Putin’s Eastern Promises

putin7A former American NSA and CIA security contractor-turned-whistleblower leaks to the international press highly classified government documents revealing that his beloved U.S.A. is spying on its citizens.

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things [conducts surveillance on its citizens],” he told Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian after fleeing the U.S. for Hong Kong.

“I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded… That is not something I am willing to support or live under.”

Sounds noble until we ask ourselves: If one is so ideologically opposed to government spying on its citizens, why seek asylum in the two places (China and Russia) that have long abused their citizens’ personal freedoms and human rights?

While Edward Snowden may seem a righteous truth-seeker whose only goal is to selflessly shield Americans from Big Brother, his actions appear quite incongruous with his story.

On the one hand, Snowden seems every bit the hero 55 percent of U.S. citizens consider him to be. After all, he exposed the extent to which everyday Americans are being monitored by the NSA and other government agencies, revealing that nothing we say or do — even in our own homes — is sacred or private.

But it is one thing to tell Americans what their own government may or may not be doing to them. It is quite another to tell America’s still post-Cold War foes what America is doing at all.

It is perhaps this gray area that has detracted attention from who this 30-year-old security contractor, now charged with espionage, really is, and what his asylum-seeking in Putin’s Russia actually represents.

To begin with, it makes the U.S. a laughing stock and gives Putin an advantage in the ongoing chess game of U.S.-Russia relations.

On August 1, after roughly one month on Russian soil, Snowden, the “unwelcomed Christmas present” (as Putin refers to him), was granted one-year temporary asylum in Russia, renewable annually. Indeed, Snowden can even apply for citizenship after a five-year period of residency if not sooner.

Clearly, Snowden’s refuge comes at a price: Namely the divulgence of sensitive information Putin can now use against the increasingly weak, toothless tiger that is the Obama administration.

How toothless is this tiger? Let’s begin by examining just how seriously Putin takes America:

Recall that in May, upon his first diplomatic visit as envoy to Russia, Secretary of State John Kerry was kept waiting for three hours until Putin could finally be bothered to arrive, blatantly breaking with, as Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Ariel Cohen put it, standard “diplomatic protocol.”

After the former KGB apparatchik finally graced Kerry with his presence, he could hardly hide his boredom.

Putin’s behavior was, of course, a calculated way of demonstrating to the U.S. how very little the Kremlin values or respects it.

And why should he?

After learning of Snowden’s sojourn to Russia, this was White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s bone-chilling display of strength:

“We are extremely disappointed that the Russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful request [to extradite Snowden to the U.S.]…Mr. Snowden is not a whistleblower—he is accused of leaking classified information.”

“Extremely disappointed” is what a parent says to his child after he comes home with a “C” on his report card, not what the spokesman for leader of the free world says to the man harboring an enemy of the state.

Nevertheless, Carney pressed on with the tough-talk, while various Obama officials (including Carney himself) negated each of the administration’s would-be threats with the revelation that it will actually not follow through on any of them.

For example, an August meeting between Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Secretary of State Kerry and Russian officials was being reconsidered, but then the WSJ later reported that senior State Department officials said they do not anticipate that the meeting will be cancelled because the U.S. has a “broad range of topics…including Afghanistan,” to discuss with Russia.

Then it was revealed that the administration might consider withdrawing from a pre-G20 September summit in Moscow with Putin and President Obama, but, it seems as a matter of diplomacy, the show will in fact go on.

Even Democratic stalwart Chuck Schumer appeared fazed and thinks some meetings, at least the G-20, should be canceled or rearranged in protest.

“Russia’s stabbed us in the back and every day that Snowden is allowed to be free they twist the knife further,” the New York senator told reporters.

“Now that Snowden has been set free, I don’t think the G-20 should be meeting in Russia and I think we should not participate if they do.”

To which Carney responded that Obama actually still plans to attend the G-20 summit.

While Russia’s decision regarding Snowden is a “slap in the face to the United States,” Carney ceded, the Obama administration is more focused on addressing Syria.

So let’s save Snowden for later? He’s not that important, right?

Actually, that’s precisely what Kremlin foreign-policy advisor Yuri Ushakov thinks too.

“This situation is too insignificant to affect political relations,” the WSJ reported Ushakov as stating.

The Russian official added that his government has yet to receive any indication from the U.S. that summits in September or, presumably, any other time will be canceled.

All the stars seem to be aligned for Putin. He received his “unwelcomed Christmas present” and it is indeed a gift that will keep on giving.

The Russian President now has a bargaining chip to use against the U.S., along with classified information that could potentially devastate U.S. national security both at home and abroad.

By propagandizing the image of an American truth-seeker fleeing the land of the free for Eastern promises, Mother Russia and Putin’s façade of benevolence appears astonishingly warm and welcoming – both to the Russian people (and more poignantly, Putin’s critics) as well as others abroad.

What’s more, it reaffirms the Obama administration’s weakness on foreign policy and national security in all its forms and incarnations – from al Qaeda operatives murdering our U.S. Ambassador to a turncoat charged with one of the gravest security breaches in U.S. history.

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  • CowboyUp

    Hillarys’ juvenile reset button worked out about like most grown ups expected. There’s a gap of Baghdad bob proportions between Obama administration speeches and reality, but the msm has their back. I bet Obama and Hillary have matching “Putin’s B*tch” tramp stamps.

    • EarlyBird

      Yeah. You can tell Obama is Putin’s bitch because he hasn’t cowboy’d up and done sumpin’ macho and Murcan, huh? He ain’t fired a shot at the Kremlin er nuttin!

      • reader

        That and because he’s on tape actually telling Medvedev to assure Putin that he was still Putin’s bitch.

      • Edward

        Seen the pictures of Butch KGB Putin baring his chest and his man-boobs, shooting deer, riding a horse.

        When someone displeases KGB Putin, they die of Polonium poisoning.


        Putin doesn’t need a teleprompter like BHO.

        • Drakken

          Say what you want about Putin, but he is playing chess and is 10 steps ahead of Obummer and his minions who are trying to figure out how to put the pieces on the board to play checkers. Putin displays strength and resolve, Obummer just talks a lot and is weak and ineffective and it is painful to watch as our great country is lead by a weak fool like Obummer.

          • Edward

            The islamofascists/paleswinians display terrorism and resolve.

            There is no Muslm Voice for Peace – just Muslim Voice for Jihad.

            Appeasement is seen as weakness.

            Netenyahu is guilty of appeasement too. Releaseing 104 islamofascist terrorists with blood on their hands (murdering Israelis) is insanity.

          • Drakken

            I agree with you, Netenyahu should release those Islamic filth in the form of a bucket of ashes with a pigs head on top of it to show his resolve.

      • CowboyUp

        Reagan had his way with Gorby over and over, without ever firing a shot.
        Yall’s “smart diplomacy” is working so well, EarlyBird. We’ve never been more loved and respected in the world, huh? AQ is beaten and on the run, the war on terror is over, and…oh wait, why are we closing our embassies?

        Let us know if Putin ever doesn’t have his way with Obama or Hillary. We won’t hold our breath waiting.

        • EarlyBird

          As I asked on another post: “What options does Obama not have, that any other president at this time in history would?” What do we do? Boycott, saber rattle, threaten? What are the levers we have that Obama isn’t using? Do we have some control over Russia’s economy, or can we make credible threats to its geopolitical goals? No.
          Sorry that this is no longer the Cold War or the American Century. God bless Reagan. But this is completely different world we live in now.

          • reader

            Oh-oh. Painful as it is, but it was Clinton who got himself snookered by the Euros into the completely senseless bombing of Belgrade to smithereens – gravely alienating friendly at the time Russians for absolutely no gain as far as American interests are concerned.

          • EarlyBird

            Okay. And how is that fact “painful” to me?

            I’m not only not a Democrat, I find the Clintons personally disgusting, and have been a lifelong registered Republican with a nearly straight GOP ticket voting record with the exception of 2008 and 2012 president elections.

            See, I’m not a partisan. I am not an intellectual infant, or member of a tribe. I am an American first who seeks to be fair, and so judge presidents in the context of what they did with the tools and information they had under extremely difficult circumstances.

            So silly tit for tats don’t work on me. You start saying something stupid like Clinton deserves blame for a difficult decision he made in the ’90s for creating Russia’s current upset, and you’re forced to say stupidity like Reagan’s bold actions in Afghanistan “created” Al Queda, or Obama “lost the Middle East” because he apparently didn’t wave that magic wand all presidents keep in their desk.

            I don’t play those baby games.

          • EarlyBird

            And that fact is painful to me, how?

          • CowboyUp

            Reagan couldn’t either, yet he did. That was after Carter and many of the democrats of his day said the same things you just did.
            The world hasn’t changed, it’s still a jungle. Our leadership has though. It’s weak and delusional, and our enemies know it.

          • EarlyBird

            Yes, it is a real life jungle, not The Jungle Book.

            You are among those who by the latter half of the 20th Century – “the American Century” – had consumed the myth that out of some innate goodness, an exceptionalism, we had been granted by God the ability to dominate any rival anywhere in the world, to forever act as the global hegemon stamping out evil abroad, forever increasing in power, as long as we adhered to the American Way.

            History didn’t apply to us as it has every other nation under the sun. Our trajectory was to be forever upwards and outwards.

            In this infantile and hubristic view of ourselves, the only possible answer to not being able to control every outside event to our liking is that something un-American, a dirty trick, or lack of American will, was at work. “If only the politicians had let us win Vietnam!” “Reagan wouldn’t have ‘allowed’ the Russian’s to harbor an American traitor!,” etc.

            So the answer MUST be that Obama is insufficiently American, rather than a president who like every one before him, has limited options and tools at his disposal, and hard choices to make.

            And in this childish myth, to self-critique or point to self inflicted wounds is to attack the American Way itself, to prove to be “un-American.” Which the reflex of this crowd.

          • CowboyUp

            Poor helpless democrat party politicians, it’s not their fault, there was just nothing they could do. They supposedly represent the most prosperous nation in history, with the biggest economy and one of the biggest and best
            militaries, yet they have no options, and no leverage. They can destabilize and depose titular allies like the Shah and Mubarek, to have them replaced by the US hostile
            ayatollas and muslim brotherhood, but there’s just nothing that can be done against our self-proclaimed enemies. It sounds like a compelling reason to keep the democrat party out of foreign policy and the WH.

          • EarlyBird

            No American president destabilized or overthrew either the Shah or Mubarak. However, the hubris I’m describing had the US overthrow Mossadegh in Tehran, a popular, democratically elected ruler we replaced with our puppet the Shah, a brutal tyrant for 40 years. And we propped up Mubarak, another tyrant, in Egypt for about 30 years (under less outrageous circumstances).

            And the US, under presidents of both parties since WWII, has engaged in some appalling acts of secret war, assassination, coups, fixing of elections, creation and support of death squads, and meddling all in the name of American goodness.

            Wouldn’t you know: the people of those countries hate us for that. It’s as if they didn’t get the message the the USA is Number 1, is Exceptional, and has a right to do what other countries don’t.

            And that hubris came back to bite us in ’79 and 2012, as well as other times.

            Or consider the Republicans’ project to invade, occupy and transform Iraq into a peaceful, pro-Western beacon of freedom for the rest of the Arab world, and instead it splintered into a civil war, a basketcase where Al Queda now roams free, the Shia majority government is in league with Iran, we objectively failed to obtain our goals, and Iran has never had it better. It’s as if the United States shot itself in the head with a gun it invented which cost us over $1 trillion dollars, over 4,500 American lives, and tens of thousands of maimed Americans.

            There used to be a time when conservatives were actually dispositionally conservative and would have been appalled at the fantasy that we could re-create alien societies with the force of arms, when the government can’t even manage the Post Office correctly. And would have known we had no right to even try.

            The good news is that impulse is coming back. You and your friends on this site are on the fringes of the right wing right now. There is a complete reassessment of foreign policy happening and it’s a healthy development. See the debate between Paul and Christie, as an example.

          • CowboyUp

            Excuses, excuses, the same as with the economy. Yall fall for every commie posing as a “peaceful agrarian reformer” that came down the pike, like you’d never seen or been fooled by one before. We saved Iran from becoming another communist h*ll hole (funny you would leave that part out), and carter had to ‘fix’ that by turning it into an islamist h*ll hole. Way to go democrats.

            The war in Vietnam was already won, all we had to do was keep supplying the ARVN until the country developed to the point that it could stand the NVA off on its’ own, like South Korea, and we might be buying Vietnamese cars by now. But the democrat party cut all aid at the same time the soviets doubled their aid to the NVA, and the NVA invaded and conquered South Vietnam. The resulting bloodbath, poverty, oppression, and starvation in SE Asia after the US abandoned it, is what democrats wax nostalgic over being their greatest cold war victory.

            Yall are yet to explain how or why swapping right wing America friendly dictators that kill or imprison thousands of their subjects, with left wing or islamist dictators that kill scores of thousands or even millions of their subjects and try to subvert their neighbors, is any kind of improvement or progress.

            You are also apparently still operating under the delusion that the soviet union didn’t collapse and their own records, including their politburo minutes, weren’t opened and proved they were trying to take over the world by subversion and force with the specific aim of destroying the United States. Yall pretend it didn’t happen, that yall weren’t dangerously wrong, and democrats keep doing the same stupid things for the same discredited reasons. If the dp were merely ignorant or stupid, they would err on the side of the USA every now and then. But they don’t.

            Oh, and Iraq was doing fine when Bush retired, so if it’s messed it up now, you can thank obama and his ‘smart diplomacy’ for it. Bush left Obama with American forces on Iran’s northern and western borders, the Iraqi government wanting us to stay, no saddam to tie down our forces containing him, and a world that knew when a US president said severe consequences, he meant it. Apparently you and the democrat party know nothing of strategy or diplomacy.

          • EarlyBird

            You’re entire post is so ignorant, so absurd, so dishonest, so reflexively partisan as to be laughable.

            I’m not “excusing” anyone. I was indicting every president since FDR for un-American aspects of his foreign policy, including both Democrats and Republicans, which blew up in our faces. Did you even read?

            Ike was duped by the British into believing Mossadegh had communist leanings, even though M was outspokenly anti-Soviet. In fact, right up until the US coup, he was pleading for US financial assistance. He was ready and willing to become a close ally. His sin? Nationalizing Iranian oil in the same way most every nation on earth had (nothing scary or “commie”). This ended British control of Iran’s oilfields via the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (the parent of today’s BP). So they got the CIA to oust Mossadegh and put in the Shah – a British-US puppet who created his own hell hole while ensuring Western control of Iran’s oilfields. Iran could have been a REAL ally!

            The lid on that boiling pot simply came off on Carter’s watch, which it was bound to do. Tyrants can only rule for so long. Carter didn’t “turn” it into anything. The Iranians – you know the actual citizens of Iran whose lives we’re discussing? – reacted to our installing and propping up a wretched dictator which tortured and imprisoned them for Western gain. THAT is why they hate us so much, Numbnuts, not just “cuz thur Moslums hoo hate us fer our freedumm!” Wake the f**k up!

            The ARVN were about as useful on the battlefield without GIs as today’s Afghan National Army is. And the Saigon government was corrupt and loathed by the South Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese didn’t believe in fighting for the government we foisted upon them. One thing that both sides could agree on is that they wanted to unite and be independent of Western influence – it was the form of government they disagreed on, obviously.

            It was the Republicans – NOT Democrats – who began major cuts in GIs and funding to the South, via Nixon’s “Vietnamization” program (and good for him). You don’t get to have an opinion about that.

            Here’s the tragedy: if Americans – of both parties – had been true to American values, we not only would not have had to fight that war, but Vietnam would have become a stalwart bastion of pro-Western sentiment in SEA. We could have completely co-opted the independence movement from the communists.

            Ho directly pleaded with every US president from Wilson through FDR for American support in overthrowing French colonial control, and was rebuffed by all of them (we didn’t want to offend our buddies, the Frogs). Ho helped the OSS (former CIA) in fighting the Japanese during WWII, was moved by his time living and working among free Americans, and famously quoted Jefferson in many of his declarations. He figured the US – of all countries – was an ideal partner in helping Vietnam gain independence.

            His goal was an independent Vietnam, not a communist one. Ultimately, he simply went commie because he had no where else to go. We pushed him into their arms.

            “Yall are yet to explain how or why swapping right wing America friendly dictators that kill or imprison thousands of their subjects, with left wing or islamist dictators that kill scores of thousands or even millions…”

            That’s the problem: you’re just like idiot lefties who believe that any wrong in the world is America’s fault, as if we’re omnipotent. The US didn’t install leftists anywhere. Things happen. Citizens of nations make choices and react when we f**k with their governments, sovereignity and very lives. Imagine if Canada overthrew Reagan and imprisioned him, and installed a puppet government which tortured and imprisoned any dissenters, and basically did the bidding of Canada. We might be a bit “anti-Canadian” doncha think?

            And the rest of your drivel about Iraq going gangbusters until that ol’ commie lefty Obumma wrecked it is so dishonest as to be grotesque. Shame on you. You’re an embarrassment to any thinking honest person. You repulsive retards have taken over my Republican Party and mangled conservatism. Go make Sarah Palin the leader of your own party, something like, “Proudly Ignorant Bubbas fer ‘Murca!”

          • TheOrdinaryMan

            You ask, “What do we do? Boycott, saber rattle, threaten?”
            You’ve forgotten how Obama greatly reduced the number of ICBM’s pointed at Russia, in 2010, when he abandoned the U.S. role in NATO’s eastern Europe missile shield. This brazen abandonment of our responsibility towards our European allies, and the rest of the free world, strengthened the hand of gangsters like Putin. “But this is a completely different world we live in now.” No, its not. It’s that the U.S. response is so different, largely because of Obama’s traitorous policies and his enablers in Congress.

  • EarlyBird

    Oh please.

    Any reader of this ridiculous site knew before this article was written and posted posted, that this article was going to be written and posted. It was probably in general draft form ready to be customized for any given circumstance.

    Question: what leverage would a President Romney or a second term President McCain have with Russia today that Obama doesn’t have?

    The G20 summit? Okay. It’s still a question whether or not that goes forward. And get this: it may actually be better for the welfare of the US – read that again: “better for the welfare of the US – to continue with it in spite of this slap in the face from Russia. Or it may be more important to show our outrage at Russia and not move forward.

    We’ll see what happens.

    • Edward


      If this website is so ridiculous and irrelevant then you wouldn’t be pouring over it and posting here.

      You fear the counter-revolutionary resistance.

      KGB Putin doesn’t get “progressives” in a tizzy?

      What is “progressive” about having the head of the KGB helming Russia?

      You “progressive” neo-commies are a hoot.

      • Drakken

        What is amusing and horrifying at the same time is the US is moving towards the way of the old Soviet Union, and the Russians are moving towards a western capitalistic society.

    • CowboyUp

      What leverage did Reagan have with Gorby?
      Obama had leverage with SDI, but he gave that up unilaterally, before he even entered negotiations with Putin, so he got absolutely nothing for it. Obama’s been doing his best to get rid of any leverage we have on our enemies. How smart is that?

      • EarlyBird

        Because SDI was unnecessary, too costly and an unnecessary antagonism to Russia. That’s why.

        • Drakken

          Your liberal tendencies are showing again in your craven attempt at appeasement, which history has shown, only invites aggression.

          • EarlyBird

            Your idiot tendencies are showing again. And you don’t know the first thing about “history” let alone the world you currently live in today.

            If you did, Chesty, you’d see that we are still better off today for not having spent massive amounts of money we can’t afford, on a missile defense system we do not need, in a part of the world where our interests are small, to defend against a nation that is obnoxious and uncooperative, rather than a mortal threat.

            Oh. But it didn’t work out Absolutely Perfectly because we can not control every aspect of that nation’s behavior, which we would be able to do it only we had a non-appeasin’ real, red blooded ‘Murcan in the White House?

            How old are you, really, Rambo? Sorry life is complicated, many things are out of our control, and that Santa isn’t real.

            And for the record, because we haven’t threatened Peru with nuclear annihilation you believe we’re appeasing Peru.

          • Drakken

            SDI scared the bejeus out of the Russians and we eventually won the cold war by bankrupting them, Reagan had the backbone to back up what he said, your hero Obummer thinks that by appeasing our enemies things will be all better. So spare me your feelings on the issue when you are clearly clueless on how the real world works.

          • EarlyBird

            Oh, our resident battle-hardened “realist” grunts again.
            You are the one who’s all emotion. “Putin is doing something that hurts my national pride, which means that the President is a weakling. In the old days my daddy used to be able to beat up other boys’ daddies.”

            THINK, you Neanderthal. As you state yourself, Reagan – not to mention 45 years worth of Cold Warriors before him – bankrupted the Soviets. He didn’t win by making empty threats that could not be backed up. And among the spoils of winning a war is to not have to keep spending so much on weapons.
            The entire point of SDI was to keep SOVIET missiles out of Eastern Europe and the US. We don’t live in the Cold War any more. The Russians are not a mortal threat any longer. They are just obnoxious. The world has changed. There are other economic powers in the world, other trading partners, our economy has changed, the types of threats have changed. We are less powerful because fewer nations need to rely on us. Balances of power ALWAYS are in flux.
            You baby. You sissy. You’re a marine?! Holy sh*t you’re a terrified little girl. A country so much as looks sideways at us and you wet your pants.

          • Edward

            Wrong AGAIN EarlyTurd,,


            “The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was proposed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983,[1] to use ground-based and space-based systems to protect the United States from attack by strategic nuclear ballistic missiles. The initiative focused on strategic DEFENSE rather than the prior strategic offense doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).”

            Keep on with your silly comments.

            Today we need a Mecca Assured Destruction doctrine to hopefully give islamofascists a reason to consider the consequence to their plots.

          • EarlyBird

            So “Edward,” formerly two other names on this board, as I’ve stated before, I’m not running an adult literacy clinic. Now this is what I previously stated about SDI:

            “The entire point of SDI was to keep SOVIET missiles out of Eastern Europe and the US.”

            It was both. Primarily the US during the Cold War to protect against Soviet missiles, and our Eastern Europen allies after the Cold War, from (formerly Soviet) Russian missiles, i.e., exactly what’s being discussed here.

            Try to follow along, okay?

          • Drakken

            I have stated before, that Russia as a whole isn’t our enemy any longer, but weak responses instead of a backbone only invites folks to slap the dogsh** out of you. Putin won’t launch a missile, but our absence of power projection in the middle east and other places only invites others to take our place because folks always back the strong horse there honey, always have and always will.

          • EarlyBird

            As I’ve stated before, we don’t need to commit fiscal suicide deploying massive defense systems which are not strategically necessary, just to show that we’re tough.
            There’s something between waving the white flag while holding hands and singing kumbaya, and threatening every single country under the sun which we don’t like, marine. Figure it out.

          • Edward

            Notice that EarlyTurd never demands that KGB Putin mothball his nuclear weapons.

            Because that would be Counter Revolutionary “comrade”.

            EarlyTurd must have been a sight to see as the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall was pulverized.

            What Would Uncle Joe Stalin Say?

          • marek

            It should have been more intelligent to warrant mr Snowden a free passage to a south america country of his choice than to launch an hallali against him. See the consequences of this foolish attitude.

        • CowboyUp

          You left out the claim that it wouldn’t work, so at least we’ve made some(italics) progress over the last 30 years.
          Now, even if what you said was really true, how was giving SDI up without getting anything in return smart? In light of subsequent events, how was it successful?

  • WinstonS.

    I prefer to consider Edward Snowden a hero and an extraordinarily courageous man who wants to tell the American People how far the Progressive Police State has become institutionalized. I don’t care who gives him asylum. America’s worst enemy lives in the White House, not anywhere else. Finally, I believe the Progressive governmental massive internet data gathering has discovered/stopped zero terrorist attacks.

    • krinks

      I agree except for one point. Obama didn’t set up this system and didn’t implement it himself. The very idea that the White House is the enemy is fake conservative talk radio drivel. This all started during the Clinton years and was implemented by Bush after 09/11. There is no one to over turn this nor block this and you know it. They allowed a symbolic vote against it knowing it would fail.

      • WinstonS

        Fake conservative talk show drivel? What exactly do you think Obama meant by “…fundamentally transform America…”? Certainly not strengthen the Bill of Rights, right? In my judgment, every change Obama is making is well described in Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism”.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Stinks, neither Clinton or Bush used the data collected by spying on us to persecute their political “enemies.”

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Extraordinarily courageous? No, sir. If Snowden was courageous, he’d come back to the US and face the music. People who flee, and abandon the scene, seldom do as much good as those who stay and fight. Yes, he told Americans how the “Progressive Police State” has become institutionalized. So what? Is anyone doing anything about THAT?

      • WinstonS

        Snowden gave up everything to alert us…and will continue to be much more effective residing outside the USA. Of course, it’s up to the American citizens to stop the government from becoming an even more efficient Police State than Orwell depicted in “1984”. I think most of us are shocked into inaction by the revelation of the horrifying level the NSA, CIA, FBI intrusion into the privacy of ordinary Americans.

        • TheOrdinaryMan

          So he’s “effective” by allowing Putin to use him in the manner described by the article. Not very good from where I stand. And another word for “shocked into inaction” is intimidated. But maybe you might know how to get around John Boehner.

  • AlexanderGofen

    Notwithstanding that USSR/Russia was and still is an evil empire literally, Ms. Tiffany Gabbay perhaps is even incapable to notice how miserably sanctimonious her reasoning is. Her reasoning is miserable because such are the officials of our nation she refers too.

    1) Kerry – an unindicted traitor of the Vietnam war.

    2) Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel (the name uncertain) – an unconstitutionally promoted impostor, and also forger and identity thief using the Social security number of deceased Mr. Bounel, 1890 (from Russia mind you). Yet still at the highest position unpunished, unchallenged by even one of the 535 Congressional crooks, nor by any opposition party, nor by the military, which had violated their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution.

    3) The entire nation therefore turned into an ILLEGITIMATE UGLY ENTITY, one nation under … fraud, despicable, with baseness of all.

    That said, I do not know the mind of Mr. Snowden, and why he preferred to release and speak about only this one count of constitutional violation perpetrated by this illegal government. He could surely make a much more stronger case and impact if he brought also item (2).

    • Drakken

      Russia as a whole is not our enemy anymore, Putin is a nationalist and say what you want about the man, he is working for Russia’s interest, our fearless leader(spit) is doing everything he can according to the Chamberlain playbook to appease and bow down to our enemies and Putin just laughs at Obummers idiocy and of course he is going to take advantage of the situation.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Putin has actually given lectures to the West on how to fight Marxism and practice capitalism – as I’m sure you know. He may prefer crony capitalism but yes, he is a nationsalist. Obama is anything but. He is the same as Lenin and Mao but without any of their skills. He actually believes America could be successful (for its elites) if he succeeds in transforming it into an Obamanation. Some form of country would survive but it would be dystopian and it sure as he11 wouldn’t be America.

        • Drakken

          We sure are living in the most interesting of times aren’t we Ziggy?

    • tatave

      This is how the rest of the world sees it.The US is a very dangerous country,run by gangsters.All the institutions are corrupt.

  • Broder

    Gabbay, FPM has been consistently wrong on this issue. You don’t know all the places that Snowden has requested asylum. Your sources are a joke. This story makes me question the credibility of all the reporting on this site. Where is he suppose to go? He is a wanted man in the US in case you haven’t heard. Do you see a long line of countries offering asylum? I see no one other than Russia.

    In time you and Greenfield will realize that you were on the side of tyranny when this young man gave up a privileged life to let Americans know their government was violating their privacy and Constitutional rights.

  • Xpat

    What it says is that Hussein-Obama’s America is more of a communist police state than China or Russia, and Obama is a bigger enemy than both.

  • http://freenorthamerica.ca/ Bill Whatcott

    I think Snowden did right. He exposed the illegal surveillance of private American citizens and America’s allies to a western media outlet, not Russia. In the end he had to flee to Russia as he was potentially looking at a life sentence if he remained in the United States. What Snowden may have said or not said to Russian security services is speculation. My take on Russia and Putin, is they are breaking away from communism and the Christian faith seems to be reviving in Russia. America under Obama on the other hand is becoming a Marxist sewer.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Snowden blew the Guardian – an enemy of the West. In fact, every Western “news” agency he tried to blow was anti-American and anti-Western.

  • reader

    what are you talking about? You’re Obama voter, and you will vote for Hillary. Whether out of being a Jew hater, or out of closet commie sympathies, I could care less. The net result is the same.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    But when U.S. Army rangers were fighting the battle of Mogadishu(Somalia), in fall, 1993, and were under heavy fire from Somali war lords, they requested armor support, from Sec. of Defense Les Aspin. Aspin forwarded the request to Clinton, who refused the request. And our troops were slaughtered, and dragged through the streets. And when the Israelis cornered Yasser Arafat in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982; Reagan stepped in and told the Israelis to back off, and gave Arafat free passage to Africa. I don’t play baby games either.

  • retired

    All of this talk about Snowden being a hero or a traitor is nonsense & besides the point! The fact is he he has done America a great service. He may have saved the nation by informing us of the political death trap our establishment elites,financial & political,are leading us into.
    1) Putin & Russia may not be as pure as driven snow,but they have no control over our national destiny.The degenerates who run this country are the real problem! This elite,not Russia’s,is the real threat to America.
    2)Who can know what Snowden really thinks,does it really matter?
    When we were engaged in a life & death struggle against Nazi Germany did it matter that our ally,Soviet Russia,was less than pure?Without them we could not have defeated Germany!
    3)Some foolish posters claim that Snowden should have come back to America & stated his case against the regime in Washington.If he had done this he would get no justice,only injustice.Obama would have seen to it that he was thrown into the deepest pit that could be found & never heard from again .He did the only thing he could do,seek sanctuary anywhere he could.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

    The big secrets held by Snowden are not military ones but
    the identities of holders of coded Swiss bank accounts. There is over 2 trillion USD packed into the
    vaults of 24 financial institutions, if seized it is enough to give every
    American a 10 thousand dollar Christmas gift.

    • Drakken

      It still isn’t your money, it is the folks that put it there to protect their assets from commi’s like you who would confiscate it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

        The society
        doctor who hides a million in cash annually and sends it to an offshore account
        lowers my welfare check. The poor are being robbed by all the loopholes in the
        tax code.

        • Drakken

          That doctor earned it and can do what he wills with it, if your on welfare, you make no demands period.

  • Solo712

    No big gain in Putin’s letting Snowden in. It’s a defense move – a way to let cool down the insane White House fixation with Snowdon. Unlike Obama, Putin is a really smart cookie and knows he would be torn to shreds in the Duma if he caved in to twits like Holder and Kerry.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    you make several valid points but your piece is just that, several good points
    but not an article. The incongruity of Snowden seeking refuge in the
    countries which practice as a rule that which Obama has introduced in America
    is a valid point. In politics and war, however, incongruity is often the
    necessity. You seek for partners and friends the enemies of your enemies even
    though they may be far from wholesome. When Time picked Putin as Man of
    the Year and put him on their cover, I found myself shouting at the cover,
    “F–ck You!” Today, because I’m one of those who classify
    Snowden as a hero and pray for a dozen more like him to finally bring down this
    dangerously corrupt administration, I greet Putin with “Bravo Comrade!”

    • ziggy zoggy

      If Snowden had any integrity he would have gone to Fox News and then Congress. He didn’t. He went to one American enemy after another. He is a traitor. He isn’t a hero just because he revealed valuable information. That doesn’t even make him a decent human being.

      • DontMessWithAmerica

        Methinks you zog while you should be zigging but it’s still a partially free country and we’re all entitled to our own ideas.

  • OfficialPro

    Obama does deserve to be a laughing stock, though. Because his policies paint him as one.

  • American1969

    The reason we have lost presteige and respect around the world is because of the weak policies of the Obama Administration. Why should our enemies fear us with that worthless POS in the White House? He won’t do anything to them. More likely, he’ll aid them in what ever they’re doing. That’s his M.O.

  • Johnnnyboy

    A few nuances to the above, excellent post.

    >>All of this talk about Snowden being a hero or a traitor is nonsense…
    Well, not nonsense, but definitely back burner stuff. Hardly the core issue.

    >>degenerates who run this country…

    Exactly. Our current government serves our interests so poorly that damage to the gov is not the same as damage to the country. For example: is our ongoing policy related to the ‘Arab Spring’ even in out interests? So what if it gets damaged. What would be the harm?

    Finally, he has to hide out in those countries that are strong enough to resist Washington’s pressures, and inclined to do it. If he came back to face trial he would be living up to Mel Brooks movie based aphorism, that “Good is stupid.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

    Snowden might be given permission to speak as a guest on Russian TV shows. He will be given the opportunity to expose police state practices by the US government. Putin will not be able to silence him.

  • jac

    Snowden is a pawn in this charade. 1st, he didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t known already about govt. spying, 2) As Gabbay observed– sincere whistle-blowers and defenders of freedom don’t go to Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia to seek asylum, 3) This was a concocted show Snowden was either a willing participant or duped pawn to send a message to US citizens… the US govt owns you through the very technological social media toys we got you addicted too in the last 10 years, and resisters will be treated as enemies of the state.

    Consider this–just 20 years ago it was Soviet Russia that persecuted truth tellers, while the US gave them asylum and protection. Are we really to believe that now it is the reverse?

    • ReyR

      You don’t have to believe anything but your own eyes. 20 years is a long time. Things have changed. Just keep your eyes open.

  • Bulder

    Nonsense ! We went to Russia 2 years ago . Putin gets criticized and mocked on TV all the time . A lot more then Obama in America . You are just Brainwashed by the Zionist Media here . Typical .

  • palooza

    Wow, you’ve managed to write 1000 words and offer no new takes on the situation. Front Page, I expect better. Edward Snowden’s a traitor? China and Russia are worse than the US in the treatment of their citizens? The cold war’s re-starting? I had no idea.