality.

    Many thanks to the Freedom Center.

    • OfficialPro

      I’d love to know if that was the name her parents gave her at birth, or whether she grabbed it later.

    • alyssa651

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    • aquataine

      It is “losing,” not “loosing.”

      • David vincent

        Thanks. Believe it or not i welcome and appreciate the correction.

    • Edward

      Call her Nakbauddin – Catastrophe of the faith.

    • brutus

      the intense ush to make americans hate muslims has backfired , now americans are turning a scornful eye to the human garbage who forment strife and manipulate decent nations, No more wars for jewish interests NEVER AGAIN “…………….from the ivy league

  • StanleyT

    It’s great that the message was spread, but the truly frightening thing to me is that it made no difference. She was still appointed …. Imagine if somebody had been outed as a Klan member. Would s/he still become a regent?

    To me, all this proves is that when it comes to higher education anywhere, Israel and Jews are fair game. But then what else is new?

    • herb benty

      And Christians………It isn’t just California schools ,colleges and universities. Progressives( marxists), have been doing their best to sideline our Judeo-Christian heritage for a long time now. Part of this hatred in higher learning stems from the rabid supporters of evolution! Yes, in the 70s and 80s Christian Creationist scientists were invited to debates with evolutionary scientists. Large format debates in major institutions were held and won handily by the creationist Dr. Duane Gish and Dr. Henry Morris. Embarassed “professors” had the debates stopped. And the war on Jews and Christians began.If the Hebrew Scriptures and the Bible are true then the “professors are idiots. Islam is a tool against Jews and Christians, suiting Islam to a T-muslims love this.How many Jews or born-again Christians are Regents? Anti J and C is epidemic in unions, entertainment-holywood, the Democratic Party, and thanks to Obama now the Military( while refusing to allow Christian Chaplins to talk about Christianity! Helpful NGO’s like the ACLU filing lawsuits because someone prayed or had a visible Star of David or Cross are all a part. The Left is petrified of God and rightfully so. This is partly what is going on in UC and all around America.

    • William James Ward

      The fix was in, no doubt the money was just right………William

  • Marty

    One suspects that saifuddin was confirmed because of her anti-semitism and hatred of Israel. In any case, this is california and one should expect nothing else from its disgraced and totalitarian institutions of higher learning.

  • pennant8

    It’s too bad that universities don;t have mandatory courses on how to recognize empirical evidence. If they did then it would be difficult if not impossible for people like Sadia Saifudden to turn the social and economic conditions in the Middle East completely upside down and inside out.

  • Abelardy

    There is nothing to do, we are screwed

    • $23290309

      Is that what they said when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No!

  • watsa46

    The problem are the anti-Semitic Jews first and fore most.

    • Edward

      They wouldn’t say they are Jews,

      They would say they are Socialists.

  • Obamarrhoids

    It appears that the UC system prefers to have hateful destructive
    Muslims in their midst than enterprising and resourceful young Jews. In that way
    they’re just like Europe.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    I appreciate Sara’s positive attitude but how is Saifuddin’s confirmation as UC Regent “a step closer to winning the war”? Keeping a positive attitude is a good thing but it has to be tempered with the ability to face reality which in this case is further infiltration of the anti-semetic, lunatic fringe into American college campus life where Jewish hatred fulminates, unfettered and unchecked. Or so it seems from without. Respond if from within.

    • brutus

      the”lunatic fringe” is the mainstream, a generation coming of age with access to real facts.and very sketical of propaganda, a generation aware of what Hillel’s real purpose is and their connection to Aipac. jews are looked at with scorn for decades of being “just fine” with aipac’s control of american politicians and jewish tribal nepotism on campus and recruiting into the workforce, and they will soon be the decision makers are are not likely to be forgiving

  • Raymond_in_DC

    When the LA Times refers to her outspoken criticism of Israel as “the third rail of UC politics”, it’s clear “third rail” is being given a new meaning. In its original association with the third rail providing power for a subway’s operation, “touch it and you die”.

    But has anyone on campus engaged in “outspoken criticism of Israel”, never mind open hostility or even blatant Jew-hatred, suffered for it in any significant extent? Has anyone lost his or her standing or teaching position? Yeah, Finkelstein didn’t get tenure, and the MSA on one campus was suspended for preventing the Israeli ambassador from speaking (for just one semester), but that’s about it.

  • OfficialPro

    actually I think this is more a case of affirmative action than anything else. Affirmative Action trumps anti semitism.

  • Susie

    Whatever is happening in our Universities in California? We, the tax paying citizens of this state, are funding these schools. I have no respect for the people in charge when they are willing to appoint an antisemite, who has made clear her prejudices known, to a position of a student spokesperson. Amidst many protests they still went ahead and appointed her. She does not in any way represent the American student.

  • Anamah

    Muslim Brotherhood Islamists are inside UC Berkeley and other campuses, that is our enemy and is entering in our more important Institutions.

    We have our enemy fighting his rabid lunacy from within!

  • William James Ward

    UC should be shut down and a certificate from there is a document
    of shame and bigotry prefacing mental illness…….and moral squalor.

  • Michael Cloutier

    This should just be another clear message to Jews that they should be more aligned with Conservative Americans than the Liberals that would continue to sell them down the river. Please understand that Liberalism in America is as dangerous to our freedom as Radical Islam. Both ultimately leave little room for religious freedom and belief.

    • brutus

      so now that the dems have kicked out the israel firsters and no longer will send our boys and girls to die invading israels neigbors its time for the parasites to jump ship to the repubs? you people are truly human garbage

  • Edward

    The professors are socialists, neo-commies who hate America and whose goal is the fall of America, the University takes money from the OPEC/Islamist cartels.

    What do you expect when the middle name of the POTUS is Hussein?

    I say watch her like a hawk. She will get too bold and her nature will come out.

    Her crowd hates those who expose Islamofascism – calling it Islamophobia.

    Well two can play that game.

    Send her and a couple of socialist professors on a fact finding mission to Syria – Aleppo, Homs.

  • Walter Sieruk

    All this brings to mind the wisdom of the words of the former President of the Untied States , William Howard Taft, when he stated “Anti-Semitism is a noxious weed that should be cut out. It has no place in America.”