California Dems Fight to Let Illegal Alien Criminals Loose

Ever since California’s Governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation that would have all but entirely ended all cooperation between the State of California and ICE on detainers less than ninety days ago, liberals, both in Sacramento and in specific localities, have been plotting to institute the legislation in whole or at least in parts.

ICE detainers are holds, up to two business days, that ICE places on municipal prisoners it wants held for additional time because ICE believes they are eligible for deportation. In early October, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed what was then referred to as the TRUST Act (Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools).

This bill would have ended all cooperation between any police official anywhere in California on nearly all detainers in the entire state of California. The Governor vetoed it at the end of September. Ever since, the Attorney General of the state of California has issued a new directive more narrowly defining state agencies that are obligated to cooperate with ICE detainers. The California legislature has made plans to introduce another version of the TRUST Act in the upcoming session, and the LA County Sheriff’s Office and the Police Chief of the City of Los Angeles have both issued public directives limiting their jurisdictions’ cooperation with ICE detainers.

Kamala Harris is the Democratic Attorney General for the State of California. On December 4, 2012, she issued a memo to all executives of all state and local agencies.

In it, Harris said that her office no longer considered cooperation with ICE detainers mandatory. The pertinent portion of the directive is as follows:

Are Local Law Enforcement Agencies Required to Fulfill Individual ICE Immigration Detainers?

No. Local law enforcement agencies in California can make their own decisions about whether to fulfill an individual ICE immigration detainer. After analyzing the public-safety risks presented by the individual, including a review of his or her arrest offense and criminal history, as well as the resources of the agency, an agency may decide for itself whether to devote resources to holding suspected unlawfully present immigrants on behalf of the federal government.

On December 3, 2012, five California Democrats co-sponsored AB 4, of the 2013-2014 legislative session. The five were Senator Kevin Deleon, Nancy Skinner, Luis Alejo, and V. Manuel Perez. AB 4 has been dubbed “TRUST Act 3.0” by the website, Immigration Impact. (The TRUST Act itself was the second time such a bill was tried and failed.) In the coming months, the legislature will vote on AB 4, and this time they may even override Brown’s veto.

Meanwhile, about twenty-four hours following Harris’s announcement that it wasn’t mandatory to comply with ICE detainers, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca announced his office would no longer honor detainers on this with what that office considered minor offenses. According to the LA Times:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said Wednesday he will no longer honor requests from federal authorities to detain suspected illegal immigrants arrested for low-level crimes, a reversal from his previous support of the controversial Secure Communities program.

Meanwhile, in October, the Police Chief for the City of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, issued his own directive. His officers would no longer turn over to authorities hundreds of illegal aliens his officers arrest every year on low-level offenses. Normally, they would be turned over for deportation.

LA County joins Santa Clara and San Francisco County’s as Counties in California that limit their cooperation with ICE detainers. In 2011, the Sheriff of San Francisco County issued a directive that the office reserved the right to review each detainer on a case-by-case basis and refuse any it deems directed at a non-violent individual.

In Santa Clara County, that county passed legislation similar to that of Cook County, where almost all detainers were ignored. Those charged with serious crimes were supposed to have their detainers honored, but ICE was still forced to do a sweep in December 2011 to round up sixty-three individuals including a child molester, suspected murderer, and drug dealer.

Even as Brown vetoed the TRUST Act, according to the Sacramento Bee, he met earlier this month with the California State Sheriffs’ Association. In that meeting, Brown and the sheriffs discussed ways in which sheriffs could get more discretion in honoring detainers. Here’s what Greg Ahern, sheriff of Alameda County, told the Sacramento Bee:

Ahern, a vice president on the sheriffs association board, said most of the state’s elected law enforcement officials are not looking to cut ties with federal immigration authorities. Rather, they seek small tweaks in the relationship.

It should be noted all of this is occurring as the California’s pensions face insolvency, the state’s budget is tens of billions in the red, and the state’s income tax is more than ten percent. The cost of illegal immigration, which sucks up as much of that state’s resources as any state in the union, is one of the costs that is driving all this madness. Yet, even as politicians in Sacramento fail to come up with fiscal answers, they are also going in the wrong direction on fixing their immigration mess.

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  • Larry

    Sorry, I always though immigration was a Federal matter, and that the States, and local authorities, were supposed to obey Federal laws.

    Does this mean that anybody, anywhere can just turn around and tell the Feds to go jump on something they don't like?

    • davarino

      Apperantly so.

      So when the feds want to come and get my guns, I can tell them to piss off.
      So when the feds want my income taxes, I can tell them to piss off.
      And so it goes

      • Deep Space

        And when the bill collector comes to collect for your new flat screen TV, pickup, cable, barbeque, riding lawnmower, and subscription to Hustler you tell them to 'piss off', Ain't nobody tellin' me what to do! LOL

        • Arlie

          I always thought the Federal Government was restricted to the 10 square miles of DC. Those were the days of freedom and prosperity and 10th Amendment rights.

    • Gitfiddle

      How little most of you know about your own freedoms. You ARE losing them and you think they're doing you a favor. You will not get them back (ever) and your nation is changing. Nobody will come to your aid when they are gone. Germany and the USSR (Germans and Russians) believed their dictator was helping them. So did the Cubans and the Chinese. So do you (now). Be careful what youo wish for … you ARE getting it.

    • EthanP

      Only if you're on the left in a Blue State.

  • Ramblin' Mose

    This partially sounds like a resource issue rather than a flat-out ideological move.

  • Trappedinca

    And my CA neighbors can't understand why we are selling our house this summer and moving far away.

    • Spider

      Good for you Trappedinca – I may do exactly the same to protect my family…

  • SoCalMike

    "If a crisis is too good to waste then let's make more of them!" Rahm Emmanuel in one of his more honest moments.

    • Arlie

      David Rockerfeller of the Trilateral Commission was the first to come up with that line….That's where Rahm's heart lies. With the Trilateral in charge of writing all the laws etc all the politicians need to do any more is sell the laws to the public, campaign and vote. Givers them more time to meet with the Corporate lobbies.

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt that most native born Americans or legal immigrants want criminal illegals running about our streets. It's idiots like those in California that seem to want that.

  • Thomas Wells


  • Brittanicus


    Everybody can have a say in this illegal immigration controversy, by calling their federal and state representatives? President Obama is determined to give people who have no respect for our laws, a path to citizenship; even low key criminals. Zero-in on your politicians and demand they vote for passage of Texas Republican Lamar Smith “(The Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885)” to remove unauthorized workers from nationwide business by implementing mandated E-Verify. Both businesses and the American people overwhelmingly support E-Verify. Nearly 360,000 American employers voluntarily use E-Verify and over 2,700 new businesses sign up every week. The program quickly confirms 99.5% of work-eligible employees. It's free, fast, and easy to use. With 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and unknown millions of illegal immigrants working in the U.S., now is the time to increase E-Verify. Then we MUST demand passage of the “Birthright Citizenship bill (Rep. Steve King, R-IA; H.R.140)”, which will collapse the intentional smuggling of the illegal unborn into the United States to collect hundreds of billions of dollars in entitlements from taxpayers by parents. Plus the parents have figured how to scam the child tax credit of $4 to 7 Billion dollars without paying anything, and the IRS ignoring this disgraceful theft. Way above the original figure of $113 Billion dollars is being extracted at state level, with many welfare programs that don’t exist for Americans and legal residents. The welfare state is flourishing for illegal aliens, freeloaders from many different countries and we get the bill?

    Called “anchor babies,” the children of illegal immigrants born/ smuggled into the United States cannot actually prevent deportation of their parents. It is not until they attain the age of 21 that the children are able to file paperwork to sponsor their parents (CHAIN MIGRATION) for legal immigration status. The cost is unbridled for the U.S. taxpayer who is charged with the free education, health care and low income shelter and cash payments. The parents remain illegally exposed until that point and deportable. A well regulated Guest Labor force could be provided for agriculture, but not permanent residency. Plus the STEM program for technical professionals who wish to immigrate, but not unlimited numbers? The impoverished should not apply, as America has millions of its own under privileged. All the facts, the shocking costs to federal and mainly states welfare benefits, which the Liberal Progressives press, does not wish to be known at NumbersUSA website.

    Are we about to lose our rights, our guns to protect our families and a government influenced by the 7.billion annual cost for the United Nations; and the second illegal alien AMNESTY? The cost for this negative immigration application as reported by the Heritage Foundation ($ TWO TRILLION DOLLARS PLUS) for processing, retirement and pensions out of your taxes.

  • @lostintaxes


    Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people are avidly attentive to every word that springs from the lips of President Barack Obama on the immigration debate. They wait patiently throughout Mexico, South America, Europe, The Caribbean Islands, China and from one horizon to the other, for this administration and the GOP minority party to vote on a new immigration policy. It could easily be Déjà-Vu all over again, a simulation of the 1986 Ron Reagan, Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act. (IRCA) when the estimated interior 3 million illegal aliens, escalated into somewhere around 6 million? The borders were suddenly inundated with people, and additionally a sudden surge in airline flights with parties of families come into America under false pretenses of just visiting. The outcome was huge amounts of deceptive papers that indicated the people had been living here illegally for years, but could now apply for citizenship. That in itself was one issue, but the promise of the deceased Ted Kennedy and the rest of the bunch that such laws as holding businesses liable for hiring illegal aliens was never fully enforced, or other restrictions. Please—if nothing else, assure the American people that every illegal alien is fully processed; no short cuts and proof positive that they were here before the enactment of a new law. Not the carnival of errors as before, letting millions more to slip past immigration safeguards. Even thirty years ago the laws were ignored as the business community held thrall over the political parties, with donations to campaign contributions, travel and other favors.

    So here we stand today with the potential of another blanket amnesty, and very little hindrance to the people who are going to cross deserts, or the airports as fake tourists. Most reports say that more one way arrivals enter America this way as visa overstays, then those who sweep through either the Northern or Southern border with the intention to squat here? Taxpayers who pay the bills, for illegal aliens can expect illegal entries to rise if Obama collects enough votes to pass another amnesty. My thought it is so unfair to people who enter this country through proper channels; many hundreds of thousands sitting and waiting many years for a visa. The 19th century immigrants came here expecting nothing but hard work, but the illegal immigrant’s today press politicians for civil rights, entitlements and a pass to citizenship. By any other name these are criminals, who are stealing legally money from citizens and legal residents.

    Right now the only chance we have to place legal obstacles in the way of illegal aliens, and insist that most of the Democrats and some Republicans (Not TEA PARTY lawmakers) that federal and state politicians serve the general public by honoring their oaths to protect us from enemies–Domestic and Foreign–by enacting the “LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL., Its purpose is to detect illegal working aliens and replacing them with some of the 24 million Americans remaining jobless or using temporary work, as part of the (LWB) is E-verify that is being updated constantly and soon will have access to Drivers Licenses Agencies to cross-reference and authenticate workers. The most contentious law that must be applied is an amendment to the 14th Amendment, which existed for the end of slavery, to uphold citizenship for future black descendants. However it has been perverted from its original intent, giving citizenship to children smuggled into the United States. A simple, easy and correct amendment would stop this immigration travesty, by only allowing the children of parents, who already has citizenship.

    Involved is hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayers money swallowed up by foreign nationals, once the baby holds an American birth certificate and hence a passport. It becomes a fulcrum for the illegal Mother to stay here, to accumulate citizenship welfare for the baby, followed by the rest of the family circle. Mexico has closed this loophole and most European countries, while Canada and the United States still have a guarantee for citizenship for the pregnant unconcealed or those smuggled through our porous borders. For anybody who comes to America should be a criminal felony and not a civil slap on the wrist. ONLY THE RAISED VOICES OF THE TEA PARTY AND THE LEGAL POPULATION OF THE U.S. CAN ULTIMATELY GET THESE PARAMOUNT LAWS PASSED AND SAVING THE DESPICABLE COSTS EXTRACTED FROM US EVERY APRIL?

    The agriculture industry obviously needs Guest Workers, but it must be a uniform program that the farmers pay all those benefits, including a fair wage, not stick the unsuspecting public with the bill. That at the end of their contract, the Agjob labor must leave and then apply for a new job. I doubt anybody will disagree that those persons with exemplary professional skills, such as the STEM workers should be expedited through the system, as businesses are forever calling out for these people. Our government should enforce the laws to halt the desperate from other countries, as these people are not our problem, but our own homeless, and destitute are, especially the elderly who seem to be completely neglected.