Christian Girl Kidnapped and Forced Into Islamic Marriage

shamaThis is a message from our Rescue Christians team in Pakistan, just to show you how brutal life is for Christians and what type of rescue work we are doing in that country:

On August 22, 2013, three Pakistani Muslim men – Umar Saghar, Muhammad Kashif and Shahid Nazir – abducted Shama Nasir, a 15-year-old who is the second child of Nasir Masih. A few days before this incident occurred, these three men visited Nasir Masih and asked him to embrace Islam, which he refused instantly. Then, on August 22, when Nasir Masih was at work, they entered the house and beat his wife and children before kidnapping Shama, his 15-year old daughter.

That night, Nasir Masih – along with some local Christians – went to the police station to register a complaint against Umar Saghar, Muhammad Kashif and Shahid Nazir. However, instead of taking their application, the police stated that his daughter Shama had embraced Islam and was married to Umar Saghar. The police humiliated Nasir Masih and other Christians, threatening to put them in jail if they came back.

Nasir Masih went to several Christian NGOs and churches to help him to rescue his daughter, but no help was provided. Soon thereafter, Nasir Masih contacted us through one of the previous victims we had helped. On September 9, we investigated the matter. We engaged with some of the influential Muslims through our lawyers to help us rescue the young girl. After two days of meetings with Muslim clerics and influential political persons, we were able to rescue Shama Nasir from Umar Saghar.

Initially, Umar Saghar refused to hand Shama over, stating that “she is his wife now and he will not return her.” Some of the Muslim clerics who backed Umar also stated that “she is Muslim now and you cannot take her back.” However, our team and a Muslim friend pressured Umar and Muslim cleric Qari Aslam to bring the girl to the meeting and to ask her if she accepts being a Muslim and remaining the wife of Umar. Then this matter would immediately be finished.

On the evening of the September 11 – as soon as Shama saw her father – she began shouting, requesting her rescue from Umar, saying that “she did not accept Islam and that Umar had forcibly put her thumb print on various legal papers.” Shama also said – in front of everyone – that “I want to go with my father.”

Our lawyer warned Umar that if he would come after the minor girl again then he would take serious action against him. Our lawyer also stated that we will have Shama undergo a medical checkup and if she was sexually assaulted then we will also file a case of abduction and rape. As Umar and his companions left, they made threats against all of us. Our people on the ground in Pakistan then moved Shama and her father to Lahore City for their protection from Umar and his companions.

Today, our people sent Shama for a medical and DNA report. We have also filed the application in the Court for registering a FIR (criminal complaint) against Umar and his associates. However, according to Shama, she stated that Umar raped and tortured her many times. We hope that this minor Christian girl will get justice.

Let me underscore the great bravery and righteousness of our leaders and people on the ground in Pakistan. They truly are doing work that puts themselves at great personal risk and similar risk to what Raoul Wallenberg did to save the Jews. Please pray for them and if you have not supported our work financially yet please consider doing so, as you will be literally saving lives.

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  • Veracious_one

    Forced conversions and forced marriages of young Christian and other non-Muslim girls has been a Muslim mainstay for 1400 years….they are just two things out of many that prove Islam is the most evil religion ever….

  • bleedinell

    Muslims, all muslims, are the problem.
    When you do nothing to deter and prevent muslim attacks on non-believers, you are as guilty as the perpetrators.
    A note for all muslims wanting to come to America:
    “You are not welcome here, even if you want to assimilate. Your wacked out brethren have assaulted us and our country and our values. Your mere presence is an insult to our way of life. We will not tolerate you or your religion. When we have to we will push you back into the sea, or simply exterminate you, man, woman and child. The experiment to accept you into our country has failed and we have had enough. You have been warned. Most real Americans have the means and the will to wipe you off the face of the earth.”

    • Paul

      You are wrong to say things like “exterminate” yes those Muslims who do not stand up to the fundamentalists share the guilt, but will your note change their ways? I think that all too many “moderate” Muslims point to comments like yours and then use that as an excuse not to condemn jihad. Please do not give such hypocrites any more excuses, let them face the reality of jihad without having a scapegoat to deflect attention.

      • zoomie

        a moderate muslim is pleased when a radical muslim kills paul

    • Hindu from Kerala
  • herb benty

    How do we stop complaining about evil Islam and DO something about Muslims entering our country???

    • popseal

      Multiculturalists in government and a large portion of the population is blind in its political correctness. Even now, they argue that not all Muslims are a threat. Moderates are nothing but a silent cheering section for their activist friends. Not a single mosque hears Friday prayers for a Western victory. The truth of my statement is answered by the stock CAIR defense of islamophobe slander.

      • herb benty

        I’m from Canada, we also are draped in Multiculturalism. I have noticed over the years that, “multiculturalism” has one purpose. To extinguish our wonderful Judeo-Christian heritage and pave the way for one world government. The excuse that our universities have become also pumps out, “diversity”, “inclusiveness” and “gender studies” for the same reasons. We have literally been taken over by this cancer. From Woodrow Wilson to the present, they have been working on this for a hundred years, thanks to Marxist, America hating professors in the “Education” dept. that turn our own kids against us.

  • herb benty

    Why would we allow people that are Allowed to Kidnap, Rape and Murder folks not of the Islamic faith into a Judeo-Christian ( and Infidels, or atheist), nation!!!

  • popseal

    I recently received a photograph of a Christian girl who had been gang raped and then murdered by having a large cross hammered through her mouth and head. 21st Century people can not grasp these animals and their tactics. Vlad the Impaler had it right, I suppose.

    • defcon 4

      That picture was sickening, the poor girl never had a chance. It’s no wonder Hindu women committed suicide en mass rather than be sold into islamic slavery.

  • roccolore

    And yet the fascist Democrats still consider Islam the victim.

  • defcon 4

    NOtice how the all muslime police force had not interest in assisting the najjis kaffir? Kinda makes me wonder what’s going to happen as more islam0nazis infiltrate and subvert our own law enforcement entities and judiciary.