As Amnesty Advances, Conservatives Fire Back

imA number of conservative politicians and pundits signed a letter and held a conference this week to dispel the rumors, they say, that new immigration bill S.744 will inevitably pass and that it has the broad support of conservatives everywhere.

The letter was signed by well-known conservatives like Monica Crowley, Erick Erickson, Victor Davis Hansen, and David Horowitz. On a conference call introducing the letter, several prominent conservatives explained their opposition to the bill. The letter opened by stating unequivocally that the current bill is beyond repair and should be scrapped entirely.

We write to express our serious concerns regarding the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, S. 744. We oppose this bill and urge you to vote against it when it comes to the Senate floor. No matter how well-intentioned, the Schumer-Rubio bill suffers from fundamental design flaws that make it unsalvageable. Many of us support various parts of the legislation, but the overall package is so unsatisfactory that the Senate would do better to start over from scratch.

On the conference call, several prominent conservatives attacked individual parts of the proposed bill. Carol Swain is a professor at Vanderbilt University, and she said that if this bill were to pass it would only lead to more unemployment of American workers, and especially in the African-American community.

“The proposed legislation works directly against the interest of American workers, especially those with a high school education or less.

“We can safely predict increases in black unemployment, as well as incarceration rate.”

Swain continued, “The last thing that America needs is another guest worker program for low-wage, unskilled workers. What America needs is an investment in American workers.”

Andrew McCarthy is a former US Attorney in the administration of George W. Bush and he was the lead prosecutor in the successful conviction of the so-called “blind sheikh,” Omar Abdel Rahman, the man responsible for the original World Trade Center attack in 1994. McCarthy said that passage of this bill would hurt national security.

“Sponsors of the immigration bill promised us security and enforcement first, and legalization only when that was achieved.”

Instead, said McCarthy, the bill that has been agreed upon gives provisional status to all illegal aliens immediately, even as politicians make yet another promise to secure the border at a later unspecified date. McCarthy concluded with what he would like to see from immigration reform.

“Enforce the law, establish a track record of enforcing the law, and then come back to us [the American people] in five years with a track record of enforcement.” (And to ask for some sort of amnesty at that point.)

Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Sessions pointed out a mandatory biometric system was voted down, and that the new bill scraps the e-verify system in favor of another untested system.

The proposed bill has been going through a furious period known as mark-up. It finally passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee with a 13-5 vote. A vote in the full Senate is expected in the next week and the process will then move to the House of Representatives, where the members appear close to announcing their own immigration reform bill.

For immigration reform to be effective there must be aggressive border enforcement, work enforcement, as well as visa tracking and enforcement. While proponents of the bill have maintained that enforcement will be a priority, numerous troubling details covered by FrontPage Magazine have shown that true enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws continues to be lacking.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    Just a few years ago, Senator Rubio said, "[I]f you grant amnesty … in any form, whether it's back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America."

    Rubio is now advocating amnesty — a proposal so ludicrous, so manifestly designed to betray reason and law, that it is best described as nihilistic.

    Read more: American Thinker: Marco Rubio's Theater of the Absurd by John T. Bennett

    The most important and outrageous fact about those triggers is that the "written certification" is not approved or denied by Congress (11-12). The DHS secretary could deliver a message in invisible ink to Congress, then proceed with amnesty.

    Rubio is rolling Conservatives who contributed mightily to his campaign, or, worked across state borders to elect him based on his public proclamations (above).

    Rubio is initiating legalization of Undocumented Democrats who in perpetuity shall forever dog, antagonize & vote against the GOP. Rubio is inviting those who shall syphon off our tax dollars, and DESTROY AMERICA as it was founded!!!


    • Cassandra

      So do I and Rubio is a liar.

      • κατεργάζομαι

        CONGA LINE of Eight Statist FOOLS!

        ….they would sell-out Americans for 30 pieces of silver; – "Judas-pennies",

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Question: If the Gang of Hate fell into the Potomac River…….Who would sink first?

    Answer: ~ Who cares?

    ¡Adiós! – (hasta la vista, baby!)

    • Cassandra

      If the gang of wight and the whole Obama clan fell into the Potomac would be a great blessing. They can all go to the devil.

      • κατεργάζομαι

        "They can all go to the devil. "

        Eight devils in the Deep Blue Sea?

        Devils in a Blue Dress?

  • pinnie99

    Well they sold Rubio a bill of goods now didn't they. He is done in my mind. the rinos ruined him. And believe me .. Conservatives were looking at him hard!!! The rinos & Commie Schumer crawled right up his Butt. Filled his head with crap. Destroyed another Tea Party hopeful. …, Rinos = just like the Commies… Same thing, just do not admit it…..If the border is not closed..fenced ,then shoot to kill. No more *rubber bullets so we can bury another agent??? How stupid are these Govt morons! Jump my fence guess what???. I don't care what, or who you are .Get the hell out.. and join our country the right way.

  • Jane Larson Baer

    When I said there were some heroin dealers in front of where some Latinos lived in my area, city councilmemebers held a press conference in front of my family home and said my family was racist and should be punished. We were including my osn who has permanent scars from their knives…in a gang manner that all gangmemebers know he didn't hear them. The heroin and other killling drugs have poured into this college town from across the US/Mexican border and American rebellious youth are dying. It is considered all their individual fault (the dead are mostly young white males) but the town is sympathetic to the drug dealers. In a place where strong pot and other drugs are ok and the jobs for American youth without education are taken by foregners…some rebellious youth are bound to fall victim to the free drugs offered by the illegals who are in the street drug dealing gang who give out free heroin to get them hooked. The dealers are sympathized with, the users are villified further and their parents don't say how they died when they overdose to save face. Is the playing fiel level yet?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Houston Police Officer Kevin Will, 38-years-old, was killed by an illegal alien thug MS-13 gang member. Johoan Rodriguez, who was driving drunk with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, was also found with a bag of cocaine after he slammed into Will. Will's wife is six months pregnant and they have two other children together.

    Rodriguez was deported twice before killing Will, leaving his wife to raise their children on her own, without a father. Rodriguez was charged a $10 fine and short jail time for entering the United States illegally.

    Last week a local police Sergeant was T-Boned and instantly killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light at 80 miles per hour. The driver, an illegal alien, 22 years old had already racked up one drunk driving conviction.

    Meanwhile, President Obama jokes about the seriousness of the situation and violence occurring on the U.S.-Mexico border and happening inside American cities. Janet Napolitano also continues to say the U.S.-Mexico border is secure and that border towns are safe and "thriving."

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    If we can't or won't secure the border, lets just drop any pretense of sovereignty, a now quaint concept to the utopian, one-worlders among US, anyway.. .the 51%… Obamatons….

    Why have passports, embassies, or visas, when, if you have the desire to come here, you can simply waltz in and get lost in any number of sanctuary democrat-run cities, collect all the benes, maybe even work in the huge underground economy…?

    What a dumb, ignorant country this has become…

    • Homonymous Merkin

      You are correct, Drover.

      • OneCornQueenIQ45

        And you in AZ bear the brunt of these imported dimocrats… This situation will never end, 'cause those in power don't really want it to end…
        So frustrating.

        Wee in 5-4-3-2-1…

    • Mississippi Delta

      Replying to A little help

      ……you need a little help from your "friends".

      …….. to help you drop onto the murky waters flowing beneath the Tallahatchie Bridge.

  • Antisharia

    Conservatives should do everything in their power to see that Rubio isn't reflected in 2016. This type of deception ,ust not be tolerated.

  • Anti sharia

    Clearly that should read must not be tolerated. Damn typos.

  • Luis522

    My Letter To Senator Rubio

    To Senator Marco Rubio,

    I do not understand what the rush is to move an immigration bill such as this one. On your 2010 campaign trail, you had assured the residents of Florida that there would be NO bill that did not first address enforcing Constitutional law, and the securing of the borders. Your bill just follows the late President Reagan's very mistakes that he had made in trusting the Democrats to honor their part of the contract.

    Can you honestly give the American people at least one account where the democrat run Congress and WH has upheld their Oaths of Office?! I can't! What I have witnessed has been defiance and indifference — at best.

    How can we trust a government with the following record, thus far:
    1. The Black Panther investigation — that Eric Holder swept away.

    2. "Fast And Furious" — which the DoJ sealed its files; and with the blessing, and Presidential power, of Barack Obama.

    3. Benghazi — Another case of gun running, like "Fast And Furious", where the lies of a video being the culprit was even spread at the UN — even by the POTUS himself!

    4. The Boston Massacre by KNOWN and, at one time, WATCHED muslim terrorists — that the FBI simply let go astray.

    5. (Lois Lerner's favorite number) Here we have the "AP" and "IRS" scandals. And no one seems to know anything; nor are they to blame.

    Under the circumstances, I'd say that it is a fact that the National Security policies of the Obama Administration cannot be depended on to uphold, or enforce, ANY new legislation, like immigration, at all; as they, including quite a few GOP members, have PROVEN that their actions are motivated entirely by either ideology, and/or political ambition and longevity; and not the safety and stability of our sovereign States — which actually IS this Union.

    I have been given the "okay", by my local group, to advise you, Senator Rubio, and all other members, that should you vote "Yay" on this bill, your actions would also just be reflective of political ambition and expediency; that the promises you made, on the campaign trail, would be as worthless as those made by Barack Hussein Obama himself, back in 2008.

    How can we trust a Congress that won't even enforce the building of "The Fence" — as it was also signed into LAW as well?!

    It hurts me a lot to have to write such a letter; and believe(d) in.

    Respectfully yours,
    Luis ______

    ps: I will be posting this letter all over the internet.

    • davarino

      Maybe he'll get votes and support from his constituents south of the border, but not from conservatives. Way to go Marco. Hey, what do you think about that as a slogan "Way to go Marco"

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Unfortunately Luis it seems all of our Politicians are cut from the same cloth, rotten rags.

  • Shlomi Weisberger

    Horowitz … a titan? LOL Hilarious… where do you guys get this stuff?? LOL

    • Erica Botov

      I agree… A Titan? more like a putz!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    America is a land without a government that is for it's own people, doing thier will and
    obedient to the public good. All of our ills can be attributed to government inaction or
    action due to corruption in all of it's branches. When the Bible, morals and ethics were
    taken out of school curricula, civics and responsible citizenship were kicked to the curb.
    In accademia the beginning of the end started and today the results are quite obvious.
    Just how responsible the citizenry is for this is debatable but tollerance brought it about,
    tollerance for the wrong and intollerable made possible by societal devaluations in a party
    atmosphere, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow…..what!….is today……………William

  • κατεργάζομαι

    CONGA LINE of Eight Statist FOOLS!

    ….they would sell-out Americans for 30 pieces of silver; – "Judas-pennies",

  • fanlad

    Thank you, finally a few conservatives make a stand for common sense.

  • Jim

    Rubio made an infomercial for 'gangsters of 8 ' amnesty plan.

    It was sponsored by Hanniity.

    Assembled was a well chosen audience loaded with easy questions for Rubio to answer.

    Was any body from Numbers there?

    • Ellman

      Trust no one, including Hannity! Use your own mind to discern truth from fiction. These are not normal times and you can't trust what you see or hear regardless of the source.

  • Ellman

    The politicians in Washington are betraying this country. They have become as dangerous to our welfare and survival as the Islamist jihadists (foreign and home-grown) and the Alinskyites and Marxists in the federal government. Whether they simply "know not what they do" or want to deliberately sabotage our security and prosperity for personal political gain is difficult to discern. We need to get rid of the ones advocating amnesty without first insuring secure borders in the 2014 elections and then do the same in subsequent elections. It's our only hope – besides prayer!