Giving Up the Temple Mount?

temple_mountThe Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the holiest place on earth according to Judaism.  It is where both Biblical Temples stood, whose destruction is commemorated this week with fasting and mourning on the Ninth day of the month of Av according to the religious calendar.  The Western Wall is considered holy only because of its proximity to the Temple Mount.  Jews everywhere in the world pray while facing the Temple Mount, and if they were to pray on the Mount itself they would face the Holy of Holies, the singularity point in between the cherubs that were positioned on top of the Temple Ark inside the Temple.  While God’s presence is everywhere, according to Judaism, its most intense concentration is at that point.  The Western Wall is simply the guard wall around the perimeter of the Temple Mount, and is of Herodian (Roman) origin standing upon earlier Hasmonean foundations.

The site has religious significance for Christians as well.  After the destruction of the Second Temple, churches were sometimes erected there. When the Muslims conquered the area, they followed the practice of building mosques or proclaiming as sacred to Islam the religious sites of other religions.  The Muslim general Umar bin al-Khattab was the second Caliph and led the armies of Islam.  In his writings he expressed scorn for Jerusalem and never acknowledged its sanctity.  When a temporary mosque was erected on the Temple Mount (long pre-dating the current Al-Aqsa mosque structure),  it was placed in the southern edge of the Mount.  A general in the armies of Umar, an ex-Jew who had converted to Islam, pointed out to Umar that placing the mosque in the northern section of the Mount would allow Muslims to pray while facing both the Holy of Holies of the Jews and Mecca.  Umar insisted that it be placed on the southern margin so that Muslims would pray facing Mecca but with their backsides toward the Holy of Holies.  That is where the Al-Aqsa mosque stands today.

Thus, the southern edge of the Mount, that is located above the ruins of what archeologists call Solomon’s Stables, has religious significance for Muslims.   In the center of the Temple Mount is another structure known as the Dome of the Rock, famous for its golden domed roof.  Some refer to it mistakenly as the “Mosque of Omar.”   But the structure is not a mosque at all and has no special religious significance for Muslims.  The problem is that this structure sits exactly on the spot that most (but not all) experts, archeologists and rabbis, believe is where the Holy of Holies once stood.  It also contains the “Foundation Stone,” which has religious significance for Judaism.

The Israeli army conquered the Temple Mount in 1967 in the Six Day War, when Israel liberated Jerusalem from the illegal Jordanian occupation.  At the time Israel should have dismantled the “Dome of the Rock” and moved it elsewhere, while leaving the Al-Aqsa mosque in peace.  Muslims could then continue to control and administer everything associated with the mosque.  But doing so did not require Israel to relinquish control over every inch of the Temple Mount.  The Israeli government nevertheless decided to pursue tranquility through appeasement and cowardice (sound familiar?).  Not only would the Muslim religious authority be granted de facto hegemony over the entire Temple Mount, they would also be granted the power to prohibit or restrict entry to it for Jews.

This has been the status quo ever since.  Jews are often prevented altogether from entering the Mount.  At other times, Jews are permitted some limited access, but under condition that they do not pray while on the Mount.  Jews whose lips move quietly while on the Mount have been arrested and evicted, motivating a few to learn ventriloquism.  Anyone daring to prostrate themselves while on the Mount in the direction of the Holy of Holies is treated even more harshly.  So here we have the spectacle of the Israeli government backing a prohibition on Jews praying in the holiest site of Judaism for fear of upsetting Muslims.

Meanwhile, serious collateral damage from Israel’s cowardly decision to maintain Muslim control of the Mount has been the systematic destruction of artifacts and antiquities uncovered on the Mount by the Muslims, particularly in cases where the artifacts clearly point to the ancient Jewish presence on the Mount.  Islamic radicals, including the “moderates” from the Palestinian Authority, have long denied that there ever were Biblical temples on the site, mountains of overwhelming archeological and historic evidence notwithstanding.  They have destroyed priceless evidence to the contrary. UNESCO has never uttered a word in protest.  It should be noted that radical Muslims also object to Jews praying at the Western Wall, which they also deny has religious significance for Jews.  Jews at the Wall are regularly assaulted by stone-throwing Muslims on the Mount.

The status of the Temple Mount and the question of public access to it for Jews is further complicated because of some seemingly bizarre and esoteric features of Jewish religious law.  Rabbinic law prohibits Jews from entering the grounds where the Temples stood while they are in a “state of impurity.”  The notion of “state of impurity” is a Biblical one, where one becomes “impure” by having any contact with a dead body, including being present in a cemetery or funeral.  This impurity is not a moral judgment, and in some cases indeed one is commanded to make oneself “impure” (such as attending a relative’s funeral or burying a corpse found in public space), but merely serves as a basis for prohibiting entrance into the Temple for ritualistic purposes.  The Biblical “cure” for the impurity using ashes from a special red heifer cannot be used today because no such bona fide animals are available. The bottom line is that according to Jewish rabbinic law itself, Jews may not enter the grounds where the Temple stood, and especially not where the Holy of Holies stood.

On the one hand, the Jewish religious restrictions upon Jews make the politics of the Temple Mount seemingly easier to surmount.  Religious Jews do not seek access to the center of the Mount for religious purposes, the area where the Dome of the Rock now stands.  On the other hand, most of the Temple Mount is clearly outside the grounds of the Biblical Temple, in areas where the “impure” may enter, and there is no reason why Jews cannot enter these and conduct prayers there.  (No one is seeking to conduct Jewish religious activities inside the Al-Aqsa mosque!!)  But radical Muslim hegemonists consider this an affront to Islam.  Not only must Jews be denied access to the Temple Mount to “defend” the Mosque, but Jews should be denied any sovereignty or presence in Jerusalem altogether.

All of the above puts some results from a recent public opinion poll into proper perspective.  As published in Makor Rishon, July 12, 2013, the vast majority of Israelis oppose construction of a new Temple now, and opposition among religious Jews is even stronger.   Those who say they favor building of the New Temple may actually mean they’d like the Messiah to show up and order such a move, not that government bureaucrats do so.  No one seems opposed to “preparing” for the coming Messianic Age by doing things like tailoring garments for Temple priests, forging Temple trumpets, or learning the rabbinic laws concerning conduct of Temple ritual.  Even the most ornery atheist can find nothing in such things objectionable.   A minority of Israeli Jews favor some preliminary construction for a new Temple building, presumably including dismantling and relocating the Dome of the Rock, but no such proposal is being seriously considered by the government.

Interestingly, a full 72% of Israeli Jews favor partitioning of the territory of the Temple Mount so that Muslim control and administration is restricted to the Al-Aqsa mosque, and where Jews would have access to other parts of the grounds.  A large plurality favor legal initiatives that protect Jewish rights of access to the Mount, including the right to conduct prayers there.

More generally, the entire legal status quo for the Temple Mount, under which Israel relinquishes control to the Muslim religious authorities, serves as yet another reminder that Jewish self-abasement and cowardice do not win Israel any tolerance or goodwill.  The time has come for Israel to make it clear that it will no longer seek peace via gestures of debasement of Jewish dignity nor by auto-suppression of the legitimate religious rights of Jews.  If the Muslim world should ever wish to come to terms with Israel and seek an actual modus vivendi, then it will have to do so with an Israel that insists on the defense of legitimate Jewish religious rights, including their right of access to (at least) parts of the Temple Mount.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    The fact that they claim the Temple Mount as related to Islam is absolute proof that Islam is anything but a religion of strife and war.

  • Bamaguje

    Israel should have demolished both Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of Rock after seizing control in 1967, to enable full Jewish control of Judaism’s holiest site.

    That’s what Muslims would have done if the roles were reversed.
    Can anyone imagine a Church or Synagogue beside the Kaaba in Mecca?

    Bear in mind that non-Muslims are barred from even entering Mecca or Medina, never mind building a Synagogue beside the Kaaba.
    Non-Muslim places of worship are prohibited throughout the Wahabi Islamist Kingdom, and Jews are barred entry into country.

    Israeli appeasement of Muslims has not in anyway toned down Muslim hatred, so there’s no reason for Israel to continue bending over backwards to accommodate those who wish to destroy her.

    • Softly Bob

      Well said. Israel is despised anyway, so they may as well destroy all Muslim artifacts in that area, and ban all forms of Muslim worship. The Dome of the rock should be dismantled. Of course,this would cause an international outcry, another intifada, and maybe an invasion of Israel by rabid Muslim nations. But who cares? The Muslims will have their asses kicked again just as they did in 48, 67, and 73.

    • Larry Larkin

      Exactly, not just bulldoze the muslim victory monuments, but rebuild the Temple.

      • Abel

        Yes, and fulfill Daniel’s prophecy so that Jesus Christ’s second coming arrives!

  • StanleyT

    this will never happen as long as Netanyahu and Likud are in power. They simply don’t have the guts.

  • Daniel Rubio

    galut mentality has not left the Jews, in spite of having a (almost)
    sovereign nation for 65 years now. 2000 years of disapora are hard to
    eliminate in one generation or two. Thus, there will be no leaders in
    the foreseeable future that will dismiss altogether the old-fashioned
    “what will the goyim think?” attitude.

    Israeli Jews, like their
    ancestors in Europe and the Middle-East and Asia, are too busy worrying
    about how will their acts and deeds appear to the eyes of the gentiles.
    The proud, free spirit of the first Jewish settlers in then-Palestine,
    who had the courage to proclaim the Jewish nation against all odds, was
    but a short glimmer that shone in a time of darkness and was dimmed
    almost right away. 2000 years of yearning to return to Jerusalem, yet
    when that wish is granted, we’re not still ready to gracefully receive
    the gift, and thus the muslim bigots still get to call the shots at the
    holliest site of Judaism.

    Moses required 40 years to rid the
    Israelites of their slavery mentality. But Moses was Moses. What will it
    take to rid the Israeli Jews from their modern galut-slavery mentality?
    Eighty years? One hundred and twenty? The truth is that the sad state
    of affairs in places like Jerusalem and Hebron, Judea and Samaria,
    clearly indicates that Israeli Jews, and not just their leaders, are
    still ruled by the galut mentality.

  • DvoraChesed

    Israel’s muslims are like America’s blacks: appease, appease, appease.

  • la Demain

    They might be few, but some Jews, having been taught that they are entitled to be contrarians, enjoy attention so much they will gladly take any side that draws attention to themselves and their crazed rants. I am referring to any Jew who wants to raise a while flag and hide under a bridge instead of fighting to win the battle being laid on their doorsteps by the arab invaders. Israel should have pounded into sand the mosque squatting atop the Temple Mount instead of buying into the nonsense that Jewish Wonderfulness would tame the arab cobras writhing at Israel’s gates. Every minaret and mosque standing in Israel must be removed and all traffic to the top of the Temple Mount barred until the imams apologize to Israel for befouling Israel’s holiest sites.

  • Elexonic

    I must visit Israel

  • David Yolles

    cowards that describes the government since the creation of Israel and is still the standard today. Israel in the end will be lost because of these weak cowards the only hope for Israel is a military coup otherwise say good bye to Israel as it has been slowly dismantled since day one

  • DefiantJewess

    This is the heart of our religion, the heart of our Jewish civilization, it represents our religious freedom, our heritage and relationship with our Creator. Jerusalem is the heart of Israel. How does a person survive after tearing out his heart. Impossible. The mistake Dayan made was a terrible mistake, and it needs to be corrected. The Arab Muslims and their Waqf have desecrated our holy place with their sacrilegious activities, of rioting and keeping Jews from praying there. If we give up this most central part of our being, then everything else will fall around it. If we won’t fight for our symbols and holy places, what will we fight for? Have we completely lost our identity?

  • DefiantJewess

    What is the legal status of Har Habayit aka Temple Mount?

    Where is the peace treaty given to us for Arab rights at the Temple Mount?. The space sits within the physical confines within the state of Israel. The word sovereignty is a complex legal term. I know of no place where we have specified that we have divested ourselves of our rights.

    The Temple Mount is not a separate country. It is not like the Vatican or Monaco or any other piece of sovereign territory The only sovereign that exists is the geographical state of Israel. We may have chosen not to force our laws there but הר הבית – The Temple Mount is still Israel . What we have really done is allow a third party to physically possess a building.

    The Jordanian Waqf is not even the owner of the building. It operates a facility much as a sports team might operate a stadium. In other words the government can change the rules re הר הבית – The Temple Mount. It can limit what the Waqf does up there , it can legally can limit Arab access, and can punish the Arabs who attack Jews. We can allow Jewish prayer . We have complete control of that space.

    Our failure to exercise that control to protect the religious rights of Jews is a failure of our government. The real problem is that our government refuse to exercise its sovereign powers. Israel annexed all of Jerusalem. That was 35 years ago plus. We just don’t enforce our own laws! Shana Tova Debby Fayga