Illegal Immigrant Pedophile May Be Released in Chicago Area

Front Page Magazine has been able to confirm that an individual recently arrested for the sexual assault of a three year old near Chicago, Illinois is here illegally, and confusion between Cook County officials and officials from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) means that all that’s standing in the way of freedom for this sexual predator is a Cook County judge. Cook County judges have been the subject of numerous investigations for corruption, most famously Operation Greylord which connected dozens of Cook County judges to bribe payments from Mafia figures.

The individual’s name is Armando Serafin, and he’s 34 from Chicago Heights, Illinois, a suburb about forty miles South of Chicago. He’s been in custody in Cook County Jail since November 16, 2012, suspected of molesting a three-year-old girl. His current bond is $1 million.

In a local story from the Chicago Heights Patch about Serafin it was indicated that Serafin couldn’t speak any English and required a translator. As such, Front Page Magazine investigated Serafin’s legal status. ICE confirmed exclusively to Front Page Magazine that Serafin is in fact in the country illegally in their estimation. According to ICE:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) placed a detainer on this individual at the Cook County Jail on Dec. 18, 2012 because we believe he may be eligible for deportation. By issuing a detainer, ICE requests that a law enforcement agency notify ICE before releasing an alien and maintain custody of the subject for a period not to exceed 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, to allow ICE to assume custody. If convicted for the crime for which charges are currently pending, this individual would be one of ICE’s highest priorities – those that pose a threat to community safety.

An ICE detainer is a hold that ICE places specifically on those held in municipal prison ICE believes are also in the country illegally.

When Front Page Magazine contacted Cook County officials, a statement from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) denied that they had received this detainer from ICE. County officials said,

Please be advised that the Cook County Department of Corrections(CCDOC) has not been forwarded an ICE Detainer for Armando Serafin #2012-1116239. Please be aware that this does not validate whether or not the subject has an ICE Detainer, it just means that this department has not been notified.

When asked to respond to this statement from CCSO, ICE continued to insist to Front Page Magazine that a detainer was sent. With no detainer recognized, this means that if Serafin were to make bond, he’d be immediately released rather than turned over to ICE for detention.

The situation is even more convoluted given that even if CCSO had a detainer, Serafin would still not be turned over to ICE. That’s because Cook County, where Serafin is located, doesn’t cooperate with ICE on any detainer, no matter how dangerous the individual. As such, even if CCSO said they did receive a detainer from ICE for Serafin, they would ignore it anyway.

However, it is still worse than that. Even if ICE were to somehow take custody of Serafin, he’d probably be released anyway. That’s because ICE has a history of releasing individuals if they are only charged with child molestation. In September 2011, Amado Espinoza-Ramirez was released by ICE, rather than being detained, after he was handed over by Cook County officials because of an ICE detainer.

Amado Espinoza-Ramirez was charged with forty-two separate counts related to child molestation, including a number of allegations of incest. After he made bail (when a friend paid the required $20,000 of a $200,000 bond) in Cook County, he was transferred to ICE. He was released in part by ICE because he had no criminal convictions. Amado Espinoza-Ramirez has since missed his subsequent court hearings and is considered a fugitive from justice by ICE.

According to publicly available records, Serafin has also never been convicted of any crimes and this latest indictment is his first. So, for now, Serafin’s fate rests entirely in the hands of a Cook County Judge. While his one million dollar bond means he should remain incarcerated for now, he has another court hearing on January 22. The judge could lower the bond to something that will allow Serafin to more easily make bail.

More than that, Serafin is not the only illegal alien suspected child molester caught up this sort of bureaucracy with their fates entirely in the hands of Cook County judges. According to the most recent inventory provided to Front Page Magazine by CCSO, there are over fifty individuals charged by Cook County with some form of child molestation, an ICE detainer, and also have a bond. Those bonds range from $150,000 to $5,000,000. Because Cook County ignores all ICE detainers, as soon as any of those are able to arrange for bail, like Espinoza-Ramirez did, they will be released back onto the streets of Cook County.

Cook County is not the only place in the USA where child molesters are released back onto the streets because liberal locales choose to ignore detainers. In Santa Clara County in California, local officials also have a similar ordinance which also ignores nearly all ICE detainers, no matter how dangerous the individual might be.

In December 2011, ICE was forced to do a sweep and round up sixty-three individuals, all of whom had detainers ignored by Santa Clara County. All sixty-three were living freely in and around Santa Clara County at the time of their apprehension by ICE. In the press release by ICE describing the sweep, ICE picked out four especially dangerous individuals, including a suspected child molester. The press release listed:

  • “A Mexican national convicted earlier this year of felony possession of heroin for sale who was sentenced to six months in prison.”
  • “A 49-year-old male Mexican national convicted in 2011 of child molestation.”
  • “A 29-year-old male Mexican national with prior convictions for kidnapping and cocaine possession.”
  • “A 48-year-old woman from Mexico with 13 aliases who has prior felony convictions for forgery and misuse of an entry document. Having been removed from the United States five times, she now faces federal prosecution for felony re-entry after deportation.”

Connecticut also adopted a similar, albeit less radical, policy toward cooperation with ICE on detainers. In Connecticut, the local Sheriff’s Office reviews each ICE detainer on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right not to comply with every detainer.

One detainer that was ignored was for an unidentified Polish man who was charged with fourth degree sexual assault. This individual, according to ICE, is already being pursued by the agency for overstaying his Visa. A fourth degree sexual assault in Connecticut includes such acts as sexual contact with someone who is mentally defective or mentally incapacitated to the extent that such a person is unable to consent to such sexual contact; someone that’s physically helpless; and sexual contact with a minor under fifteen. (The age of the individual was not released in the report.)

Unfortunately, certain liberal localities aren’t the only places implementing policies leading to the release of dangerous sexual deviants. According to a House Judiciary Committee report from July 2012, 142 individuals released by ICE during the Obama administration went on to commit crimes of a sexual nature.

With the Obama administration continuing to narrow the definition of a “dangerous” individual for ICE, and with more and more localities refusing to cooperate with ICE, cases of suspected child molesters and other sexual deviants being needlessly released rather than deported will continue to occur.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    Illegal aliens should get NO BAIL for any sex crimes at all. We need to recognize that some cultures consider children fair game for sex. Sorry, it's true.

    If you leftists don't care about children getting raped and otherwise sexually molested, keep up the fight chasing illegal votes, and of course votes from empathetic "immigrant communities." That is, those who have empathy for their own cultural comrades no matter what havoc they wreak upon their host.

  • Stephan

    Congratulations for doing investigative journalism.

  • Deep Space

    I'm sure that a lot of cultures are willing to tolerate some sexual activities with children by adults but a three old? I don't think that any "culture" would go along with that.

    • Mandy

      Strange statement. What would be an ok age for a child in your world?

      • HelgaMarie

        I await his answer to your question with breath that is bated…

  • Penny Haulman

    And according to the secret books of Enoch the pedafiles that bring the sodomitic fashion to children have HELLFIRE N DNATION AWAITING THEM. No appeal or release from the Father of the universe.

  • Demetrius M

    Wonder what would happen if Serafin or Espinoza-Ramirez targeted a child of a prominent Democrat? Oh wait, like in the gun issue, they have protection paid for by the tax payer and the same tax payer must be happy to be a member of the potential victim pool. Lovely…

  • Mandy

    Notice the wording of "national" vs the word "illegal". This is to get us used to no borders, one-world rule. As for these illegals, I believe Mexico released their criminals and perverts from the jails and sent them across our borders, like Castro previously did to the US. it is hard to believe that this many Mexican men are perverts and rapists of women and children. You read about it in every state, so what is going on. Are men in Mexico really this horrible?

    • Kathleen3

      The men in Mexico are not as repulsive as the men (and women!) in Congress who have violated their oaths of office, our Constitution, and federal law by facilitating this invasion of illegal aliens and then aiding and abetting them after they arrive.


    I don't think Mexican men in general are this horrible, but remember, we have millions of illegals here, so there are bound to be a large number (not necessarily a large percentage) of violent criminals among them. And it may be that illegals are more violent than Mexicans as a whole, since they're all lawbreakers to begin with. Something like 1/3 of the outstanding murder warrants in Los Angeles county are for illegal aliens.


    Good investigative reporting. Now what we need are some Republican public officials willing to call out the Democrats on putting their own political interests above public safety – a perfectly valid charge. But if Republicans are going to cower in search of the "Hispanic vote" which they're never going to get anyway, it's hopeless.

  • Choi

    Nobody in Chicago is surprised by this.
    Unlike his father,Daley II was totally in bed with the Lefties,and it was during his Regime that Chicago was declared a "Sanctuary City" for Illegal,and Rahm .Emanuel certainly won't be reversing that.
    Despite the fact that Chicago is IN Cook County,the City calls the shots,NOT the County.
    To just IGNORE ICE is the highest ARROGANCE,but they do,as well as IGNORE any enforcement of immigration laws,including those ARRESTED for crimes such as what occured in this case.

    • Mary Sue

      their excuse is likely the whole sympathy-for-illegals thing (getting around deportation orders and doing an end run around the whole legal-immigration thing), with the firm belief that to deport illegals or arrest them for anything is "racist". Identity Politics. It turns people screwed up in the head so bad.

  • Thomas Wells

    We wouldn't want Obama's core voters to be inconvenienced, now would we?

  • terry

    This is only but a the bucket BTW! These situations are happening ALL over the country. Just another MAjOR important reason why (Illegal) Immigration Reform is well, well overdue. Expect obama to bring forth SOME sort of reform…soon…but probably NOT the kind WE want to see!

  • Harry Potter

    Why don't you just name this magazine: kill illegals dot com???

    • kafir4life

      Why Harry? Are you aware that murder is illegal, Harry? Have you heard any threats here, Harry? Personally, I think an illegal pedophile being released into Chigaco is a fabulous idea. Chicago will treat him well, as per their values that President Stinky's (bo) pal Rahm profess they have. The same values that Chicago has to bar Chic-Fil-A should welcome as one of their own a man……thru no fault of his own was born in the wrong place, and now has proclivities towards young children. He's the kind of guy that makes Chicago what it is!!

    • robinked

      dude Read…it's about: KILL, maime, rape, American's, Kids & Babies– Are YOU advocating For ILLEGALS and giving a pass to Child Molesters…..Get some HELP….!!!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    Why? Why are illegal aliens charged with child molestation returned to the streets? They'll go after the children of legal immigrants as much as they would native born Americans. THIS is utter lunacy!

  • rhondajo3

    If he's illegal, he needs to be deported, immediately!

    • Michael Volpe

      You don't think he should face justice for his crime before he's deported?

  • rhondajo3

    He's here in the US illegally. He has been ACCUSED, he has not been convicted. Why spend our tax dollars trying to get a conviction that may or may not happen because it cannot be proved? Why waste the money if he's an illegal who should be deported ANYWAY!

  • Brian McCann

    Good Job Michael. I'll pass this on and maybe talk to Bilecki. Someone is not being truthful here. Why not get Suffradin,Chuy,Gainer,Tabolski on the record and listen to their foolishness. Oh ya Hoyt and the Padre.

  • karen

    Deport the bastard!!