Al-Qaeda’s Anti-Black Racism

George Orwell’s famous statement that some pigs are more equal than others can also be applied to al-Qaeda today.

The premiere Islamist terrorist organization that all others try to emulate has always prided itself on welcoming equally as brothers all those who adopt its narrow and violent version of Islam. But the current conflict in Mali, where al-Qaeda attempted to take over an African country in a military offensive, has helped reveal the falsity of its equality claim, exposing on closer inspection the Arab racism against black African jihadists in Al-Qaeda’s North African franchise, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

The current battle against Islamists in Mali that saw their gunmen advance several hundred miles south, dangerously close to the country’s capital, before French intervention forced them back involved fighters from three different jihadist groups. One, Ansar Dine (Defenders of the Faith), is made up of Mali’s native Tuaregs who inhabit the country’s northern part. Another is the more famous AQIM, while the last is the relatively unknown Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MOJWA), which broke away from the AQIM in 2011.

Largely unnoticed by the mainstream media, the reason MOJWA splintered off from AQIM was due to the marginalisation of its black African members and the contempt in which AQIM’s Arabs hold blacks in general. For example, AQIM is definitely not an equal opportunity employer. No black African is known to hold a leadership position in the terrorist organization.

Robert Fowler, a former Canadian diplomat, witnessed up close this Arab racism against black jihadists in AQIM when he was an AQIM hostage for 130 days in the Sahara Desert in 2010. Fowler was on special assignment for the United Nations when kidnapped with another Canadian diplomat in Niger. He recorded his experiences in his book A Season In Hell: My 130 Days In The Sahara With Al Qaeda. Fowler noted that “there was a big gulf in the AQIM between those who were black and those who were not,” observing that Arabs, primarily Algerians, were the AQIM leaders, while blacks and young Arabs composed the rank and file.

“They preached equality, but did not practise it,” records Fowler. “Sub-Saharan Africans were clearly second class in the eyes of AQIM.”

AQIM’s anti-black racism even appeared when one of his Arab kidnappers tried to get Fowler to convert to Islam, emphasising as a positive point his religion’s egalitarianism regarding other races. Using blacks as an example, the jihadist explained to Fowler: “No matter how black they are, how ugly, how flat their noses, or how much their sweat smells, God considers them equal.” The irony of his choice of words somehow escaped their speaker.

Fowler encountered a possibly more telling example of Arab racism against blacks when an Arab jihadist saw Fowler and his fellow Canadian captive washing their clothes. The Arab asked whether their wives did this at home. Upon receiving a positive response as well as an explanation that they sometimes did it together, the Arab appeared both amazed and disgusted. This prompted the two hostages to ask their captor whether he performed this chore in his household. Genuinely horrified, the jihadist responded: “Of course not! We have slaves for that!”

While the jihadist did not tell Fowler whether his slaves were black, there is a good chance that they are. Arab and Berber enslavement of black Africans is well entrenched in Africa’s Sahel region, the continent’s worst area for this inhuman activity. It is estimated there are between 300,000 to 500,000 black African slaves in Mauritania, about 200,000 in Mali and a further unknown number in Niger that could encompass between one and eight percent of the country’s population. True numbers are nearly impossible to obtain since many slaves belong to nomads or live in areas where government institutions are weak or non-existent.

One Arab jihadist, however, did admit to Fowler during his captivity the existence of anti-black racism in AQIM, calling it “a problem.” And it became so big a problem the black Africans split off from AQIM and formed their own al-Qaeda-loyal jihadist outfit the year after Fowler’s unexpected and unpleasant stay.

The roots of Arab anti-black racism in AQIM, and elsewhere in the Arab world, are to be found in the centuries-old abomination of Islamic slavery of black Africans that continues to this day. It has created a mindset of racial superiority among some Arabs that views blacks as scarcely human and enslaving them as the natural order of things. Although they insist their religion commands equality, for them that is laughable, even for the religious purists of al-Qaeda, when it comes to blacks. African-American Samuel Cotton encountered this horrifying mindset when he explored the Arab/Berber slavery of black Africans in Mauritania in the 1990s.

“The problem is that Mauritania’s Arabs sincerely believe that blacks are inferior and are born to be slaves,” wrote Cotton in his book Silent Terror: A Journey Into Contemporary African Slavery. “They believe that a black man, woman or child’s place in life is to serve an Arab master…”

But one shouldn’t feel sorry for MOJWA’s black jihadists and rush to launch anti-discrimination complaints on their behalf. Just because it has a black leadership doesn’t mean MOJWA is any less ruthless or bloodthirsty than AQIM. It has the same hatred of ‘infidels’, interest in spreading jihad and uses the same bloodthirsty methods. It has kidnapped aid workers, diplomats (executing one), set off a car bomb and recently tried to overthrow the Malian government by force. It was MOJWA leader Omar Ould Hamaha, for example, who warned France that she had “opened the doors of hell” by intervening in Mali.

But the lesson to be learned in the formation of MOJWA is that anti-black racism cancels out religion, even in al-Qaeda. This crack in al Qaeda’s armour is, hopefully, a weakness that can be exploited as the worldwide jihad continues apace.

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  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Arabs think blacks are: 1) inferior 2) born to be slaves 3) stupid….Hey, wait a second — isn't that the old stereotype that leftists and many American blacks accuse white Americans of believing? So why are so many American blacks so enamored of the Arabs? Anyway, I must admit that I won't be losing too much sleep over the fact that one group of Muslim terrorists hates another group of Muslim terrorists because they're black. What goes around, comes around, as the saying goes. C'est la vie!

    • Rog

      …So many Blacks are enamored by Arabs?… Please provide some kind of support for this statement because you clearly do not know what you're talking about.

      • Mary Sue

        actually more like enamored of islam, because Ironically, they ditch Christianity because "it's the slavemasters' religion" only to pick up another slavemasters' religion!

    • Mary Sue

      well you see, it's OK for Arabs to do it because they are not white, America = The World, and no non-white person can be racist, even in a country where nonwhites are the majority and thus technically "the oppressor" according to their own rules!

  • rodger the dodger

    Not so sure. In the UK, it seems more and more blacks are converting to Islam as the years pass. Probably because they think it offers them a way back at ‘the white man’.

    Somewhat ironic considering blacks were being enslaved by Muslims for 1000 years in Africa before we set foot on the continent. And they’re still being enslaved by them.

    This is one of Islam’s big secrets, and nobody ever mentions it. There are some good books written by African blacks about it.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah and they get annoyed as f*** if you mention that fact. Either they're in denial, or so steeped in Identity Politics that they cannot believe you and think you are attacking minorities somehow.

  • Smote

    Black, Arab, whatever. They’re all still servants of Satan.

  • mekus milkdud

    blacks hate whitey and they want to condition the whole world to hate whitey, blacks would also love to out breed everyone else and be the majority so they can enslave whitey which they already have with the welfare system

    • rhondakelly

    • Ghostwriter


    • kaz

      you got that all wrong. whites enslaved themselves with the welfare system. now they are using the welfare system to genocide themselves. the welfare system sure is nice for supporting our superior class–the muslims our treacherous government has invited to come, live at our expense, outbreed,enslave,and then genocide us.

  • JacksonPearson

    In Islam, Allah is a slaver, who sanctions enslaving other people by Muslims in the Quran. Prophet Mohammed was a slaver, who took 20% from the profits derived from the sale of slaves. He also owned 40 slaves. He beat and raped his slaves. He hated the Blacks and compared them to Satan.

    Some 120 million Blacks were murdered by Muslims, the greatest holocaust in history. Of hunted Black slaves, some 75% of them died on the way to Islamic markets.

    All Black male slaves were castrated. While most black slaves sent to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male black slaves destined for the Muslim world were castrated.

    Millions more died in the unhygienic operation for castrating them, and most of the black children born to the women were killed at birth.

    Today, tens of millions of Blacks — whose forefathers were the worst victim of Mohammed's cult — also eulogize this man, and call themselves proud Muslims. Figure it, I sure can't.

    See more here:

    • Mary Sue

      Most people have not heard of the castration aspect as it pertains to modern times. I mean sure, historically most everybody is aware of Eunuchs. Not many know that that stuff is still going on! And if regular people have no idea it's going on, how much less so the Low Information Voter?

      And I only found out by reading here about that Saudi Sheikh's facebook page offering a castrated black slave for sale.

      • JacksonPearson

        Muhammad was a slaver himself, and encouraged his companions to take slaves as booty. Sad part is, that's a dirty little secret that's still being practiced in the Middle East, especially with rich Arabs, and little boys.

      • kaz

        they didnt just castrate the black slaves. they amputated the penis as well. so modern blacks idolize muslims.. go figure.

        • Mary Sue


          Yet the Feminists would probably be completely down with this.

    • admin

      What was really heart breaking was to read the emotional observation by a British trader to Africa who came across slavery (before Europe was engaged in slavery) and described the sadness and desperation of the African slaves under extreme Arab brutality and savagery. He wrote that they had completely lost all hope in life and were existing only in despair. What an evil, evil thing slavery was. Just evil.

      • JacksonPearson

        I agree. It's truly a shame, that as large and as rich as the contenant of Africa is, it never really had the opportunity to evolve and grow to help it's black population. Slavery should never be a world commodity.

        Africa have had an abundance of exploiters, but few genuine leaders. Most, if not all white farmers have left, or have been driven off. Because of insurrections, in fighting, power grabbers, and now al Qaeda lurking in the North, large corporations don't want to risk investing there.

  • rhondakelly

  • EarlyBird

    So Front Page Magazine suddenly cares about anti-black racism, when it is committed by Muslims. Go figure.

    • Mary Sue

      Are you on crack? FPM has always cared about anti-black racism.

  • Ghostwriter

    EarlyBird,the Muslims have been enslaving black people long before Europeans ever showed up. And they still continue this shameful practice today. Please stop saying such dumb things. Ignorance doesn't become you.

    • guest_

      Indeed. And when Islam took over what had been Christian Syria, North Africa, and Spain (way back when) they enslaved as many white Christians as possible. Muslim overlords at one time demanded a yearly tax of 100 blonde Christian maidens from the Spanish.
      Wherever Islam goes, slavery follows or persists… no doubt we would still see blatant slavery in India today except that as a British colony it was outlawed. However, in Pakistan we see where "slavery" of one type has been replaced by another (debt slavery).

  • Western Candian

    Actually, ignorance does look good on him, rather like an old comfortable sweater…

  • Curlyhammed

    Raisin heads!

  • Puzzled

    Jamie Foxx calls Barack Obama his Lord and Saviour.
    Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam proclaims Barack Obama to be the Black Messiah.
    97% of American blacks have voted for their Lord and Saviour and Black Messiah Barack Obama.
    Meanwhile, their Lord, Saviour, and Black Messiah Barack Hussein Obama bows down low before the slave owner and slave trader Arab King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
    Saudia Arabia is also in the business of capturing and trading in African black slaves.
    Obama says he's not a Muslim. Then why does Barack Obama bow before King Abdullah?
    Is it because Barack Obama is a slave at heart, and a collaborator, bowing before his Master?
    Ask White House press secretary Jay Carney. He'll tell you.

    • guest

      Hmm. Have you checked out Obama's muslim ring?

  • bill badger

    I have just read White Gold by Giles Milton

    I have read this book and it has left a lasting impression on me, and shown the slave trade from a whole new angle

    I bought this book to understand more about the Barbary Pirates, Sally Rovers, Corsairs and their raids on the south west of Britain

    Although the people of Devon and Cornwall suffered the most from piracy and enslavement raids, one of the things that impressed me was the gathering of slaves from as far as Iceland, Ireland, and all of the Atlantic European countries. Over the centuries this was up to 1.25 million people in all.

    The African/American slave trade took 15 million slaves to America during this time, but the Moroccans boasted that over the years they had actually taken 40 million slaves from Black Africa over the centuries and worked them to death building Meknes City in Morocco and the other cities of North Africa.

    I have always been taught that the British slave ships went out from Bristol and Liverpool and captured Africans and took them to America. But if one thinks about this, it is unlikely that the black Africans were that easy to capture by a few boatloads of sailors.

    The reality is that the West Africans had huge standing armies who protected their citizens against slave raiders, and this would have been impossible without sending huge armies and having the co-operation of other Africans.

    In the book it takes 12 months for the Moroccans to assemble the huge caravans of slave masters, soldiers, carriers, camels, horses, slaves, etc that raided the Black Africans territory and took them as slaves. Britain and Europe was very much a junior member of this stain on history.

    Senegal was the Black African country that bordered onto Arab Morocco, but to avoid conflict and slave taking from their country the Senegalese made deals with the Moroccans to pass through Senegal to Guinea and take slaves from there.

    The worth of a slave was a years wages and were traded all around the Muslim world.

    I guess that the present day Somali Pirates are just copying what other parts of the Muslim world was doing a few centuries ago.

    Eventually white slaving was ended by Lord Exmouth leading a British and Dutch fleet who bombarded Algiers city to rubble (cheers)

    Arab families are still keeping Africans, Sri Lankans etc as slaves in 21st century London. It seems that this is a habit they cannot break

    • guest

      Great post.
      Have you ever heard of the Irish Claddaugh ring?
      Story is the creator of it was held as a slave to a muslim master in North Africa. His master was a silversmith, who eventually freed him..
      He returned to Ireland and created the ring.
      My point: they weren;t just taking Africans as slaves. They actively raided the Mediterranean and no one was safe… The fall of Rome? Are we sure the fall of Rome was not due to Islam taking over Egyptian wheat fields, cutting off the empire from intellectual capital in Syria, etc.? And destroying Mediterranean sea trade?