TruthRevolt’s Victory: MSNBC’s Sexist Martin Bashir Resigns, the latest project from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, scored a major victory on Wednesday with the resignation of the sexist Martin Bashir at MSNBC.

On Nov 15, broke the story that Bashir ranted on-air that someone should “p*ss” and “sh*t” in Sarah Palin’s mouth as punishment for the former governor’s comparison of burdening future generations with crippling debt to slavery.

TruthRevolt immediately went to work, launching a petition calling on MSNBC to Drop the Sexist Bashir for what may be the most vile comments ever made by a mainstream host on an American television network.

The petition gained national attention when it was linked by the DrudgeReport and by

By the time Bashir went to air Monday, he was forced to open his show with a lengthy apology.

However, MSNBC was still silent on the matter, demonstrating both arrogance in the face of genuine criticism, and a disgusting double-standard considering their actions against conservatives for insensitive remarks in the past.

TruthRevolt redoubled their efforts, leading a multifaceted campaign against MSNBC, and more importantly, Bashir advertisers CapitalOne, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Bayer.

For two-weeks, the thousand-person strong TruthRevolt Special Ops Volunteers inundated these organizations with phone calls, emails and tweets, specifically their upper management and marketing departments.

When another MSNBC host, Alec Baldwin, was suspended from the network for anti-gay slurs – another TruthRevolt victory – the team hit the beleaguered network over the absurdity of punishing a man for something said in anger in his private life while remaining silent on the scripted, producer-approved slurs actually made over their broadcast.

Bashir’s resignation marks the latest in a rapid succession of victories for the freshman website. In fewer than three months, they have led successful campaigns against two MSNBC hosts, caused a major advertiser to drop Politico over a columnist there calling for Speaker Boehner to be drowned, forced an apology from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal for publishing a cartoon comparing the Tea Party to Islamic Suicide bombers, and pressed CNBC host Steve Liesman to apologize for racist comments about Senator Ted Cruz.

  • camp7

    Good work!

    “Everything yields to diligence”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • OnlytheTruth

    It took awhile, but victory at last! Too bad that the head of MSNBC did not apologize. He will have to keep suffering embarrassment with further incidents until he gets it. Abuse of others is a cheap shot and usually boomerangs.

  • darkknight91

    Give him some curry and dunk him in the Ganges. All the while he can sing My Sweet Lord.

    • Arvind60

      I’m thrilled this brainwashed radical leftist from Pakistan/UK has resigned. But please don’t pollute the Ganges river by dunking MB in the holy river revered by Hindus. Why haven’t his bosses at MSNBC been fired?


        Right ON!

        The heads of BSNBC need to resign too.

        Batshits rant must have gotten the OK from the top.

  • truebearing

    Congratulations to all who have made TruthRevolt the bane of MSNBC. It is proof of the efficacy in David Horowitz’s strategy of using the Left’s tactics against them.

    • BS77

      MSNBC has abysmal ratings….which continue to decline…

      • laura r

        they lost 50% of the viewers

  • A Z

    “for the former governor’s comparison of burdening future generations with crippling debt to slavery.”

    Excessive taxation has been compared to serfdom

    As we know serfdom is toward the slavery portion of a linear continuum with freedom at the far end.

    There is a sovereign2serf blog at WordPress

    There is the article at Before Its’ News called “The Tax Deal Is The Road To Serfdom”

    Then there is Hayek’s book The Road to Serfdom.

    What Sarah Palin said is nofalse and not extraodinary.

    Neither is Martin’s Bashir’s response to valid ideals expressed by a conservative or a libertarian

    • Big Jim 33

      Bashir is all tied up with that “people of color” revere-racism.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    This is what we have to do just to have some fairness, because the msm is on their side! If the media exposed the missteps of democrats/liberals and progressives the way they do conservatives, this country would be entirely different.

  • Riveting Tale

    I support David’s efforts to highlight the nastiness and punish the Bashir’s of the media world. Let’s recognize that this is in the spirit of maintaining a high standard of journalism and public discourse, the latter of which is frequently ignored in the comments sections of many if not most conservative online publications (I can’t read left wing publications but I have no doubt they are the same). Its no good to comment on Bashir’s crudeness and then tolerate some of the utter garbage that I see posted here in the same tone if not the same wording.

    • Elizabeth Cape Cod

      I hope you’re kidding.
      Commenters, be they liberal or conservative, are not professional commentators. I’d be happy if the media held ALL professionals responsible for their speech and actions,
      But that’s not enough for ‘you’ because since the msm already holds conservative professionals responsible, what’s left but to hold conservative nobody commenters responsible too.

    • A Z

      ” (I can’t read left wing publications but I have no doubt they are the same)”

      Why not? Are you under court order not to read left wing publications?

      Or can you simply not stomach them?

      I was banned from a leftwing site simple for bring up facts like are military spending is based on the Quadrennial Defense Review and on concepts such as purchasing power parity (and of course a fair amount of corruption and politics). I was quite upset since there was not an swear words or put downs in those comments. That is the state of comment in some leftwing sites, lockstep.

    • Well Done

      I would invite you to read some of the comments on “left wing publications”. I’ll give you a hint: Bashir’s heinously obscene, and, frankly, incredibly stupid, on-air rant was mild. I’m serious. I tried listening to Air America and I’m here to tell you Bashir’s rant was mild compared to that, as well. No centrist comment I’ve ever seen can hold a candle to the rude, stupid, and neanderthal attitude of the left. Drop-out juvenile burger-flipper or tenured academic, they sound the same.

  • Dobermite

    Thank You David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro, most notably for finally showing the vicious left that there is a line they can cross that will force them to pay for their viciousness, their wickedness, their cruelty and intolerance.

    The left has been beating up on this good and decent woman for so long, one vile attack after another, that I’m sure they believed nothing was off limits, nothing was too vile or too cruel when it came to this woman, thats why Bashir thought it was safe to launch the most vile attack against a prominent conservative woman since a homosexual activist physically assaulted Anita Bryant and brought her to tears.

    Back then the vicious left had a media monopoly and they laughed about that attack, like it was a big joke. That was the first time in my life, as a young boy, that I realized the cruelty of the left knows no bounds, and it sickened me to watch them lampoon and destroy that woman without an ounce of blowback.

    THANK YOU for making sure they couldn’t get away with that again.

    It took 40 Years, but this is finally payback for Anita.

    • Kepha Hor

      The classic Left v. Palin story is how she was laughed out of court from one end of the MSM to the other for suggesting that Russia was close to Alaska (the actual meaning of “Ican see it from my window”–nobody’d hold it against a Vermonter who said the same about Canada, even if he lived in the state’s southern end). Having passed the foreign service exam at one point in my life, including a question on the number of countries with which the USA shares actual borders (Russia is the third, after Mexico and Canada–only five miles between the Diomedes), I wrote to the WashPost and others saying their comments about Palin made me ashamed to be part of the faux-siphticated Eastern Seaboard.

      • Well Done

        Palin wasn’t “laughed out of court”, you’re mixing your metaphors. She didn’t say she could see it from here window, that was a comedian on Sat Nite Live. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Americans don’t know how close Russia actually is to American soil in Alaska.

  • Lanna

    The majority of people do not like the tactics used by MSNBC, they get tired of the smut machine that peddles hatred, its neither fun or pleasant to watch, that’s why their ratings are way down….How low can they go!

  • Big Jim 33

    Why is the producer who approved it still there at MSNBC?

  • Clare Spark

    It would have been nice if a feminist group had supported Sarah Palin against Martin Bashir. But the second wave of feminism wasn’t about that: see “Female genitals as red flag.”

    • Dobermite

      Sorry, I don’t believe in quantum physics when it comes to matter of the heart. I believe in the soul, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curveball, high fiber, good scotch, and that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, opening your presents on Christmas morning rather than Christmas eve, and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.

      • Well Done

        Um, pardon me?

        • Dobermite

          Exactly my point, WD, that was my reaction to the column Clare linked, thus my similarly convoluted response.

  • HenDanK

    Thank you TruthRevolt! I want to encourage everyone to give as generously as possible to this cause. We need people like Ben and David who are committed and brave warriors for the cause of truth.

  • USNbubblehead

    Truth Revolt marks a change in the ongoing war against the leftist insurgency. Finally someone made the decision to employ the successful tactics of the left against them. As much as it pains traditional conservatives to have to resort to acting somewhat like the shrill, outraged, bullying progressives, it is bearing fruit.

    We should be ever vigilant, however, to avoid becoming JUST like them in this, or any, regard. Yet I will say that in any conflict, hot or cold, if you do not adapt to successful new tactics (or weaponry in the case of hot conflict), you will not win. History proves it again and again. Fight to win or surrender; there is no other option.

    • Dallas25305

      Your right about successful tactics. The Liberal Socialist Democrap party has been using Saul Alinsky’s tactics against the Republican’s since Obozo came on the scene. Time to turn around and use Saul Alinzky tactics against them. Barak Hussein Obozo has been a man walking around with targets all over him. However the Washington Old men of the Republican party are living in the past and are afraid to criticize Obama, and they wonder why they lose. They need to be gone and replaced with some men with guts, men like Cruz and some others who have back bone.

  • russell owl

    great job truthRevolt !!
    Now you need to expose the vile predator Terry Ruchardson pornographer fashion photog creeptard darling of a few other Brits operating in America, Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine and Glenda Bailey of Harpers Bazaar… both employ Terry Richardson for celebrity covers, recently oprah and madonna and many young impressionable popstars like Miley Cyrus, gaga, and Justin Beiber SENDING THEY AND YOUNG MODELS INTO HIS LAIR TO BE ABUSED AND CORRUPTED, introducing them into his perverse world to share with
    OUR CHILDREN in their revolting DISCUSTING embarressing performances and press. HE AND BASHIR BOTH ABUSIVE CORRUPTERS OF WOMEN AND OUR CULTURE.

    he even posed with Obama after their photoshoot in 2007…

    He gets employed by Mercedes, the Kardashians for Sears, Gucci, and many many more main stream brands! TRUTH REVOLT! REVOLT!

    • cacslewisfan

      I second the motion! Richardson is the disgusting monster responsible for the “Wrecking Ball” video. It is amazing that the Left coddles the likes of Richardson and Flint, but goes into hysterics when Conservatives say they don’t want to pay for birth control. Get ‘em Truth Revolt!

    • laura r

      get sneaky. where are the old school radical feminist lesbian types? or is that PC outof fashion? (or is everyone into whoremode)? get 500,000 signatures of women like this world wide. leftwing women will sign anything that REpresses. except they wont sign if they know its you. SO, this requires some sneaky sub names for truth revolt. you can petition arab women too. there are feminist women who would help you upfront like phyliss chesler. be creative. after your success, you can come out of the closet.

  • nomoretraitors

    I wish someone would bashir Martin in the head. Hopefully this turd will float back across the pond to the UK

  • celador2

    Because Bashir’s performance was scripted it was approved on several levels or at least one put side himself. What was the punishment for the editors and producers who allowed Bashir’s on camera attack on Sarah Palin?
    Seems Bashir is the tip of the ice berg and the only one to face consequences. Are the filth enablers still going to produce more of the same?

    • laura r

      she should sue the station. defamation of character.

  • lyndaaquarius

    The Left despises Sarah Palin for two reasons. First, the smart ones recognized her political power immediately and knew she could never be “played”.She would stop their “progress”,if she got ultimate political power.Second,she playfully and joyfully mocked Obama. “hopey,changey stuff”. Sadly for them,her real political strength is just beginning and they can’t stop it.I think she smoked ole Bashir out when she began her “slaves to debt” speech which she prefaced with “now what I’m about to say isn’t racist,but…..”. Stupidly,Bashir took the bait and the rest is history.Remember how she jerked the media around on her bus tour a few summers ago? What’s so funny to me is that her critics all think they’re oh so much smarter than she is.

    • laura r

      its a shame she wasnt really prepared to speak in 2008. shes much better now.

      • lyndaaquarius

        I think that they were so freaked out about her obvious effectiveness that it wouldn’t have mattered what she said or didn’t say. They had their frantic orders to destroy,destroy,destroy. But, you’re so right. She’s ready for them now. Whatever happened to Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric???

  • lyndaaquarius

    I’m so encouraged about the great future that lies ahead for will make a huge,huge difference in our country.I am convinced that their efforts will bring victory to our beleaguered America.We must support them with our $$$$ and prayers and efforts.

  • antioli

    ” O But But Bashir We Barely Knew ya!!” chuckle

  • Iown You

    Bashir’s comments were vile, but not “sexist”.

    Using the term “sexist” here is irresponsible, and makes all the rage against him almost hypocritical. I also feel the term being used here is born from the trigger-happy femnazi overreaction machine.

    Yes, a man said something bad about a woman, but no that doesn’t make it or him sexist. Let’s quit turning everything into a bleeding-heart narrative on fabricated female oppression (which doesn’t even exist in the western world).

    • cacslewisfan

      The point of Truth Revolt is to hold the Left to their own rules (a highly effective Saul Alinsky tactic) and destroy them with their own hands. Watch the video of the birth of Truth Revolt here on Frontpagemag.

  • Ritch Ritchloui

    Bashir’s recommendation to commit an atrocity, against a woman at that, simply for an opinion, says much more about him than he might have wished. Why so nasty Mr Bashir? Let me see. ‘Bashir’, that’s an Arabic name isn’t it. Where have I heard the name ‘Bashir’ before? Oh, I remember, the genocidal President Bashir of Sudan. Now there is a country that really does have slavery Mr Bashir. Are your demons troubling you?

    • Hass

      He’s a Porkistani POS mate.

      • Kepha Hor

        It’s Pathologicalstani, Hass.

  • cacslewisfan

    This is fantastic! Go Truth Revolt!

  • mtnhikerdude

    MSNBC knew Bashir was a load when they hired him.


    TruthRevolt AKBARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

    Martin Bashir ETERNAL NAKBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ServosT

    He and his 17 viewers will be heading over to Al- Jazeera.

  • laura r

    lets have some fun: petition the mosques for gay rights. say you want to convert, but youre gay. if they wont accept you, you will call ACLU, SPLC. gay muslims now! when do we want it? now! get 10,000 signatures (any signture will do, lets play it like the left). get into into the mainstream media, they will write about anything. debate the iman on TV, the one from NYC. now you play their silly game.

    • LogicNotHuff

      Homosexuals won’t do it.

      • laura r

        younger leftwing people will rally around anything, gay & straight. its a new cause, gays in mosques. openely gay. the media will eat this up. after all the mosque in tribeca NY said they support GLBT. this is just a suggestion for ben shapiro. lets play w/the sheeple mentality.

    • Well Done

      You’re right, logic, queers would NEVER do that to Islam, because the hard left’s backroom are either moslems or are sympathetic to Islam due to its anti-U.S. stance. Never mind that Islamists are pretty much anti-everything, including about half of other moslems. I’m not sure what the left thinks will happen if they do get a total victory and run things the way they want. Do they think the military will come to the rescue of any such certainly-heinous non-American regime? Seem unlikely.

  • Howard Boyd

    He should have been fired the next day not over a week later