Syria, Cannibalism and Videotape

syrA recent photograph has been released showing a Syrian rebel placing a human head on a barbecue, grilling his head.

Viewer discretion is advised: [Click here to see photo]

According to a report, the victim was a Syrian helicopter pilot who was journeying to bring food to army bases and villages around the Marraat Noman city in the Idleb province, until he was shot down, murdered and beheaded and his head cooked on a grill. Some say that this photo was fabricated by the Syrian government for the purpose of making propaganda against the rebels. There has been no evidence provided to prove that this is a fabrication. And also, why would this cruel barbarity be difficult to believe? It is absolutely not far fetched that the Free Syrian Army, or any other of the jihadist groups, would engage in this sort of vicious, sadistic and gruesome behavior.

For instance, there was a video done some time ago showing a number of rebels decapitating two pilots:

Viewer discretion is advised:

By seeing this video, why would it then be difficult to believe that the Syrian rebels would place a head on a grill?

There are many other videos like this which are not necessary to show to make the same point — and also for the sake of the reader’s sanity.

It is vital to keep in mind that the act of cooking the head of an enemy is rooted deeply in the Islamic religion. The most famous warrior in Sunni Islam’s history, Khalid ibn Walid, decapitated the head of a man named Malik ibn Nuwayrah, before raping his wife; he placed it under a cooking pot in which he cooked food and from which he then ate out of it. The Hadith for this recounts:

And he [Khalid] ordered they bring his [Malik’s] head and he placed it with two other rocks and he cooked on top of the three a pot, and Khalid ate from it that night in order to terrorize the renegade Arabs and others.

This story is further substantiated by the Arab scholar Ibn Khallikan, who writes the story thus:

[T]he head was put in the place of one of the three stones which supported the flesh-pot. Malik, as we have said, surpassed most men by the abundance of his hair, which was so thick, that the meat was cooked in the pot before the fire had reached the skull. …Khalid seized on the wife of Malik,–or by another account he purchased her out of the booty, — and married her. (1)

We must now realize: we have not seen the full face of Islam yet; true Islam is more than just terrorism with bombs and guns; it is a cultic system which emphasizes human sacrifice and cannibalization of Allah’s enemies. My father and I have been forewarning on this with our past articles on cannibalism and human sacrifice being promoted in Egypt, found here and here.

Our predictions of cannibalism on the rise are becoming increasingly true. First Al Azhar University decreed that it was permissible to cannibalize enemies of Islam, then human sacrifice was being promoted by Safwat Hegazi, then a Syrian rebel grilled a man’s head, now we have actual footage, recently released, of a Syrian jihadist eating the heart of his enemy like the pagan Indians of long ago. Here is the video:

Viewer discretion is advised:

I only hope that this new addition to the inherently Islamic pagan violence which has been arising in the Middle East will cause Americans to comprehend what they are truly facing in their confrontation with Islam.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book For God or For Tyranny.

(1) Ibn Kallikan’s Biographical Dictionary, trans. B. Mac Gukin de Slane, pp. 649-650, brackets and ellipsis mine.

  • AdinaK

    Ahhh…the poisonous fruits of Islamic barbarism, even to the point of cannibalism. And no one should dare be surprised, as I have been trying to wake up the masses, explaining what is at stake –

    Yet as horrifying as it all is, please do not aver your eyes. Instead, keep them wide open!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Anamah

      And these are the beasts our government is sending arms? Are we totally insane? Was this the reason that our ambassador Chris Stevens was sent to Benghazi? He met with the Turkish representative to make the business and agreed on details of the shipping via Turkish Who are we helping and to do what! It seems incredible our partners are the radicals the supremacist, the barbaric MB!!! That is incredible and absolutely unacceptable!

  • davarino

    Barbarians, let them duke it out. In Syria, both sides are bad. We shouldnt want either side to win. I say help which ever side is losing at the time till there are only peaceful people left : )

  • Matt

    We do the same thing burning bodies facing away for Mecca, heads on pikes, cutting out organs livers etc taking a bite. It is SOP.

    • DELS

      Who are you, and what the hell are you talking about? Who is the "we' in your comment?

      • Omar

        He's probably another anti-American, pro-Soviet/Russian regime, pro-Chinese Communist, pro-mullah Stalinist/Maoist troll who supports Islamist Sharia law and barbarism.

    • Cassandra

      Are you crazy ?What are you talking about?Are you a barbarian Muslim trying to defend the system?

    • Erik

      Hey Matt, you're a real liberal —hole!

    • Omar

      Matt, quit being a propagandist for the Communists and the Islamists. The Islamists in Syria have crossed the line by doing out of line sins like cannibalism.

    • cognitionemission

      One 'little' problem with your stupid comment – such things are never perpetrated by us.

      So, are you a liar, or just stupid?

  • slickdemetrius

    Fine dining is not made by bread alone. Stay classy islam.

  • Theresa

    There is nothing about Islam that endorses cannibalism. Don't let this ignorant article fool your minds with false information and allow your to think badly on a group of loving people. This is a group of extremists that give all Muslims a bad name, unfortunately.

    • Lan Astaslem

      yeah it's always that pesky 98% that give the decent 2% a bad name

      • john

        Bulls eye !

    • And So It Goes…

      Where are the millions of muslims who supposedly are against this type of behavior? Is there a protest march scheduled somewhere? I wouldn't be surprised if before they beheaded the pilot, they raped him like they did Chris Stevens. When do the imams make a pronouncement that all this is wrong? And when do the imams turn to themselves and say, "All the vile false accusations we have made about the Jews are actually things that we do — and worse."

    • Michael Copeland

      According to Al-Shafie, …One may eat the flesh of a human body. ….you may kill an enemy fighter … and eat his body (716 in volume 1, Al-Kortoby).… as linked in Adina Kutnicki's comment above.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      Sorry, Theresa dear but we already saw the video of the imam stating that it's okay to eat someone after you kill them — just don't grill them first. Apparently, a human corpse is only halal if you eat it raw.

  • You Know Who

    So where in the video did they cut his off his head. It stopped short of that so we really have no idea if they did or not. Kind of important if you ask me.

    • cognitionemission

      Apparently, you are simply too lazy to click on the provided links to see for yourself

  • Marty

    There is no crime muslims cannot commit without finding justification in the koran and sharia. It is the perfect death cult for sadists and genocidal sociopaths.

  • digdigby

    Muslims give cannibals a bad name.

  • Mach1Duck

    And so much for the Religon of Predation, by the way, Islamophopia is when the followers of Muhammad find out the truth about Islam.

  • UCSPanther

    I don't know whether this is indeed an elaborate propaganda hoax by the Syrian regime or real, but considering what Islamists are known to do to victims they especially hate, nothing would surprise me.

  • concernedforusa

    Islam actually promotes human sacrifice and cannibalism. Check out the link below:

  • And So It Goes…

    Muslims, particularly arabs, are incapable of civilized behavior. This is outrageous and it must be talked about publically so that we all know who the enemy actually is. Irshad Manji, you have your hands full.

  • BLJ

    F-ing lowlife animals. I say shoot them all and let Allah sort it out.

  • Claiborne

    It is definitely unfortunate that we have such barbaric and uncivilized people that seem to get away with the most horrific things. ___________________ Claiborne

  • Rebas Thgil



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