Christian Girl Raped, Beaten and Sold into Slavery

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This is a message from our contact in Pakistan (for our organization Rescue Christians) on a Christian girl named Tania Rebecca, who was raped and abused by Muslims in an attempt to force her to convert to Islam:

On 28th April 2012, Tania Rebecca, resident of the village of Daultabad, Tehsil Manawala, District of Shiekhpura, was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. The aggrieved family luckily traced the kidnappers through a cell phone number.

According to Tania:

On the day of the incident, I left home at around 9:00 A.M for Nankana City to my maternal uncle’s home. I was stopped by Rehana who offered to sit in the car and they would drop me to my uncle’s home. I accepted the offer and sat in the car as Rehana is well known to me. When I sat in the car, I observed that there were three men in the car: Muhammad Ashraf (the husband of Rehana), Rehana’s son, and an unknown driver. When I tried to resist they warned me and threatened me that if I would make a noise they would kill me. Then Rehana informed me that they were taking me to Multan for the delivery of their relative. Afterwards they put toxic powder in my eyes and put a black scarf on my eyes and started beating me.

I realized that they had kidnapped me. They informed my family that they are taking me to Multan for a delivery. Rehana and Ashraf took me to Dera Ghazi Khan and handed me over to Muhammad Zafar. I was completely out of my mind and unable to understand what was happening. Rehana and Ashraf left the place, then Muhammad Zafar sexually harassed me. Even his family members were forcing me to convert  to Islam. I totally refused to embrace Islam. Later on I was sent to Muhammad Ismael, aged 50 – and Khadim Hussain, aged 45, the resident of Nawan Janoobi Dera Ghazi Khan. I was completely unaware of my sale and purchase. Both of them raped me again and again.

During this time the family of Tania was doing their best to track their daughter. They were lucky to track Muhammad Zafar through his cell phone SIM.

But when Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan to find Tania, Muhammad Zafar refused to tell anything about her. With the intervention of the ex-mayor of Dera Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Khan Khachela, they were able to get the exact location of Tania. Muhammad Zafar Informed the police and Muhammad Khan Khachela that they had paid 85,000 rupees (PKR) for Tania. Muhammad Zafar said that “if they are able to pay us 95,000 PKR we are ready to set Tania free.”  Muhammad Zafar also said that presently she is in the custody of Khadim Hussain and Ismael.

Tania’s mother immediately put their house on lease for 200,000 PKR. On June 1, 2012, Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan, where they came to know that Khadim Hussian and Ismael had sold Tania to Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz. After knowing this, ex-mayor Muhammad Khan Khachela called Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz to bring the girl. Firstly, they did not agree to return the girl but later on they agreed to return her.  After the long struggle, Tania was recovered by the family after paying the amount of 95,000 PKR .

A prejudiced action was shown by the police that there was an FIR (First Information Registered) against the culprits but police did not arrest them. And still Tania and her family are receiving threats from these culprits as well as from the police.  Unknown people visited the house of Tania’s parents twice to get Tania back.

When she was recovered, one Pakistani NGO started claiming in the international community that they are helping this persecuted girl, whereas her experience with the NGO was bitter, which we will unveil in our interview with her soon to come.

During a counseling class with Tania, we discovered that she had been severely ill-treated physically and mentally by her captors, suffering barbaric torture that involved rape and sexual abuse. We immediately arranged her surgery and she is recovering. It is shameful for a Human Rights and Christian Rights Organization to have only used her to get funds and benefits. We would request that the international community look  into such matters closely and to support the victims directly, rather than giving money for such people and organizations who use contributions for their own profit.

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  • truebearing

    May the Pakistani Muslims who are doing these heinous things spend eternity writhing in pain.

    • Rodney

      and that they certainly will do just that

    • gtmancan

      I don’t know which is worse. The poor girl who was brutalized or your medieval view of God, the God of love, torturing his creation for eternity. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But you apparently can.

      • CowboyUp

        Of course you don’t.

        • gtmancan

          Listen. I’m glad God is going to judge the world and that people like this will be accountable. But God is not in the business of torturing people forever. Anyone who chooses not to respond to God’s calling will be annihilated.

          • truebearing

            You seem to know everything about God. It seems that you see yourself as omniscient. Unfortunately, that delusional attitude ran squarely into the obsidian wall of truth with your previous comment, where you admitted that you couldn’t even morally differentiate between a comment about evil behavior from the actual evil that precipitated the comment. You were more outraged by my angry outrage than by the heinous acts commited against a young girl. If you think your self-righteous blather is answering God’s calling, you are mentally ill.

          • gtmancan

            I won’t respond to your rant other than to say yes, I am more troubled by people who are comfortable with consigning their enemies to eternal torture where there is no escape and hope because eternal torture is far worse than the temporary suffering of a person on earth. This is the mindset that brought us the Catholic inquisition. You are ascribing evil to God where it does not exist. I share your outrage and would also like to see these individuals punished. So don’t misunderstand my point. You seem to think because this person is so evil that he “deserves” eternal torture. I disagree. How about your alcoholic uncle who was a really nice person but didn’t believe in God. Would you agree that he should be suffering in Hell for eternity?

          • CowboyUp

            What you’re missing is that truebearing didn’t say God would torture these evil people. God judges, eternal punishment is Lucifer’s domain. H*ll is the absence of God, a place where God chooses not look, and Lucifer rules there. That’s my understanding.
            It’s right and good that you can’t wish an eternity in h*ll on your worst enemy (You probably pray they see the light and make what amends they can before it’s too late), and wishing it on the guilty may be a sin, but it is not worse than actually brutalizing and raping.

          • gtmancan

            Unfortunately, he did refer to “writhing in pain” that’s torture put another way. The Greek word Hades is translated in english Hell. However, it does not mean a place of torment controlled by Satan. It simply means the grave where you go to be buried when you die. The Lake of fire or God’s judgement is a future event where God will annihilate those who don’t want to repent after giving them an opportunity to understand the gospel.

          • lacedemonians

            “Hell” is a Germanic word.

      • truebearing

        Yes, I have no problem wishing that on evil people. As for your self-righteous drivel….I believe God today is the same God of the medieval period. Only an arrogant fool like yourself assumes God evolves to keep up with human political correctness or delusional moral superiority.
        If you had actually read the Bible, or understood it, you would have run across numerous references to hell and eternal perdition for evil doers. Maybe you decided that that stuff doesn’t fit your mamby-pamby view of reality. Tough.
        Thank you for admitting your inability to differentiate between an angry comment about evil behavior and the actual act of raping, torturing, and enslaving an innocent girl. I fail to see what you gain by documenting your moral befuddlement, but your moral turpitude, not to mention stupidity, are duly noted.

      • Swiv

        Wish, no. Unfortunately able to predict with 99% certainty, yes.

        • gtmancan

          I’m happy to see you left a 1% chance that you could be wrong on the doctrine of Hell. This means you’re not as close minded as some. Almighty God will not torture His creation for eternity but will simply annihilate those who turn their backs on God. This necessitates that all men will have an opportunity for salvation. Look into this further and you may see the truth that God has a plan to save mankind not consign them to an evil torturous fate.

    • defcon 4

      Muslimes have made their own hell on earth — as ever muslime state on the face of the earth attests to.

  • Gamal

    The CIA should be assassinating these people.

    • defcon 4

      LOL, I’ll bet the C-I-A spends almost as much time collaborating w/islam0nazis as it does stopping islam0nazi terrorism.

  • LindaRivera

    It is shameful for a Human Rights and Christian Rights Organization to have only used her to get funds and benefits.

    Please, please, please NAME the Organization so that people will never give another dollar to this EVIL organization.

    • Theodore Shoebat

      The organization is Rescue Christians

      • LindaRivera

        But isn’t this the same organization you are asking people to donate to right at the top of your article???

        This is very confusing. Please explain.

  • LindaRivera

    UK and European ruling elite TRAITORS have criminally colonized Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims to such an extent that within years our countries will become majority Muslim RULED by Muslims and sharia law. Muslims wage RAPE WAR across Europe and Britain.

    Most Muslims in Britain are from PAKISTAN. Massive crimes against humanity are perpetrated by dirty, demonic Muslim MONSTERS who have violently gang-raped; tortured; forced into prostitution, and SEXUALLY ENSLAVED many THOUSANDS of Britain’s children.

    The selfish, filth Muslim MONSTERS stole the young girls’ childhood; STOLE their youth; stole the children’s hopes and dreams and DESTROYED their future. A whole lifetime of DESTRUCTION. Very, very few of the many thousands of child victims will go on to live a happy life. They will always be on the outside, looking in. Their tears inside will never stop.

    These terrible crimes by Quran-obedient Muslims against Britain’s severely persecuted, terrorized non-Muslim children continues. THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THE CHILDREN! Please God, help the children!

    PROTECT BRITAIN’S CHILDREN! Permanently end ALL Muslim immigration. Begin massive Muslim deportation of all criminals, illegals, terrorists, refugees, asylum seekers and Muslims who live for free off benefits.

    The 1,400 years of the horror and terrible suffering of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania, other countries and IN BRITAIN.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

  • LindaRivera

    In Australia, join RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY!

    Join the European Freedom Parties and the European Defense Leagues!

    Join the heroic ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE!

    Join Britain’s Paul Weston’s LIBERTY GB!

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    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  • crossbow87

    How about a Christian organization that arms these people and trains them how to use them. I would give money to such a charity.

  • itaintmojo

    Sharia Muslims are rancid vermin. Muslims who don’t support Sharia need to speak up way more, as does everyone who cares what happens to women like Tani, and peaceful Christians like the Copts.

    • defcon 4

      A muslime who doesn’t support Sharia would be kinda like a Christian denouncing Yeshua.

      • itaintmojo

        While I view Sharia a the root problem in the Muslim world, out of 1.6 billion Muslims, I count approx 300 million who adhere to Sharia, while 70 % of all Muslims condone Sharia. That means there are moderate Muslims that are tolerant and peaceful. Sharia needs heavy reforms to make it tolerant towards other beliefs. The word infidel needs to be reformed as it pertains to Sharia. I doubt I will ever see these changes in my lifetime

        • defcon 4

          How do separate Sharia law from islam — considering it’s part and parcel of the islamic faith?

          • itaintmojo

            Defcon 4, not everyone adheres to what they were born into. Not all Catholics eat fish on friday, or attend church. Lots of Jews eat bacon, and never go to synagogue. Sharia is condoned by approx 70% of Muslims, and less than half actually practice it.

            Sharia is not the fringe element some libs falsely claim it to be. Sharia is a scourge, and I count at least 300 million Sharia people strictly practicing this sickening ideology.

            There are Muslims who don’t believe in Sharia, and who know it does not belong in the modern world. I’ve met some.

          • defcon 4

            Duh, which aspects of Sharia law are you going to repudiate? Apostasy? Blasphemy? Heresy? The persecution of non muslimes? Which muslime states DON’T enforce some aspect of sharia law liar?

          • itaintmojo

            ALL aspects of Sharia law are horrific to me. I am totally against Sharia.

            I only meant not all muslims practice it. Turkey under Erdogan is being pushed towards more Sharia use, but he has to be careful, because Turkey has millions of secular people who will have nothing to do with it, and they would revolt, like Egypt did.

            Sharia leaders bide their time till the time is right to do a full takeover and mandate all citizens to Sharia. The Brotherhood in Egypt did not play their cards right, and rushed in new laws forcing Sharia down secular throats. They got removed.

            There are also different forms and interpretations of Sharia from Muslim country to country.

            Its complicated and I hate throwing every muslim in the same Sharia basket, although I do wish more of them would speak up against it, and demand it be heavily reformed…like removing Jihad, and infidel from the equation.

          • defcon 4

            Non muslimes are already and have been persecuted. Are you saying that’s not an aspect of Sharia law? Ever heard of the Istanbul pogrom?

            Let’s all hold hands and believe that islam will be reformed, after all it’s only been over a thousand years of non stop terrorism, genocide, ethnic cleansing and persecution of non-muslims.

            People like you make me believe Western civilisation deserves to die.

          • itaintmojo

            I feel like you are replying to someone else.

            I loath Sharia.
            Yes Sharia Muslims persecute “non believers”

            We seem to agree that Sharia is an evil thing.

            So I will guess that you mistook me for someone else.

  • Biff Henderson

    Tania’s tentative freedom was purchased for $915.68 US. I have heard accusations that NGO’s compete with each other, some even going to far as to bribe Pakistani jailers so they can be the first to snap a photo with the tragic story of the moment to use in their fundraising efforts. That NGO’s stoop to ruthless predation of victims is beyond words. I don’t like it that the culprits will be named at a later date. Something as heinous as a victim rotting in jail while the NGO cashes in should not be allowed to continue. Sitting on this information is as damning for the author as the act is for the NGO’s.

    • defcon 4

      Um, the NGO’s name was revealed. We have to remember that in islam0nazi states there could be very good reasons why authors withhold their sources or details of the crimes and atrocities.

      • Biff Henderson

        OK, if this information has been made public be so kind as to point me in the direction where I can read the allegations/naming names of NGO’s that are exploiting victims for fundraising efforts.

  • Aizino Smith

    I am not seeing any dissent. Not that there necessarily should be.

    I am just pointing out that some of the Gadfly leftists that haunt various sites are not here. We did have one, a musician/producer from Massachussetts, but he seemed to have a melt down and no longer posts.

    I guess that things are so bad and so obvious that they no longer want to nay say and obfuscate.

    Obama hit the reset button, things are much worse in the world and even many of the leftists are scared.

  • Anamah

    Islam is a disease…and because of that, no doubt many can make profit of such perversion… Pakistan receive our tax payers money and should be required to take this case and all other to Justice… No one should suffer this kind of atrocities and not even be compensated and see their abusers going free.

    • MarilynA

      Where’s that international criminal court? Why are they not prosecuting these heinous crimes against non Muslims?

  • antioli

    Where are our great Christian Ministers and Preachers who love to get preachy about liberal causes but can’t spare a word for mercy.

  • truebearing

    You used a poor example. An alcoholic who doesn’t believe in God is not committing heinous acts on innocent girls. His self-destructiveness may be a sin, but he isn’t purposely torturing anyone.
    I am not ascribing evil to God in the least. I didn’t write the Bible, Old or New Testaments. My hoping that these evil Pakistani Muslims suffer is not binding on God, nor am I suggesting God agrees with me. I was simply expressing the depth of my anger. You don’t agree, so you are attempting to refute my comment with your personal beliefs about God, while using some pretty faulty reasoning.
    You seem prone to non sequitur interpretations of my comments.

  • truebearing

    Once again, your assumption doesn’t necessarily follow. “Writhing in pain” could be the result of eternal separation from God. Realizing one’s own evil, and it being the reason one can’t bask in God’s bliss could be quite painful, right?
    You are equating any eternal punishment with evil, therefore it is you who that is suggesting God is doing something evil by punishing evil people forever. Based on your value system, you are judging God as evil should He punish someone for eternity. How presumptuous of you.
    By the way, eternity may not be quite the same as our linear earth-bound conception of time.
    You apparently assume that God will eventually forgive everyone, regardless of their sins, and bring them all to heaven. I don’t recall any scriptural support for that liberal notion. You judge yourself by judging my comment.

    • gtmancan

      Traditional Christianity believes that Hell is a place of physical torment based on the use of fire to torture people for eternity. That is what the vast majority of christian theologians teach. So I am not the one ascribing this evil concept to God, you and traditional Christianity are. You may try to lessen the impact of such an evil teaching by coming up with alternative punishments. I simply stated God will not torture people for eternity but annihilate them in the lake of fire. How is that presumptuous? I don’t believe God will forgive everyone regardless of their sins. I believe God will first call them by opening their minds for the first time at the Great White Throne Judgment in Revelation. Man must repent of his sins and accept Jesus Christ then be offered salvation. God is not trying to save the world right now.

  • defcon 4

    Fox News surprisingly reported a story about a Pakistaini Christian girl who is to be put to death for drinking from a muslime well.