Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation

3-7-13-Al-Gore_full_600Those who are wondering why Al Gore chose to publicly resurface in a Washington Post interview last Thursday with that paper’s ever-pliable Journolist founder Ezra Klein only need to look in three places.

First, there’s the recently revealed empirical evidence that the “global warming” movement’s claim that climate change is causing increased extreme weather events isn’t true. Second, there’s a new summary of historical research which blows up the movement’s infamous core “hockey stick” chart forecasting unprecedented, accelerating warming. Finally, there’s a new report due to arrive in a month from an increasingly desperate United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In late September, the IPCC, laughably described by the wire service AFP as “an expert body set up in 1988 to provide neutral advice on global warming and its impacts,” will release its next set of “scientific data” to advocate for a worldwide carbon-tax regime. Gore’s mission is clearly to start greasing the skids for the IPCC’s next round of hysteria.

Gore told WaPo’s Klein that the earth is already suffering the negative consequences of failing to act against “global warming.” He claims that “every extreme weather event now has a component of global warming in it,” and that “the appearance of more extreme and more frequent weather events has had a very profound impact on public opinion in countries throughout the world.”

There’s no doubt that the worldwide press’s emphasis on “extreme weather events” has been greater. Virtually every such occurrence will cause one or more journalists, politicians or both to claim it as definitive or presumptive “proof” of the existence of “global warming” and the urgent need to combat it.

The trouble is, the actual occurrences of “extreme weather events” has not increased.

In mid-July, University of Colorado environmental scientist Roger Pielke testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. What he had to say surely did not please Democrats and socialists on the committee, including California’s Barbara Boxer, Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse, and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders:

“Hurricanes have not increased in the U.S. in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since at least 1900,” Pielke added. “The same holds for tropical cyclones globally since at least 1970.”

… (He also noted) that U.S. floods have not increased in “frequency or intensity” since 1950 and economic losses from floods have dropped by 75 percent as a percentage of GDP since 1940. Tornado frequency, intensity, and normalized damages have also not increased since 1950, and Pielke even notes that there is some evidence that this has declined.

… droughts have been shorter, less frequent, and have covered a smaller portion of the U.S over the last century. Globally, there has been very little change in the last 60 years, he said.

Based on his bio and credentials, leftists tempted to trash Pielke’s reputation would be well advised to pick a different target.

Now, let’s get to that “hockey stick.”

In an August 14 post at, the website of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, Craig Idso, the organization’s chairman and past president, posted a lengthy summary of others’ research dating back 15 years relating to what happened during the Medieval Warm Period in the Arctic.

Those who have followed the work of “global warming” advocates disguised as scientists for some time may recall that Penn State’s Michael Mann and his cohort were determined, as seen in the leaked “Climategate” emails, to “get rid of” the Medieval Warm Period, so that their beloved “hockey stick” would remain nearly straight before turning up sharply during the past few decades and into the future.

Idso, who has a Ph.D. in Geography and has authored several peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate-related topics, painstakingly ran down the results of 17 studies attempting to reconstruct surface temperatures in Greenland and other Arctic areas during the past millennium.

Every study he reviewed supports Idso’s conclusion (italics are his):

[T]he Arctic – which climate models suggest should be super-sensitive to greenhouse-gas-induced warming – is still not even as warm as it was several centuries ago during portions of the Medieval Warm Period, when there was much less CO2 and methane in the air than there is today, which facts further suggest that the planet’s more modest current warmth need not be the result of historical increases in these two trace greenhouse gases.

Eight of those studies predate the thousand-year global extension of Mann’s “hockey stick” graph of 2003, meaning that he had to deliberately ignore a huge swath of scientific evidence, which, if honestly considered, would have caused him to throw it into the trash. Instead, he and others associated with the IPCC essentially pretended that no other meaningful contradictory information existed.

In other words, Mann’s “hockey stick” is a bunch of what Colonel Potter of the TV series M*A*S*H used to call “horse hockey.”

It’s hard to see how the IPCC can regain the momentum for taking action against something that clearly isn’t happening. There has been no warming for 15 years, and some evidence of slight cooling since 2002.

I suspect that IPCC and its supporters will have no choice but to resort to leftists’ traditional fallback tactics. That is, they’ll try to act as if damning contradictory information doesn’t exist or is unimportant, and they’ll ramp up their demonization of so-called “deniers.”

That act is wearing very thin. I’d like to believe that it won’t be effective, but that belief depends heavily on continued vigilance on the part of those who insist on following the science where it takes them, instead of making up “science” to fit a statist agenda.

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  • Steeloak

    Al Gore made a fortune with his green alarmism shtick, now that the game is nearly over, he should quietly exit stage left before he becomes a complete buffoon. Oh wait…

    • Drdean0

      Becomes a complete buffoon? That man has been a complete buffoon since day one.

      • glpage

        I don’t think I’m allowed to click your little up arrow more than once. Darn.

        • Drdean0


          • deedee lee

            There is one Bozo clicking the down arrow – Al Gore

      • Squarzelfitz Yagoslavovich

        Al Gore was one hanging chad/voter intent/unlimited recounts until we win ballot count away from the presidency. A terrifying prospect.

        • Drdean0

          The hanging chad thing was shown be be a result of multiple ballots being inserted into the “butterfly” then being punched all at the same time. Only way it could happen. Algore is a farce.

    • myrna652

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    • Marvin E. Fox

      Being foolish has never been an action block if money can be made by being foolish.
      Marvin Fox

    • BenDoubleCrossed

      Too late!

  • American1969

    Maybe Gore is worried he’ll have to pay back all that money he’s scammed from his Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria. Or maybe he’s more worried that he’ll have to get a real job (not that anyone would hire his sleazy butt).

  • truebearing

    Who is it that hates scienc again? When science doesn’t make itself amenable to the political agenda of the Left, they attack those presenting the facts. When people refute their lies, they are deniers. Sick doesn’t even begin to describe these deranged, powermad fools.
    He’s so concerned with the melting polar ice, I think a fitting job for Al Gore would be to don a hormone soaked female polar bear suit, with an attached camera, to record the behavior of huge male polar bears.

    • Jim Robinson

      It has always been and always will be…”the ends justify the means”…”by any means possible”…”from those according to their ability to those according to their needs”. Nothing more be said…so says the extreme left.

  • SteveAR

    “Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation”

    Gore would find manbearpig before he and his hacks prove his “super serial” (or is that “super cereal”?) “global warming” religious fantasies.


  • adamjw2

    There’s only one thing to understand about the Left in order to make sense of their stance on issues like this: Leftists don’t look at results. They only care about the theory behind their stance. In other words, if an idea sounds good to them, they defend it at all costs, no matter what the results of the idea are.

  • Itsy_bitsy

    Al Gore, and his ilk, have cost the average citizen of this country hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with their phony theory! School children are soaked in the propaganda of these snake oil salesmen, and on top of cheating the people of the USA he further enriched himself by selling his cable network to al jazeera, the mouth piece of the most dangerous people on earth, radical Islam!

  • Kurt Todoroff

    When you cheat at our baseball game, I am not interested in hearing how many runs you scored, how many hits, how many home runs, how many RBIs, how many strikeouts, or any other datum. Your dishonesty has rendered your win illegitimate and invalid.

    Similarly, I am not interested in your world-wide temperature graphs, your glacier metrics, your ocean level metrics, your polar bear metrics, or any of your other data. Since you have cheated in your anthropogenic climate change theories by deviating from the scientific method, they are illegitimate and invalid.

    Al Gore is not a scientist. He is not familiar with, nor conversant in, the scientific method. Al Gore is a politician. He has a lifelong history of misrepresentation, deception, and prevarication for personal gain.

    Anthropogenic Climate Change does not exist for three reasons:

    1: The scientific method is a benevolent process of objective inquiry that rejects absolutism. It is the bedrock of all scientific inquiry. It is tried and true and has been accepted throughout modern human history by those who subscribe exclusively to reason and objectivity, and who recognize “truth” and “continuing inquiry” as its founding premises.

    As such, the scientific method recognizes no consensus. Furthermore, the scientific method recognizes no termination to inquiry. Al Gore’s, and the other ACC adherents’, continuing rhetoric that a consensus exists and that the debate is over, violates the scientific method. Therefore, they have no science, only visceral emotionalism and dogma.

    Throughout all of human history, individuals who have challenged the prevailing scientific dogma of the consensus, and who risked their life by resuscitating the debate, have made the most profound breakthroughs which we consider today to be commonplace. Witness Copernicus, Galileo, Bruno, Descartes, Darwin, et al.

    Yet today, the ACC movement deviates from the benevolence of the scientific method by demonizing those who continue the inquiry beyond the “accepted” dogma. They actively and vigorously advocate the termination of research funding for those who dare to question dogma. They slander and libel those who cannot reproduce ACC conclusions. They bar from symposia and academia those who overtly question the quality and the fidelity of the debate. They hurl vitriol and invective at those who question this issue, immaturely attaching childish labels to them and referring to them as “deniers”. These behaviors violate the defining attributes of one who subscribes to the scientific method.

    2: All discussions of fuel sources reduce to one equation. Given a life cycle energy analysis of the fuel, how many units of energy are required to generate one unit of energy using the given fuel type. The answers are disturbing.

    For fad energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind turbine, biomass/biofuel, and geothermal the answer is “more than one”. In the case of photovoltaic it is nearly off the scale. Therefore, solar, wind, biomass/biofuel, and geothermal are not sustainable energy sources. That they even exist is singularly dependent on other sustainable energy sources.

    For carbon based energy sources the answer is much less than one. Therefore, defying all green logic, carbon derived energy sources are sustainable.

    For nuclear based energy sources the answer is that the energy cost to produce a single unit of energy is an infinitesimally small fraction of one unit of energy. In fact, the mass specific energy yield for atomic fission is six orders of magnitude greater than it is for chemical reactions. For atomic fusion, it is even greater. Furthermore, fusionable deuterium and tritium exist in sufficient abundance in the oceans to last humanity millions of years. The extraction and refining costs in both energy and fiscal metrics are orders of magnitude less than for any chemical fuel. Finally, nuclear fusion produces minuscule amounts of emissions per unit of energy generated compared to chemical reactions, making it nearly pollution free. Energy conversion through magneto plasma dynamics yields nearly no waste thermal emissions.

    The ACC intelligentsia knows this. Al Gore may or may not know this. He is not a scientist, and he does not care. Since the ACC intelligentsia is fully cognizant of the fact that the fad energy sources are not sustainable, and since they advocate the complete abolition of carbon based energy sources which are sustainable, and since they are complicitly silent on atomic energy (especially fusion), I logically conclude that the ACC movement has an unpublished strategic objective of reverting all of humanity to a pre–industrial agrarian–socialist utopia lifestyle. The absence of distributable energy translates into the cessation of all electricity production on the planet. Our society and standard of living will collapse without hot and cold running water, central heating, mechanized transportation, food distribution, construction materials, mass produced articles like clothing and home utensils, hospitals, schools, et cetera.

    Therefore, the ACC movement’s dogma is fueled by an collectivist ideology of control. This is not science. This is ideology masquerading as science.

    3: The ACC movement employ non–scientific language to provoke an emotional response in the lay person.

    One example: The concept of renewable energy, which they use ad infinitum ad nauseum, violates the first law of thermodynamics. Therefore, renewable energy does not exist, insofar as the first law of thermodynamics is legitimate. Yet, the ACC movement, politicos, greens, and other special interest groups persist in singing the siren song of “renewable energy” as though it truly exists. In perpetuating the myth of renewable energy, the ACC movement specifically, and the other mentioned groups in general, compromise their legitimacy, and they delegitimize their climate change conclusions and assertions.

    • Aizino Smith

      Bruno? I am not familiar with his work.

      “Giordano Bruno (Italian pronunciation: [dʒorˈdano ˈbruno]; 1548 – February 17, 1600) (Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus), born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: he proposed the Sun was essentially a star, and that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.[2] The Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy and he was burned at the stake”

      It is interesting how people continually try to smear the RCC and yet the church has so many thoughtful and good people..

      You have all kinds in the church. Personally I think church Lady of SNL fame was someone who didn’t get the memo and jump on the new bandwagon of the environmental movement. But hey her heart was in the right place. She wanted to control people like a good leftist.

  • William James Ward

    The true and provable accelerant for global warming is identified
    in one real source and that is the never ending hot air coming from
    Al Gore. Dumbing the population down and then stealing via idiotic
    propositions makes for a universal scam, as with all the left there is
    not one ounce of shame in Al while he helps himself goring the

  • Ammianus

    “That act is wearing very thin. I’d like to believe that it won’t be effective, but that belief depends heavily on continued vigilance on the part of those who insist on following the science where it takes them, instead of making up “science” to fit a statist agenda.”
    The act has been “thin” for some time now and yet the play still continues supported by the MSM and unscrupulous politicians seeking their own statist agendas. It plays into the Left agenda of course, but even otherwise sensible figures like Chris Christie use it to push their interests. This insanity must stop. The stakes are too high. Complaints about Obamacare affecting our lives are well-taken and resistance is important, but if the climate “environmentalists” win the debate there is no area of life that will be safe from government intrusion. Politicians like the NJ governor must be denied their political ambitions.

    • Poppo

      The fact is, to the Politicians, there are no stakes higher than their own re-election. They do what they want and then explain to the rest of us that what they did was “for our own good”.

  • ImStillaYankee

    I wish this bozo would come to Tampa to speak. Seems like whenever he chooses to make an appearance and speak about AGW, it snows. Otherwise, I wish the man would just shut up already. He gives me a headache, pretending to have all powerful knowledge about climate and his leftist cronies continue to give him air time. Enough already, Al–with CO2 rising to such dangerous levels as you claim there isn’t enough oxygen left for the rest of us.

  • RogerDane

    Does anyone with an IQ over 100 think or believe that the iPhone, American Idol, Fox Sunday Comic TV ‘electorate’ can even give a damn?
    Global Warming is just part of the ‘fundamental’ change that has been foisted on a once great American nation over the past forty years. We’ve lost our educational foundations; we’ve lost our moral foundations; we are on the way to losing our military strength and cohesiveness thru watering down requirements and focus; we no longer have a Constitutional Republic because the Constitution has been ignored and trampled; the Supreme court is anything ‘but’ and our Country has been plundered by corrupt applications of Capitalism and freedoms. Of course Global Warming is a scheme and scam but it takes too much energy and time for the twenty second sound bite mentality of the majority of US voters.

    Good article here, good science, good conclusions… wasted on most. Find a hole, buy some coffee and gun powder and shot and wait… all will be worth a lot in the near future.

  • Richard

    Environment guys should do more
    In assessing the data they store
    High temps they despise
    Tend to localize
    In the area surrounding Al Gore

    • rick zee

      SO I ask you, who would you trust? Jefferson or Michael Mann?

      Oh, so Global Warming is “Michael E. Mann” – Made

  • Drdean0

    There really nothing more that can be said of the motives behind algor’es phoney Global Warming–Climate Change. The problem now lies with the people who took the bait -hook, line, and sinker-.

  • Unc Remus

    Some Fools will swallow anything.

  • Justin Boston

    Great article! Al Gore is a piece of $hit profiting off the backs of everyone who believes his ridiculous claims and thoroughly discredited mockumentary. FYI: First paragraph, journalist is spelled wrong.

  • Aizino Smith

    Lampoon the left.

    Keep taking pictures of measuring statements of airport tarmacs, next to generators and the like.

    A trucker called in with some good sense that I had forgotten. Any sensor in an urban area is suspect. Cities are stifling. So how good are thermometer there to measure change? Sitting in traffic in in a coastal town and you have to run the AC at full blast. Break free of the building with all the concrete, where the wind can blow and you need no AC whatsoever.

    My point is as many people have pointed out is that temperature measurement taken in urban areas are suspect. Not so much because of CO2, but more due to the fact urban areas are heat islands.

    Someone suggested to solely use satellite measurements to reading of the whole earth on a continuous basis (or daily snapshots). This would get rid of misplacement of thermometers next to point heat source and other problems. The left does not like that ideal. They could not cook the books and lie to the public as easily.

  • Aizino Smith

    “Which temperature measuring method most accurately measures global warming? a) ground-based … Since about 1979, each day satellites measure the temperature over about 80% of the globe to an accuracy of about 0.1 degree C. Weather balloons only make measurements at specific locations …”

    “The Measuring of Global Temperature
    Many aren’t aware that there are two methods used to measure global temperature. The first, and the method used in defense of the idea of Global Warming, is to average out temperatures around the world as measured in white louvered boxes called Stevenson Screens, usually mounted one metre above ground. This antiquated way of data collection consists of the combined average of tens of thousands of thermometers world-wide. The boxes are usually placed where there may be appropriately trained people to read them, (as a teenager, I did this for the University of North Dakota – and was trained by another teenager!) such as at post offices, airports, pilot stations, radio/tv stations, etc. BY FAR THE MAJORITY ARE LOCATED MOSTLY IN CITIES, and on land.”

    Thomas Jefferson used “Stevenson Screens”. Does this make it Revolutionary War technology? Jefferson’s correspondence with another leader of the day (I forget which one) was quite interesting (I beleive the article was in SCIAM or Discover). Jefferson was trying his d_mnedest to get unbiased readings. SO I ask you, who would you trust? Jefferson or Michael Mann?

    I choose Jefferson

  • Nell Reece

    30 years from now, when food prices skyrocket due to drought, flood and heat waves, and extreme storms cost the government so much that they can’t afford basic services that they provide now, how are you guys going to look your kids and grandkids in the eyes?

    • 57nomad

      Probably by saying ” see this is what happens when you elect a bunch of government worshiping neo-communists. Don’t make the same mistake.”

    • Alan Clark

      I’ll say, “Ask not what the government can do for you. Ask what you can do for yourself.” And obviously, government education is failing miserably because the preceding article, clearly said that none of the things you and your Latter-Day Climatologists keep harping about is actually happening. Reading-comprehension FAIL.

    • Gail Combs

      And BIG AG will be laughing all the way to the bank as will the financial traders.

      Global warming is such a great scrape goat for the elite who are transferring our wealth (labor and property) into their hands.

      The IMF (banK) even admits it:
      In many countries the distribution of income has become more unequal, and the top earners’ share of income in particular has risen dramatically. In the United States the share of the top 1 percent has close to tripled over the past three decades, now accounting for about 20 percent of total U.S. income (Alvaredo and others, 2012).

      Some links on what is actually happening with food and it has NOTHING to do with the actual climate.
      How Goldman-Sachs created the 2008 food crisis:,1

      How the EU kicks farms off their land

      How Mexican farmers were kicked off their land:

      How Inda’s farmers are kicked off their land: The Suicide Economy Of Corporate Globalisation

      How US farmers are about to get kicked of their land:

      Food Safety Modernization Act harms small farmers

      And the reason for getting rid of all those peasant farmers?
      Betting the farm: As world population expands, the demand for arable land should soar. At least that’s what George Soros, Lord Rothschild, and other investors believe.

      South America, Canada, Australia and Africa have also been hit by the elite’s land grab.

    • jtom

      You display as gross ignorance of, well, everything. Crops are producing greater yields, benefitting from the additional carbon dioxide in the air. Droughts and floods have not increased in frequency or severity. The 1930s still hod the records for drought, but even those pale in comparison to the centuries-long droughts starting around 900CE. This year was a record low for tornadoes. We are half-way through hurricane season without a hurricane, and the Accumulated Cyclone Energy index is at an all-time low for this time of the year. In short, a clear lack of extreme weather events.

      When photosynthesizing organisms evolved CO2 was 20% of the atmosphere. When dinosaurs roamed the earth it was 5%. Today, it is less than 0.04%. somehow I don’t think higher levels than today pose much danger to life on earth. If the level were to go below 0.02%, though, plants can’t photosynthesize, and that WOULD spell the end.

    • Jon_Babtist

      And you not having a barbecue is going to save the world.


      Since you seem so sure about what the weather will be in 30 years, what’s your forecast for three Sundays from now? I want to go golfing. Thanks.

    • Mollyzin

      30 years? No, no, no! TWO years. Only two. We don’t have to look our kids and grandkids in the eyes, we can just look each other in the eyes. Al Gore said so:
      “Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. We have just 10 years to avert a major
      catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tailspin.” That was 1996, and we now only have 1 year and 322 days from today before we hit the irreversible tipping point. You shouldn’t be telling people 30 years–you’re giving everyone false hope!!!!

    • Spearfisher

      Explain to them the debt and muslims you lefties stuck them with.

  • mememine

    But nobody except you believers, news editors and politicians have ever said a crisis WILL happen as science has NEVER said it WILL happen as they only agree and say it COULD and might and probably and……. happen. So whats to believe?

    So how close to unstoppable warming will science take us before they end this costly debate and finally say their own 28 year old MAYBE crisis WILL happen, complete unstoppable warming?

    Get up to date people, we don’t have to love this planet with fear like neocons:

    *Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.

    *Science has never agreed it WILL be a crisis, only could be a crisis and it’s been almost three decades.

    *Not one single IPCC warning has ever said any crisis WILL happen, only 28 years of “maybe” a crisis. Prove me wrong.

    *Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).

    *Julian Assange is of course a climate change denier.

    *Obama had not mentioned the crisis in two State of the Unions addresses.

    Definition of Fear Mongering; Saying a CO2 crisis will happen when science has only agreed it could, not would be a crisis.

  • Bert

    The climate is both very complex and related to our global life support system As such it deserves to be approached with open mind and without political nastiness. In most situations we have insurance to cover if something goes wrong. If we get the climate, and the environment, wrong there is NO PLAN B!!
    I have spent many years reading about the many factors involved in both climate and the rest of the environment. These issues are not properly addressed in these political articles.
    I know a lot about the politics of energy and the influence of big energy (coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power). The multi-trillion dollar global energy establishment operates with immense political power. They have blocked any innovation that could challenge their domination. Surprised? It happened to a small company I was with that invented a way to dramatically increase mileage to slash gas consumption. It was destroyed illegally by the U.S. government. No warning, no trial, no appeal, no publicity. When I tell people what happened they insist this cannot happen in America.
    Consuming fossil fuels has raised CO2 levels to 400 parts per million the highest in at least the past million years. Simply denying any possible problem and attacking those who are concerned is playing politics. Try visiting for some important environmental data.

    • Digli

      Try reading what Kurt Todoroff wrote above.

    • 57nomad

      Bert said:

      ” It happened to a small company I was with that invented a way to
      dramatically increase mileage to slash gas consumption. It was destroyed
      illegally by the U.S. government.”

      Now Bert, this is exactly the kind of thing that elicits the attention of those who are charged with keeping the ‘strange’ off the public streets. No, you didn’t work for a company that invented a way to slash gas consumption and no the government didn’t destroy your magic wand.

    • Aizino Smith

      If one took chemistry they could calculate the energy released in the combustion process. Or they could look up. then they could use their 1st year physics course and figure out how much energy it take to accelerate such and such a mas. How much air resistance is. It is proportional to velocity squared. They could take into account internal friction, other losses and finally rolling resistance.

      After such an energy audit I doubt you could back up your claim.

      I kind of doubt that you have the equivalent of 1 year of college level physics and chemistry for those preparing for the hard sciences or engineering curriculum.

      You might have taken the course, but I doubt you remember much if you have.

      Try to think for yourself. Try it , you might like it.

      Here is a gem
      “Study: a warming climate intensifies human violence ”

      I remember my uncle with no formal education beyond high school telling me that when it got hot out during the dog days of summer, that there was usually violence in Beaver Crossing. But hey it got just as hot in the surrounding towns but you did not get the same level of violence. People are just a little more active and bump into each other more frequently. The number of interactions increase. But if people have good morals, they have a plan, they have hope, it does not matter how often they interact, now does it?

      What will you do to get zero violence? Reduce everyone’s temperature to zero Kelvin?

      Why don’t you start a Zero K / Zero violence group!

      I know maybe Mark O. Barton would have been less likely to have shot the people in the office he worked if they had set the thermostat lower. It had nothing to do with financial losses. Or even if it did there would have been a lesser chance of a mass murder if they had set thew thermostat to 65 degrees instead of 75.

  • WW4

    I’m sorry, but I don’t give a d-mn about global warming. Maybe I should, but I don’t.

    I do, however, care about that old-fashioned word, “pollution.”

    • Gail Combs

      Then you should care that windmills and solar panels made in China cause massive pollution. You should care that windmills kill rare birds and bats but the owners get a free pass from government. You should care that Solar panels especially in deserts are very disruptive to wildlife.

      You should care that the trees and other C3 plants were borderline starvation and that increases in CO2 have ‘Green the planet’

      You should care that an increase in cheap energy allows humans to care for the environment instead of filling their bellies.


    • jtom

      That’s fine as long as you know what a pollutant is (e.g., untreated human waste dumped in a river) and what isn’t a pollutant (e.g., atmospheric carbon dioxide).

  • DevilsTrumpet

    I resent that fat liar Gore coming to my country to promote his book of fairy tales on climate and call our Alberta oil-sands the sewer of the world.It’s tiresome that he and others purposely misrepresent the oil-sands by calling them tar-sands in order to further their cause.I dare him to travel to the middle-eastern oil-producing countries and spew the same nonsense on oil but he wouldn’t dare,he’s a coward and likes dirty oil from countries that oppress women and murder minorities and despises ethical oil from a democratic nation.

    Stay the hell out of my country Al.

  • Marvin E. Fox

    Political liberals, Progressives/Democrats/Socialists/Neo-liberals, or whatever deviation from the above, decide on a political or social mission, no fact is allowed to stand in the way of the mission. How else could it be. How have Progressives progressed the welfare of society? The Democrats are not democratic. The Socialists are using phony socialism to become the controllers of all businesses, a national monopoly. What changes have occurred in the word ‘liberal’ to cause the Neo-Liberals to disown the old liberals.
    None of the above are what they say. How can we expect any of them to believe what they say. The above expect us to be believe them because they have said something.
    I am not a believer in nonsense.
    Marvin fox

  • RobinGOOD63

    “Mommy Gore, if it’s covered with ice, why is it called Greenland?”

    “Dear, it’s because the ice is green.”

  • handsomedan


  • Tina Trenner

    First read information that the UN wants a “One World Government” then ask yourself…Hummm if I wanted to run the entire world how would I fund that??????? What do all people have in common? Lets see…Toes.? that won’t work…hair?…Oh yeah….Climate.? Now convince the entire world population they are the reason they are ruining their world…so lets tax them for that atrocity…and …Voila..we can ALL pay Carbon taxes to run our Communist utopia… Problem for the commies is they did not get the carbon tax in place all over America in time as the truth is coming out daily.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Another example of the “left” lying about everything.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    If you want to understand Al Gore’s concern for global warming read “The Great American Bubble Machine Bubble #6″ on Rolling Stone:

  • arizonarebel

    Al Gore should stick a trumpet up his backside and play “Lady of Spain” at the Super Bowl halftime show, and then…OH NO!….WAIT!….the bowel gas he expels would add to GLOBAL WARMING! Guess he’d better not. Let’s save the whales and save the snails…

    • Poppo

      That might be more “family friendly” than recent halftime shows!

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Luckily, in Britain we are so apathetic about politics that no one (apart from the few with nothing better to do than join political parties) has really noticed Al Gore. Here, we will just wait for the issue of global warming (person-made or otherwise) to go away. The fact that there are too many humans on the planet for the available resources also doesn’t feature: we just say, edamus, bibamus, cras moriemur, and have a burger and a beer for old Thomas Malthus.

  • Rick D

    Gore and Clinton started the Chemical spraying of our skies to force the weather into a deadly pattern in order to make rural live people move to the UN appointed Mega-regions ! Agenda 21 . They are willing to Burn and Tornado people to make them do what they want for the Globalists ! And the massive growth those two mad-men started to form Mega-regions , now calls for Socialist healthcare ! I can’t believe Americans can’t see this happening

  • confused

    so, i have a question. lets say global warming is a myth. i can live with that. what i dont understand, is where has the ice gone. you can find anywhere on the net that ice is disappearing and such. im not trying to say global warming does exist, im just wondering where all the ice is going.

  • Joey Kane

    No one ever takes Al Gore cereal about manbearpig!

  • nooneisreallyanonymousanymore

    A complete buffoon is remains in a cycle of continuous buffoon-ment as it copies itself off to keep the buffoon-line going. The buffoon put himself out in the open. There is no where to hide. He can not even maintain a veneer of truth. He has a commission to receive his commissions. He is a by product of his Heritage.

    42 Jesus said to them: “If God were YOUR Father, YOU would love me, for from God I came forth and am here. Neither have I come of my own initiative at all, but that One sent me forth. 43 Why is it YOU do not know what I am speaking? Because YOU cannot listen to my word. 44 YOU are from YOUR father the Devil, and YOU wish to do the desires of YOUR father. ***”That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie]”***. 45 Because I, on the other hand, tell the truth, YOU do not believe me. 46 Who of YOU convicts me of sin? If I speak truth, why is it YOU do not believe me? 47 He that is from God listens to the sayings of God. This is why YOU do not listen, because YOU are not from God.” —John 8:44.

    3 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. —2 Timothy 3: 1-5

    The Many Bible Prophecies have all come true. The remaining few are quickly unfolding. Tell me about Bible Prophecy ‘Mr. Buffoon!”

    The Most published book in all History, distributed all over the Earth is Still making History tells the future accurately. Every time.

    Tell us ‘Mr. Buffoon’ about the Greatest Happy Ending recorded at Revelation 21: 1-5 that is coming quite possibly in our life time.

    21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. 2 I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” —Revelation 21: 1-5.

    Jehovah God & Jesus Christ have everyone’s best interest at heart. No bankers, no armies, no police, no Doctors, no famine, only good weather, no suffering, no horror, no worries, no pain & most important . . . . . . . . . . . ‘NO MORE DEATH!” Legislate that! Do these things with an executive order. Can disobedient angels & men really do better than Jehovah God? Time is up! You ruined the world. Game over! (Whistling!!!!) Get out of the pool! Face your maker!!!

    Mr. Buffoon, there is still time to repent. Hint; Humbly be honest with yourself & the almighty. He sees the heart. He knows you better than yourself. You honestly listen & obey . . . .he will help you further . . . . .with blessings for you and all those around you. . . . . . you have to truly want to be Honest & Good!

    I am sincerely including you in my prayers “Mr. Buffoon!”