ObamaCare on the Edge

41188240001_2636975066001_vs-521f9fd2e4b068e86c06344e-86366013001Recall from history that one of the Eastern Block’s longest-serving and brutal dictators, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, fell from power after a single speech in front of his subjects.  On December 21, 1989, President Ceausescu spoke from a balcony in Bucharest to a group of about 80,000 Romanians, during which opposition to Ceausescu’s rule galvanized.  A few people in the crowd began booing and jeering, totally unheard-of during Ceausescu’s rule.  The booing spread, then the crowd began chanting opposition slogans, and eventually charged the presidential building en mass.

The popular opposition galvanized despite unanimous support of the military and state-run media.  Within three days of the speech, Ceausescu and his wife had been deposed and executed, and Romania became a newly-freed, former communist country.  It was a staggeringly-swift turn of events.  And it all began and gathered momentum during a single speech, now known as the Ceausescu Balcony Speech.

Metaphorically, Obamacare has just now walked onto the balcony and has begun to speak to its subjects, us Americans, who will be held captive by its new regime of laws, regulations and distortions.  Despite widespread positive coverage from the mainstream media, liberal celebrities, and even politicians who accuse opponents of racism, doubts are coalescing.  Popular support has never been that strong, and people are only now coming face to face with the real problems of Obamacare, and they don’t like them.

The media is starting to cover horror stories of healthcare premiums doubling and tripling, and thousands of workers getting laid off or converted to working less than 30 hours a week.  Doctors are retiring to avoid having to deal with it.  Retired workers are losing their insurance and told to go to the Obamacare exchanges or coverage.  Health insurance companies are exiting states.  A new problem has also emerged: Americans are being told of a newly-discovered Obamacare “family glitch,” in which many workers will be able to keep their healthcare coverage but their spouses and children will be dropped.

The hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the Obama administration to provide paid “navigators” to “get the word out,” and help from liberal celebrities can only sugar-coat things so long.  Within the next few weeks Americans will receive notices in the mail describing the true, terrible details of changes to their healthcare coverage.

A few lucky Americans, like some unions and members of Congress and their staffs, will be exempt from Obamacare.  Agents at the IRS, who will enforce Obamacare on the rest of us, are urging Congress to vote against a proposal that will place them in the same healthcare boat as the rest of us.  Seems like the healthcare that is good enough for the rest of us is not good enough for the IRS.

And whatever happened to President Obama’s promises?  Remember when he told us “if you like your doctor or healthcare plan, you can keep it”?  The White House doesn’t want us to remember those comments.  President Obama also probably wants us to forget when he said that under Obamacare a typical family’s healthcare premium will decrease by $2,500.  The reality is that for most Americans, their health insurance premiums will rise dramatically, and they may not be able to keep their current insurance coverage at all.

The dynamics in Congress are just beginning to change.  A few days ago the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to fund the government except for Obamacare.  Even some Democrat representatives voted for it.  Only a few weeks earlier, this would have been unthinkable.

While the Democratically-controlled Senate is expected to pass a resolution that will fund Obamacare, Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid is trying his best to pass the resolution in such a way that vulnerable Democrat Senators up or re-election in 2014 do not need to publicly show their support for Obamacare.  Voters back home in Alaska, Arkansas or North Carolina, for example, might not approve of their senators voting to keep Obamacare in place.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s filibuster did not win a vote on defunding Obamacare, but he was at least successful in presenting to the general public some of the arguments against Obamacare that are usually ignored by the mainstream press, and Democrats in general are on the defense.

Yes, the bottom is falling out of Obamacare support, and like the end of Nicolae Ceausescu, it could be very quick.

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  • davarino

    Be careful, the IRS might be watching, the NSA might be listening. This is like the Lord of the Rings. Obama loves his precious.

    • liza dany

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  • Boots

    And my liberal friends keep insisting the ACA will work as designed. I agree with them… because it’s designed to destroy American healthcare so that Democrats can demand single payer. No business can ever be sure if they’re in compliance. It takes over five reams of paper to print the monstrosity and more than 24 reams to print the HHS and IRS generated regulations… and we’re expected to understand all this manure. The revolt against Obamacare can’t come too soon.

    • physicsnut

      hah – it was designed by Insurance Lobbyists and Lawyers – gee, that really inspires a whole lot of confidence ‘as designed’. The only way single payer can work is if it is like social security – and it can’t be like that because medicare can’t be like that – so it is being gamed and the costs are going thru the roof.

      • Boots

        I think you’re mostly right but the politicians had enough of a hand in it to put little features in the bill to make sure it fails… like the 30 hour full time work week as just one example. The insurance industry was bought off with the features their lobbyists managed to get. One thing that ticks me off… I was playing with ACA calculator on the Kaiser Family Foundation website and it actually punishes marriage and makes divorce an attractive financial option in some cases. Just like Democrats want… more government dependency.

  • roberted

    Hopefully the balcony speech will be very soon.

    This is one great and truthful article about “Obama”:


  • ballpark1981

    except here will will have to kill obamedia also, then go after the liberal teaching agenda, we(the people) will CURE the liberal cancer infecting the USA, just like they did

  • Chris Behme

    Liberalism looks great on paper, but always fails in practice.
    Liberal ideas only work until you run out of others people’s money.
    Then they collapse and misery follows.

    • Fritz

      Socialism, call it by it’s true name, not the euphemism the lefties co-opted from libertarians decades ago. The only things the so called “Liberals” or liberal about is sex and drugs, and under Obamacare they may start regulating and punishing lifestyle choices for those as well. It will not be for a few years at least (assuming it survives that long) but there will come a day when the “death panels” will decide that Aids and Heroin addiction is just too expensive to treat.

  • justquitnow

    Holy smokes..Ceausescu…that’s where you start? You’ve left yourself no where to go. I hope the bottom falls out of it and fails complete or this author would look like a complete fool.

  • physicsnut

    talking about The Unaffordable Crap Act ? It took the idiots 2700 pages to tell us that they are going to FORCE us to buy insurance. I just said it in one sentence – even shorter than the Canadian version ! Suppose it was about Lawyers rather than doctors. I wonder what would happen. They tell me to spend money that I don’t have. I wonder if there are “unintended consequences” of such an unprecedented “law”. How many articles have been written saying that the US govt has not done such a thing in the past. Oh, but wait, if Roberts says you can call it a TAX then they can extend this reasoning to ANYTHING. This is just Nancy Pelosi trying to impose a middle class value, having insurance, on everybody, including those who can’t afford it, with some silly promise of subsidy. Of course, it will not mean anything when you get a bill under the deductable, which will be higher. So much for any ‘health care’. I wonder who benefits from this unamerican crap act ? Possibly Insurance companies ? Have you ever seen anything so corrupt – and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It benefits Lawyers and Lobbyists. It pretends to give everybody a subsidy.

  • Ellman48

    “President Obama also probably wants us to forget when he said that under Obamacare a typical family’s healthcare premium will decrease by $2,500. The reality is that for most Americans, their health insurance premiums will rise dramatically, and they may not be able to keep their current insurance coverage at all.”

    Obama is a man who has no qualms or reservations about telling lies if doing so achieves his nefarious ends. No dictator or autocrat lets morals and conscience weaken their resolve or determination to acquire absolute power. Obama will one day belong among the tyrants in the Wax Museum of World Leaders, not in the company of liberators and humanitarians.

  • Ellman48

    ‘Hope & Change’ was a message directed by Obama to all Americans in order to win the election in 2008. Unfortunately, many received the ‘hope and change’ this leftist Marxist had in mind when he used that phrase. The rest of us have been ‘hoping for change’ the past 5+ years, that Obama would lose the election in 2012 and stop destroying the nation and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Our next opportunity to save ourselves from the tyranny of Big Brother will come in the Nov 2014 elections. Unfortunately, the longer a cancer metastasizes the more difficult it is to cure. “Hope and Change” may become the epitaph on Uncle Sam’s tombstone!