Holocaust of Christians in the Muslim World on the Horizon

jesus-on-the-crossArrests and deportations of Christians in Sudan are becoming more momentous in Bashir’s government. On April 12, the Secretary General of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference was ousted out of North Sudan into South Sudan.

As a church elder in Khartoum was praising God in his church, government officials from the Security Service (NISS) seized and interrogated him for information on Christian missionaries in North Sudan. He said:

They told me to reveal to them 12 names of Christians who are active in evangelism in Sudan, but I told them I have no idea.

NISS is an Islamic gestapo, and they are doing the same sort of inquisition that the Nazis did before the holocaust. They apprehended a number of Christian staff members of a university-based ministry and interrogated them for a week. One of the Christian workers arrested reported:

The security officers verbally threatened to bury us alive if we did not give information on who was supporting these Christian activities.

After they were released they were told for two weeks that they had to report to the NISS for interrogation on any links with Christian organizations. The NISS also confiscated the group’s equipment, vehicles, and documents.

After their phone conversations and movements were monitored for some time, three of the group’s members were driven out of North Sudan into South Sudan. One of the exiled men said:

They gave me only 72 hours to leave the country … They came to my house while I was away and took five laptops of my sisters, as well as my documents, identity cards, school documents and mobile phone. I thank God that He has been with me during the interrogation with the Security.

All of this persecution is a result of Bashir’s vowing to make North Sudan a Sharia state after the South succeeded in 2011. He has striven by violence to enforce that the Arabic language be dominant, being in accordance with the Babel revival of Islam. Bashir gave the Christians till March 1 of 2012 to leave North Sudan; but, around half a million of them were stranded in the North on account of job losses, poverty, absence of transportation, and tribal violence.

Bashir’s regime has bulldozed churches once used by Christians and has recently declared that it would no longer issue licenses to build new churches.

Days prior to this announced decree a senior South Sudanese priest, Father Maurino, alongside a French missionary and an Egyptian missionary, were deported. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), since December there has been:

an increase in arrests, detentions and deportations of Christians and of those suspected of having links to them, particularly in Khartoum and Omodorum, Sudan’s largest cities. There has also been a systematic targeting of members of African ethnic groups, particularly the Nuba, lending apparent credence to the notion of the resurgence of an official agenda of Islamisation and Arabisation. …The campaign of repression [has] continued into 2013, with foreign Christians being arrested and deported at short notice and those from Sudan facing arrest, detention and questioning by the security services, as well as the confiscation of property such as mobile phones, identity cards and laptops. In addition to the arrests and deportations, local reports cite a media campaign warning against ‘Christianisation.

In February at least 55 Christians were arrested without charge, the cultural center for the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Khartoum was overran by the National Intelligence and Security Services who confiscated property and arrested three Christians in the premises. This may sound like a small deal but one could have expressed the same sentiments before the Holocaust. Dorothy Thompson gave this description of Germany in the 1930s:

[O]f the leadership in the German Protestant revolt against the Nazifying of the church is German Nationalist, and the Nazi party has proceeded against these courageous Christians, arresting many of them, inflaming their congregations against them, insisting that they are traitors to the new Germany.

Persecution is greatly occurring in Mali, where Churches are being ransacked and pillage. Just take a look at this video taken this year:

Notice in the video that the Muslims graffitied on one of the church walls that there is “only one god”; this is because Islam is a unitarian religion, and strives to destroy all those who believe in the Holy Trinity.

In Egypt persecution is only worsening. When the claws of the Islamists were quickly sinking into the Egyptian government, Hillary Clinton stated that the Obama administration would make sure that every Egyptian is treated equitably by the new government. Well, anybody with knowledge on Leftist governments knew that this was not going to happen. Now we have Copts screaming: “We need justice! Obama, Obama, where are you?”

But Obama is nowhere to be found amongst the Christians in Egypt, instead he is supporting their very persecutors: the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration is already shipping tanks and fighter jets to the Egyptians, and now eight more F-16s will be given to Egypt by the end of the year, and an additional two hundred Abrams tanks will also be sent.

With all of this we are reminded of the horrid persecutions which were perpetrated by the Chechen Muslims in the 1990s, and of the martyr Fr. Anatoly Chistousov. While on a mission in the Chechen city of Grozny, the church that Anatoly was in was shelled substantially, but he continued on by conducting church services in the sanctuary’s cellar. He went to the battlefield to assist Russian soldiers, and in the presence of bullets he gave Communion and baptized them. His cassock was shot multiple times, but with God’s help and with immense faith he persevered and saw to it that those who were waiting for him were served.

With impenetrable courage he headed a parish and stayed with his flock, amidst flying bullets and terrifying explosions. In 1996 Anatoly, alongside Fr. Sergius, went on a mission to visit Chechen warlord Akhmed Zakayev to negotiate the release of a Russian soldier. On the way they were ambushed and captured and placed in a concentration camp by the same Zakayev.

Even in captivity Anatoly observed Communion. He was tortured to renounce his Faith and convert to Islam, but he refused and was soon martyred.

The Russians charged Zakayev for having involvement in the murder of this saint. A leftist British actress, Vanessa Redgrave, payed off Zakayev’s bail with 50,000 pounds, enabling him to have asylum in England where he still resides.

What does this mean? The Left is what is empowering the Islamists, in a war against Christians. Let us always remember the travails of Anatoly, and let us always keep in mind that the Church is a light which the darkness will constantly try to engulf.

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  • Michael Copeland

    The West yawns, and goes back to its favorite television show.
    Conveying the message of Christians persecuted by muslims is one of the hardest things these days.

    • Thor

      Most Church leaders here in Europe could not care less about their fellow Christians being persecuted. They are far too busy demonizing Israel and banning any Christian or atheist for that matter who dares speak up against islamism. Indeed they have joined ranks with our politically correct media who have decided that muslims, wherever they may live and solely by being muslims are victims of the white man's opression and hatred and thus cannot commit or be held responsible for any acts of evil.
      People could be dying at their doorsteps and they would not have bothered, unless that person was muslim, romani or a member of any other chosen "minority" that per definition cannot be guilty of anything wrong. Only white Christians can do wrong.
      In their unholy alliance with Western media the Christian churches of the West have become the Inquisition of our time, demonizing people who dare criticize islam and calling people who stand up for freedom and human rights hateful. People who are brave enough to oppose the hatred, intolerance, discrimination and violence commited in the name of islam are Europe's new heretics, and our Churches are yearning to burn them on a pole.

      The silence of the Christian churches of the West faced with the continuous persecution of Christians by muslims is resounding in every corner of the world as a sad testimony of a depraved, heartless christianity without any morals left.
      Pastors and bishops alike gladly quote "What ye have done to one of the least of these (my brothers), ye have done to Me" . They might just as well have added. Christians exceluded.
      I feel very tempted to rephrase a prayer by the Lord himself and say: "Do not forgive them, Father, because they know what they are doing."

      Thor, Norway

    • Cassandra

      So very true and so very sad.And instead of letting in Christians Obama lets in Muslims. Disgusting

  • Brujo Blanco

    I never thought I would see the day when an American president would support evil that threatens to engulf the entire world. The Islamic movements are seizing territory and literally eliminating all opposition. They will not stop until they are stopped.

    • Pam

      I agree. People are Blind. They need to be stop

  • annem040359

    What is going on is a sign of growing hatred against those of Christians, but that is to be expected, as the world hated Jesus, it will hate those who follow him.

  • ziontruth

    In the 1940s, Britain closed the gates of Palestine to fleeing Jews out of the desire to keep the Arabs quiet while the war was going on. Today, the imperative of guaranteeing the flow of oil is the cause of apathy to the Christians of the Islamic world.

    If the Christians of the Muslim world are neither supplied with arms nor granted refuge, I fear that a repeat of the Jewish Holocaust, itself a repeat of the Armenian one, will ensue. The Left hasn't a peep to say about it, because it sees no political gain to be had from it.

    • You Know Who

      They want christians over there as much as we want muzzies over here.

      Two religions that will never mix and only cause bloodshed. It is time for both religions to go in order for mankind to survive

      • Stephen_Brady

        I have much the same attitude towards atheists …

      • Michael

        That's what the KKK said about White people and Black People, but they were wrong. There is still racism because it lives in the hearts of individuals, and there will always be prejudice, but it doesn't have to always be institutionalized. Religious differences are harder to deal with because they are harder to see clearly. It is easy to see that skin color is superficial. It is much harder to see that ideas are ALSO superficial (at least when it comes to spirit).

  • ratonis

    Uh . . . wat's all this got to du with Jodi Arias? I mean, let's fokus on important stuf, ya no?

  • Brujo Blanco

    We now have law enforcement and military burdened with a.prohibitiin. That prohibition is they cannot identify Islam or.anything. associated with Islam as being any kind of an identifier. Old government saying: If a problem is not identified then there is no problem. The US is.providing arms and.funds to people that will destroy us if given the chance.

  • UraFecalLiberal

    The Christians living in Muslim countries today are the Jews of Europe in the 1930s and 40s. And now like then, nobody-even, astonishingly, evangelicals and Conservative Christians-is making an issue over it. These Christians are being slaughtered in a genocide, never mind their property and rights under law being violated. They are being forced to flee their country, where they have lived for centuries, which is the goal of "ethnic cleansing".

    The West, and the United States, are a disgrace. Remember the hooplah over Serbian Muslims being killed and run out in Yugoslavia?

    The West is fulll of pathological self loathing. And I am full of loathing for the Leftist/Progressive/Marxist/Socialist/Democrat REGIMES that are destroying us.

  • EthanP

    Without downplaying what is happening in the Islamic world, the situation is in no way similar. Christians from Muslim lands have somewhere to go. Jews from 1933-1945 had nowhere to go. Even 'heroic' Denmark turned non Danish Jews over to the nazis.

    • UraFecalLiberal

      By your comments, you employed an internal contradiction. "….the situation is in no way similar". Of course, the situation is extremely similar. Where do these Arab Christians have to go? The Obama Administration, representing the American Judeo-Christian nation wants illiterate, poor, unskilled and low IQ peasants from C and S America for a solid future welfare dependent voter bloc. And they favor Muslims for the same reason, though operatoinally with Muslims it has to do with victimology and encouraging separatism and resentment.

  • digdigby

    They are Christians. They are not OUR concern. We are 'Americans' whatever that ends up meaning.

  • Tom

    I can't help but notice that the Churches are busy defaming Israel , and Europeans are denying
    Israel right to exist as as Jews & Christians who predate Islam are attacked by " The religion of

    • And So It Goes…

      Thank you. That needed to be said.

  • Mrs. Rene O'Riordan
  • Anthony Dayton

    In all of the horrific war on Christians, there seems to be nothing coming from the Pope, or from the previous Pope. Would not strong condemnations and exhortations to the Christian community world wide bring about action? Why the silence? When the trumpets?

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