Hillary Turned Over Embassy Security to Hired Guns

U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits down in Washington to testify on the September attackAs a US Senator, Hillary Clinton sponsored legislation to ban the US State Department from hiring private security contractors in Iraq, but as Secretary of State, she ceded all security in the embassies in Baghdad and Kabul to the same private security contractors, and now one firm has been cited in an Inspector General report.  The Office of Inspector General for the US State Department has concluded that improper protocols by the US State Department on Clinton’s watch allowed a private security firm to make the US State Department needlessly spend about $130 million.

The name of the company is Triple Canopy LLC. An Alter Net story from 2009 likened the relationship between President Obama and Triple Canopy to former President George W. Bush’s relationship to Blackwater:

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama’s advisers said he “can’t rule out [and] won’t rule out” using mercenary forces, like Blackwater. Now, it appears that the Obama administration has decided on its hired guns of choice: Triple Canopy, a Chicago company now based in Virginia. It may not have Blackwater’s thuggish reputation, but Triple Canopy has its own bloody history in Iraq and a record of hiring mercenaries from countries with atrocious human rights records. What’s more, Obama is not just using the company in Iraq, but also as a U.S.-government funded private security force in Israel/Palestine, operating out of Jerusalem.

In 2008, then-Senator Hillary Clinton boldly proclaimed that Triple Canopy, and all companies like it, should not get any more contracts with the US government and referred to private security firms as “mercenaries.” As Wired reported at the time:

Senator Hillary Clinton broke her longstanding silence on private security contractors in Iraq.   Her senate office announced late Thursday that she is co-sponsoring a bill to ban “Blackwater and other private mercenary firms in Iraq.”

As Secretary of State, however, Hillary Clinton “evolved” on her view of private contractors.

According to a recently published report from the Office of Inspector General for the US State Department, Triple Canopy now provides the majority of embassy services, including all the security services, at the US embassies in Kabul and Baghdad. Triple Canopy is not the only private security firm to receive substantial business for numerous embassy services all over the world.

The report further found that because of inefficiencies caused by the US State Department not implementing proper protocols for catching bloated and inefficient bills by Triple Canopy, the US State Department spent about $130 million needlessly:

Contractor staffing requirements for the base year of WPS Task Order 5 exceeded the staffing needs for the Baghdad movement security mission. Specifically, for the Embassy program and the Airport option program combined, only 253 (49 percent) of the 513 contractor personnel provided were used, on average, to conduct daily movement security missions. The overstaffing occurred because DS did not conduct a needs analysis before awarding the task order and unnecessarily exercised the Airport option.

In addition, although the onsite COR, primary COR, and GTM were ensuring that Triple Canopy, Inc., generally complied with the contract terms and conditions, they did not review the contractor’s daily movement detail reports or adequately review the contractor’s muster sheets to assess security staffing needs against the movement security requirements. As a result, the Department paid $20.6 million during the base year to retain, for the Airport option program, 84 contractor security personnel who were not needed. In addition, the Department paid approximately $111.8 million for 429 Embassy program security personnel who were not part of the Airport option. OIG determined that the Department still would have used only about 253 (59 percent) of the 429 movement personnel provided by the contractor without additional Airport option personnel to conduct daily.

The security budget for all embassies around the world is about $2 billion yearly.

While Triple Canopy hasn’t received as much publicity as Blackwater did during the Bush administration, it has been the subject of a number of controversial incidents during the course of its duties in fulfilling contracts with the US government. This report from Gawker from 2011 likened Triple Canopy to a poor man’s version of Blackwater.

They come from the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which was charged with overseeing and monitoring the contractors hired by State to secure its diplomats and other VIPs in the war zone. While firms like DynCorp and Triple Canopy make frequent appearances, the reports are dominated by Blackwater, which was paid roughly $1 billion between 2004 and 2009 to provide “worldwide protective services” for State Department personnel.

Triple Canopy has also been accused of hiring former Blackwater employees into their embassy operations in Baghdad. As the report pointed out:

“There are many former Blackwater employees at other private security companies in Iraq, most notably Triple Canopy and DynCorp, providing security services to us,” said a January 4, 2010 cable from the US embassy in Baghdad, which was released on August 30.

Furthermore, this latest OIG report is only the latest in which Triple Canopy has been accused of overbilling. In October 2012, the US Justice Department filed suit against Triple Canopy for submitting false claims and providing unqualified security guards for their mission in Baghdad.

Triple Canopy did not return an email from Front Page Magazine for comment for this story.

It’s important to note that then-Secretary Clinton claimed that she left the security details to the security professionals in the case of the Benghazi, Libya consulate that was attack on the anniversary on 9/11. The “security professionals” in question were in fact part of a hired Libyan militia group with known ties to Islamic jihadists.

There have also been a series of reports of the State Department allowing embassies to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create fleets of alternative energy vehicles. This story from March 2013 talks about a $140 million, environment friendly embassy in Mauritania.

Most shockingly, the US State Department spent $70,000 in Pakistan in September 2012, denouncing the so-called anti-Muhammad video that the administration initially claimed was the culprit for the attacks in Benghazi.

Taken together, it becomes clear that priorities for US embassies all around the world under Hillary Clinton emphasized frivolous things, all while downplaying the importance of efficiency and security.

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    Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?

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      This freaking HO should be in prison!!

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      Yes I can.

      Isn't it – L-E-F-T-I-S-T

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Hillary's achilles heel is Huma Abedin, and it accounts for much of her "choices". Now if one is not duly up to speed on their closer than close relationship, well, it would seem nonsensical on its face. But the fact of the matter is that while frivolous indulgences surely account for much of State's spending, Hill & Huma were less concerned about American security, but more invested in giving this and that leg up to Muslim Brotherhood front groups – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/05/07/benghazigate-

    I have no doubt about the above claim.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Chezwick

    Hillary's culpability on Benghazi won't amount to a much come 2016. All will be either forgiven or forgotten, given the predilection of the media, academe, and many voters to elect a liberal woman president.

    Ever notice how Republicans who get caught up in scandal retire to private lives, but Democrats just wait a year or two and then run for office again? Weiner is the perfect example. They have no shame, there is no accountability, and their liberal legions demand none.

    • Celia

      It is doubtful whether HRC has a chance in 2016. She had the chance in 2008 but Hollywood put their eggs with BHO, mainly because "they" believed he would go further than the Clinton's had promised in the 90's on the issue of homosexuality in the military. I would refer you to the documentary/biography on David Geffen.

      • Chezwick

        I believe Obama won the nomination in 2008 based on his un-compromising opposition to the Iraq war….a position that distinguished him from Hillary and all the other candidates except Kucinich.

        As for Hillary's prospects in 2016, I hope you're right, but I think you're wrong. I think she'll run, I think she'll win the nomination, and – unless the Republicans come up with a very good candidate – I think she'll be the first female POTUS in our history. I also think that like Obama, she'll be a disaster for the country's finances.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Your right about Hillary and clear in your conclusions. I wonder about one thing, as the
          Nation slides into insolvency under Democrats and most Americans scared about
          the future and not trusting the government, how can a continuum of inability and
          failure, pushing at economic deaths door be voted in unless the American voter
          is equally inept, brainwashed and suicidal?………………………………..William

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    The United States Congress and the Supreme Court turned over the country to a Fraud in Chief. Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Obama Soebarkah, Barack Soetoro – pick one he has used them all at one time or another) was never eligible to be POTUS. Since he has been in office it has been discovered that he has been using a document he produced on April 27th, 2011 that is a forgery, it has been discovered by E-Verify that he has been using a fraudulent SS#, it has been discovered that he fraudulently registered with the Selective Service in 2008, not 1980 as they would like you to believe. All of this during a time of war and these documents have enabled him to remain in office. I do believe that these crimes are punishable by death. If this occurred during World War II the man would have already been killed by a firing squad.

    • Any last words?

      The firing squads are being set up now for all who oppose Barry or Hilly.

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    RE: "Hillary Turned Over Embassy Security to Hired Guns"

    ……Hillary's long time "aid" Huma Abedin, is thick with the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma was shown State Department's most sensitive documents.

    Hillary Clinton: "WHAT does it matter?"

    Mansions of the Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeasNTq1mQA

    Mansions of the Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHRbb72MtZ8

    "Mansions of the Lord" performed by the Cadet Glee Club of West Point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGoSWn1tHeo

    THE GERMANE QUESTION: Where was Barack Obama during those seven hours?
    And WHO was in charge of the United States security decisions?

  • lynda Martinez

    what will she do to wield power now that she is no longer a viable candidate for President?

  • Qalb-Al-Assad

    The real question is: even with the false billing & other shenanegans, is TC really less cost effective than hiring uniformed military personal? Free market capitalism lets you fire people, the Military doesn't fire you unless you rape or murder somebody, you otherwise get reassigned… I'm a big advocate of privatising security/violence as with all other things, and I would wager that TC runs a tighter ship than the Marine Embassy Security Guards (MCESG) do if we were to really break down the numbers & compare each of their spreadsheets.

  • Doug Brooks

    Rather clueless commentary actually. Private security for embassies is always cheaper, and we have never relied on the military to do embassy security in any case (we would need a LOT more Marines if they were the primary source of security). If the host country is squared away, then you have local security forces, or even local private security. TC and the other companies that do embassy security use ex-military, follow astonishingly detailed guidelines on vetting and training, and yah, there is far more accountability for private firms if they mess up than state security forces.

  • Eric Schmidt

    Criticism of “privitization” from the Right. Now that is funny. That said, I do detest Hillary Clinton, war criminal (Libya and Syria), former member of the Wal Mart Board of Directors, and a DLC puppet (her husband / then-governor of AK was the first director of the DLC when the Koch Brothers created and funded the the organization). As Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to run it,” and the “Democrats” haven’t represented “working people” since the Corporate-Funded DLC took over.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This evil woman has no place in a moral government and that says much about where we
    are toaday and what can happen in the next few years if such a liar can be elected, it will be
    a downhill charge to ruin. America must do better than this soulless, bitter, self glorifying
    failure who has not contributed one thing to the justifiability of American exceptionalism.

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    Shrillary is so full of SH*T it's hard to tell which end it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!